Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Hasan's Hausiow Hee

Hee = show, movie (inclusive of videoplay), etc

Hausiow or alternatively the more polite Hauluck = bullshit

Free Malaysia Today'Hasan gets the brickbat over video ‘proof’

Does anyone believe for one instance he has been doing it for Islam or the Muslim community?

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  1. This ex Director of BTN and ex Motivational Speaker....is that all he could come up with ? Benar benar pathetic.

    May he live out the rest of his life salivating and lusting forever his unrealised dream of being the MB of Selangor. Padan muka.

  2. Pas did the right thing by kicking him out. He thinks he is God's but it is people like him who cause disharmony in multiracial M'sia. We have many shit stirrers in Malaysia and he's one of them. By the way, where's monster??? Without his comments your blog is boring lah.

  3. yes, boring without Monster.

  4. Time for KT to apologize to monsterball.
    His blog is boring without him.

  5. No monsterball, no monsterbaby; both highly intelligent commentators.

  6. Yup, both are sooo intelligent that the illuminatory comments from them are blinding. Could not sleep for days after reading their enlightening and profound comments. Their comments make one think deeply and and provoke earth shaking consequences.

    Let's all go on our knees to get them back. If not, let's all jump down the cliff as life is not worth living without them around.

  7. Jump and live in the other world.

  8. Beg for forgiveness and live.
    Your choice.

  9. hello, I am new and love Anwar and Monsterball.

  10. Haha...so many little anwaristas suddenly coming out from nowhere. All so eager to bend over backwards for their Great Leader.

    OK, little anwarsitas....mourn a bit here for the demise of your big papa foul mouth. Then move on, OK ?

    Think he's now busy looking for another role to play in another blogsite....hahaha.

    But the choice is quite limited, sad to say. Many blogs have banned him....may be he could try SteadyAku but i think that site have recently went into Moderation Mode due to (yes, you guessed it) the infestation of the anwaristas there who as usual, make foul comments scolding SteadyAku and others almost nonstop. The usual Anwaristas trademark MO lah. Hahaha.

  11. it's CLEAN & fresh with NO NO NO monster....tq !!