Friday, April 18, 2008

Israel - as evil as Nazis

"But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shall save alive nothing that breatheth: But thou shalt utterly destroy them ..."

- Deuteronomy - 20:16-17

In April 2003, a US tank deliberately aimed at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, where foreign reporters used as a media centre. The US Army were then pretty pissed off by some of the non American press whose reports were too truthful and succinctly analytical, meaning they had been critical of the American conduct of the war.

The tank raised its gun, aimed at a part of the hotel, waited for two minutes and then fired and killed two journalists.

All these were captured on film by France 3 television which had coincidentally positioned two cameras in two rooms facing the bridge outside the hotel.

Herve de Ploeg, the journalist and film editor who filmed the attack, said: "I did not hear any shots in the direction of the tank, which was stationed at the west entrance of the Al-Jumhuriya (Republic) bridge, 600 metres north-west of the hotel. It was not a case of instinctive firing."

In other words, de Ploeg disputed the American commander who gave the excuse that the tank was being shot at from the hotel; de Ploeg also implied it was deliberate cold blooded shooting at two innocent journalists.

The Melbourne Age reported that “The incident killed a cameraman for the Telecinco Spanish television station and another for the British news agency Reuters. Three Reuters staffers were also wounded.”

It also stated: “A reporter for the Arab satellite television Al-Jazeera died earlier today and a cameraman was injured after the station's offices in Baghdad were hit in a separate attack that the Qatar-based channel charged was a deliberate US strike.”

my underlining above & below

Intimidation was the name of the killing, a warning to other journalists.

See my post How Does the US Military Plea: Never Guilty! to fully comprehend the evil of the US military. I am not talking about individual US military personnel but the evil machinery that poses as an armed service of a western democracy. It displayed that unmitigated evil in Vietnam, and it hasn't changed since.

Well, its accomplice (or master) in the Middle East, Israel, has done the same thing, killing a Reuters reporter with a tank shell, despite the vehicle in which the victim was travelling was clearly emblazoned (even on its roof) with markings ‘PRESS’ and ‘TV’, and his flak jacket similarly clearly marked.

Fadl Shanaa, a Reuters cameraman, had rushed to the al-Bureij refugee camp in central Gaza where an Israeli helicopter fired four missiles at targets at the camp, killing at least 12 Palestinians, including five children aged 12-15.

Fadl Shaana was killed by several of the 3 cm-long darts, known as flechettes. The darts sliced into his legs and chest.

Advocacy groups have repeatedly sought to have flechettes banned on the ground that they kill indiscriminately, stating that their use in civilian areas contravenes global conventions because of their potential for harming civilians and their indiscriminate nature.

Apparently, according to al Jazeera, thousands of the darts are released in mid-air when a tank shell explodes. These darts would spray out over hundreds of metres. Even Israeli doctors had voiced their objections to the US-supplied weapons and had tried to have it banned in Israel five years ago.

But the Israelis' total abdication of due civilised care for civilians has not been unlike their immoral and murderous evil of sowing millions of cluster bombs in southern Lebanon where the likely victims would be children – see Evil in Full Storm (2) - Israel's 100,000 cluster bomblets.


  1. well, we have another killing fields version albeit on a much smaller scale by sending kids to play russian roulette. 20 kids have perished in the NS program within a short period of a few years since its introduction and all they do is to have a post mortem after every death. and of course, a miserable RM30,000 compensation for each death to the bereaved family. Whats this compared to the milions made by the cronies. if i am not mistaken, the annual expenditure is close to RM500 million. no wonder, dspite all the deaths, they remain defiant to stay in office to oversee this game of death.

  2. You got to look at the israeli point of view before everyone goes into an antisemitic bashing spree.
    EVERYTHING they have done, is done to preserve their identity, country. The arabs have tried to annihilate themthree times since WW2, and is still trying to.
    Why doesn't anyone blame the terrorist who hides out with the civilian populace?
    Very harsh collateral damage - but I'ld be too if i was sorrounded by enemies who hasnt recognised my right to exist there and have gone to war thrice to force me "to the sea" ...
    If anyone is to blame - it's the British ....

  3. Yids and mad Arabs are all the same.

    They will just go on killing each other until the bullets run out, then they will throw stones, maybe a few centuries down the road...

    I only hope they don't drag the rest of us in..

    I suspect it comes from all that preoccupation with Kosher and Halal food - same thing, same madness...

    Pork, anyone ?

  4. Pacemaker Dhimmi Carter will solve all.

  5. Nearly eight years ago, 12-year old Mohamed al-Dura was allegedly killed by Israeli fire outside the Jewish town of Netzarim in Central Gaza. Israel rushed to take the blame for al-Dura's 'death.' It has since been discovered that al-Dura could not have been shot by Israeli troops, and that his 'death' may in fact have been staged. But Israel had aleady damaged itself by taking the blame, and nothing that has happened since has prevented al-Dura from becoming a rallying call for Islamic terrorists around the world.

    In that light, Israel's silence regarding the death of 'Palestinian' photographer Fadel Shana in Gaza yesterday is entirely appropriate. There is really nothing that can be said until - as called for by David Schlesinger, Reuters' editor in chief, - a full investigation takes place.

    What Danny Seaman, the director of Israel's government press office, says cannot be understated. The role of the media - and especially of 'Palestinian' stringers working for the foreign media - in Israel's conflict with the 'Palestinians,' has often turned the media into a combatant. Who can forget the images of photographers standing on the side photographing staged stone throwing? Who can forget the images of 'fauxtography' in Lebanon and Gaza? Who can forget the videos of 'Palestinians' using ambulances to transport terrorists and weapons? Did that Israeli tank crew see the TV sign on the SUV far off in the distance near El-Bureij yesterday? And if the tank crew saw the sign, did they believe it was real?

    This will apparently not be another al-Dura 'incident.'

  6. Ya, the Palestinian "ambulance" carrying weapons was caught red-handed.
    Funny, Ktemoc totally missed that out...inconvenient truth ?

  7. KTeMoc,

    It is a terrible shame that an astute man like you continue to make the BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL blunder of associating the modern political nation of Israel with the Israel of the Bible.

    Please don't make the same mistake again. Too many American Christians make the same error - because of Zionists BLINDING their eyes.

    Modern political Israel has NOTHING to do with the theocratic Israel of the Bible. Please remember this basic fact.

    The Israel of the Bible had been OBLITERATED from the face of the earth, by the same God who first instituted that nation for a specific and definite purpose - the channel for the bringing forth of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ to save His people from their sin.

    The COMPLETE OBLITERATION of the OT nation of Israel was prophesied again and again before that actually happened in AD 70. Its completion destruction by GOD HIMSELF was prophesied long before its actual destruction. Its all there in the NT, from the very lips of Jesus Christ.

    The earthly and physical kingdom of Israel (as a type and shadow) was abolished when the promised Messiah came to establish the spiritual kingdom of heaven.

    You quoted Deuteronomy - 20:16-17
    "But of the cities of these people, which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance, thou shall save alive nothing that breatheth: But thou shalt utterly destroy them ..."

    Many hundreds of years before that the same God had said this to Abraham in Gen 15:13-16:

    13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;
    14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance.
    15 And thou shalt go to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age.
    16 But in the fourth generation they shall come hither again: FOR THE INIQUITY OF THE AMORITES is not yet full.
    18 In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:
    19 The Kenites, and the Kenizzites, and the Kadmonites,
    20 And the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Rephaims,
    21 And the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Girgashites, and the Jebusites.

    The slaughter was commanded by God himself, as an expression of His JUST and RIGHTEOUS judgment upon a wicked idolatrous people whose INIQUITY IS FULL, HAS REACHED UP TO HEAVEN. Remember that Israel of the Bible was a THEOCRATIC nation.

    Man, on his own is forbidden to take the life of another man UNLAWFULLY.

    And yes, PLEASE CENSURE and EXPOSE all the wickedness perpetrated by both Israelis and the Palestinians and others.

    Lau Sing Foo, Penang.

  8. Kay Tee,
    "Please don't make the same mistake again. Too many American Christians make the same error - because of Zionists BLINDING their eyes."

    If you do, then you are also fallen into the trap of the cunning Zionists who have hypnotized the gullible American Christians to support the perpetrators of evil and miseries in the Middle East.

    That regime is as remotely related to the theocratic Israel of the Bible as the east is from the west. Get this message to the gullible American Christians from the spell of the Zionists. That way you writing may achieve some real lasting good.

  9. According to the latest captions, Fadel was killed by:
    "A medical examination showed on Thursday that metal darts from an Israeli tank shell that explodes in the air caused the death of Shana on Wednesday in the Gaza Strip, doctors said. REUTERS/Said Khatib/Pool (GAZA)"

    This does not add up with the photographic evidence, and raises the question if the only doctors being interviewed here are sympathetic to the terrorists' cause.

    Also, why was the car totally blown up if the ordnance in question only detonates mid-air?

    Is it possible that Fadel was killed by a mis-fired anti-tank round? Based on the evidence, it sure looks like a possibility...

    Fadel Shana was one of the photojournalists injured in a 2006 incident where the IDF was also accused on firing on a journalist vehicle.

    Perhaps there is more to the theory that Shana was associating a bit too closely with Hamas militants?

    It is also possible hamas set the fire in the car to destroy possible evidence and hosed down the scene for the same reason.

    Something clearly doesn't add up here.

  10. Here's something from "modern" Israel I've blogged on:

  11. the end Kaytee is just another partisan hack writer....lots and lots of them on the internet...what a waste of Gigabytes..

    Sometimes I think those old days when you had to pay per Megabyte storage was ensured those who got on the internet had something useful to say...

    I wonder why I keep coming back to his blog....

  12. An Israeli military official expressed sorrow but said the IDF did not accept responsibility for the killing. The official said that Israeli forces had only fired at armed militants who were shooting at them from close range. It did not know what kind of missile had struck the press vehicle, and it was unaware of reports of a second attack minutes later. The incident is being investigated, the official said.
    Journalists had been drawn to the area to cover the aftermath of a air-strike launched in support of Israeli armoured troops, who had crossed into Gaza in the wake of a Hamas ambush which killed three soldiers.

    Survivors said three militants died along with at least six others - a woman, two children and three members of a non-violent Islamic sect - when Israeli aerial missiles struck a mosque and houses in the hamlet of Johara a'diq, near Bureij in central Gaza.

    And why were three 'militants' hiding among "a woman, two children and three members of a non-violent Islamic sect?

  13. Today’s Islamist Lawrences are being cultivated among a broad swath of political analysts, scholars, anthropologists, pundits, missionaries, and even spies dissecting militant Islam and Islamofascism. While most carry out illuminating and necessary work, the fish they bait ends up ensnaring many.

    A few recent catches: the archbishop of Canterbury urging the introduction of Sharia law in Britain; Harvard University, a bastion of secular scholarship, shutting its gym to men to accommodate Muslim women; authorities at Minneapolis’s international airport negotiating for months with 700 Somali Muslim taxi drivers who refused to pick up passengers carrying liquor or depending on guide dogs.

    Then there was President George Bush launching his Muslim initiative last June from the Islamic Center of Washington, a Saudi institution distributing educational material instructing Muslims to segregate themselves from other Americans.

    Among other things, the Saudi-funded publications admonish Muslims in America “to dissociate from infidels, hate them for their religion, never to rely on them for support, and always oppose them in every way according to Islamic law.” The question: how was it that among the estimated five million Muslim Americans with hugely varied institutions, the president’s advisors picked a Saudi Islamofascist ghetto as a venue?

    This cluelessness is spreading into the academy and the arts too.

    -Youssef M. Ibrahim (April 17, 2008)

  14. Youseff

    I wonder why you should be unhappy with whatever activity undertaken by the supposed to be "Islamist Lawrence" as you have described above. Those activities are not in any way an action that would prevent you from practicing your Jewish religion.

    It is just a way of giving the muslims the freedom to practise their religion.

    I believe you have misinterpreted the Saudi-funded publications. However, I don't think your demonising of the publication is intentional, perhaps out of your misunderstanding of the Islamic teaching.

  15. MarryAnne darling, youseff is not jewish.

  16. "...perhaps out of your misunderstanding of the Islamic teaching."


  17. Israel is under siege, they can't afford to win over public opinion, give away war spoils like the Golan heights AND defend it's borders.
    The arabs who sorround them on all sides want the whole country of Israel exterminated.
    They are at war.

  18. Palestine was a God-forsaken, scabby semi-desert when the Aliyah came to settle in Israel.

    Now its is a fertile land again, the Palestinians want it back.

    NO WAY !

  19. But this post is not about whether or not Israel is justified in making innocent terrorist murderers cry at night. This post is about how Israel kicks butt.

    So come and take a brief tour of how pwned Israel’s self-designated enemies are…

  20. Yeah, Scott Thong is Kaytee's balancing mirror on the Internet.....

  21. ;-) difference between a Christian and an aethist ke ke ke

  22. MarryAnne darling, youseff is not jewish

  23. How about Yeshua Ben Yusuf? ;-)

    Mind you, the Judeans (Jews) considered him an apostate. I am sure you know what they did to apostate like Yeshua Ben Yusuf!

  24. How about blogging about Darfur ?

    Or maybe they are not as cute as Palestinians...

  25. evil as Nazis!? Did the Israelis ever cattle-trucked 6 million Palestinians to be slaughtered in death camps? No? Then why evil as Nazis?

  26. Knew you can't remove yourself far from your three pet Derangements for any length of time, oh mullah Kati Al'Amin! Hahahaa!

    Where did you learn that Christians and Jews regard the book of Deuteronomy as a binding example to be followed for all time? If the Christians, especially, are following the Old Testament, then they all are running afoul in not observing the severe strictures on the matter of prohibited food as stated in Leviticus.

  27. Paul gave them a dispensation, even from circumcision - ha ha ha good ole Paul if not for him, Christianity wouldn't have spread as it fantastically has. PLease read

  28. kk46, what I did for Darfur I felt was better than mere blogging - I donated RM500, annually, to the Red Cross for their work there. You can also see my appeal to readers over at my other blog BolehTalk in earlier times (before ktemoc konsiders). I stopped the canvassing or appeal at BolehTalk after some personal disagreement with my (original) blog partner.

  29. Kaytee,

    You said: "difference between a Christian and an aethist ke ke ke"

    I am sure kittykat and many others will agree that you are probably a fanatical atheist and a Jew hater.

    How else can you equate Israel to the Nazis? The comparison shows your shallow understanding of historical events.

    At the very basic, you can't differentiate the modern Israel state which is like every nation state from that of the Bible.

    Your reading of the Old Testament also commits the most fundamental of mistakes in Bible study. Quoting verses in isolation and completely out of context.

    If you wanna whack Christianity or Judaism, at least read the Bible, perhaps even its Greek and Hebrew sources.

    Otherwise, after reading your silly theory about Moses being an Egyptian Pharoah and you trying to pass that off as sound historical (?) analysis is just over the top.

    I won't even waste time explaining the verse you quoted.

    Each must seek his own salvation and not everyone finds God even when He is sitting at the door and whacking the guy's head with a club.

  30. KTemoc said... How about Yeshua Ben Yusuf? ;-)

    I think we have been all ears up to this point. is it time to start picking apart your sources? obviously, there are no contemporary sources for Yeshua ben Yusef of Nazareth.

    Really? I already tell you you, most of time jump here jump there and get your knickers twisted.

    Youssef Ibrahim can be jew? Mana lu baca itu semua huh? If jew dia Abraham lah.

  31. "Otherwise, after reading your silly theory about Moses being an Egyptian Pharoah.."

    Hahahahahahaha no lah I got anor better one:
    Moses was actually Lord Krsna, that the mid easterners changed the story of to adapt to their own purpose.

    So KT do some research and maybe we can be regaled with a post on that oso.

  32. Atheist Pat Condell on falsely equating Walt Disney with Mickey Mouse:

  33. Does the mullah Kati know the meaning and difference among such terms as mantra, yantra, and tantra, btw?

    I'll suggest a ribald version of John 1:1 here:

    "In the beginning was KT, and KT was with Inanity and KT was Inanity." :D

  34. anon @ 9.10

    you said: I think we have been all ears up to this point. is it time to start picking apart your sources?

    ROTFL. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Maybe KT receives vision after a special drink or inhalation of fragrant "holy" smoke.

    His source is the "Divine", who gives our faceless Jew hater the divine authority.

    DOn't mock the prophet of God -- Kateel Mok.

  35. Haha idiot Methodist Minister and former President of the US of A report:

    Speaking at the American University in Cairo after talks with Hamas leaders from, Carter said Palestinians in Gaza were being "starved to death" and received fewer calories a day than people in the poorest parts of Africa.

  36. In an article posted December 7, 2007, on the leftist website, [1] 'Aref 'Alwan, an Iraqi author and playwright who resides in London and is the author of 12 novels, [2] states that the Jews have an historic right to Palestine because their presence there preceded the Arab conquest and has continued to this day.

    In the article, titled "Do the Jews Have Any Less Right to Palestine than the Arabs?" 'Alwan called on the Arab world to acknowledge the Jews' right to Palestine, because justice demanded it and also because doing so would end the violence and the killing of Arabs, as well as intra-Arab strife. He added that such a move would also open up new avenues for the Arab world that would be more consistent with the values and needs of modern society.

  37. Martin Luther King, possessed a remarkable clarity of vision and purpose. He complemented these attributes with a sound, empathic understanding of the history of human oppression. Dr. King's unequivocal renunciation of anti-Zionism reflected his consistent, courageous opposition to all manifestations of bigotry. Against the backdrop of resurgent Jew hatred worldwide, Dr. King's candid, thoughtful reflections on the true nature of anti-Zionism are particularly edifying.

    Shortly before his death, Dr. King had the moral courage to confront the burgeoning Jew hatred of both extreme leftwing Black organizations, including the Black Panthers and the radicalized Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee, as well as the Black Muslims.

    Historically, 20th century black intellectuals prominent before Dr. King had regarded the Zionist movement favorably because of their own strong impulses for self-determination. W.E.B. DuBois in 1919 wrote, "the African movement means to us what the Zionist movement must mean to the Jews.." In 1941, DuBois elaborated that Palestine was, "the only refuge that harassed Jewry has today".

  38. Incidentally Martin Luther King didn't say any of that, from what I understand from Jewish-virtual library - that letter purported from Dr King to an anti-Jewish person turned out to be a hoax.

    By the by, wonderful comments posted here but has anyone discussed the 12 Palestinians killed by the region's most powerful military backed by the world's most powerful nation, including and especially five Palestinian children aged only 12-15.

    Israeli military has been renown as killers of children and women, so much so even some 60 plus pilots of the Israeli Air Force had refused to conduct any more genocidal air assaults on Palestinians.

  39. Who said anything about letter ? - only you.

    Below is a January 21, 2002 op-ed by U.S. Rep. John Lewis, who worked closely with Dr. King. In the op-ed, he shares Dr. King's views on Israel, views which stressed Israel's democratic nature and Israel's need for security. And he also relates that Dr. King said, “When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”

    This quotation has been confirmed, so you should feel assured that you can use the quotation. Just be sure to mention that it came from Dr. King's 1968 Harvard University appearance, so that no one will think it is from some debunked “letter.”

  40. The percentage of Palestinians who support “resistance operations” against Israeli targets rose from 43.1 percent in September 2006 to 49.5% at present. Support for this option was highest in the Gaza Strip, at 58.1%, with 24.5% in the West Bank agreeing.

    Palestinians who support bombing attacks against Israeli civilians rose from 44.8% in June 2006 to 48% in September 2006 and to 50.7% now.

    Again, more Gazans support these operations (65.1%), compared with 42.3% of Palestinians in the West Bank.

    The Palestinian public is divided on the rocket attacks on Israel: 39.3% said the firing of these rockets was “useful” to Palestinian national interests, while 35.7% said they were harmful.

  41. if you can't understand the sufferings of palestinians, tibetans, the low caste population of india and other oppressed minorities don't expect people to understand your sense of discrimination in malaysia...because you'll be a discriminator if power is in your hands...a racist will always talk like a racist no matter how how cloaks it with moralist arguments..

  42. a moralist when on the receiving end....

  43. idiotas