Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kurang manis budget

Malaysiakini - Anwar: Budget fails to address cronyism, monopolies

wakakaka! How can I not laugh when Anwar Ibrahim lectures the government on cronyism and monopolies. Anyway, let's move on.

Budget-wise or in everyday governing, for me, there are four important issues that I want the government to address appropriately, adequately and in a timely fashion, namely: Security, Health, Education and Rule of Law.

Security - While it's impossible to guarantee 100% security, do Malaysians today feel secure as their families and loved ones go about their businesses, shopping, schooling, etc?

The rhetorical question has to be unfortunately a big NO!

I believe the general short term concerns of the public is internal security where occurrences of crimes are frighteningly at an unacceptable high in our nation's modern history, while their long term concerns would be the presence in our midst of millions of illegal immigrants, both potentially as fifth columnists harmful to our national security and job stealers from our unemployed citizens.

Is she a threat to national security?

Operational expenditure covers the maintenance of the existing police force, who unfortunately have not shown satisfactory performance, wasting away both resources and valuable time on monitoring and harassing non-BN political parties for a purely political agenda, instead of addressing what they ought to be doing, fighting crimes.

However, the blame should go principally to its highly politicized leadership - more of this follows.

At the policy level, the useless Home Minister should be sacked. Unbelievably, he has even failed to deal with (at least investigate into) unacceptable allegations of the former IGP having close association with shady underworld kingpins Goh Cheng Poh (Tengku Goh) and Tan BK while serving as IGP - for more, read Malaysiakini Bizarre case of ex-IGP, AG and an underworld boss.

We get to hear the standard mafulat excuse that there had been no investigation because, now get this bullshit, no one had lodged a report.

We keep hearing this same lame excuse time and time again, as if worrying (to national security) allegations can't and won't be acted upon if the police do not receive any official report  from the public (unless of course, the 'worrying' issue leads to opportunities to harass non-BN parties and supporters).

Are they (the police) robots only to be activated by public reports?

But still, that excuse has been totally demolished by Ramli Yusuff, a former Director of the  Police Commercial Crime Investigations Department, who asserted his point through evidence gathered by the CCID team, a statutory declaration (not challenged) and court testimonies.

In 2007 Ramli Yusuff wrote a letter on the scandalous affair to the Home Minister, a letter which Hishamuddin has acknowledged. But Hishamuddin rejected setting up an inquiry because he (Hisham) deemed there was a lack of evidence.

Thus the lie went from 'no evidence' to 'no report'. The truth then becomes 'no action'.

So acting Law Minister Nazri should swallow his pride, bull and partisanship, and get about doing something on the very serious allegations against the former IGP, since the Home Minister is too busy with regrets he didn't have the opportunity to rehabilitate Noordin Top, one of the World's most notorious terrorist-bomber, or engaged in pampering cow-head hoodlum bigots.

Terrorist-bomber Noordin Top

For more of the Home Minister's wish to rehabilitate people, please see Malaysian prejudice and More than 1 way to skin a Chinaman.

threat to Malaysian national security?

On health I have to be fair and say that, other than doubts about the quality of doctors our universities are churning out, the health facilities are quite decent.

Education? I have already written enough of the current shameful standards - basically, reckless quantity = regrettable quality.

But it's rather annoying the lamentable state of affairs in education has now been further made worse by politicization of secondary school education in the state of Johor where the nature of trial exam questions for students suggests those would be better confined in UMNO's party indoctrination files. 

Yes, Johor UMNO official may be quaking in their sarongs at the possible fate of their federal and state candidates in GE-13 but is this the way for their education kutus to address their concerns? Such is those school authority's pariah mentality that we have to question for what purpose would be their politicized exam questions when those school kid aren't even ready to vote? With such an abysmal lack of intelligence (let alone intellect) I question their fitness to be educators.

Finally, rule of law - wakakaka, indeed it can only be a wakakaka, when the nation's so-called No 1 Law Officer, the AG named Abdul Gani Patail, is surrounded by so many scandals, including alleged fabrications of evidence in Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy I case, black-eye hooliganism, and close family ties with the former IGP. Well, WTF else can we say!

For more, read Probe Gani Patail before he destroys govt's integrity - ex CID chief.

Our judiciary though from (rare) time to time has shown exemplary standards, has in the main been disrespected, distrusted and despised for their politicized nature. 'Nuff said.

Alas, unless and until the above are satisfactorily addressed, no matter how many ang-pows (or peh-pows) Najib cast around like Santa, his budgetary plan won't be accepted as a good one.

However, I must compliment Najib on one point in his budget, namely the reduction of subsidy in sugar, wakakaka. Laughter aside, it's not only a saving in unnecessary public expenditure but a step towards the correct health direction.

Ooops, I nearly missed out on the comment by a politician on Najib's budget, as follows:

Looking at the incentives offered, it is quite impressive but I question... whether it can be implemented or not, because we are almost reaching the maximum (term) of our session.
There are a few incentives that benefit the people, like the RM250 book vouchers for university students, whom we know really need assistance. 
Both Pakatan and the government have offered quite impressive budgets for the rakyat so it is up to the rakyat to decide. 
(The speech attacking the opposition) is something we have never seen in a budget presentation, but we understand that the election is close, so each side will use every opportunity to showcase their agenda, and the PM will have an advantage in this front.

Make a guess who said that, wakakaka.


  1. Good article.
    The problem, Ktemoc, is you needed more than 1,000 words to make your point.

    The UMNO mantra - 1Malaysia -Rakyat didahulukan Pencapaian diutamakan or People First Performance now - is so much more concise and easier to absorb. Especially for the vast majority of Malaysians who are products of the post-1970's mis-education system, with strictly limited capacity to understand long essays.

    As a poster in your previous article commented, Najib's budget is actually quite clever, for its primary purpose - to win GE13. PR will have a difficult time countering the advantages it provides to BN.

    There will certainly be a painful hangover and payback time for this Budget later in 2013 and beyond, but by that time the election will be over, and a lot of PKR/DAP MPs may be finito.

    People always deserve the government they get...hehehhe...

    I used to tell Penangites they deserved Koh Tsu Koon. They did prove me wrong in 2008. I'm hoping to be proven wrong again, but not very likely.

  2. no investigation one had lodged a report.
    In a formal sense, that is actually correct form. Every official police investigation has, at its starting point a police report reference.
    However, in actual practice, that is never roadblock. If a matter is significant - either the PDRM or thei political master consider it significant - someone in the PDRM will themselves lodge their own report.

    A clear example of That was the police action against Lim Guan Eng in 1994.

  3. anon of 5:14 PM, September 29, 2012, my posts are for the thinking persons, not myrmidons from both sides wakakaka

  4. Hehehe...Nasharuddin Mat Isa, the politician you quoted from already has one foot over in the UMNO camp, so he would obviously try to be neutral or positive towards Najibnomics.

  5. "Security - While it's impossible to guarantee 100% security, do Malaysians today feel secure as their families and loved ones go about their businesses, shopping, schooling, etc?".....Ktemoc

    A Rela member together with his Bangladesh partner were both charged for kidnapping another Bangla for a ransom of RM10,000, the total amount the latter saved after his 4 years' stint here and due to return back to his country next month. The ransom amount was later negotiated down to RM 2000. ( culled from the Star newspaper ).

    And did not our Hisap said Rela members will be deployed to the parking lots of shopping malls to reduce the menace of the vicious attacks and robberies there ?

    What do ya know......most feedbacks from 'the people', mostly ladies are......"THANKS, BUT NO THANKS !"

  6. In spite of all the negatives that BN has, including the flaws in the latest Budget, BN remains the least-bad choice for electing the Federal Government in GE13.

    The deep and serious flaws in Pakatan Rakyat -

    Anwar Ibrahim's highly questionable character and conduct - past and present,
    DAP's insensitivity towards the non-Chinese in Malaysia,
    PAS unrelenting agenda for an Islamic state

    still far outweigh BN's weaknesses.

  7. "DAP's insensitivity towards the non-Chinese in Malaysia"...Ah Looi

    Could someone spell this out how DAP is insensitive to the non-Chinese ?

  8. how DAP is insensitive to the non-Chinese

    Ngeh foot-in-Tweet disease
    Karpal "I will sue Sultan of Perak"
    Manoharan "Change the Flag"
    DAP long-standing "No Songkok at State Assembly opening" rule
    "Benign neglect" towards the Indian community - stated by DAP Indians themselves

  9. Half a century of Alliance-BN-Umno rule have resulted in a entrenched mentality of entitlement to the gravy train.

    Perhaps the most damning indictment of BN UMNO’s practice of abusing of public work contracts is this news report in the Star on August 5, 2011. This occurred during the spat between MCA & DAP over why the school job was awarded to a bumi.
    A pdf scan of the newspaper cutting is available at
    The relevant extract from this news report :
    “ … Earlier in a press conference at Komtar, Tahir [Penang Class F Contractors Association president Tahir Jalaluddin Hussain] said contracts awarded to Class F contractors by the state were done through the open tender process. He claimed contractors need to go through Umno division heads when Barisan ruled Penang, alleging that sometimes they need to contribute RM5,000 or RM6,000 to get the projects. “I have also fallen victim to such process,” he claimed. ..”

  10. A lot of contracts in Penang are still given out on a direct negotiation basis.
    We all know where that leads.

    Housing developers in Penang now break environmental laws during construction with impunity. They just call their direct line to Tokong Ular's office if MPPP dares go after them for violating environmental rules. 100% worst now than Koh Tsu Koon era - and we thought that was bad.

  11. It is well known among MPPP approval board officers as well as enforcement officers who are the "Most Favoured" Housing developers in Penang now, who are able to get immediate walk-in meetings with Tokong Lim. Anyone else who tries to see Tokong will know how hard it is to get an appointment.

    Of course, these MPPP officers , who were well trained from BN-era political interference now know the do's and don'ts dealing with these "Special Species" if they want protect their Rice Bowl under the DAP administration.

  12. Anon of 8:57 PM, September 29, 2012

    Dr M in 1993 had, through a constitutional change, removed the legal immunity of sultans, allowing anyone from the Malaysian public to sue a Sultan, so if if you believe that is insensitive, blame Dr Mahathir and his BN majority in Parliament at that time.

    The Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan, Tuanku Ja'afar became the first ruler to have judgement made against him in the Special Court, whereby he was ordered to settle US$1 million in debts he had owed to a bank.

    Karpal is suing the Sultan of Perak because HRH interfered with the Perak Constitution by swearing in an illegal government after illegally removing a legal MB. Thanks to Dr M, Karpal was able to do so legally.

    There is no law that prohibits a citizen from proposing a change in design to the national flag. Manoharan was not insensitive but his timing was fucked up because he proposed that change during a runup to GE-13, allowing UMNO to fabricate accusations of his insensitivity.

    DAP has since GE-12 changed that 'no songkok' policy.

    DAP has more Indian MPs and ADUNs that MIC, Gerakan, PPP and any other Indian-based parties put TOGETHER, wakakaka. Its chairperson is an Indian, and so was its founder, Devan Nair. Pordah

  13. How many DAP Indian MPs and ADUNs decorate the house is irrelevant to the issue of "Neglect of the Indian community".
    That is a genuine issue, and its a symptom of DAP's insensitivity towards non-Chinese that most of their leadership don't even realise they have a serious problem.

  14. The DAP No Songkok policy remains. They only waived it in states where Pakatan Rakyat has taken power.
    DAP ADUNs in Sarawak, Johor, Negeri Sembilan have all incited controversy as recently as 2012 in refusing to wear songkok.

  15. The Mahathir constitutional amendment allowed a Sultan to be sued in their personal capacity.
    Sultans continue to enjoy absolute immunity in their official acts.

    Karpal Singh was being very insensitive and arguably seditious in implying that the Sultan of Perak was acting in his personal capacity in swearing in the BN government in Perak.

    DAP just doesn't get it how awful that went down among rural folks.
    That is insensitivity.

  16. Not true on No Songkok allegations.

    As for Neglect of Indian community, the damage over the last 52 years have been significant. Over the past 4 years (less than 10% of the time BN had screwed up the Indians), DAP has been doing great guns in mitigating against that humongous neglect brought about by 52 years of BN marginalization of the poor Indians. Give the DAP Penang government (and hopefully Perak's as well) just 26 years (just 50% of the period of BN marginalization) and that neglect will be comprehensively addressed. But puhleeeze, no more BN and its marginalization of Indians anymore, or deaths in police custody, or body snatching, or Interlok as an Education Ministry approved book.

  17. Insensitivity is not the same as an illegal act or being right.

    You can be perfectly within your legal rights, or actually acting correctly , but still being arrogant and insensitive.

  18. not as insensitive as what Dr Affifuddin Omar, an UMNO man from Padang Terap, no doubt given the imprimatur by his party leaders, said in Parliament:

    "How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?" [...]

    "They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people.

    "The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

  19. These guys here did not break any law but their insensitivity cost them bigtime :

    "Remember when Umno Penang told the Chinese that they do not need Chinese votes? The Chinese can go back to China, they said, because with just the Malay votes they can win the election and form the government.

    And remember Ali Rustam telling the non-Malays at the PPP convention in Melaka the same thing? The non-Malays are not crucial and they can leave Barisan Nasional, said Ali Rustam, because Umno can win the election and form the government without the non-Malays."

    And all the indians at the PPP convention were so dumbfounded that not a single peep came out of could hear a pin drop in that hall as they just sat there like patungs after that surprised slap-in-face by their guest of honor. Air muka jatuh right to the tiled floor as they watched him marched out arrogantly after he spitted out his venom, impatiently throwing away his indian garland of flowers usually given to such 'big shot'. Ya la tu, big shock by big shot they got that day, sampai tak tau mana hendak letak muka masing2.

    Insensitivity anyone ? Get used to it. Especially all the mata sepet and si botol. The sakai and the natives elswhere are too insignificant for them to be bothered with.

  20. Sama-sama lah.
    UMNO insensitive towards Chinese.
    DAP insensitive toward non-Chinese.

    Malaysia will slowly unravel along ethnic lines as well as East/West lines. I foresee a Lebanon-type situation someday.

  21. "Sama-sama lah.
    UMNO insensitive towards Chinese.
    DAP insensitive toward non-Chinese."....anon 11:03PM

    Aiyoyo....DAP kalah lah, cannot hold a candle to UMNO for its legendary humongous subversive mother of all insults and insensivity to ALL non malays, right from their top leadership and right down the line.

    DAP could only boast a few loose mouths ( could count on one hand ) to challenge UMNO for its blood dripping, crushed bodies, natang, kris waving, we-don't-need-you-to-win-election, mata sepet, si botol, pendatang, ungrateful ingrates, we-jailed-her-for-her-own-safety, dirty cina woman dare to enter our mosques,..........macam macam lagi, impossible to list here, will run of bandwidth lah.

    No other party in or outside of this country could come close to UMNO for anything badassness. Period.

  22. Ooops...Umno is not only crassly insensitive to the non-Malays but to their own Malays as well. What did Zaid Ibrahim said to that great insulter ? "I'd rather be ungrateful than be stupid." Enough said.

  23. Just be gay (happy) and everything will be A-OK.

  24. I am Malaysian of Indian origin . It never fails to astound me of accusations of neglect of the Indians by DAP or PKR or whoever that is frequently given as an excuse to keep status quo. Where are the Indians now. The are done filthy rich Indians , usually the cronies and MIC members just like there are filthy rich Malays, Chinese , sabahans and sarawakians , many of them cronies and members of the ruling elite . But there are still a lot of Indians living below poverty line. The rise of Indians committing crimes are partly due to this sorry state these people are in. So what as MIC or other so called champions of the Indian people been doing ? The truth is not just Indians , there are a lot of Malaysian living in poverty some akin to poverty states like in Somalia and Ethiopia esp east Malaysians . The gap between the rich and poor is widening with only cosmetic attempts to try to correct the situation . Our country is regressing . We used to be on par or superior with the likes of s Korea , Japan , Taiwan and Singapore in many areas when I was growing up. Sports , education , infrastructure , economically we could stand up to these powers when I was growing up 30 years ago . Now we are comparing ourselves with Myanmar and Zimbabwe . For goodness sake , our income level is now less than that of Botswana and we have slower broadband service than Mozambique . Crime is now out of control and the govt is going to spend lots of money not to combat crime but the perception! The judiciary and police is in a mess. Frighteningly , if you we're to look at many definitions of a facist country , we tick on lost of the boxes . Most of our leaders and their advisors seem to lack the intelligence to run a country besides being corrupted . A top govt lawyer once tried to show it is possible to strangle yourselves and that we will become lighter when we r unconscious ! Like Ktemoc pointed out they are politicizing to bunch of students who are not even old enough to vote . Do u really think this govt and their advisors are knowledgable enough to take us tru any global financial meltdown. All the good advisors and intellectuals have long left our shores due to racism and corruption . This country needs a change . The opposition is not perfect but they are doing a decent job in Penang , selangor and kelantan ( far better than the previous regimes) . There are no guarantees in live except that this country is headed for doom if status quo remains . A change will do good to give people with some fresh and new ideas to help us . It will allow BN to purge itself of allege old deadwood who refuse to how out even after so called retirement and allow people like Saifuddin to come up . And most of all it gives a signal to any party that is in power that the people decide - we will kick them out if they don't behave . The fact that we have kept one group in power has led to thoughts of grandiosity Ann behave with impunity with no regards to the people's wishes . They people have to send a message that the power is with the people and any party that wants to govern listen to the people or be shown the door in the next election. And we should do that by fighting for every Malaysian rather than fighting for Indians , Chinese , Malays etc

  25. We are not Singapore (75% Chinese - close to being monoethnic) , which already had a more highly developed economy than the rest of Malaya at the time of independence..
    We are not South Korea - close to 100% Korean.
    We are not Japan - 100% Japanese.

    Like it or not, Malaysia has to make many compromises in order not to tear itself apart, let alone develop into a hyper economy.
    Any economist can explain to you why Compromises are almost always less than optimal.

    I think the debate in Malaysia is more on where and what is the compromise point.
    Don't dream of South Korea or Japan or Singapore.

    Or get an Australian PR and buy a one-way Qantas air-ticket, like Ktemoc.

  26. aiyah, I'm in Oz only to keep an eye on as well as patronise AAB's brother's restaurant, and just in case Yen Yen eventually comes downunder wakakaka. And don't forget someone carried a suitcase of millions of dollars to Oz - gotta keep a close watch on them ler. wakakaka


    DAP Penang's C.A.T. stands for Cocky, Arrogant and Tokong

    Correct, Correct, Correct..

  28. Sick and tired that after 54 years of BN rule , there has no emerged a class of people who think that their have more right to be here than others and expect people who don't agree with them to leave this country . I am born in Malaysia and my parents , grandparents and myself have equally or more contributed in our own way to this country . I have right to be here and express my views as any other Malaysian . U are entitled to your views as I am to mine . It is extremely rude to ask another citizen to leave the country because of my ethnicity . The irony is many of these people who ask others to leave this country are themselves first or second generation Malaysians themselves . U may also be willing to 'compromise ' and keep to this current way doing things but don't stop others from trying to get a better Malaysia for everyone regardless of their ethnicity . Having said that I am not going to honour this bigots by getting involved in a debate regarding this matter further in this blog.

  29. KT said ... "And don't forget someone carried a suitcase of millions of dollars to Oz ".

    That fella got away by saying the millions are for buying land, and that he can't understand English warnings about how much cash allowed to be carried.

    1. Would you pay for your property purchase in wads of cash (instead of a bank draft/cheque)?

    2. As a lawmaker, he doesn't know about regulations governing cash carried by travellers?