Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Will Sabah secede?

In an earlier post I had warned about the change of winds prevailing in East Malaysia. Incidentally 'East Malaysia' is a (literally) politically incorrect name as the government prefers the nation’s eastern wing to be called the states of Sabah and Sarawak. Perhaps the 1971 secession of East Pakistan to become Bangladesh had alarmed the federal authority on the terms 'East' and 'West' in describing the two wings of Malaysia.

In Tri-Ancaman I wrote (extracts):

There has been an awakening of nationalism in Sabah and Sarawak that bodes no good for the continuing cohesion of Malaysia. Many are the people of the two Eastern States who are pissed off with Putrajaya for their treatment by a succession of patronizing and condescending PMs who viewed both States as only equal or even lesser to one of the 11 in Peninsula, when the constitutional fact of Malaysia has been one of a merger of Malaya (or the Peninsula), Sabah and Sarawak (and previously Singapore), and not of 14 states. […]

That an expelled Singapore (from Malaysia) is now doing great guns on its own has added to the 2 Eastern States’ chagrin in their perspective that “there, but for the curse of Syaitan, could have been us”, where 'Syaitan' of course is Putrajaya.

Putrajaya (and its predecessors) hasn’t helped ameliorate, but instead aggravated the current mood in Sabah and Sarawak by its arrogance, deprivation of correct development funding for those two States, corruption, fostering of unpopular and corrupt local politicians who have misappropriated native lands and raped other resources, and the scandalous, insidious & treasonous socio-political engineering in Sabah. Today the two States are still relatively undeveloped, and their natives have hardly enjoyed the benefits of being bumiputeras.

Even though secession is prohibited by the Constitution, someone (obviously from one of the two States) wrote recently in Free Malaysia Today that since the federal government hasn’t abided strictly by the Merger Agreement, then both Sabah and Sarawak have equal rights not to abide by the constitutional prohibition of secession. Tit for tat! […]

…They are very desirous of at least autonomy if not secession, to take charge of their own destiny (and wealth) as they can no longer trust nor want federal politicians to look after those for them. This may upset someone who hates the red dot in the south but the reality is that the Sabahans and Sarawakians want their respective States to be like prosperous and independent Singapore. […]

But we also need to be aware that two autonomous states separated from Peninsula by the vast water body of the South China Sea will be as good as two de facto secessions. […]

We need to note that the world has witnessed several secessions in recent times in the former USSR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Indonesia (East Timor), where some were peacefully achieved whilst others were blood-stained.

There are still threats of secessions from the people of the Canadian state of Quebec and Scotland (from Britain).

In the last few days I read Jeffery Kitingan commenting very vocally on the politics of STAR and the interests of Sabahans. If STAR does win a big healthy chunk of the electorates in GE-13, I smell secession not far off.

The deepset dissatisfaction and resentment among Sabahans are already there, having built up into raging crescendos they are today, thus the mood and willingness to go it alone on their own must be fermenting to boiling point. With a political mandate in GE-13, STAR will no doubt demand (or blackmail) the federal government (BN or Pakatan) into giving it greater autonomy. A hung parliament after GE-13 will be just gnam gnam (very fitting) for STAR, assuming of course it wins big in the state seats.

And as I mentioned above, we also need to be aware that an autonomous Sabah, separated from Peninsula by the vast water body of the South China Sea, will be as good as a de facto seceded state.

Sabah's flag in 1963, when it was actually independent for two weeks prior to 16 September 1963

And we need to bear in mind, again mentioned above, the future (and peaceful) secession of Scotland from Britain has become in recent weeks a probability rather than just a possibility, and will represent, like the peaceful separation of Czech and Slovakia, an unavoidable example staring at Malaysia in the face, should Sabah demand secession - call it a 'peaceful and friendly separation' if you wish!

Are we prepared to send troops into Sabah to stop secession? Do we have the military capability and competency to do so, given the intimidating logistical problems? Can we afford to? Are we willing to face international sanctions?

Incidentally, did you know that prior to the formation/independence of Malaya in 1957, Penang had tried to exclude herself from the Federation? 

The British crown colony of Penang, sold away by the Sultan of Kedah, attempted to stay out of the new Federation of Malaya. Wikipedia has the following to say:

Nonetheless, the idea of the absorption of the British colony of Penang into the vast Malay heartland alarmed some quarters of the population. The Penang Secessionist Movement (active from 1948 to 1951) was formed to preclude Penang's merger with Malaya, but was ultimately unsuccessful due to British disapproval.

Another attempt by the secessionists to join Singapore as a Crown Colony was also unfruitful.

The movement was spearheaded by, among others, the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Penang Indian Chamber of Commerce, and the Penang Clerical and Administrative Staff Union.

I wonder what would have been Penang like today if it had succeeded in either remaining as an independent state (after independence from British rule) or in union with Singapore. I suppose among the many difficulties it would have faced, the most worrying would have been water problems a la Singapore But then, look at Singapore today.


  1. The native Sabahans no longer have the numbers to secede.
    There are enough "loyal" MaFilindos now to ensure it stays in the UMNO orbit.

    I went there as a tourist a few months ago. Made a wrong turn in my rented car, and ended up in a large neighbourhood which is really a piece of the Phillipines which just happens to be inside Malaysia's borders...

    I suppose Anwar bears the blame for initiating that piece of dangerous nonsense. But all the Prime Ministers and Ruling party leaders from that point onwards share the guilt of perpetuating and even escalating Projek IC.

  2. Rocketman,
    I am about to say that. It seems kaytee is seriously simplistic in his views over the situation in Sabah & even Sarawak. Even though I am pissed with Azmin Ali's autocratic ways over the handling sarawak election especially with DAP. Kaytee has conveniently miss out the fact that SNAP asked Pakatan especially PKR to fuck off from all dayak areas. Perhaps, Kaytee should look up on sarawak state election result to see which party got more votes.....Hmmm...

    Read this article by Sang Kancil.
    The whole mambo jambo started nong nong time ago from Tun Mustapa. You think you apportionate the blame to Tunku, Tun Razak, Hussein Onn & that apanama.
    Secession! Kaytee, KDN has more to lose if Sabah secede. Sabah might become a filipino province attached to Mindanao. Wake up la, Ktemoc.
    Either way native sabahans would lose....Better stick with Anwar's pakatan laaa......Whether kaytee like it or not

    Succession of Penang from Malays......Hahaha.....Penang may end up as british crown colony just like Hong Kong

  3. I felt that kaytee should spend more time on the bersih issue. Rather than bashing anwar.

    Of course, I am pissed with Anwar when he declared that Pakatan would give up soem seats to SAPP without the consultation of component parties especially DAP

  4. "In the last few days I read Jeffery Kitingan commenting very vocally on the politics of STAR and the interests of Sabahans." - KT

    Read here one of Jeffery Kitingan's recent very vocal comments :

    Petronas Money by Jeffrey Kittingan

    In view of the shocking developments from inevitable results of the sudden oil price hike, I would like to raise several issues with regards to the situation in Petronas which I believe most people are NOT aware of.

    This is especially pertinent in the face of several revelations, such as the fact that the oil wells in Sabah will dry up six years from now. The issue has also been raised that Petronas "could go bust in 2018", forcing us to ask:

    Where have all the huge amounts of Petronas money gone to?

    The first problem with Petronas is the fact that it was designed to be a SECRETIVE organisation worse than a "kongsi gelap". The Petronas agreements have been classified secret. WHY? What clauses are in the agreement are so sensitive that nobody should know? This secrecy also includes the secrecy of Petronas detailed Annual Report which is shielded from public eyes and scrutiny, making it an organization without public accountability.

    Petronas is therefore more a sole proprietorship completely and secretively owned by the Prime Minister than a public government owned company! What is so secretive that it cannot be revealed and only the Prime Minister has total complete knowledge? Are we suppose to TRUST the Prime Minister and have FAITH in him after all the scandals, "curi duit rakyat" cases and fiascos continuing to hit us?

    The other shocking revelation that has come to my knowledge is that 80% of the oil produced by Petronas is not sold directly to the world market but is channelled through 6 OPTION HOLDERS who obtain the supply from Petronas at well below market prices (1974 prices to be exact). These option holders or agents are the ones reaping the benefits and huge profits in the oil price hikes.

    Who are these people - the lucky 6 Option Holders?
    Why are they there in the first place?
    Who chose them?
    Why are they so lucky over the other 28 million Malaysians?

    Are these people in fact cronies representing certain people with private interests and personal private pockets?
    It is also understood that this supply through the option holders is sold by contracts with a binding agreement for 20 or 30 years, causing huge losses for Petronas when and every time oil price increases. Petronas would have to continue selling at the agreed old price without gaining any benefits from any increase in the world oil prices. At the same time, Petronas has to buy back the oil for local consumption from the world market at market prices.

    And do you now understand why the BN government keeps CRYING and WAILING about being unable to SUBSIDISE the petrol prices any longer and why Idris Jala is WEEPING that the country is going bankrupt in a couple of years?

    .... no business can sustain like this - sell cheap because Petronas is tied to the age old low price for 20-30 years and buy back at absolute SKY HIGH market price - without going BANKRUPT.... By business logic, Petronas should be highly profitable if they sell our high grade Malaysian crude at market price (higher than Arabian crude because our crude is high quality with low sulphur), and buy back Arabian crude at market price (lower than our selling price).



  5. tdm was right? we still need to have ISA to lock away these secession preachers for good. even the US launched civil war against the southern states when they tried to secede.

  6. Anon 1:14 AM said..."tdm was right? we still need to have ISA to lock away these secession preachers for good."

    Banyak cantik lah this umno Anon..

    First lure a nation to join in to be part of a partnership called Malaysia.

    Then take away their Jewel in the Crown, the oil fields and put it absolutely under the control of the Chief Robber in faraway capital city in the West, after condescendingly flinging to them 5% of the what should be theirs 100%.

    Then inundate their state with instant Melayus-made-in-Filipines so that their own natives will now form only a fraction of the total population.

    Oh yes, let's quickly lock up these rabble rousers for good as this umno Anon dare they, these UNGRATEFUL Sabahans and dare they even think to break away from their 'protector', who sent soldiers and patrol boats to these ingrates ! They should be on bended knees to thank the Melayus Leaders for even allowing them to be part of the great Malaysia.

    And why are they even complaining about the 5% oil revenue they received ? Don't they know anything about Federal governmenship ? Shooo...little children who knows nothing about the running of a multiracial country like M-a-l-a-y-s-i-a should just keep quiet and be thankful for that 5% given.

    Good thing for ISA...let's lock these 'secession preachers' for good and throw away the keys. Ah Jib Gor has got it right....we have the best democracy above all other countries.

  7. Wah, Ktemoc's blog is now "Bersih".
    Congratulations !

  8. KT should have done this Bersih business way back...way way back so that when we get up the next morning, we don't get sakit mata seeing all the sh*t strewn all over the place.

    Ya, nice clean up. Congratulations too !

  9. With the Kitingans as their "leaders", sabahans will never see the light at the end of the tunnel. Time to change their so-called "leaders

  10. Will Sabah secede? What a c***k teaser headline. In your dreams bro KT.
    Where do they want to go. Even the Filipinos are staying put. Sulu wants to be part6 of Malaysia.
    And you are in dreamland if you think Sabah or Sarawak will go to Pakatan.
    Who will the Sabahans trust except the BN. The Kitingan brothers, Hahaha. They are just frogs. Not worth a cent of vote.
    Only the DAP can win some parliamentary seats. Maybe three, the max.
    As for Sarawak, hmm, its BN fixed deposit. Keadilan will not win a seat. Maybe DAP can win Sibu. The rest eggs.
    Say what you like Taib is still King and he has good grip on his kingdom.
    Anwar, you are lucky if you can enter Sarawak. They don't know you exist.

  11. Ooh i forgot to mention Penang. An independent island like Singapore?
    Hahaha KT you wanna it to be a Chinese controlled state with a Chinese government and Chinese population? No way.
    You wanna it be a China or North Korean Satellite or Taiwan's.
    You guys have the delusions that Penang is so progressive under LGE. Not.
    It was Lim Chong Eu (God bless his soul) that laid the groundwork for what Penang is now.
    And I don't think people forget that.
    LGE is just riding on the crestwave of Gerakan's success in their heydays.
    Dont try to rewite history just for DAP's glory.

  12. Good Mr. Cleaner & Flusher.
    Where got one more like him??

  13. "It's clean because it is dull blog now.
    Look at how many posts do not have comments"

    Then you go lah to Che Det...he has hundreds of comments for each posting ! All paying homage to the Great One, hee hee. Even one blogger keeps referring to him as Ayahanda, hee hee. Lots of bootlickers dalam tanah air kita ni.

  14. Buttercup 1.11pm wasn't me.Lots of Anwaristas impostors here. Was that you Ball?

  15. It is not so simple for Sabah to breakaway as they should also consider the threat from the Phillipines. There is an existing Philippines claim over Sabah and any deportation of Filipinos from Sabah may be an excuse to take over the territory.

  16. Why banned Monsterball, Ktee? We need him to take care of this Buttercup clown here. Without Ball this clown is talking too much cock here with no rebuttal. By banning the Monster you should also ban this clown also, just to be fair.

  17. Anon :7.34 pm

    you mean you are unable to rebut buttercup by yourself? monsterball is not sane and you are worse than him? shame, shame -lah. learn lah to stand on your own feet and use your brain to counter back! no need that foul-mouthed scumbag to post half past six rubbish.

  18. Anon 7:54 PM said..."learn lah to stand on your own feet and use your brain to counter back! " to berdirikari with our type of half past six education, made worse with our having half past six leaders ?

    Actually the education system during that Monster's time is commendable, but unfortunately for that Ball, it is wasted on him, being a simple simon, heh heh heh.

    And why should Buttercup be banned, Anon 7:34 ? Just coz you are unable to rebutt him ? Could not handle opposing views rationally ? You too could give back as good as you get, but without resorting to name calling and obscene cursing and foul language. Grow up lah.

  19. Every BN idiots are grown up, expect Ball.

  20. We want the ISA.
    We need the ISA to keep the country safer

  21. "He is entertaining and smart"

    Haha...that says it all...birds of a feather, flock together, cucooking away.

    "Right now, I think he is not interested in this blog at all"....yeah, yeah, 'Not Interested' indeed when that old fool practically lived in this blog, rambling nonsense taking up 80% of the comments. Even when banned, still degil degil must sneak back in with disguised nicks. Thank god he and his cohorts got flushed away before daylight...yeah !

  22. Anon 10:51 said "We need the ISA to keep the country safer", to the extent that a young journalist must be locked up for her own saftey, heh heh.

    We now feel so safe in this country with so many Acta2 to protect us and our interest, with the best government that could be found no where else. Blessed are we Malaysians, heh heh.

  23. Why are you so afraid of the Philippines? The Philippines have the right to own Sabah because until now the Sultan of Sabah is a Filipino!!! And until now Malaysia is still paying rental money to the sultan of Sulu and Sabah! Philippines owns Sabah

  24. just for info

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