Saturday, September 01, 2012

Like father like son?

Little Speck - About Kua Kia Soong's book on May 13 where extracts of Philip Bowring commentary follow:

Kua’s thesis suggests that there was a grander political design behind the episode, which from the beginning was intended to create a new political agenda and new leadership.

He attributes this to a younger Malay group dissatisfied with the aristocratic, pro-British the Tunku.

In any event, the Tunku effectively stepped aside as emergency powers to rule by decree were (temporarily) placed in the hands of a National Operations Council headed by his deputy Tun Abdul Razak – father of current deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

The Tunku remained prime minister until September 1970 but had little authority any more.

In 1971 he also stepped down as president of UMNO after virulent criticism by the Malay “Young Turks,” headed by Mahathir Mohamad, the future Prime Minister.

Extracts of Dr Kua's book 'May 13' as follows:

May 15:
The King proclaimed a state of emergency. The National Operations Council headed by Tun Razak was formed. Tun Razak was still responsible to the Tunku, but all the powers under Emergency Regulations were vested in him. [...]

May 16:
The new information minister Hamzah Abu Samah and Tun Razak gave a press conference pinning the blame for the riots on communist infiltration of the opposition parties. [...]

May 19:
Less than a week after the riots, the reins of power had effectively passed to Tun Razak, indicating that there had been a plot to bring about the coup d’etat.

“The exact relationship between Tun Razak and the Tunku is not clear. In public Tun Razak says he is directly responsible to the Tunku but he has made it clear privately that he is completely in charge of the country. This could mean the beginning of a process of withdrawal by the Tunku as an effective PM”. [...]

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Like father like son?

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Déjà vu?


  1. My parents are elderly, and in common with many of their generation, they were solid BN voters. I has taken time and effort for me to explain to them the reason for the energy I put in to support the opposition to BN.
    I think they finally understand the truth about BN and UMNO's corruption, racism and abuse of power.
    The fear of severe "troubles" if BN loses power is still the final barrier to having them abandon support for the Ruling regime.

    Every few days there are subtle and unsubtle statements from Najib and downward that there will be a non-peaceful outcome if BN/UMNO loses Federal power.

    To me such despicable statements simply reinforce my determination that BN/UMNO is unfit to govern Malaysia any longer, but to others it may create sufficient fear to ensure they continue to vote for the status quo.

    1. Mine are oppos supporters. What to do when you live in Ipoh? Hahahaha! Even if they were once mca members

  2. There are certainly elements in the DAP who are agitating for a change in the National Flag if Pakatan Rakyat takes power.

    Manoharan, loose brain and blabbermouth that he is, was merely saying in public what many others in DAP have expressed in private.

    Say No to the DAP

  3. Bapak borek, anak rintek

    A chip off the old block

    The apple does not fall far from the apple tree

    Like master, like man

  4. Kaytee,for once in a long time you have hit the nail on the head.It is a repeat of the wayang kulit Razak did on the Tunku..Only this time it is not the same script.This time it is Muhyiddin who is the Razak and Najib the Tunku.Hehehe.

  5. josh hong write a good piece title normalising malaysian politics :

    "In the context of Malaysia, it means we are duty-bound to normalise our political process, in that everyone is equal before the law and no-one’s loyalty to the country or the community (religious, ethnic or else) should be questioned when he or she seeks to challenge the powers-that-be. For all this to happen, one must first remove the biggest obstacle, Umno that is.

    I am more excited to see the day when transition of power happens on a regular basis while the politicians from both sides of the political divide can no longer hold themselves above the law.

    We would not be regarded too kindly by the future generations should we choose to reverse a meaningful journey just because we are too timid to overcome transient pains."

    ps : the only thing i cant stand about hong is his admiration toward 'gweilo', almost every article sure a 'gweilo' name appear. i think this part kt did better :)

  6. Kaytee,it sure looks like Muyhiddin climbing on Najib.Maybe the bald headed guy should B/Shit about this,than on the tian/nurul shadow boxing saga.Hehehe.

  7. Tanah Melayu, before blaming DAP, please check your facts - read

    I know UMNO loves to blame DAP for everything, even May 13. Of course we are also aware of UMNO's fabrication against Lim GE through his son, a terribly shameful guttersnipe grade of poltics. There have been other lies. Low level, no class lah.

    But in a way, UMNO's panicky habit in doing so is a back handed compliment for DAP because it shows UMNO is shit scared of DAP, a party UMNO claims to be a Chinese one. If so, why shit scared of DAP?

  8. To add to KT comments @3.42pm, seems not only Tanah Melayu, but our PM & some ministers also blamed the opposition for the proposed new flag. Are they so careless not to check the facts too?