Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cowering Malaysians

The Malaysian Insider's One rural vote worth six urban ballots, favours BN: Analysts reported:

The Election Commission’s (EC) drawing of electoral boundaries makes a rural voter worth an average of six urban voters, biasing elections towards Barisan Nasional (BN) as it is stronger in the countryside, according to poll analysts.
Election watchdog Tindak Malaysia founder PY Wong said the ruling coalition won 112 out of the smallest 139 federal seats in Election 2008, giving it simple majority in Parliament with just 18.9 per cent of the popular vote. The seats have not been changed for the next general election.

Harrumph! Merely confirming the EC is (has been) without impartial integrity, and its Commissioner, his deputy and their senior officers, complicit in the gerrymandering to ensure a BN victory, without personal integrity.

I wonder whether they will be send to Neraka (Hell) when they eventually meet their Maker? ... unless of course they are aethists.

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No wonder Malaysia's public institutions are staffed by Cowering Malaysians rather than Towering Malaysians.


  1. Preparing for Pakatan's impending loss, eh. Well, better accept it that BN will win big this time.
    No point giving excuses after excuses with EC as the bad boy.
    What if Pakatan wins? You will be saying EC has integrity and transparency.
    We have towering Malaysians who are just tired of Anwar's theatrics.

  2. Aiya....every Malaysian and his dog knows that EC is another branch of UMNO.

    Anyone saw the TV3 clip of the then EC Commissioner announcing the election result in 2008? One would have thought from his expression that night his father, his mother and his whole family had suddenly perished...hee hee; and many sniggered when he totally lost his composure and snapped at the reporters who asked him to confirmed that Penang, Selangor and Kedah had 'fallen'....and oh, the shouts of hurrays brought a dark scowl on his sour face. This is a sight that will forever be remembered. And this is the face of UMNO shown so cleary on national tv that glorious night.

    And should/if Pakatan win this time, we would not say that EC has integrity and transparency....we would say it won DESPITE all odds and it won because of the overwhelming rejection of the rakyat against the big EVIL, hee hee.

    Every Malaysian and his dog knows for PR to win, it needs at least 55 to 60 percent of the popular votes, and NOT because EC is fair. Twisted words coming out of twisted butter mouth, hee typically UMNO that guy. His efforts are quite futile here, hee hee.