Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cocky Arrogant Tokong

Free Malaysia Today (FMT) - Mansor did not deny audio contents

Penang DCM I, Mansor Othman, thought he was safe within the confines, comradeship and confidentiality of a closed-door PKR special (to Chinese echelon leaders) meeting, when he let loose his opinion of CM Lim Guan Eng wakakaka.

And it sure as mafulat didn't help when his CM boss belongs to a different (and potentially rival) political party. Alamak, not brilliant ler for a PKR No 2 saying his DAP No 1 is cocky, arrogant and (considered by Penangites as a) tokong, wakakaka.

As FMT journalist Athi Shanker (who I suspect from his previous writings doesn't like DAP, wakakaka) cleverly put it:

Just when PKR thought the worst was over, the CAT has reared its ugly head again, much to the chagrin of the party’s Penang chief and Deputy Chief Minister I Mansor Othman.

CAT here is not the “competency, accountability and transparency” tune routinely sung by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng about his Pakatan Rakyat state administration.

In this instance CAT means “cocky, arrogant, tokong”, a reference Mansor allegedly made to Lim.

Guan Yu (Kwan Kong) worshipped for integrity, honour, righteousness & brotherhood

Now, we have two types of C.A.T in Penang wakakaka. But really man, I should be pissed as I'm a dog lover and consider cats only good as door stoppers (sorry darling, wakakaka), but jokes aside, as I had written in my post PKR and its arrogant tokong one month ago:

Loose lips sink ships, or in this case, (the potential to sink) the Rocket spaceship. As they say, 'perception' matters in politics and whether there's any truth in PKR Mansor Othman's vocalized opinion of Lim GE, doesn't matter a bloody fig.

Each and everyone of his enemies, from those in MCA to pro-UMNO and ultra anti-Lim GE bloggers (wakakaka), and even those in PKR, will have a field day dissecting, pseudo-analyzing and writing ugly dissertations on Lim Guan Eng's political leadership.

The significant political damage would be to the reputation of Lim Guan Eng among his nascent and growing Malay supporters, while Mansor Othman merely suffers the embarrassment of being exposed for badmouthing an ally and boss, though in a worst case scenario he may have (post the next Penang State election) a frigidly courteous, cold and contentious boss.

But in visualizing the worst case scenario, maybe we're falling prey to Athi Shanker's projection in FMT that:

Whether or not Mansor’s alleged description of Lim was spot on, the Penanti assemblyman has surely fueled Lim’s wrath.

Mansor now faces a tough political future in Penang so long as Lim, from Malacca, hangs around in the island-state.

A PKR source said Mansor, who is a party vice-president, must now move out of Penang to safeguard his political interests, alleging that Lim could be “vindictive and vengeful.”

The source said PKR feared that Lim would order DAP leaders and members not to help Mansor’s campaign in the coming general election.

As I mentioned, Athi Shanker might possibly be not well disposed to the DAP and could be imagining the worst of Lim Guan Eng.

Lim GE is not so small-minded as Shanker has penned, based on his sources. We should remember Lim has been a man who was willing to be jailed for the justice of an (then) under-age Malacca Malay girl. We may say he possesses very high quality values, and would not be a person to be vindictive, much as BN wants us to believe.

And if you believe in God, as Lim GE does, wakakaka (sorry for the wakakaka, just ignore me, kaytee the blooming atheist), then we could say the Almighty has rewarded him for his courageous and Guan Yu-like righteous deed for a Malacca Malay girl and her grandmother.

Now, back to topic, much as it may sound strange for me who's not well disposed towards PKR wakakaka, I personally didn't and still won't place much blame on Mansor for his indiscretion in badmouthing Lim GE behind the latter's back. The brouhaha has been nothing more than just a storm in a Pakatan teacup.

Hey, badmouthing someone behind his back, while in itself is bad, means it's suppose to be a private opinion or an opinion expressed among confidantes, wakakaka, and not intended as a biadap-ish disrespect. Surely most of us at one time or another have mafulat-ishly mumbled & muttered imprecations at someone, even those close to us, privately of course or only in thoughts. There is only one rule when doing so, don't get caught and be publicly exposed, wakakaka.

Mansor Othman's sin had been in naively believing he was secure within the confines, comradeship and confidentiality of a closed-door PKR meeting, but alas, PKR is not unlike a vipers' nest. The hand that has plunged the assassin stiletto into Lim's political back is not that of Mansor Othman, though I have to say he (Mansor) had naively lent his hand to the assassin for the backstabbing job.

Tian Chua? wakakaka

It didn't help when the PKR Chinese faction (supposedly headed by Big Boss Tian Chua wakakaka) was worried about Mansor ceding some state constituencies held or lost (in March 2008) by PKR to DAP, perhaps as a quid pro quo for DAP not to compete with PKR for the State’s Malay dominated seats(?).

That adverse scenario for the anxious PKR Chinese members was further aggravated when the x number of Chinese members wanting to present themselves as PKR state candidates realized there were only x-1 available constituencies for them, the Chinese elements of PKR.

Now, when you become aware you're a loser, or it's made known you'd be one vis-à-vis the list of candidates for the next election, your sour-grapes vengeful exposé of a covertly taped conversation with Mansor committing his faux pas, though totally unethical, would not surprise me in the least, given the generally PKR's viperous environment and culture.

And assuming erstwhile PKR MP for Nibong Tebal Tan Tee Beng has been truthful (wakakaka) in stating that, when he was in PKR, Anwar approved attacks against Guan Eng because he (The Great One) considered Lim GE as kurang ajar and desired to "... reproach Lim for his wrongdoings and mismanagement in Penang", it's yet another salutary lesson in being careful of what you say when you are in nest of vipers.

Much as I personally dislike Anwar, and yes, he (The Great One) might have said something uncomplimentary about Lim GE, I doubt he would go to the extent of saying those stuff like what Tan would have us believe.

Okay, say maybe he did, that would then make Anwar's unflattering remarks about Lim a trillion quadrillion quintillion times worse that that of Mansor Othman because of the words kurang ajar and the green light to publicly attack an ally. But as I said, I don't believe Tan 100%.

Tan is the son of Tan Ghim Hwa, a Penang Gerakan Party big-shot at one time. I mentioned the father in an earlier post Analysing Tan Tee Beng's resignation from PKR where I penned:

But this post is not about Tan becoming a frog. If he does that, it won’t surprise me. After all, his family roots are in Gerakan-BN. His father Tan Ghim Hwa was the former Gerakan State Chairman, and known as the sworn enemy of the DAP.

Lim Kit Siang had in 1991 described Tan Ghim Hwa as a political vulture in a matter where phone threats were made against Lim, allegedly by some Gerakan Party members.

This post is more about Tan Junior's attack against CM Lim GE in particular and the DAP in general.

We can of course speculate that his background could have been a possible factor in his latent hostility towards the DAP and the son of Lim Kit Siang, and eventually brought to the boil after some disagreement with CM Lim.

But let us not forget that he came from the Chinese section of PKR, led by (its de facto section leader wakakaka) Tian Chua.

Uncle Lim described his father as a 'political vulture', and for his unethical kiss-and-tell-like revelation about an alleged Anwar's unfriendly but behind closed door indiscretion towards Lim GE, truthful or otherwise, I have to describe him as 'politically vulgar', wakakaka.

Okay, be that it may, obviously with elections around the corner, the BN is in full swing with its char koay teow-ing of the PKR faux pas, aimed to damage and hopefully discredit Lim GE. WTF, after all, it has no policy and nothing else to do, wakakaka.

It would appear that Gerakan Penang has been tasked with the dubious honour of playing the role of the fried noodles hawker - huan cheo chay-chay (minta chili lebih - lat cheow tor tee).

Okay, so Lim GE is C.A.T though the C.A (cocky and arrogant) would be tautological. But I believe in some circumstances, when one has it, why not flaunt it, as some sweeties have done, much to my immense delight.

she's actually a Chinese soldier - love the military wakakaka 

Thus if Lim GE is revered (hero-worshipped and respected) by Penangites a la a tokong wakakaka because of his redoubtably effective and efficient competency in his job as CM, one has to excuse him for being what he is reputed to be, curt, concise but correct.

The supposedly insulting qualities of C.A.T are not exclusive to Lim GE. Wasn't Dr Mahathir like so in his hey-days? Food for thoughts? Okay, mull over that while I serve another example.

Tan Koon Swan!

Yes, Tan Koon Swan was considered by UMNO as cocky, arrogant and virtually a tokong among Chinese.

My uncle who in those days voted mainly for Gerakan supported the rise of MCA's Tan Koon Swan, seeing him as a saviour, a messiah for Chinese Malaysians, a Moses to lead them out of the political wilderness - to wit, a tokong.


Unc told me that UMNO (perhaps even Dr Mahathir himself?) was pissed off when Koon Swan, post his 1982 landslide win in the opposition stronghold of Damansara (an indication of how Chinese, even opposition supporters, were flocking to him), replied to a media question on which cabinet ministerial post he preferred, (words to the effect) that he wasn't concerned whether he became a minister or not.

Not the sweet, sycophantic and subservient words that UMNO expected and desired of a serf. Though Tan Koon Swan was like a nuclear-powered Russian icebreaker crunching, crushing and bulldozing his way through the opposition stand in the latter's own stronghold (and which MCA politician today can ever dream of emulating that?), he was far too independent-minded for the likings of UMNO and therefore a potentially dangerous man for them to have in BN. Thus the story that UMNO did him in had reasonable plausibility.

Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker

Because Chinese Malaysians including my uncle were so shocked and traumatised by Koon Swan's humongous fall from grace, there invariably arose a mitigating myth as to why, a myth that involved his second (? was there a first?) wife, a Chinese Buddhist monk and his dire prophesy of the spirit of a white ravenous tiger confronting Koon Swan with all the consequential bad feng shui, etc. But let's leave that for another posting (once I have more information).

Perhaps now we need to find an Indian politician (but alas, most unlikely in MIC wakakaka) to describe him with qualities of C.A.T just to muhibbah-ise Malaysian politics wakakaka.


  1. Indian politician?Palanival?Then there will be running dogs all over town.

  2. From San Choon downwards all the MCA president were Umno lapdogs.That is the reason MCA will be decimated this coming GE.

  3. The PKR - DAP spat just leaves me bemused.
    As I have mentioned before, I am not convinced that PR is ready or fit to take over the Federal government. They are so dysfunctional even in a little state like Penang

  4. In response to Ktemoc's question on Tan Koon Swan "(? was there a first?) wife" he was married to Catherine Chong for 25 years, and he divorced her in 1988.

    He subsequently married Penny Chang, many years his junior.

  5. Ah Looi, can you please explain how the PR Penang govt is "so dysfunctional"?

    Thus far, it is Malaysia's BEST performing state, even out-pacing Selangor.

  6. Maybe Ah Looi is a BN cybertrooper like Buttercup.

    All these kind of maneuvering is part of the political world and exists in all political environments, such that when practised in a workplace, people call it 'playing politics'.

    As usual, the MSM is capitalising on this LGE / Mansor issue.

    A good leader will rise above all these maneuvering with decorum and magnanimity for the greater good.

  7. PKR is constantly watching for opportunities to stab DAP in the back.
    Plenty of DAP people consider PKR as "the enemy".
    That's the political reality in Penang.

    These two parties are trying to convince voters to hand over to them the keys to the Federal government ?

    If that's not dysfunctional I don't know what is.....

  8. Ah Looi, alas you don't understand what is meant by 'dysfunctional'.

  9. Ah Looi,

    you are yourself a dysfuntional creature making a blurdy asshole of yourself whereever you go. Now you are here like a paid troll.Better you go learn and suck more cows eggs before you try to teach your mother how to suck real eggs.

  10. Ah Looi.

    are you the Ah Looi who spends the evenings strolling down the backlanes of Chulia Street looking to pick up real men who can really teach you how to suck eggs and many more tricks.Plus dropping you a couple ringgits when they are done.You are an ark kua in real life.

  11. For Ah Looi to understand what is NOT dysfunctional, it will mean those years when Penang had Ah Koon as CM.......all buddy buddy with UMNO, yes sir, no sir 3 bags full.....jadi figurehead cukup lah, lick here, wag-tail there, all so hunky dory.

    During WW2, those dirty japanese dogs have not only have enough tp eat but actually have lavish food on the table, wear top-of-fashion clothings (inspite of a raging world war), and were chauffered-driven everywhere.

    Fast forward to 21st century....same same, dirty umno lapdogs who will unhesitantly sell their mothers for a cosy life. Ini lah the meaning of fully functional relationship according to the Ah Looi. No quarrels, no backstabbing (?) no backbiting ( apparently )...semua senyum, semua tiap tiap riang dan gembira, semua kaya raya. So totally not dysfunctional, hehe.

  12. Ah Looi soh,what are you doing when not spreading your legs in the lorongs of Georgetown.If you need jugs of jelly,do not hesitate to yell,okay.

  13. Dictionary definition

    1.Not operating normally or properly.
    2.Deviating from the norms of social behavior in a way regarded as bad.

    I think that sums up very neatly the relationship between DAP and PKR, two parties who are trying to convince voters they can run a Federal government together.

    I'm still unconvinced.

    PKR is constantly watching for opportunities to stab DAP in the back.
    Plenty of DAP people consider PKR as "the enemy".

  14. Grandma Looi,please stop being so grumpy.You are acting like a lady scorned.Hehehe.

  15. okay we don't have to be vile to Ah Looi.

    Examples of a 'dysfunctional' government are:

    (a) Bank Negara gambling heavily in Forex,
    (b) when Police go after peaceful candlelight vigil while crime rates shoot through the roof,
    (c) when the most dangerous place in the nation is a police station,
    (d) when 'witnesses' entered MACC alive but only to emerge dead,
    (e) when road tolls continue even after the highway development has been recoup
    (f) when so-called essential food items have to be controlled, particularly during festive season
    (g) when members of a political party staff the supposedly independent EC,
    (h) when the most unjust decisions would be made in the courts, e.g. Adorna (legalizing stealing),
    (i) when a man has been jailed for 5 years for stealing 11 cans of beer while a utterly corrupt minister gets only one year,
    (j) when billions have been lost through government projects year in year out without anyone being responsible or found guilty
    (k) when rapists of minors got away scot-free while a man who protested against such injustice was jailed

    You can add on more to the list above

  16. Now Ah Looi soh is turning to the dictionary for help.May the skies have pity on this poor lady.

  17. Maybe Ah Looi was saying that the disagreements between PKR and DAP are making the Penang voters fed up and will vote for BN, or is he a BN cybertropper trying to confuse Penang voters.
    I agree his backside is itchy with his tongue twisting, fucked up comment, making all mad.
    LGE and DAP are vastly popular.
    Whatever differences, be it from PKR or BN, DAP will win 13th GE.

  18. You don't need to convince me that BN is deeply flawed.

    PR does need - badly need to convince fence sitters and sceptics like me that they can form a responsible government.

    So far they have shown me they are good at childish quarrels.

    DAP, on its own , even winning all the seats it contests, will remain a minority party, impossible to form a government in its own right, impossible to "win" GE13.

  19. So what do fencesitters ( and sceptics ) do this GE13 ?

    On one hand, they are thoroughly fed up with Umno little brother PKR who's fast catching up big brother act in sabotaging their minority partners, if we can call them partners in the full sense of the word.

    On the other hand, they know full well the current admin of UMNO leading the country is akin to the Titanic heading for the iceberg....we stare at bankruptcy at the rate we are going, if racial mayhem did not finish us off first.

    Let's not even talk about the religious PAS hell bent in implementing hudud and making a multiracial country an islamic state.

    So how now, brown cow sceptics and fencesitters ? May be one good suggestion is to get your finances together and look for safer haven elswhere....i.e. migrating. As for the rest, they have to hunker down for the impending storm and live out their lives in quiet desperation, or if not possible even at that, go kaput out in a blaze.

    But for many who are stuck here with nowhere to run to, for this coming GE, they are putting their bets on what they view as the lesser evil. The current resident evil is beyond redemption. So the choice is quite simple really.

    (Btw, don't the malay pkr fellas read blogs and get a sense of the many displeasure of their umno-ism ? May be the mind recognise and acknowledge but the heart is unable to change ? Nature of the beast ? aiyooo ).

  20. Spoke to one diehard DAP lifelong member about the Cocky, Arrogant Tokong brouhaha.....

    Well, what do ya know....he's not in the least amused and fairly bristled at the mention of what he called that Mansor guy, haha. Then suddenly, in a deadly serious mannner, this DAP member proclaimed that that is the most the PKR people could fling at DAP but the 'other side' is definately far worse. He said if C.A.T. were to be used to describe them, it would hands-down be : Corrupt, Angkuh, Traitorous.

    But I commented that that sort of cat is the UMNO cat ? He had the last words : Isn't Anwar, Azmin and the whole top gang there Umno ?

    Please bear in mind that this DAP guy is just an ordinary member, holding no position in the DAP leadership committee or party. But is his view just one of minority view among the Dappies ?

    This is not meant to stir any shit but if PKR wants to be the sort of multicultural leadership they claimed they now are to bring the country to a better future for ALL, ( 'not to be like Umno' as they have been shouting all along ), then they need a reality check. Or maybe the old guards should fade out and allow the young ones to quickly step in. These old ones are the real problem, not the solution.

  21. Buttercup,

    you and Ah Looi are actually inseparable Siamese twins at birth.Useless and the worst supporters of Umno.Corruption lovers and lovers of statutory rapers.

  22. The Buttercup above doesn't sound like 'our' usual Buttercup. Lots of impersonators here. And Ah Looi could be a malay umno too, if he is not mca or gerakan. Lots of fun guessing who is who......all having their own agenda.

  23. For the record ( I think I have stated this in other words in another post) I'm not a BN supporter, not an UMNO supporter.
    There's no convincing needed on how far smelly BN has become.

    However, my sceptical mind remains unconvinced that Pakatan Rakyat is capable of forming a responsible Federal government.
    From PKR's frogology and UMNO-gene-form to DAP's arrogance and insensitivity towards non-Chinese, and PAS Islamic state, I do not see a vision of a better Malaysia.

    As in most things in life, unless something better is in the works, the status quo is the likely outcome.

  24. Anon 3:58 AM
    As I mentioned before, many DAP types regard PKR as "the enemy".

    Its part of the dysfunctionality of Pakatan Rakyat, though Ktemoc doesn't consider it so.

    If the duo can't stand each other in a small state like Penang, I can't foresee them running an effective Federal Government - which is what these two parties are trying to convince voters to hand to them.

  25. Ah Looi, Umno being the ketuanan party, will not, even for a second, suffer having the chinese or the indians getting the better of them, especially in politics.

    It is just that in BN, the minority parties are just lapdogs, thus you see all in 'harmony' and no outward display of backstabbing or so called biadap-ness. One holler from Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan will lower their heads and quietly slink away.

    In PR, the same Umno-gene leaders in PKR tried the same tactics, hence you see tian chua eating out of their hands. It was rumoured that tian chua and his chinese groups are not invited to the 'real' meeting when AI had his own malay-only meetings to discuss matter of the state. But they encounter some problem with DAP, a party which is hardened with an indomitable sense of independence through decades of being in the political wilderness.

    DAP is fighting Umno all these years. Now that the Umno-genes are also in PR ( PKR specifically ), of course there will be friction but they need each other now. They have NO CHOICE but to co-operate, especially if they do indeed form the government.

  26. Ah Looi,I thought that you were reminded to not teach your mother how to such eggs.Therefore keep ypour moronic comments to yourself.Your stupid comments do not make sense.What political party can be worst than Umno/BN.Ask your mummy if you are still blind.She will disowned you if she knew how stupid you are.

  27. Would some of the happenings within UMNO itself, example conflict or alleged back-stabbing between PM & DPM, also qualify as 'dysfunctionality'?

    In the 80s, UMNO underwent severe upheaval (until it was declared illegal), yet was the ruling government, with all the Team A & Team B stuff going on.

    Come GE13, most voters would not be thinking about the Mansor incident.

  28. Ahhh... Looi!!!(duit in Chinese?)Is this what it really is?
    Or you looking for Utopia? no fights no disagreements in a relationship? and simply continue to put up with all the Looi going astray and pretend its not happening? Dysfunctional? indeed!

  29. I have not used a single foul word here.
    I have not attacked any commentator's person or character here.

    The DAP and PKR attack dogs only know how to resort to taunting and uttering all manner of nonsense.

    It just confirms my scepticism regarding DAP and PKR fitness and readiness to take up the Federal government. These are truly feral types.

  30. DAP likes to paint themselves as supposed victims of racism.
    In reality they are the biggest bunch of racists in Malaysia.

  31. During the Pak Lah administration, he was undermined by no less than the great Dr M. (He even tried to instigate an exodus from UMNO).

    The son-in-law lost to the son for ministerial posts despite being youth leader.

    Dysfunctional, isn't it?

    Also, commentators here are not all "attack dogs" of any party. And you cannot assume the offensive remarks here as reflecting the readiness of a party for government.

  32. Talking about offensive remarks, do you know what the Pahang MB did in March 2000 by-election?

    See it here at

  33. MCA should convince Tan Koon Suan to make a comeback, right ?
    He's still around and active, by all accounts.
    Well, its worth a try...MCA couldn't get any worse...

  34. Aiyoyo...PKR, DAP, PAS...
    All the main belakang frogs, promising the sun and the moon to get into power.....DAP arrogant tokongs...PAS Taliban groupies...

    I sleep soundly knowing Barisan Nasional is in charge.

    Keep the Status Quo...
    Junior Lim can keep his fly-speck island for one more term if he wants, the rest go back to Dacing.

  35. You can say
    The bad in a day
    Using all the adjectives
    You know it is just second best

    You can sing your praises
    How good you are than your Boss
    Amongst friends in similar spirit
    The spider's web will tell

    You can grin
    You can smile
    You can say
    Within the walls of your own

    End of the day
    You must admit
    You are not the Boss
    You still have to take orders

  36. Kalai my boy, you won't be in my good book for daring to term Penang as a fly-speck island.

  37. "DAP likes to paint themselves as supposed victims of racism.
    In reality they are the biggest bunch of racists in Malaysia" --Tanah Melayu

    What say you Ah Looi to Tanah Melayu ? Even his choice of that nick gives him away. We will see your real stand by your answer to this hardcore malay racist.

    And btw, how could some foul mouth comments here reflective of any political party's ability to administer the country ? Not condoning any vile-ness at all, but we should thank our stars that the foulest mouth of all, that bola, has sort of disappeared from the scene, amen. Peace at last.

  38. The umno malays are so used to the servility of the chinese for so many years that they are affronted now by the curt and concise ( as so aptly put by ktemoc )manner of LGE.

    To their thinking, Mahathir can be all that, in fact he was lauded for his 'professional' and no nonsense manner (at least in his hey days, hihi ) but how DARE a chinese ( OMG, a chinese ! ) not be bowing and scrapping, be forever, ass-kissing, bootlicking, toadying.....

    When there is a master race, there should be slaves beneath them, right ? So it just does not make sense that chinese should discard their slavishness..... and should one of them even have the cojones to lead by example, to walk his talk, to be more efficient and competent, to be more productive ( and that within the shortest space of just a mere 4 years ), then action must be taken to show who's boss. Confidence and curtness of manner is translated to cocky. No nonsense attitude is translated to arrogance. And finally, TOKONG is added in to fit in with C.A.T. but it is quite true that LGE has his share of ardent followers, but to deitify him is a bit over the top ? Is Anwar not a tokong to his anwaristas ? Is Mahathir not a god to his hordes of worshipers ?

    Bottom line : Oi you orang cina, jangan pandai pandai, duduk diam diam lah...ini tanah melayu tau. Kalau lagi mau degil, kita tunjuk keris lagi satu kali.

  39. Tanah Melayu,Buttercup and Ah Looi Soh,

    why don't the three of you take a hike and locked yourselves in the same room and shiok sendiri yourselves about Umno having an orgasm.Hehehe.

  40. Superb budget delivered by Najib and his team.
    I can already almost hear Auld Lang Syne being played for Pakatan Rakyat, Anwar Ibrahim, Khalid Ibrahim, perhaps even TheTokong.
    Thanks for the memories, but No Thanks.

  41. To Kalai, kentut Najib lebih wangi dari semua perfume from arabia, hihihi. But his big boss the Kutty said Najib is indulging in vote buying, hihihihi. Now he just finished his superb purchase in parliament...this being the election budget.

  42. Penang has a famous Tokong Ular.
    No disrespect to the religious shrine, Tokong Ular sounds like a very appropriate description of a certain senior Pensng politician, don't you think?

  43. Ah Looi Soh,

    you do not have to used any foul words to make other readers mad.Your pro Umno stance is enough to make your mummy crazy mad to disown you.Why your mummy will disown you for supporting Umno.Because Umno is corrupted to the core,and practiced racial,religious and fear politics.

  44. Anon of 12:41 AM, September 29, 2012, correction to your description of Tokong Ular. There is NO tokong ular but a kelenteng (temple) ular. The temple was built in memory of Chor Soo Kong (Tan Chiau Eng), a Buddhist who was said to have attained spiritual enlightenment. He was also a renowned healer in China. While alive, he as a Buddhist was reputed to provide shelter to animals particularly snakes. After his death, the people awarded Tan the honorific title of Chor Soo Kong. 'Twas said the land was donated by Mr Brown (who also donated Brown Padang in Jln Dato Keramat) who had a dream about Chor Soo Kong - there is a story behind it. When the building of the temple was completed, hundreds of snakes suddenly appeared to reside in the temple. In recent times, due to modern development which resulted in the temple being isolated form the nearby (once) jungle the population of the snakes in the temple decreases dramatically.

  45. Ktemoc,
    Tokong Ular it is on all official maps and road signs.

    Kelenteng is a Bahasa Indonesia term which is rarely used in standard Peninsular Malay. I'm not a language expert to be able to tell whether it is accepted usage.

  46. Ktemoc's blog has been invaded by BN cybertroopers...hehehehe...still better than Monsterball's cursing though...

  47. Probably the most damning indictment of BN UMNO’s practice of abusing of public work contracts was this news report in the Star on August 5, 2011. This occurred during the spat between MCA & DAP over why the school job was awarded to a bumi.
    pdf scan of the newpaper cutting : ttps://
    QUOTE :
    “ … Earlier in a press conference at Komtar, Tahir [Penang Class F Contractors Association president Tahir Jalaluddin Hussain] said contracts awarded to Class F contractors by the state were done through the open tender process. He claimed contractors need to go through Umno division heads when Barisan ruled Penang, alleging that sometimes they need to contribute RM5,000 or RM6,000 to get the projects. “I have also fallen victim to such process,” he claimed. ..”

    Go read it before the news is taken down.

  48. No need to write such a long comment lah Buttercup to tegak benang basah. And no need to saiko ana laiz le.
    Also please do not write a book like that so called expert Dr. something to debunk May 13.
    Some people told me the only thing lurus or straight about the chinese is what is on the head. Hope it is not 100% collect le.