Sunday, April 01, 2012

Grating Gratuitous Gratitude - an UMNO folly

He is a c... [I was going to use a very rude word but it may offend wakakaka].

Suffice to say, he is ..... let's just say ..... typical, f* bloody typical.

Read The Malaysian Insider's Rais: Taxi drivers must promote 1 Malaysia as sign of gratitude to know who I am talking about and why.

He has the brazen cheek to state (in KK) “It must be done as a sign of gratitude and thanks for the government’s efforts to continuously safeguard their welfare, like Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia and the specific government aid to taxi drivers.

Obviously, despite his ministerial portfolio, he doesn't a clue as to what is democracy and the concept of people's representatives and their expected service to the rakyat. He must have convinced himself that he became a MINISTER by the Mandate of Heaven, and demanded that the public be GRATEFUL to the government.

But sadly, he is not alone in this belief because some or even many public servants believe they are the Sultan's hulubalang (or the civilian version), forgetting the 'servant' of the 'public' that they in fact are, being employed and paid by taxpayers. 

As I posted in Malaysian meaning of 'gratitude' there is thus and still a prevalent belief in our administration (political and public service) of the medieval concept, that the Ruler or its modern day equivalent, the PM, owned all or most of the national assets (like the public coffers) and gives from it to his supporters in return for their loyalty.

Unscrupulously exploiting the belief of a feudalistic society where people are believed to be born with a predestined position in society, either as ruler or subject/slaves, the ensuing relationship and the symptom of such a relationship is sometimes laughingly referred to as the disease of ‘sehelai kain pelekat dan RM100’, where the recipient would be so ... grateful ... and thus do the bidding of the Lord.

I had also written of it previously as: … Malaysians in general, especially those of the earlier generations, don’t give a sh*t about corruption or corrupt politicians, or such stuff as accountability and transparency so long as they get some benefits, namely the 'sehelai kain pelekat dan RM100' (ok, inclusive of allowance for inflation, wakakaka).

This has been why BN and in particular UMNO have been getting away with blatant corrupt practices for the past 52 years (and expect more years of such to come). It may also explain the total lack of discretion or shameless arrogance in politicians building for themselves overtly obscene ostentatious Bali Palace or the Satay Palace in Klang, or a minister’s son charging around in a Porsche.

Thus, it's incumbent upon us to punish Jurassic specimens like Rais Yatim kau kau in the next general election to let them know we the voters represent the Mandate of Heaven and they, the people's representatives, are our servants, and would be dismissed (voted out) if we are pissed off with their performance. The gratitude should come from them.


  1. Msia politician only good at SONGLAP

    Busy is good for u!

    SG foods suks big time!

    nice car but too expensive for me..

    if its RM8888 that would be super nice

    ereguse abindi

    ratabi inkagat

    yeaddhei difyins

    hoteyiio andnd

    cpowa sibills

  2. I'm very grateful to Barisan Nasional/ Perikatan for 54 years of peace and prosperity.

    Vote BN !

  3. There is a daily deluge of distaste and detestation against Barisan Nasional pouring out from all kinds of on-line sources, some of it well deserved, much of it exaggerated or untrue. Its easy to overlook Barisan Nasional's indispensable role in the past for developing Malaysia.

    In today's "Me First" society, gratitude is an often overlooked courtesy.
    Being thankful for what one has in life, being grateful to someone or some organisation for their assistance to one in a moment of need.
    Most successful people, if they are honest with themselves, will admit that at some point in their life a person or organisation was key in giving them that break or leg up which enabled them make the leap to success.

  4. that arrogant shithead.

    he doesnt even believe his own thesis which gave him the Phd. Utter bullshit.

  5. Rais,you should walk the talk.Show your gratitude to the Malaysian rakyat for all your leeching on them so that you and family can live a life of luxury.Show your gratitude to all,who help to cover the accusation for a felony case against you,by your maid of honor.

    Then come back and teach the taxi drivers how to suck eggs.You might have to suck their eggs too.

  6. Malaysian Chinese are an ungrateful lot.

  7. Tanah Melayu is mentally retarded and cannot even recognise his own mother and father.

  8. This is a very disgusting and contemptible man. Go see this Youtube video HERE and observe how he insults and bullies an unfortunate reporter for merely asking him a question in English. Isn't that so mean and uncalled for? On another occasion, there was a photo of him kissing the hand of and fawning over someone who was obviously his social superior.

    In other words, he is the kind of creature that arrogantly tramples on those he considers to be below him in status while at the same time shamelessly grovels and sucks up to those who are above him. Shameless, lowly scum!

  9. Eh, encik 'Tanah Melayu'....this is Malaysia lah...mana ada tanah melayu. The term 'melayu' is actually from Indonesia...'melayu' means 'those who ran away'..they ran away from their original place in Indonesia to nearby countries. These pirates and later on the others, ran away to escape to then Malaya and Singapura.

    'Melayu' is a derogatory, shameful term for the Indonesians, almost like their new word for our country, Malingsia. ( Maling in Indonesia means Curi, as in Stealing ) So apt.

    Check out this to see how the real natives are sidelined :

  10. Anon 12:43 AM

    Thanks for the clip. That despicable guy is very aptly and pictorally described by KT in the Animal Farm posting - the last pic la,the snake with the double heads.

  11. Matthias Chang in his website - Future FastForward - shares a joke in his posting "How long should Najib remain as Prime Minister - The UMNO Dilemma".

    The said joke shows a condom and following it the caption which goes like this:

    THE BN GOVERNMENT'S NEW SYMBOL IS THAT OF A CONDOM, because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance...

    * A condom allows for inflation, halts production,

    * destroys the next generation,

    * protects a bunch of dicks,

    * and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed!

    Do you not agree - it's so right on target!!!

  12. The peninsular part of Malaysia i.e. Malaya is Tanah Melayu.
    That was and is its historical name.
    Nowadays we have submerged the name Tanah Melayu to assuage Non-Malay, especially Chinese sensitivities.

    Why can't the Chinese accept the historical fact that they originally migrated here, and they should be grateful for their enjoyment of the bountiful fruits of this Tanah Melayu ?

  13. //“When ferrying passengers we ask that they tell those sitting next to them or behind them ‘Taxi drivers like us have been given aid by the government We are very grateful for the government’s mindfulness ’”.//

    These taxi drivers must not stop here. They must continue, "We have the greatest PM in the world. Our country is the safest in the world. Our education system is the best in the world...blah..blah..blah"

    And after arriving at the destination, fleece the foreigners by charging them triple the normal fare...

  14. melayu = me-layu = to wither = tak segar = kering = kecut ....sorrri lah
    tanah melayu = withering land = drying land = ....sorrrriii lah !!!

    btw : ALL menteri2, big or small with/without xxx, MUST show your 'gratitude' to the TAX-payers bcos your salaries are from us especially once the xxpm has said : " 90% of inland revenue come from the kaum2 CINA ."

  15. "Why can't the Chinese accept the historical fact that they originally migrated here, and they should be grateful for their enjoyment of the bountiful fruits of this Tanah Melayu ?"

    Are you from Mars or some other planet? When did the Chinese ever claimed that they did NOT migrate over to this land ? Unlike the malays the likes of you who refused to admit your ancestors came over from neigbouring countries. The real orang bumi are the 'originals' and that is why they are called Orang Asli, faham ?

    "Nowadays we have submerged the name Tanah Melayu to assuage Non-Malay, especially Chinese sensitivities."

    Ya, assuage these ungrateful blighters....their 'sensitivities' must be taken care of at all cost ....with kris-waving threatening another May 13 and letting loose your thug-dogs the likes of Perkasa and that poisonous-whispering guy Bisik Bisik Awang Tak Selamat. Ya, si mata sepek balik Tong San dan si botol balik India. Woo...benar benar sensitive lah to the non malays.

    Submerged the name Tanah Melayu ? Remember the little bit of history how M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A came about, when 4 countries decided to form a new country named Malaysia ?

    And the Kerala man have the gall to rail at the Australians for 'stealing' the land from the Aborogines and the Whites in US for stealing the land from the Red Indians.

    Want to talk about 'gratefulness' ? Let's not even go into who dug out the tin ores and stuff from the earth and who built all those roads so that sons of so-called 'bumiputras' could charge around in their Porche and Lexus and who developed the country....let's just highlight the latest...3 taxpayers needed to upkeep every 2 pensioners. Who form the majority of pensioners and who are the 90% taxpayers ?

    so Tanah Meloya, try to brush up on your facts before you start barking here, faham ?

  16. Just had a look at the video clip of that bald, dessicated, old, worthless arsehole. Oh boy, that expression on his face can be described as one of pure, unadulterated evil and malevolence. And how insufferably arrogant was his demeanour. He obviously thinks he is too good for the ordinary rakyat and that he and his fellow UMNO dickheads own the country.

    Monsterball, Monsterbaby, and all the others are absolutely right. We all should vote these pompous, arrogant, shitty bastards out in the coming elections. Except that they are not too bothered about being thrown out because they have already made their millions or billions.

  17. tanah melayu,

    where's mahatir father from? where's toyo roots? where's Najib roots?

    anyway, a least toyo and najib must be given credit for declaring their roots with pride.

    you have roots, tanah melayu? go search,