Monday, April 02, 2012

My police, my enemy

The title of my post sums it all.

I was outraged when I read Malaysiakini's Assaulted and sexually harassed in police station

Unfortunately, there is a long history of such police abuses for the last 25 years. Nothing has been done till today.

And why should we be surprised when there are still outstanding allegations against a former IGP of being in cahoots with the Malaysian Triads.

Those police are just uniformed gangsters.


  1. Pulis no.1 gangster in msia

    sad... but this terrorist are no better!

    resue alutions

  2. Don't jump to conclusions.
    She may not have told the whole truth.
    Perhaps she had been caught red handed engaging in some illegal activity.
    She could hardly expect kid-glove treatment if that was the case.

  3. Being in the uniform of blue in color,gives them the licence to abuse,extort and rob.The standards of the PDRM and their counterparts,the Singapore police force are miles apart.

  4. Singapore ? Try withdrawing a large amount of cash from an ATM at 6 am in the morning, and its very likely you'll attract attention from the police - even more likely than in KL.

  5. Even Scotland Yard has been hit by Race-related assault.

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  7. anon of 9:02 PM, April 02, 2012, as I wrote: "Unfortunately, there is a long history of such police abuses for the last 25 years. Nothing has been done till today."

    The public believes the police victim rather than the police, as in the case of aminulrasyid.

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