Friday, September 21, 2012

Defending Ngeh's Tweet on provocative film

The Malaysian Insider - Ngeh retracts tweet, apologises to Muslims

What was his tweet that he retracted?

“Khairy wants muslim protest against Sam Bacile. For Islam or for his political gains? Are muslims wasting to much time and energy on this?”

I agree with Ngeh that Muslims have been/are wasting too much time and energy on an issue (deliberately) provoked by one single person. Instead, they should look at the 'agenda' behind the provocation.

Apparently, 55-year old Sam Bacile's real name is Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, where he could well be an American Coptic Christian though he confessed to be Jewish and an Israeli. But Israeli officers asserted they have no record of any Israeli by that name (which name, Bacile or Nakoula?).

But far more interestingly, the person behind the scene involving Sam Bacile (or Nakoula Basseley Nakoula) and his film insulting Islam has been a pastor from the Dove World Outreach Center, a bloke by the name of Terry Jones.

Jones is notorious for provoking the Muslim world two years ago by his boast to burn 200 copies of the Quran. However, US State and Defence authorities successfully persuaded him against that as his action could imperil American troops in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Nonetheless, one year later (in 2011) he did burn one copy of the Quran.

On the recent Bacile's provocative film, he ignored pleas from US authorities (again) not to upload the film on his church website. US media columnists have also appealed to church authorities to stop him to avoid violence in the Middle East but he gave everyone two fingers. Some US church leaders stated what he has done has been a travesty and detestable.

As for the suspected 'agenda' behind the film, my agreement with Ngeh also pertains to my observations and belief that there would usually be a Zionist element behind such provocations against Muslims in general and Arabs (Palestinians) in particular. There is a very strong nexus between Ultra Zionists (both American and Israeli Zionists) and the US Christian Right, hence Jones' deliberate provocations could be related to right-wing Zionists' aim to demonize the easily provoked Arab-Muslims and/or to win back lost European sympathies and support for them - sympathies and support lost as a result of their arrogant political intransigence and feral brutalities against the Palestinians.

Recently, President Obama has made an unprecedented decision (for a US President) in refusing to see Benjamin Netanyahu. Many Israeli leaders realized that Netanyahu has crossed the line in his usual 'dictates' to Obama, and took to criticizing him (Netanyahu) for his faux pas, hoping to steer him back on the proper polite path to winning back the US presidential support for an already isolated Israel.

Israeli PMs, particularly an ultra like Netanyahu, believe they alone in the world have the politically teflonised backings from the US Christian Right and American Zionists to lecture, berate and scold US President on the correct political policies for the Middle-East. Usually they have been correct but Netanyahu's increasingly arrogant and strident talk-down to the US President have gotten out of hand, to an extent the US President, the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, would have suffered irreparable humiliation if he continues (like his predecessors) to quietly accept the Israeli dressing down. Perhaps the Arabs must be brought into the picture once again to help divert attention from this.

If we recall some years back, when the Danish rightwing Jyllen-Posten published the Prophet Mohamad cartoons, it set the European world topsy turvy by the predictably violent reaction from Muslims and Arabs.

When European authorities and media were asked on the appropriateness of Jyllen-Posten publishing such offensive caricatures of a personality beloved by Muslims, the usual hypocritical mob would chant out blindly their mantra of ‘freedom of speech and expression’, while pretending not to remember how they persecuted Prince Harry for wearing a mere swastika armband to a fancy dress ball, or a Holocaust denier like David Irving for writing a book that says Jews killed by the Nazis did not number 6 millions and were considerably less.

Condemned for something associated with a fancy dress ball? For crying out loud!

But the Zionist-galvanized ruckus evoked from an innocuous incident by an unsuspecting youth was so great that it not only forced the young royalty into apologising but panicked his father, the future King of England into issuing abject apologies and explanations of how silly his son had been, with British ministers wading in, all stumbling forward to prostrate themselves before the Gods of their guilt.

His father even ordered little Harry to visit the Nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz to learn and atone.

I have seen 'Dracula', 'Stalin', 'Tojo' and even a 'George Bush' at fancy dress balls, all winning at least a laugh or two. Shouldn’t those wearers of the costumes be made to apologize to respectively Romania, Russia, Japan and the USA too?

Lord Janner, a senior figure in Britain's Jewish community, said "What Harry did was both stupid and evil. The time has come for him to make a public apology."


Hey! Freedom of expression? What happened to that supposedly cherished Western institution then?

Oh BTW, David Irving was jailed for a number of years by an Australian Austrian Court for challenging the sacrosanct figure of 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust.

David Irving

Incidentally, more than 6 million gypsies and various physically handicapped non-Jewish Europeans were similarly murdered by the Nazis, and I read in a magazine that Zionists went to enormous extent to kept this fact unpublicized so as to focus Europeans’ guilt over the Holocaust solely on Jewish victims.

Western freedom of expression? Not when the Jews veto-ed those expressions.

In some ways, Dr Mahathir has been right when he postulated that Jews rule the world, or more precisely the western World (particularly USA, Canada, Western Europe and Australia). My disagreement with Dr Mahathir on his argument is that he has indulgently and unfairly generalized in his accusations against Jews. I will write more on this in my next post.

Could there be a higher strategy in The Jyllen-Posten publication to demonize the Arabs through the expected violent reactions of Arab and Muslims, bearing in mind that the cartoons had appeared several months before the Jyllen-Posten publication in a Norwegian rightwing Christian Magazine but which brought no or little reaction from Muslim?

In other words, the Arab-Muslim reactions were the desired outcome, not the bullshit freedom of expression. Hence it's believed the Jyllen-Posten repeated the publishing of the cartoons in order to elicit the desired Arab-Muslim violent protests.

On the surface the culprit seems to be Fleming Rose, the cultural editor of the Jyllen-Posten which started the deliberate insult of Prophet Muhammad. That so-called paragon of 'freedom of expression', Fleming Rose, had refused to publish a cartoon showing Israel's Ariel Sharon strangling a Palestinian baby.

Perhaps the cartoon alluded to Sharon's complicity in the Sabra-Shatila massacre where thousands of Palestinian women and children were massacred after Sharon let in his Phalangist allies [Lebanese Christians], or merely his day-to-day oppression of Palestinians. But unlike his readiness to publish the Prophet Muhammad cartoons at all cost, Rose suddenly lost that western value when it came to Ariel Sharon.

Palestinian victims at Sabra Shatila

Rose claimed that publishing that cartoon would be construed as insensitively racist, yet he didn’t hesitate in insulting Arabs by publishing the equally religious insensitive caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in various demeaning terrorist roles.

Now for the Christian Right - Zionist nexus.

At that time, Rose was known to be closely associated with neo-con Zionists. One of the neo-con Zionists that Rose was linked with was Daniel Pipes, who was notorious for his rabid anti-Muslim proclivity. Pipes had been noted to have said the only path to Middle East peace will come through a total Israeli military victory.

During his academic career as a professor in Harvard, Pipes had set up a website called Campus Watch that encouraged university students to submit reports on university professors who criticized Israel, from which it then published a blacklist of such professors. Wasn’t that action akin to Hitler Youths being taught to dob on their parents, relatives, friends and neighbours? Sieg Heil to the Neo-Nazis.

More than 100 academics, outraged by Pipes’ McCarthyism demanded to be included on the list as well. Campus Watch had to backpedal from that sinister blacklisting and removed the list from their website. We can see from this what extent the Zionist Pipes' had been willing to do to intimidate and silence anyone against Israel.

Back to the issue, one cannot but help wonder to what extent Rose had been influenced by the neo-con Zionists in bringing about a repeat (of the Norwegian rightwing Christian magazine’s) publishing of the Prophet Mohamad caricatures to achieve demonization of Arabs by baiting them into violent reactions.

Unfortunately the Arabs had repetitively fallen into the trap of showing predictable violence, in the way their enemies must have intended for them to do? Though the hurt to their belief has been enormous they need to keep an eye on the strategic manipulations by the more devious elements of the Zionists.

The outcome of those violent behaviours and actions proved to be humongously expensive for Palestinian Arabs as it disgusted and alienated the European powers so much so that they (the Europeans) stopped an annual grant of 900 million Euros to the Palestine authority and faltered in their political support of statehood for the Palestinians.

Thus, before Muslims rush off to in predictable violent protests against such provocations, whether the provocateurs have been Americans, French or Danes, do pause a moment and ask whether you too are being manipulated by the baiting of some rightwing or Zionist organizations or newspapers, into acting on their sinister plans of higher strategy?

I believe Ngeh’s advice was well founded and constructive, but alas, as I have written above, Muslims have a lamentable and predictable emotional reaction to such provocations, and his forced withdrawal of his tweet-ed advice would only be to the disadvantage of Muslims and particularly the cause of Palestinians.

But alas, Ngeh should know better that at this juncture in Malaysian politics, his advice would be exploited kau kau by UMNO to direct Muslim anger against him and DAP, even though his advice was sincere and sensible.


  1. Day in, Day Out , TV screens around the world are filled with Muslims reacting to an obscure film in Pavlovian fashion.
    Except unlike Pavlov's canines, the reaction from Muslims takes the form of rabid violence, snarling, foaming at the mouth, (yes, no kidding, I saw that), burning embassies and consulates, killing aid workers (friends that the Muslim world badly needs).

    Muslims are their own worst enemies. They don't need Netanyahu.

  2. and who would be behind those provocations, either by caricatures of Prophet Mohamad or film insulting Islam?

    That's the point I'm raising, not the fact of Muslim violence.

    You're only looking at the symptoms, not the cause

  3. And one of my points was the film's obscurity, which would have attracted an audience of maybe a few thousand at maximum, if the Muslim world hadn't over reacted with stupid predictability.

    No one ever gets forced to be stupid. Its one of the most voluntary of human behaviours.

  4. theoretically correct - I have no arguments with you. But in practical terms (the reality), the Arab-Muslims reaction via-a-vis any insult to their religion is so predictable that whoever is behind the provocations knows his play.

    And if no Muslim had reacted to the first filming, then that film would undoubtedly be repetitively broadcasted until it elicits the desired reactions, just in the same way the Prophet Mohamad caricatures were published TWICE, by a Norwegian Christian magazine and subsequently by a Danish newspaper to bring about Arab-Muslim violent protests to alienate their European benefactors, and to stop the annual 900 million euro grant to the Palestinains.

  5. Actually, if muslims have not reacted with such violence, I would not even have known about the film. After all the fuss, I have seen a bit of it. So are many people. This film would have gone unnoticed no matter how many times it might be if no one bring it up. The Da Vinci Code was not banned and played in cinema all over the world. And people even have VCDs of it and played many times in home, yet christians did not react with violent. People can demonstrate if they want, whether, muslims, christians, hindus or buddhists. But they must be no killing. The point is taking a life is wrong. Only God can take a life and no human being should take any person lives. Whatever the provocation, if you chose no to be provoked, you will not be provoked.

  6. I just want to comment on one aspect of your article - on the number and identify of victims of the Holocaust.

    The 6 Million Jewish victims is an accurate number - David Irving was simply wrong, and probably heavily prejudiced, leading to his error. The German bureaucracy kept meticulous records of the number trains and the numbers of Juden people they transported in those trains to the concentration camps. Most of the records survived the war.
    And we know for a fact the small number of survivors that the Allies found at the end. Almost Nobody ever got released alive from those camps. The difference between the Ins and the Survivors at the end is a simple mathematical calculation.

    There is no doubt that the Jews were the primary focus of the Final Solution. It is not some conspiracy by the Zionist lobby to promote it or suppress the fact that there were numerous other victims.

    Mein Kampf and many other pronouncements by Hitler and other Nazi leaders made it clear the principal target for eradication was the Jews.

    It is not so well known that other categories of people were targets for elimination - the disabled and mentally retarded, Gypsies, millions of Polish citizens - who were mainly Catholics actually, and inhabitants of Occupied Eastern European countries.

    The eradication of campaign of the Gypsies and disabled was in line with the Master Race mentality. The killings of most of the Poles and other subjects of occupied territories was largely the casual contempt and cruelty of Nazis for the conquered.

    I don't think there is or was a Zionist conspiracy to suppress the fact. They were fewer in number in terms of any one group, and were not the primary target.

    I've known about the fact all this time, and the information has been available all the time to any one who had an interest in the subject.

    What the Press focuses on is ....well whatever it choses, but that's not the same as deliberate suppression of facts.
    I don't see any evidence of that occuring or evidence of a Jewish/Israeli/Zionist conspiracy.

    I chose my nick as Yahudi Road as I'm aware some of my ancestors are buried there, in Penang, though I'm 2nd generation Australian.

  7. I did NOT question the figure of 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust. What I question was European hypocrisy in asserting their "cherished" freedom of expression and speech which would not allow insults to Islam or Prophet Mohamad to be suppressed, no matter how provocative or slanderous those insults were/are, yet in the same breath jailed David Irving for challenging the Jewish Holocaust figures. Whether Irving was correct or just a crackpot wasn't the issue - the issue is freedom of expression. What's good for the goose should be equally good for the gander.

    You're of course entitled to your opinion that Zionists have not suppressed the fact that non-Jewish deaths during the Nazi oppression were as great, if not greater as the Jews.

  8. Its a bit unfortunate the Germans botched the job.
    Could have saved the world a lot of subsequent trouble.

  9. agree with u on western hypocrisy, mahathir view in global issue were mostly sensible but hd did exact the same thing locally, he is equally hypocritical.

    ngeh responded to khairy, what if the one that call for protest is nizar or sabu, would he said the same?

    i think petra recent few article make sense, some chinese idiot gone too far, the blur blur girl still deserve some excuse because she look blur blur and sound blur blur, but really dun know what happen to that yale idiot. perhaps u shd write more to remind all this idiot what is proper manner instead of whacking anwar n pkr.

  10. As far as I'm concerned, writing books trying to sanitize The Final Solution and the 20 minute film lambasting Islam are both execrable acts.

    But the difference in treatment between the two has explanations that don't need to involve secret Zionist conspiracies.

    Some 70 years ago , many Western societies spent rivers of blood and treasure to resist the Nazi regime and ideology that threatened to engulf all of them. WWII could easily have gone the other way as a Nazi victory.
    On top of that they had , and still do have home grown Neo-Nazi movements who spread hate and attempt to whitewash the history of Nazi Germany.
    The enforced criminalisation of actions and publications that deny the Final Solution has wide support, especially among the older generation who were much closer to the events of WWII.
    It is a conscious exception made to seriously observed rights to freedom of expression.

    Islam, like it or not, is a different matter. The West spent 1,000 years of unending military and political conflict with Islam. That kind of race memory runs deep. Many Westerners have little personal contact or knowledge of Muslims and Islam. Those who do often have negative impressions.
    That is just unfortunate, but its true.
    September 11 didn't help at all.
    A film which is negative or insulting about Muhammad ?

    Most Westerners couldn't care less.

  11. yr, so wide supports is a good and sensible justification? what make u think the muslim action is without wide supports?

  12. i read your writing with interest. i for one support your idea that we muslim are easily conned into falling into the trap of overreacting onto something that we do not have control over it anyway. protest if youwant... strongly if you like but the option MUST stop there. Go on with life, sell our roti canai , nasi lemak as usuual. but dont over react. when we are angry, we make a lot of mistake....

  13. I'm not trying to justify anybody's actions.
    I'm rebutting Ktemoc's theory of a Zionist and Israeli conspiracy, which is the backdrop to his entire post.

    Admittedly, I'm writing from a Westerner's point of view. My father's family left Penang a long time ago, I'm 1/2 Asian by ancestry, but basically an Aussie.

  14. The Satanic Verses...hahahahaha..


    UMNO and PAS together sweet.

    Incidents like this are a timely reminder not to trust PAS at face value.
    Its the combined UMNO-PAS supermajority which will be what it takes to ram through a Hudud constitutional amendment.

    By that time the Non-Muslim minority in this country will feel like a cornered rat.

  16. It shows how easily it is to manipulate Islam and their followers without having to draw a drop of blood.
    If Muslims ignores such silly provocation then everything will backfire toward the perpetrator.
    Blame it on their so called manipulative "Muslim leaders"

    Noted that Perkasa is baying for blood too just for stomping on Najib and his fatty wife photo.

  17. I tend to agree with Yahudi Road re the figure of 6 million Jews being exterminated. The Germans, of old and now too, are legendary, almost to the point of obsession, for scrupulous record-keeping, such are their meticulous habits.

    But coming back to the local scene here, one would have thought that Ngeh by now would have had some amount of survival savvy to not get into such brouhaha again needing his apologies to get out of a sticky situation.

    What does it take for these politicians who are ever so fond of putting their big foot into their flapping mouths to learn the first rule of being an effective people's representative ? It is not as though what they spewed out are earth shakingly profound or enlightening or even amusing.

  18. It's long been my view that Twitter subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge, and Ngeh's inane remarks just confirm that.
    Twitter's tendency to encourage 1-line communication may be useful for adolescent social intercourse, but there are numerous instances of highly damaging conduct when leaders try to use it for serious issues. It is thoroughly unacceptable for someone in that position to use Twitter's terse communications for a controversial matter, then claim later that they have been misunderstood. WTF !

    DAP should sack Ngeh or at the very least discipline him for such an error in judgement. The idiot is unfit to be a Government leader - and that's what he aspire to be.
    Or maybe DAP is yet unfit to be a governing party.

  19. "Its a bit unfortunate the Germans botched the job.
    Could have saved the world a lot of subsequent trouble"...Anon 3:55 PM

    All the racists, bigots, perverted, haters and whatnot coming out of the woodworks ?

  20. Somebody released a cartoon showing Moses , Jesus , Buddha, and Ganesha last week in sexual acts among each other about 2 weeks ago , soon after the story of the video broke . Though , many found the cartoon offensive , nobody went around killing each other . Some people even laughed it of as an act of a madman! If God was offended I am sure he has his ways and does not need our help in taking revenge ! I took have been asking my friend , what was wrong with what Ngeh said ? Why waste energy killing each other and other innocent people when the film producer and puppeteer will be smiling in satisfaction feeling ' mission accomplished!'. Of course , we did expect low class politicians to abuse and spin what he said for political gain but it is a sad testament to the society we live in that no one came to ngeh's defense either from fear or an inability to think and understand what ngeh's message was.

  21. QOS,
    "....Usually they have been correct but Netanyahu's....".
    Load of bull.
    Remember what Sarkorzy told Obama,
    Hate talking to Netanyahu, he always lie when he opens his mouth.

  22. Buttercup,
    No need lah to write such a very long article to defend Ngeh. You all know Muslim is very sensitive about depicting Prophet Muhammad. They are even not allowed to draw his photo. Or other prophets. But other prophets Muslim find it hard to defendlah.
    You tak de comment apa2 pasal phd holder cap ayam dR. Yap and his Long Don Jong nak demo for Chinese Education. Waste of time!!!.

  23. Just do a search with Google or Bing with the words "Muslim", "terrorist","violent", "mob", "rampage" and you will get millions of hits.

    There is something extremely irrational and dangerous about the adherents of the religion of Islam.

    In this day and age there is plenty of disrepectful even insulting writing on various other religions - Christianity , including intra-denomitional friction such as Catholics vs. Protestants, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism (plenty of that) etc. . The followers of these other religions are no less faithful to their beliefs, but most never react with such paroxysms of extreme violence

  24. 10:47 PM, September 21, 2012
    All the racists, bigots, perverted, haters and whatnot coming out of the woodworks ?

    Well, its not the first time people have commented Ktemoc's blog does have the tendency to attract all kinds of weirdos, misfits, and extremists.

    While I do appreciate Ktemoc's intention to be a "quality blog", there is something about his choice of subjects and his opinions which attracts the low-life operators like flies.


    Muslim world goes mad.

    The losers in the end are the Muslim communities. Investment , job opportunities, aid, even humanitarian aid will go for friendlier shores.

    The culture which once gave the world Algebra, Decimal numerals, The Rubaiyat, Avicenna, and the Alhambra had disintegrated in an orgy of mindless violence.

  26. I am, to be frank, a racist and a bigot when it comes to the narrow-minded stupidity being exhibited by Muslims.
    Its one instance whre prejudice get proven by evidence.

  27. Ngeh is just like that Elizabeth Wong too stupid to understand that as non-Muslims in Malaysia you are shit in the eyes of the Muslims. Elizabeth Wong gets photo of her pussy published but the one who took the photos of her while sleeping goes free. Ngeh ask an innocent question and he gets demonised. These opposition idiots do not know how to fuck with a Muslim or deal with their religion and these are these same clowns want to rule the country.


  29. Ya...the Tweet just wondered whether they were better off spending their time on other matters.

    237 Stupid Muslims think that is being "Anti-Islam".
    I'm waiting to see how stupid the Malaysian police can be.

    Arab stupidity I know all too well, but I'm not sure whether its a racial thing or religious thing.


    You have 40,000 unemployed, more importantly unemployable graduates, without sufficient skills and knowledge to survive in the workplace.
    The overwhelming majority are Muslims.

    Who to blame ?
    USA ?
    Israel ?

    Iran restricts women from attending university.

    Now they want to dumb down their womenfolk as well.

    Assholes. All in the name of Islam.

  32. I'm still wondering about Ktemoc burying his head in the sand over the massacres in Syria.


    Bounty for killing the maker of film making fun of Muhammad.

    Islam is truly a Religion of Death.

  34. Talking of divisive and provocative diatribes, here’s a fresh one manufactured locally, using race rather than religion :

  35. Anon 5:12 PM, this is the english version of that divisive and provocative spew from our so-called father of modern malaysia :

    Would our current PM come out now to defend his 1Malaysia and get his people to make police reports for the insult to the "ungrateful" malays and the other non malays in this country ?

  36. After years of beliving in his sworned brother the bald headed RPK,Harris Ibrahim has finally admitted that RPK has turned traitor.So much for sworned brotherhood.Money does the talking afterall.


    A bit off topic, but responding to Anon 10:38 pm above on a topic of current importance.

    That was Haris Ibrahim, loyal defender of RPK, in a roundabout way but undeniably, finally accepting that RPK has sold out.

    No prizes for guessing to who.