Friday, April 11, 2008

Najib making his move?

Has Najib finally made his move … against AAB, that is?

Malaysiakini told us that yesterday when the deputy UMNO president visited Kedah UMNO, the state party wanted Najib to challenge AAB to assume the party presidency and by default, the PM position.

Some division leaders were also pissed off by royalties rejecting two MBs (for Perlis and Terengganu) proposed by the UMNO president, saying it was a sign of UMNO losing more than just seats in the election.

Interestingly, Mak Cik AaPee was with him, no doubt as the matriarch of Wanita UMNO but I saw her also as someone marginalised by AAB in the new cabinet line-up - not that we are complaining but it’s politically noteworthy. She would hardly have any love for the party’s president.

But the person I think we need to watch would be party VP Muhyiddin Yassin. If AAB goes, Muhyiddin might become No 2.

Also interesting had been the rumours that an erstwhile Jebat-ish Kedah UMNO having a recent change of heart or fealty when it proposed Muhkriz for the Youth No 1. Equally newsworthy was a Johari Baharum of Et Tu Brutus infamy at the meeting with Najib and the party top echelon.

UMNO Kedah’s other grouse was that election candidates were selected without consultation with division leaders. I can sense who they must be wanting to blame for his manipulating control in the party’s pre-election nominations.

Down south in Johor, they were more polite, euphemising their thumbs down to AAB with a Take a break, let Najib run the show ‘advice’.

Malaysiakini reported that Johor MB Abdul Ghani Othaman and 20 UMNO state division leaders asked AAB to go on leave to assuage many pissed off UMNO members. They wanted him to hand over his duties as party president and PM to Najib during this period. They didn’t vocally add on, “Don’t bother to come back.”

Najib has become a popular boy, hasn’t he ;-) to be proposed as the bloke to captain the UMNO ship - see, one doesn’t have to use that Malaysiakini’s favourite word ‘helm’ – ha ha ha!

All very nautical in our land of Laksamana Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and Hang Li Po.

Rats deserting a sinking SS Elegant Silence? BTW, ‘SS’ stands for ‘sinking ship’ ;-) and the bloke skippering Titanic is being made to walk the plank – kaytee has again avoided use of the word ‘helming’ ;-)

Being a conspiratorial theorist I wonder whether Dr M’s recent snub of Najib had been a warning shot across the bow (ahoy there, f* heave to or I’ll sink thee!), a sort of “last warning, my boy, I may be beholden to your dad, but I have to draw a line in the sand.”

Has that propelled Najib to trim his mast to catch the prevailing wind and sail with the tide?

Perhaps Najib senses his dreams of piloting (look ma, no ‘helm’) KD* Zigzag may be imperilled by a boarding party, to seize (no doubt) a floundering ship but nonetheless a ship laden with treasure, which could be used to rebuilt a brand new aircraft carrier DF Reformasi. BTW, DF stands for …….. ;-)

* Kiasu Datuk


  1. Najib will go down the sinking ship with Pak Lah, or only jump when it is too late....

    Pak Lah holds Najib's gonads in a cookie jar in his closet. All the delicious dope on the Mongolian Submarine saga.(does land-locked Mongolia have a submarine ?- go figure it out)

    For all his years of solid climbing up UMNO's ladder, Najib is very much "destroyable", and only has himself to blame for that.

  2. It will be awfully interesting to see Najib wriggle his way out of this one.
    Continue to plead allegience to AAB and not challenge AAB for prime spot, thereby confirming to the masses about the Mongolian/sub thingy OR challenge AAB and risk all his (mis)deeds exposed to all and sundry.
    We live in interesting times, indeed.

  3. if Najib takes over, more ammunition to attack UMNO, or shall i say C4 instead of ammunition ?

  4. Too much to condemn...just read

    Cheers, mate!!!

  5. I suspect many of the Kedah UMNO members not appointd candidates for the recent elections was because they were crooks and scums. Their only loyalty is to themselves and whoever "pays' them.

    It is right AAB "gave" Kedah to PAS. Better to have the honest blokes in PAS running the state than crooks ripping it empty!

  6. Najib will not inherit any seat and Badawi will not succumb to Mahatir. Mark my words. He will see Anwar taking over than accepting Mahatir's appendages taking over. No wonder the old fox is sleepless nights. Anyway, Haris Ibrahim asks if he sleeps nowdays or can sleep at that.

    Just wonder how you sleep at night, Dr. M?

  7. Aiyah, KT, when was the last time you went sailing ? And I don't mean that hit of the same name by Rod Steward. You landlubber !!

  8. ;-) I was in a sampan once, and had to swim back to shore when I lost the oars but I know how to fold origami sampan ke ke ke

  9. Sampan? That explains it.

    One trims the sails not the mast.

    Stay with the origami and the seas will be safer. Ke ke ke

  10. aiyah peter, just a writer's typo (speed typing mah, which was why I put mast instead of sail ;-) ) and u called me a landlubber, but sampan is good - you'll be surprise at what fun one can have in it, which may explain why I lost the oars ha ha ha