Friday, April 13, 2012

The Big Medical Lie

4 days ago I posted Only some may be doctors in which I took issues with Liow Tiong LIE on his repudiation of complaints against the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

The MMC was accused of practising double standards in requiring students going to universities in Baltic countries (you know who) to do a foundation course while exempting those going to Egypt and Jordan (you also know who).

In that post I recall the case some years ago of the Crimea State Medical University (CSMU), whose medical degrees were initially recognized by MMC (because you know why).

Then, when Indian Malaysians, the majority of whom preferred* a medical career, followed the government sponsored students to CSMU (principally because of its recognized medical degrees by MMC), it led to a minister visiting there to state that there were 'too many blacks', meaning Malaysian Indians, attending the same medical degree course.

* 6 years ago I posted Malay Engineers, Chinese Accountants, Indian Doctors where I asserted that Indians preferred doctoring

As I alluded in the title of that post, it would not do (for our remarkable government) to have Indian doctors outnumbering the scholarship students. The MMC withdrew recognition of CSMU medical degrees, but blatantly only after, we suspected, the privileged batch(es) could graduate, thus 'amputating' the poor Tambees at their career knees and leaving those unfortunate Malaysians in the lurch.

My uncle has just chipped in to relate a story in much early days, confirming our suspicion that Only some may be doctors. Then (at time of Unc's story), despite the reality that most Chinese and Indian students (other than a few for window dressing) were already marginalized out of local universities, an UMNO MP was still not satisfied with the very much imbalanced ratio of undergraduates in our higher institutions of learning.

He demanded, apparently in Parliament, a two-pronged strategy of 'promote' and 'prevent' - that was, promote the Malays (which in truth no one was against, subject to minimum standards) and also prevent non-Malays from seeking tertiary education outside Malaysia.

He urged that non-Malay students be prohibited from going abroad to study at foreign universities to ensure the goals of our most remarkable social engineering could be achieved. It was fortunate that his proposal was seen as far too openly racist for the mores of that time, and so was ignored.

But to say something in his favour, though no doubt he was an extremist he was at least open about his extremist views. For the last several years, we have instead sinister sneaky sly Machiavellian machinations achieving the very same two-pronged strategy, promote & prevent, to ensure the medical profession remains dominated by The Chosen OnesI mentioned some of those mafulat Machivellian move to 'close the gates' to 'others' in Only some may be doctors.

This morning when I read Free Malaysia Today's (FMT) Liow knows about MMC’s racism, says doc I wasn't at all surprised by Dr A Subendran's accusation of Liow Tiong LIE lying when he (Liow) denied knowledge of the government practising racial discrimination regarding students studying medicine abroad, by either raising the bar or placing obstacles for those of the 'wrong colour'.

Dr Subendran, himself a graduate of CMSU, was particularly furious because he had personally talked at length with Liow 3 years ago on this particular topic of racial discrimination against 'nons' studying medicine abroad.

FMT reported Dr Subendran writing about the double standard in an email to Liow’s personal account on Aug 14, 2010, with copies to the Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Sidek Hassan and deputy ministers SK Devamany and A Kohilan Pillay. None of them responded. And why should we be surprised?

Dr Subendran informed FMT that a 2007 news report reported an education consultant explaining that the Sijil Peperiksaan Malaysia was adequate as an entry requirement into Egyptian medical programmes. Hmmm, shades of Chubby Checker and his 'How low can you go' Limbo rock.

The infuriated doctor said: “So, it is crystal clear that MMC implements different sets of rules for Malays and non-Malays.”

“But, the question now is, why is Liow pretending to be in the dark when he has solid evidence about the double standard? It seems to me that he is forced to lie to the media to save BN’s reputation as it heads for the general election.”

All I want to say in conclusion is that I have to acknowledge  Liow's parents were fantastically prescient in naming him as he is named, except they spelled his personal name LAI incorrectly.


  1. The fact is the countries which comprised the former Soviet Union have many institutions which produce very dodgy Medical degrees.
    The "doctors" which they graduate are really somewhere just above the standard of paramedics.

    The EU doesn't recognise them, requiring them to attend and pass additional professional registration courses before they can be allowed to practice in Europe.

    Not all Russian or "Baltic" courses are bad, of course. As you would expect, Russia does have a few universities which are on par with any Western institution.

    But the standard of most of their "provincial" institutions are very suspect, and you wouldn't want to entrust your family's health care to their graduates.

    Why must you racialise a legitimiate academic and medical standards issue ?

  2. In that post I recall the case some years ago!!!

    Why must you racialise a legitimiate academic and medical standards issue ?

  3. The MMC comprises of a bunch of corrupt doctors ever willing to fly buisness class to destinations to "visit" institutions to pass judgements....

    They apparently were chased ou of one institution in INdia which mainly admits US and UK candidates for even having the temerity to assess them....

    Mana MACC when you need them....the MMC boys and doctors must now be fully cash rich...tunggu apa lagi....???

  4. aku tak mau jadi dogtor !

  5. Tanah Melayu,why is it whenever you post a comment,it has to be something about race.Can't you leave issues of race out in at least one of your comments.You is a blurdy racists or what.Moron.

  6. Those who feel being marginalised can still apply for places in medical schools in Indonesia and Egypt. There's nothing wrong with that. But the more important issue is to ensure quality doctors.

  7. UMNO's favourite mantra : We don't rob Peter to give to Paul. But nobody is buying their BS anymore in this age of the Internet.

    Many have, quite early on, very correctly likened the UMNO's 'social engineering' to the analogy of a running race competition between the Indian, Chinese and Malay, with a MUCH, MUCH shorter finishing line for the Malay. But in order to make the race even more 'exciting' the legs of the Chinese and Indian are further weighed down with ball bearings.

    So in the event that there's internal troubles among those corrupt-to-the-core UMNO warlords squabling for the spoils, or during those inconvenient times of public elections, which necessitates the temporary alliance of these 'si sepek' and 'si botol', UMNO might loosen one or two of the ball bearings tied at these 'pendatangs' legs.

    But in the last 3 decades, the Malay complained that even running is too much of an effort, so wheelchair was brought in allow him to reach the special finnishing line in greater comfort and using minimal effort.

    So with decades of such social engineering, UMNO can now with great pride proclaims that it has sucessfully produced thousands of Malay doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals of the highest standards since our schooling system beats even those of UK and Germany, as averred by no less than the DPM, Moohiddin himself.

  8. Suppose you have the right to choose your own surgeon for A MAJOR SURGERY. Would you select one trained in Russia/Ukraine or one trained in Indon/Egypt?

    I believe tanahmelayu would choose the former

    1. The most prestigious orthopaedic surgeon was from csmu, sure U hvnt had heard of illizarov....ur Malaysian univ medical degree is only recognised in Indonesia.n not one Malaysian surgeon is a founder of anything..not even to operate rats.ahha now we know why the government provides 'legal' citizenship to all labourers from Indonesia.

  9. Tanah Melayu will choose the former,because he knows the former is better than the latter.But he has to say out loud that the latter is better than the former,because that is his job as a ball carrier.In other words Tanah Melayu has two heads.

  10. Actually, Liow Tiong Lai and all those in MCA, u cannot blame them. Its genetics.

    They are all descendants of the Chinese bastards who used to sell out fellow Chinese to the Japanese during WW 2, u know the type who will bend over and betray everyone.

    And yes, if u follow my analogy above, UMNO is the equivalent of the Japanese bastards in WW2 also. and MCA is the running dog chinese.


  11. Sunwayopal,

    Do you know there was an exMCA president's father who was taken away into the jungle by the Resistance forces for working with the Japanese. He was ever seen again.

  12. Kakak Bolas said...
    Tanah Melayu,why is it whenever you post a comment,it has to be something about race.Can't you leave issues of race out in at least one of your comments.You is a blurdy racists or what.Moron.

    Did you even read Ktemoc's post?
    Its Ktemoc who brought up the issue of race in the first place, Quote from Ktemoc "prevent non-Malays from seeking tertiary education outside Malaysia"

    I do understand the article is probably too long and too difficult for your very limited command of Queen's English, but do try, otherwise you'll just make a fool of yourself.

    Take some advice for me....there are plenty of excellent Basic English courses for adults in KL/PJ and elsewhere in the attend them if you want to be active in Blogs.

  13. Tanah Melayu, I merely stated historical FACTs. Yes, it's true many of our historical FACTs have to do with race and racial disagreements or dissatisfaction. Should we avoid facing such FACTs of injustice when by doing so, we can learn to avoid the bad and cultivate the good?

  14. I enjoy morning 'exercises' wakakaka

  15. This idiot is always boasting about his command of so-called Queen's English and like to brag about this and that. This blog is not for you to advertise or brag about your English. It is idiots with this kind of mentality that are ruling our country now and they has became so arrogant and proud without realizing they were what they are now only because of the color of their skins.

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    This Tanah Melayu is boastful of his Queen's English,when in the first place he speaks rojak English.Yet,he has the cheek to ask Kakak Bolas to improve his English.Kakak Bolas English is many times better than Tanah Melayu's.What a brat.

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  19. Ktemoc,
    You have ignored a historical FACT (and current FACT, for the record) that most of the Russian and "Baltic" medical institutions in question are known for their dodgy standards.
    The EU, for example, doesn't recognise their graduates as qualified for medical practice in Europe.

    This isn't Moscow University or St.Petersburg Medical Unversity we are talking about.

    In hindsight, for the Malaysian government to recognise them in the first place was a mistake.
    De-Recognising them is a correct and responsible decision, on the basis of academic and medical standards.

    Again, I ask
    Why must you racialise a legitimate academic and medical standards issue ?

  20. Tanah Melayu,a rojak English speaking man tries teaching the master of the Queen's English sifu KTemoc how to suck bolas.Haw haw haw.

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  23. Tanah Melayu,

    It's a known fact that government sponsored students have had their CMSU degrees recognized (well, weren't they sent there in the 1st instance by the overnment) but the recognition stopped immediately after the minister commented that there were 'too many blacks' - I stated this fact but really who had been racist for saying there's to many blacks' and then with the MMC withdrawing the recognition but only AFTER a certain date? If CSMU was dodgy the government sponsored students should ever had been sent there in the 1st place, & recognition should have been given at all. Are you saying the MMC mindlessly accorded recognition of CSMU medical degrees willy nilly to accommodate government sponsored students?

  24. incorrect spelling & grammar re one of above sentences "... the government sponsored students should ever had been sent there in the 1st place"

    should be "... the government sponsored students should never have been sent there in the 1st place"

  25. tanah melayu

    surely i wouldn want to place in trusts in doctors who graduated on the score of his name and skin,do you?

    you should be glad that you have a lying minister to defend the present discriminatory system against the nons. go eat shit instead on parasiting on the taxpayers money. shit by the way is more fertile for bacteria to multiply.

  26. Kakak Bolas,
    Go look up the Oxford English Dictionary (assuming you have access to one)

    Dodgy is a recognised as an English word, defined as Informal.
    Isn't and Doesn't are proper shorterned forms of Is Not and Does Not, and frequently used when transcribing spoken words in verbatim form.

    I write as if I'm speaking to Ktemoc, but in grammatically correct and coherent language.
    You are the last person in the world to try to teach me correct Queen's English.

    By the way, out of the 34 posts here, I am the only one out of two people who have actually written something which addressed the subject of Ktemoc's post, even if I respectfully disagree with the Blog author.

    Most of The Rest, including all of Kakak Bola's posts, are all badly written , incoherent, direct attacks on me, not even pretending to refer to the subject of the Blog Owner's post.

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