Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mr Troublesome

Malaysiakini - Hishamuddin; Jawi can seize books without Home Ministry decree

"Will no one rid me of this troublesome minister?" with apologies to King Henry II for paraphrasing his immortal words.


  1. flavor of the month for your lectures
    after anwar, now hisha.

  2. "...after anwar, now hisha"

    Ya lor....everything KTmoc says here is not ngam one lor, heheheh. But die die oso must come here day after day to read more of his un-ngam words, hehehe.

  3. In 2008, at that crucial moment, this idiot raises his kris and spoke words that even a thousand steeds are unable to retract....his apologies thereafter promptly raised the ire of the great mamak who thundered that a true blue bumi must never abase himself to say sorry to the pendatangs. Thus in no small ways, these two help to precipitate the tsunami wave that change the whole political climate we now have.

    Let's hope these 2 actors reprise their roles, and together with more of their ilks, let loose their mouths at this juncture to create the next tsunami.....a final tsunami to totally bury the old devil we had for too long. Please please show more of the waving of the kris....we so miss such show.

  4. Right on the dot, the dotty dirty-minded doc has opened his mouth, although this time, the aim is at all american mothers.....

    “The Americans would feel nothing because in their society this is normal. Their mothers sleep around with just about anybody ” said the controversial political veteran."

    Syabas, mr loose mouth ex pee em.....hope you read this comeback comment to your outburst :

    "This man is an uncouth Pakistani. He was born in India and purports to be a Bumiputra Malay-corruption is his middle name and runs his business by using religion and segregation. He single handedly made racial discrimination and racism a part of Malaysian society. He berates and condemns people. If we talk about morality-the highest number of single unwed mother are Malays. In the country side as in the cities Malay children are giving birth to hundreds of children in the toilets and hiding killing the infants because of the backwardness of people like Mahathir Mohamed.
    He is a senile but forgotten bigot who shows his devilish head once in a while.
    I am ashemed that he was PM for 22 years in malaysia-malaysian are ashamed of him! Malu." - Bowen13834

  5. I personally have a lot of respect for Hisham.
    Out of the limelight, he did a lot of good as Education Minister. The program he oversaw to bring disabled children into the mainstream school system was world-class. It helped give many mild to moderately disabled children hope to achieve their potential.
    The wheels of bureaucracy move slowly, and the program only came to fruition years after he left the Education Ministry. I am very clear Hisham was the key mover behind the program.

    As the parent of a disabled child, I have heartfelt thanks for Hisham.

    My political interests, as such, are more with Pakatan, but we must recognize good work where appropriate.

  6. Hitler also had his good side, it is just that not many knew this trait of his out of the limelight, hehehe :

    "It was Hitler who banned smoking on buses and trains. Who refused to issue ration coupons for tobacco to pregnant women. It was Hitler – Hitler! – who cracked down on tobacco advertising and decreed that tobacco advertising could not portray smoking as a glamorous, masculine pastime. The Nazis specifically forbid cigarette ads that associated smoking with sports – or auto racing. Hitler called these measures "the beginning of the end" of the vice that fouled the lungs and sapped the moral character of the master race."

    So put that into your pipe and smoke it, hehehe.

    Now let's dig out some good deeds done by Dr M and Ibrahim Ali and all our illustrous leaders who just happened to have bad publicity, but are industrously doing good deeds behind the scene, hehehe. Let's go a hunting for those hearts of gold.....

  7. totally, absolutely at my sole inviolable discretion to delete vile abusive rude comments

  8. Its boringly predictable how some people who run out of relevant arguments will resort trundling out Hitler's corpse to support their point.

  9. Hello Observer at 9:08 AM....do you know what is sarcasm ? what is satire, tongue-in-cheek, irony etc ?

    If not, go read RPK's "The trouble with mother tongue education" and some of the following comments in that post.

    If it is not the mother tongue education, then it must be something in the water or even in the air we breathe ? wakakakaka.

  10. Anon 4:21 PM I do certainly understand sarcasm, but your inept attempt at it is really painfully embarrassing to read.

  11. Now now Observer, just 'cos you can't get it the first time around ( or ever ! ) don't lah go on your high horse, heheheh, though your predicament is understandable, as it is embarassing to have to pull out that foot you have hurriedly shoved into your mouth in such foolish haste. So the next time, read through at least twice before rushing to the typing board ? But be cool lah....I don't really take offense.....apparently this happens lots of times in this country, from what that's gathered from so many blogs.

  12. Ya lor...most of us are products of Vernacular primary schools , followed by Sekolah Melayu secondary schools. No speeky Queen's English.

    The good news is I can confirm that correct, plain English , of about Form 3 level, no difficult words , no understanding of sarcasm, is plenty enough to function in an English speaking world, even doing regular business with companies in Britain and America.

    I've made enough to own a million Ringgit house and drive a large, new Made in Germany car, so I can say there are no barriers to success in being able to read, write and speak, just correct, simple English, no hard words or funny sentences.

    Your skill, knowledge and effort in other areas is much more important.

  13. Aiyoyo...ah bengs, ah kow, ah seng aaahhh, methinks anon 4:21 PM is talking orange and you are all talkee apples, hihihihi. This just prove you no no understandee what the orange he/she's talking about and you go on and on and on about your apples. Who cares if you drive big cars and have million dollars home ? So if the non vernacular schoolers or that anon drive lomborghini and ferraris, and lives in billion dollar homes, what you gonna say ah ? See how pointless this argument is going ? Just admit you apples just don't 'get it', so don't rush in where angels fear to tread. Kiasu-ism has its limits.

  14. Gunakanlah Bahasa Malaysia

  15. Gunakan lah BM ? ini best lah.....so easy to learn lagi coz the modern malay language has so many loanwords from the english language, in fact many words have the exact spelling as the english ones, e.g the words hospital, lesbian, format, transit, etc. But the most loanwords are found in many scientific and technological terms. And even as we speak, Dewan Bahasa is churning out new words by the hundreds every month.

  16. I no speak Anggerik

  17. Learn Chinese.
    The worlds' Number 1 language.