Thursday, September 06, 2012

Moronic aspect of Malaysia

Hishamuddin, son of an illustrious father but without his sire's illustriousness - in fact, far from it. Maybe he was adopted wakakaka.

As Home Minister, while the Malaysian public have been voicing their concerns over increasing crime rates, where for example, female shoppers have been assaulted and robbed at supermarket parking lots etc, his police have hounded some immature kids who no doubt have behaved rudely in mooning or stomping on the portraits of Najib and wife, but are hardly the threats to national security or to the person of the PM.

Police resources well spent?

And this is the same guy who, on learning that world-notorious Noordin Top, one of the most murderous terrorist bombers, was killed by Indonesian police, lamented woefully he was too late in rehabilitating the dead terrorist.

Oh yeah man, Hishamuddin felt so much for the murderous terrorist he saw to it Noordin Top's corpse was not abandoned in a foreign pauper's grave but brought home to be interned in tanah air kita.

Of course Hishamuddin didn't extend similar gestures of compassion to Chin Peng who merely wanted to return to Sitiawan to die. 

Yes, Hisham the Compassionate also showed his unbelievable compassion and patience for religious bigots who insulted followers of Hinduism.

Now Hisham the Compassionate has borrowed an action from Rais Yatim by 'switching to a different mode', a most ugly one, where he now wants to throw the book at those prankster kids.

Hishamuddin as usual has fucked up again, and again, and again, and .............................

Will there be no end to his foolishness and to the double standards of the PDRM?


  1. give him more anchor beer.
    fuck these days he has been imbibing too much whisky. eroding his white matter, if there was any in the first place. HIDUP UMNO Bodoh.

  2. I just love this piece of yours.....

    Zain Sanggang

  3. Don't forget the police help keep you and your family safe.

  4. I think you are moron. fallacy in most of your arguments.malaysia pm too lenient. try to step on lky or singapore's pm photo.or 'shit' on their photo.see where you will end up tomorrow. next you say it is ok to throw shoes to pm.remember a reporter threw his shoe to nookular bush.what ever happened to him hah.
    you are correct probably the crimes are more, not sure about the rates. remember how cm tokong manipulated the % figure for penang's hutang. illegal demos such as bershit is classified as a crime, and as reported by pro pr, 300k people attended the rally.300k 1 incident.

  5. Najib is a freely elected pm.the action is considered waging a warto a nation since is the leader of the nation.put them in jail.
    else, you will see secondary school children stepping on their teacher's or headmaster's photo or 'pee' on them.and no action should be taken. and apology is all required.

  6. I just love this piece of yours.....bigg sissy ass

  7. he becomes a sissy b'coz you complained every single thing the police are doing. when he keeps quiet, you also complained. reintro isa and ordinan darurat.

  8. Of course there will b no end lah.

    is ktemoc in addition to being stupid also blind and deaf?

    Why ask the obvious?

    Dont u already know the PDRM , the election commission, the Court of Appeal, the Federal Courts, the army , even the blardi Akongs are all prostitutes to UMNO??? about stating the obvious.

    Continue voting Barisan Najis lar. Continue thinking the evil is PKR lar. And this is the result !! Live with it lar.


  9. This is rich..... cops standing idly nearby witnessing ( perhaps amused and even admiringly ?) a group of ex army veterans did a gyrating mooning-dance at Ambiga......mana ada kena tangkap eh ? Kalau lah the oppositon supporters did such a dance in front of Umno wanita head, will they go scot free too ?

    Should i continue for more examples of we-arrest-only-you-opposition-supporters ?

    Mana ada tangkap those Perkosa mengamuk-ers who stomped on Lim Guan Eng's portrait ?

    Mana ada tangkap those Penang mamaks who did an indian funeral rite for the still-alive Penang CM right in front of his own home ?

    And cowhead stompers invited to tea by no less than the Home Minister ?

    Ada banyak lagi....tapi cari lah sendiri, ya ? Jangan cakap tentang tangkap, tegur atau marah pun tak ada lah. Ada jemput minum tea lagi, hehehe.

    No need to compare with other countries...just compare the treatment given to their own citizens in this same country alone - given to those who support Umno and those not supporting Umno.

    Double-headed double-standard slithery tongue hypocrites ! Only those with vested interest will see no wrong with UMNO and its shameless double dealings.

  10. Najis thinks he is a prophet or what ?
    If LGE , Hadi Awang or Nik Aziz or Raja Bodek (ok, ok KT, you had pledged not to call KSK by that name )can be torned , pissed upon, why not Najis's portrait ?

  11. just like rais yatim, hishamuddin is also despised by the BN supporters.

    I believe that even if pakatan doesn't win, he will either lose in the election or get kicked out of the cabinet.

    I'm really hoping for the former.

  12. So...Ktemoc...what is your solution ?

    Hishamuddin is Najib's first cousin.
    He is not a fringe operator.
    He is not an aberration.
    He is at the heart of the regime.

    My solution is an uncompromising focus on regime change through the ballot box.
    My solution is ABU.

    Once again...what is your solution ?

  13. agree with kt, the double standard make an reasonable act from the police turn into something disgusting.

  14. One of PDRM's vital functions is to ensure stability and protect the government of the day.
    If the government of the day were Pakatan Rakyat, they would act as well.
    There is no double standard.

  15. Wakakaka, Anon of 9:19 AM, September 07, 2012 - you really have no clue of who a public service like the Police should be responsible to or what are its functions, do you?

  16. Why are so many Chinese so Biadab ?
    This Ah Moi is obviously being Kurang Ajar, stomping on the PM's photograph.

  17. Anon of 9:52 AM, September 07, 2012, it's just typical culture of Malaysia, where some people went around behaving like so, dragging a cow head around to insult a different religion, making mock funeral of a CM, tearing posters of an ally like Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon, roughing up a CM during his visit, telling lies even during the month of Ramadan, damaging and vandalising a rival party's campaign bus, harassing people with thugs and hooligans.

  18. itu patut dihurai low standard atau talak standard, bukan double standard.

    double standard is the application of different sets of principles for similar situations, or to different people in the same situation.

  19. "dragging a cow head around to insult a different religion"

    Why still so fixated on this old incident ?
    Fortunately, Malaysian Indians are wiser than that, and have largely returned to the BN fold.

  20. If the authorities have just ignored the picture-stepping incident (like how they ignored the incidents when Ambiga & LGE were on the receiving end), the issue will be forgotten. Instead, it have become bigger ...

  21. Hahaha. How I love it when shoes were thrown at Anwar at a mosque last week.
    Poetic justice man.
    You teach others to stamp on PM's pix, you in turn get the shoes.
    Good. Good.

    P.S. Looes 47 is missing. I see him safely back in Din's blog.
    He belongs snugly there .

  22. Buttercup is, as usual, full of shit.

  23. See

  24. Dear Anon 7:06 PM,

    Thanks for sharing this malaysiakini write-up. This says it all......umno must be banished for at least ten years from running the government. 55 years of unbridled power inevitably give us such arsehol*s.

  25. Tokong LGE kena roughen sikit dah komplen macam fags. Cam ni baru CM for a very small state.Imagine kalau dia jadi PM and people step on it. Mesti tak habis imbeciles like you and others will immediately protect and defend him.Mesti call the for the hardest punishment punye.
    You tak ade tengok ke video siapa yang started the flying kick ala Jet Li or Donny Yen during the Himpunan Hijau kat Penang tu ari.

  26. Buat kerja salah pandai.Tapi nak bagi alasan tak pandai.Proof that both races Malay and Chinese esp. Chinese memang tak pandai pun. Ada study kat US if not mistaken that found out that the race even though a minority, but talk the most and the loudest crap and garbage is the most successful.
    Kalau kat US, boleh guna term 'temporary insanity-hilang akal' utk lepaskan diri.Tak sedarkan diri semasa lakukan perkara terkutuk spt itu disebabkan marah sangat kat najib, putus cinta, under the influence or drugs or alcohol etc.

  27. If KteMoC consider this is not a serious offense, suggest you send the Ah Moi or Suie Char Bor Keow Teow to China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia and ask her to step on the photos of their PM, President or King. And after that, in front of DAP's emblem,say she regret the incident.
    I want to see if she will still be alive after that.

  28. Tu ari, kat sidang media, tokong kata if you reporter print the story in the print media, i sue u, i sue u, i sue u i say. ni belum lagi berak atas gambo dia jika dia jadi PM.

  29. Anon 9:15PM -
    With Thailand I know the simple answer.
    No problem defacing the photo of the Prime Minister.
    Everybody knows the PM is just a politician, a mere commoner who can be sent packing in the next elections if the majority citizens deem appropriate. The Yellows do that everyday against Shinawatra, with impunity.

    The King is a different matter, but that's the King.
    Are you saying Najib is equivalent to a King ????

  30. Malaysia has become a country in Permanent election mode. Day in , Day Out politicking.
    The PM's daily decision making and talk is all with defending the elections in mind. Very little else gets done.
    Najib can't see beyond his nose, figuratively speaking.
    I don't expect this to stop, even if Najib wins GE 13. The reality is there is almost zero chance of Najib winning a thumping majority. A weak win is the most he can hope for, which will mean a perpetuation of the Permanent election mode.
    And don't dream of asking Pakatan Rakyat to let up on the attacks.

    Most of the avalance of harsh criticism which BN faces, especially in the Internet , is totally, completely justified.

  31. It is not that I am in live with Pakatan but just look at some of the candidates on offer from them- LGE, tony Puah , khalid samat , nizar , Nurul,mat sabu, Nik Aziz , rafizi, karpal Singh , kit siang ( won't mention anwar as he is a controversial figure to some )- just too many that I am sure I have left out many more . Now look at what BN has to offer - morons plenty- kerismuddin, nazri, Yatim . Crooks plenty - on top of the previous , shahrizat , isa , toyo, Kiong sik, very likely an ex PM and even current PM has got a lot to answer for . People in love with themselves . But any potential leader or leadership material- honestly can't think of any one except maybe Saifuddin and he is a very junior member who does not carry much weight within BN . OTK is an has been as all those with potential are quickly packed off into cold storage by the mediocrity that controls BN. Is it no wonder the country is slipping in everything ? The culture in BN is not just to prevent other people from being given a chance to do things better , they don't even allow the few promising ones within themselves a chance . That is why I maintain we need BN in cold storage for 5-10 years not just to give Pakatan a chance to rectify all the wrongs but also for BN to get rid of all the dinosaurs without any brains running the show in their party so that the younger ones can reinvent the party . So we get renewal for the country , reclaim the people 'a power to determine our leaders ( even the PM currently has no mandate from the people ) and BN to cure itself of the evil permeating that party at all levels

  32. Much as I dislike BN, I fear a post-BN situation will be as “Après moi, le déluge” (“After me, the deluge").

    Between corrupt BN and utter chaos, I think I will hold my nose and keep the corrupt there. I'm not a very brave person, I'm afraid.

  33. Some of the countries in this region that have taken to court or even jailed their ex-leaders :
    Philipines - Estrada
    Thailand -Thaksin Shinawatra
    Indonesia - Suharto
    Taiwan - Chen Shui-bian
    South Korea - Chun Doo-hwan & Roh Tae-woo
    Bangladesh-Hussain Muhammad Ershad
    Japan - Kakuei Tanaka

  34. buttercup,
    throwing shoes in mosque is no worse off than mooning at PM and wife?
    walala-you see Perkasa handcuffed?
    how can-UMNO Hidup

  35. They are 2 countries that have not jailed their ex-leaders: UK(Blair) and US(Bush). The worst was Nixon, was impeached.
    We have jailed Harun,Mokhtar, Tan Koon Swan, Anwar etc.

  36. To Rocketman,
    Exactumundo dude.
    Different countries have different laws.
    You go to Singapore, you slander LKY, or prime minister, you to jail. You ever read Singapore newspapers. 7 to 10 pages reserved to review malaysian politics. none for singapore.
    You go to china, you can't even say anything against the ruling party, lightest sentence house arrest.
    You go to Japan, their king is god.Yes, you can tried their PM. Then again, probably you are aware that Japan is not governed by PM, it is ruled by the triads such as Yakuza.
    Ditto with Taiwan. We also heard the Chinese triads are very powerful in Malaysia. And, yes PM and the police need to do something about it. If you do not believe, open a business in Klang. See who will come to pay you a visit.
    Najib is not the King, he is the elected PM of Malaysia. The highest authority in Malaysia. The majority elected him based on Westminster system. He should be given respect accordingly. Same thing when LGE or Hadi becomes our dear PM, nobody should ever slander, deface or shit on them. But, you guys have started third world country mentality.

  37. why r there idiots who compare Spore ?

    Spore got kill Mongolians izit? Spore got NFC corrpution izit ? Spore got submarine corruption izit?

    All this dont compare?

    Blardi Najis Razak picture then only start comparing.


  38. Singapore not so great lah.
    The county is LKY papa,mama, anak, inlaws, cronies famili punya bisnes.
    You want to learn more go visit this site, if it still there
    You boleh baca berapa lama tahanan2 isa kat sana>20 years.
    Singapore also manufactures periuk api, illegal to UN. And many illegal things it is doing including buying smuggled sands from Malaysia and provide asylums to ethnic chinese criminal from Indon. Also, banyak duit illegal indon parking kat Singapore.
    So, what is so great abt. Singapore?Everything