Monday, April 30, 2012

Deciphering of difficult de facto hand signals

The Malaysian Insider (TMI)YouTube video appears to reveal Anwar, Azmin ordered Dataran breach

I am not sure whether the above is the same video by Free Malaysia Today as presented by Malaysiakini and which I mentioned in a previous post Was it worth cordoning off Dataran Merdeka? It discussed a Malaysiakini report that Papers blame Azmin, Anwar for 'instigating' chaos

TMI reported this:

In the very first few seconds of the 19-minute video Opposition Leader Anwar who is standing on top of a truck is seen making a rolling gesture with both hands in Azmins direction before the camera pans to the Gombak MP. 
Azmin who is standing on top of the barricade with his back towards the square jerks his thumb over his shoulder and nods back in Anwars direction while an Indian male in a yellow T-shirt also makes the same gesture towards the PKR de facto leader.

The Selangor PKR chief then looks over his shoulder towards the man who some on Twitter say is a PKR member from Negri Sembilan, who in turn points at Azmin and nods back. 
A few members of the crowd of 15 000 who were sandwiched between the square and Kuala Lumpur City Hall DBKL begin chanting masuk masuk’ (enter enter) and the Indian man pushes the metal gate aside allowing the crowd to burst through.

Anwar had also invited a team of foreigners here. It's no doubt unfortunate that violence had occurred during their visit because they will be reporting to their foreign media of the police violence (which was true) but alas, none of the above, specifically of the video which captured Anwar, Azmin and an Indian bloke conducting hand signals to each other.

Since then Anwar Ibrahim claimed he was signalling Azmin Ali to negotiate with the police, and not for his storm troopers to breach the cordon around Dataran as many had accused him and Azmin of inciting.

Both Anwar and Azmin fulfilled Dr Mahathir's Law of Forgetfulness and claimed they don't remember communicating with Tambee.

Perhaps the Indian bloke was there just to authenticate and decipher difficult-to-read hand signals for the couple.

A while ago I pasted on Facebook the following comments:

Should one 'negotiate' with the police after Bersih had come to a close (on instructions from Ambiga Sreenevasan) or at its very start? I'm going to send a couple a book titled "1001 BETTER excuses" wakakaka.


  1. There is no mistakes about the instigations by Anwar and his blue eyed boy Azmin for the crowd to breached the police baricades.This provoke an reaction from the police.Once the watercannons and the teargas started going off there was no holding back.

  2. how did you keep a straight face writing this masterpiece? What a bunch of jokers those two are!

  3. But of course Annuar is responsible for the whole shebang!!! On your website how could he not have?

  4. After the watercannons and teargas came the opening of the cagedoors.Once the attackdogs are set loose,there is no such thing as be nice and gentle.Everyone knows that attackdogs are trained to be aggresive.

  5. I never realisted Bruno is a PDRM spokesman now.

  6. Excuses, excuses. Once a liar, always a liar. The whole world watched the dirty duo instigating the crowd to break the barricade.
    Our fingers to you, agent provocateurs.

    I watched on TV 3 tonight, a young Chinese guy went to Anwar's press conference and bombarded him him with questions why he hijacked the Bersih do.
    he said he came for a peaceful sit=in and was shocked it became rowdy.
    And as expected he was shooed off the room by Anwar and his people.
    That character looked pale and said: " This is a media conference. We give chance to the media first."
    Yeah right. If that guy came to say well done to him, he would have been more than pleased to allow him to talk further.
    I salute you, my friend. You are like one of my FB friends whom I mentioned in KT'e earlier posting. You all went to the Bersih do for a clean and fair elections.
    Like I said many Chinese are decent people who want a more transparent elections. They do not have agendas as I said in my FB.
    But they didn't know that demo loving man has duped them.
    Now at least y'll know who the real Anwar is. Thank god for Bersih who also finished off his political future.

  7. I am surprised DSAI isnt accused of also signalling the overturning of the cop car, maybe DSAI also signalled for the tear gassing and water cannon to b launched full scale huh.

    Maybe its also DSAI's fault the 2 EC heads r UMNO members.

    per ktemoc, everything is DSAI's fault.

    What else is new?

    Allah never F*ck those EC minions as per ktemoc's fervent prayers is probably also DSAi's fault huh.

    This whole country going to the dogs is also DSAI's fault.

    per ktemoc, lets just continue with Barisan Najis huh....becoz DSAi is at fault for EVERYTHING! he says...


  8. Anon 9:16pm

    As much as I wanted to bash the men in blue,this time I have to admit that they acted neutral and professional.Just ask the supporters of Bersih,the tourists and curious onlookers from Friday night till around 3pm Saturday.

    The people were hanging around the police,talking and taking pictures with them.For once the people felt comfortable with the police around them,and do not seem intimidated by their presence.

    For once I was glad that I was wrong in saying that the protest was going to end up the same way as Bersih 2.0.But alas the political apes make sure that I was correct.This time the blame must be on the PKR politicians.

  9. No way.

    This then assumes you ACCEPT all court orders as valid and binding, even bad laws.

    If this is the case, Bersih 1 and 2 by its very existence would have been illegal.

    The declaration of Dataran Merdeka being off limits, that very declaration itself waqs ILLEGAL.

    The blame is fully on PDRM and by its extension, the Home Minister and Barisan Najis.


  10. Bruno,
    There is NO automatic, inevitable link between the breaching of the barricades and the brutality that followed.
    Many other police forces around the world would have handled it differently.

    Congratulations on your new PDRM appointment !

  11. Anon 10:17pm

    Even Bersih 3.0.chairman Ambiga asked protesters not to breach the baricades on Friday.Every fair minded thinking person knows that,that is the line not to cross.The police have standing orders to go after the protesters if they breached that line.

    Ambiga and her Bersih steering commitee knows that.The people knows that.Don't tell us the smartasses of politicians do not know that.

    The politicians wanted their supporters to provoked the police to react.That way the police chasing and bashing protestors pictures will go all over the internet.The people are being used to further the cowardly politicians propoganda.

  12. bruno,bruno.

    if you are in the game of following all laws, let me ask u this.

    if Bersih 3 was declared illegal, then all of us supposed to just stay at home is it ?

    Fair minded person?

    Who exactly is fair minded? You?

    So, you say dont breach, means u r fair?

    I say breach is ok means I am not fair minded?

    And your comment, Wanted the police to react ? really? React the way they did with just some stupid hand signals as postulated by ktemoc the great DSAI hater huh.


  13. Anyway, all these r side issues and nonsense.

    No matter what ktemoc says, all of u better know this ONE SINGLE FACT!

    Very soon, all of you will b asked to choose, 99% of the time at least, it will b a straight choice between PKR against Barisan Najis.

    Its NOT PKR v DAP, its NOT PKR v PAS. Much as the grand DSAI hater ktemoc would have u otherwise believe, the choice is really PKR against Barisan Najis.

    Its really DSAI v some UMNO goon, its going to b Azmin Ali vs some UMNO goon.

    The choice is really just this.

    The great DSAI hater would have u believe that u should not vote DSAi or Azmin Ali.

    Frankly, i even believe if it Hassan Ali was fielded in Permatang Pauh hypothetically against DSAI, ktemoc the brainless would advise u to vote Hassan Ali.

    Anyway, know this! Very soon, you will b asked to choose.

    Either PKR or Barisan Najis.

    Your choice.

    All of this who started what is just nonsense side issues.


  14. Sunwayopal,

    Just because we are opposition supporters,do not meant that we will blindly allowed the cowardly politicians to led the people to get beaten and kicked around like dogs.I will have no qualms with the politicians,if they are brave enough to lead the charge instead of hiding under their children's diapers.

  15. Any politician who has gone to jail for 6 years on trumped up charges from a corrupt govt is brave enuf in my books.


  16. Sunwayopal,

    your idol was just like Nazri's apple polished thuggish son during his student leader's days.He hasn't change much by the looks of it.It seems his followers have inherited and learned his traits well.

    The doctor will tell how he wrote the prescription.Take him into Umno,be nice to him and he will be a nice boy.If he misbehaved write him another prescription,because he has been a naughty boy.Hahaha.

  17. Bruno was there, he saw the politician asking their supporters to provoked the police to react. He was standing beside Anwar and Asmin.
    Talk cock only.

  18. Anonymous bruno said...


    your idol was just like Nazri's apple polished thuggish son during his student leader's days.He hasn't change much by the looks of it.It seems his followers have inherited and learned his traits well.

    The doctor will tell how he wrote the prescription.Take him into Umno,be nice to him and he will be a nice boy.If he misbehaved write him another prescription,because he has been a naughty boy.Hahaha.

    my idol?

    far from it lah. But one thing i know, u and ktemoc have the same genes i guess.

    U 2 punya hatred for DSAI knows no bounds.

    I know what is more important to me. Barisan najis has to go down , that to me is singular more important than ANYTHING ELSE!

    And if DSAI has to be PM for that to happen, so b it, I will live with DSAI. Warts and all, he is still 1000 times better than Najis Razak.

    And PR is still with PKR warts and all, 10 times better than Barisan Najis.

    But I dont think your hatred filled mind can fathom such simple logic I guess.

  19. wakakaka my dear sunwayopal, you're defintely an anwarista, always accusing ppl who don't think highly of Anwar as "hating" him - that "hate Anwar" accusation is so very typical of anwaristas, and which ppl like Nat Tan used to accuse me of, wakakaka again.

    Just to show you what I once did for Anwar please read wakakaka

    It's true I don't think highly of him at all. To me he's just as bad as Najib, probably even more. And I've formed such a bad opinion because of what he did, not just what I think he did.

    Just a reminder, ppl who don't believe in supporting Anwar don't necessarily "hate" him, but they don't want him (or Azmin) as PM, full stop.


    I see the obscene comments are coming back - obviously we're still getting ppl of a certain DNA who couldn't help rolling around in the cesspool. Don't think I'll tolerate such vulgarisms of an stinking filthy mind.

  20. Thanks for carrying the crusade all this while...dsai is also fork-tongued.

  21. Just a reminder, ppl who don't believe in supporting Anwar don't necessarily "hate" him, but they don't want him (or Azmin) as PM, full stop.

    Well, just a reminder too. The way things are set up, if you want Barisan najis and Najis razak out, DSAI is definitely PM of Malaysia and Azmin Ali is definitely some Minister. Assuming they win their seats.

    There is NO ALTERNATIVE to above , just NONE short of them losing their seats and Pakatan winning the election.

    So, if u dont want to see them as PM, effectively, its another 5 years or so of Barisan Najis rule.

    Maybe this may b palatable to u and bruno BUT thats not what the majority of rationale thinking Malaysians r going for. WE will all live with DSAI and AA so long as we have a small fighting chance of getting rid of Barisan Najis.

    We will all make sacrifices.

    We don't pray or invoke Allah to curse kaw people. Thats the joke of century, trying to cause people sleepless nights. These guys are sleeping plenty soundly lah.


  22. Anyway, like I mentioned, its clearly a choice people will have to make VERY SOON.

    Its not PKR v DAP or PKR v PAS where the choice is straightforward.

    Its going to b PKR v Barisan Najis.Almost in all the seats, its just a pure 2 way choice save in Sabah and Sarawak.

    Choice is for everybody in Peninsular to make. R u for PKR or r u for Barisan Najis.


  23. I am for (gasp, omigosh) PKR where the constituency is being fought between PKR and UMNO (and sunwayopal, don't you forget there's also PAS, PSM and DAP in the equation against BN, and not just your almighty ever-glorious PKR), but I'm defintely, positively 100% NOT for AI or his blue-eye boy. So sue me wakakaka

  24. why would i bother to sue u?

    better invoke Allah to f*ck kaw u in the afterlife since thats your no 1 political strategy as expounded by u so well !!!

    Anyway, DSAI and AA will romp home in their constituencies, no worries.

    Its good that your head r finally clear enuf to articulate a vote for PKR (or for that matter DAP, PAS, PSM etc even SAPP or Star ) against Barisan Najis in ALL OTHER constituencies.


  25. See how Anwaristas are castigating Bruno in his defence of the police.
    I have read Bruno's comments in some blogs and I must say he's a realistic, rational, polite and not rabidly pro-Pakatan. He's a true gentleman in not picking up fights with anyone.
    Why can't Sunwayopal and Monster Prick etc be like him?
    If you guys support LKS and son or Ustaz Hadi or whoever in other parties, I understand and I am behind you.
    But to choose a loser, a man of questionable morals, I simply cannot fathom.
    He's got no cause for the people except to be numero uno.

  26. Sunwayopal,you are too obsessed with your PKR's Anwar and his blue eyed boy Azmin to be able to see the forest from the trees.Maybe QD or Buttercup will be able to teach you a trick or two.

  27. Me obsessed abt DSAI and AA?

    Talk about obsessed, frankly, i couldnt give 2 hoots about DSAI and AA.

    But what is important to me is Barisan Najis needs to be brought down. WHATEVER means necessary. And if I have to live with DSAI as PM, I am willing to do that.

    me obsessed?

    I am just responding to ktemoc and u lah, who are the ONES OBSESSED! with DSAI and AA.

    Talk about obsession man.

    You 2 jokers are obsessed with him totally almost bordering on psychotic hate of the 2 of them.

    every other comment emanating from u 2 , there is nothing else but criticism for DSAI or AA.

    Obsessed indeed. Look at the mirror lah friend.


  28. Ktemoc I can understand at least he's psychotic DSAI obsessed.

    U I find harder, probably just some wannabe DSAI hater riding on his coattails.


  29. Sunwayopal, sudah lah tu, cukup lah tu, your hati sudah banyak panas sampai you don't realise you're getting off-tangent oredi . We talk about the choice between BN-PR, and you keep on talking cock about BN-PKR. We talk about the battle ahead, and you keep on talking about the prize, about your AI-AA leading the country. Sorry la brudder, Ithink you should leave KT alone and bark elsewhere.

  30. eh whos barking ? m or u ?

    its doggies like u who dont understannd the real picture.

    Theres clowns who think they can have their cake and everything without making sacrifices.

    when is it going to get through that thick skull of yours that if we are to kick Barisan Najis out, DSAI has to b PM.

    And we all have to back PKR also against Barisan Najis.


  31. Hey everybody, after I read all the comments, I'd like to share some of my thoughts here.. Before that, please forgive me if any of you feel offended.

    Some of bros here already throwing accusations, calling names.. for what?

    All of us should fight for the cause.. In this case, not individuals, Bersih 3.0 is about the fight for free and fair elections. This is a non-partisan civil movement.

    The politicians shouldn't hijacked this event in the first place. They will have another field or another day to fight for the cause, PKR, PAS or DAP.

    Right now, Nasi dah jadi bubur. More 'damage controls', etc. We are becoming more divisive by this.

    We gotta stop this 'killing each other' mode.
    Let us close our ranks, focus on the cause, not individuals, if most of us think that BN should be replaced by another coalition (not necessarily PR since it's a loose coalition and not necessarily DSAI, depends on who commands respects and support of the majority of MPs in Dewan Rakyat after GE-13).

    Btw, politics, anything can happen in politics.

    John Labu