Thursday, April 10, 2008


A couple of readers have advised/warned me of anonymous long-ish comments, which are suspected of being nothing more than deliberate 'obstacles' to hamper convenient reading - apparently this tactic is typical of cybertroopers, including and especially those pro Israel's or pro Zionists'.

I notice this to be a fact eg in my post The difference between Tibet and Palestine, that whenever I post anything on the evils and cruelties of Israel, those Passover flies would be here instantaneously, to sabotage with doctoral-like theses.

Those genuinely wanting to share large tracts of information, even if against my views, are welcome to post short comments supplemented by links.

I will henceforth delete unreasonably long-ish comments. ;-)


  1. So typical of you to stifle the voice of those who don`t agree with you. You post a long essay with so many points, which in itself is so bloody long and difficult to read.

    Then you tell the commentors to be short. Why not your blog essays be short, then the comments will be short.

  2. when I say visitors' comments are long, I am referring to those that are bloody unreasonably long, even more than mine ;-). These would be those merely quoting other sources, and with even a few being nothing more than tangential arguments or non-thread topics.

    But visitors' comments being what they are, have to be of reasonable length, and where necessary with links.

    Alternatively, those given to long comments could open their own blogs.

    As this is my blog, I can be as long winded as I choose to be ha ha ha

  3. Hello Anonymous 6:50

    Just in case you have forgotten, this is Kaytee's Blog. He can writes anything and how long the article to be. Read at your own perils.

    Go kaytee Go. I may not agree to all that you've wrote but I enjoy reading them.

  4. True agreed it`s his blog. and he can write as he please. In fact that is the purpose, that even it be nonsense it is his right and this has be stronly upheld.

    But then he should also not say that "even if against my views". How many people really read all the comments anyway when they go to a blog? They read the blog and move on.

    Comments are made to create controversy to pularise a blog`s appeal.

    When you write long tracts, which are copies and not your own material, but pulled from other sources, it is only with intent to provoke the reader to comment, which in invites either agreement or rebuttal.

    But your right to delete what does not agree with you, or which irks you is also upheld strongly. Like you said you can write anything you want. Dailykos does the same.

    The next item is you need to clarify how short a comment should be. One word, two words, 100 words? that sort of thing.

  5. typo: `pularise a blog`s appeal` should have been `popularise a blog`s appeal` .

  6. The attitude of 'this is my blog I can do what I like"' seems to have caught on.

    Fine - no problem with that! Whatever U write only show U (grey matter) to the world.

    If one dare to write for the world to read then be prepared to face the firing squad.

    'If you don't like then don't read' is a real oxymoron. The proclaimer is THICK!

    Blogs, being presented on a public internet domain, can't be avoided. Even if the known blogger's write-ups can be idiotic, stereotyping, racial & offensive!

    All internet users known this as FACT.

    Reasonable censoring can't be avoided as real saboteurs are OUT THERE!

    It's only between the commentator & the blog owner to known the reason of been censored. But then there must be logical claims. Censoring because of contrary, or worst because of critique views as oppose to the blog owner, then this is just NOT ON!

    There are many bloggers OUT THERE doing such things!

  7. Famed anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan has been warned not to post any more at DailyKos, because of her challenges to the democratic wing of the oligarchy.

  8. WTF with all this anonymous? Google has already extent functionality that allow you to post with so call sign.

    What you need to do is just like me, enter a name, and a website URL, even a bogus one will do.

    Don't use the anonymous because the button is there, it means for ignorant people.

  9. Ktemoc's blog is a bit unique for Malaysian So-Po blogosphere where a majority (I think) of the commenters are constantly arguing against him, trying to "correct" his erroneous world view....hehehe.

    Yet they keep coming back every day for more Kaytee otak-otak .....kekekekekek..

  10. "Yet they keep coming back every day for more Kaytee otak-otak .....kekekekekek"

    :) Yo bro, you are right there, it must be the entertainment

  11. How about a post on this:

    The next UN investigator into Israeli conduct in the occupied territories has stood by comments comparing Israeli actions in Gaza to those of the Nazis.

  12. Well I agree with you Ktemoc...if anyone can't summarize their thoughts in short paragraphs then it is not worth reading it!!

  13. I'm with Ktemoc on this. Sometimes there are comments seem to stretch on and on to infinity, and I'd rather not wade through that.

    After all, that's why there is a difference between a post and a comment.

    Besides, there's a lot to be said about being succinct.

  14. Haiyah. Dont so killjoy lah. What is long and short? Just cos the longish ones counter your arguments? Whats the big deal? No-lah, it doesn't make it hard to read lah. People just erm, skip the long comments they don't want to read.

  15. Of course KT can blog anything he wishes but as long as comments are enabled, it becomes logical to expect contrarian views.


    There is no such thing as a Palestinian Arab nation.

    "The Philistines were not Arabs, they were not Semites. They had no connection ... with Arabia or Arabs."

  16. Anon cybertooper,

    I'm with KT, I don't think he made any attempt to stiffle your voice. After all, your comment was published wasn't it.

    Surfing the various blogs/internet media, I can't help noticing the existence of several group of cybertroopers. To name a few:

    (1) pro Zionist
    (2) pro Anwar
    (3) islamophobia, anti Islam
    (4) pro PKR
    (5) Malay Basher
    (6) .......

    These people, as KT have said, are ever ready with a doctoral like theses as responses, they are mostly very stereotype, typically trying to bring up similiar points.

    So KT, continue writing as you pleased.

  17. wits0 matey, disappointing to see you recommending a link that's related to

    ke ke ke - does this make you a pro Zionist hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha

    But on a serious note, that's the trouble with Israeli propaganda, trying to argue things in a tangential manner - there is no requirement for the Palestinians to claim they were descended from the Philistines - what for?

    The Arabs moved into that area 1200 years ago, and have been there in the millions since.

    By contrast, the Judeans moved out of Judea 2000 years ago in a movement called the 2nd Diaspora after they were massacred and chased away by the Romans, and took up residence all over Europe, but mainly in Lodz (biggest Jewish centre) and Warsaw in Poland, and Minsk in today's Belarus. They are by tenure Europeans, unaccepted by the other Europeans for whatever reasons, but nevertheless Europeans, not Middle Easterners like the Arabs including the Palestinians.

    Who is a Semite?

    According to the dictionary, it's "a member of any of various ancient and modern peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including the Akkadians, Canaanites, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabs."

    I am disappointed you have fallen victim to such low level Zionist propoganda. But don't worry, Mullah kaytee will look after you ;-)

  18. "The Arabs moved into that area 1200 years ago, and have been there in the millions since."

    Hearsay. Even koran don`t agree with you.

  19. `These people, as KT have said, are ever ready with a doctoral like theses as responses, they are mostly very stereotype, typically trying to bring up similiar points.` - billibong

    Yawwn. So does KT, and a `doctoral thesis` will draw a `doctoral response`. So go play with your billy if you got nothing new to contribute.

  20. Having said that, it looks like the writing is starting to appear on the wall now. The UMNO boys’ nuts are starting to drop into their scrotums after all. About this time, 11.00am on Friday, 11 April 2008 the Idiot Prime Minister would be meeting with UMNO Johor. Talk has been rife that UMNO Johor invited him over to tell Idiot to leave. However UMNO Johor has designed a face-saving device to ease the bastard out. They will ask him to go on leave first. They may even call it ‘Elegant Leave’. During his ‘Elegant Leave’ the Idiot may maintain an ‘elegant silence’. This may happen before April 30th. I think it’s time to upgrade the Reminder to a Warning for the Cabinet to resign and leave now.

    Meanwhile, my sources say that from since week the S-I-L has been really packing things up. Someone should watch that boy and confiscate his passport and freeze all his bank accounts. Don’t let him escape. Recall when Thaksin was kicked out of Thailand, a few plane-loads of cash left Bangkok for Helsinki or someplace. Have you all heard the story about the two metric tons of gold bars that were taken from Kuala Lumpur to London days before the General Elections? We Malaysians are such nice and gullible folks when it comes to others ripping us off.

  21. The Pakatan boys can also see the writing on the wall that Idiot’s days are numbered. It will be disastrous for Pakatan if Idiot is kicked out, UMNO reforms, a new PM who is more acceptable to all is brought in, etc. Hence the Manchurian Candidate says there will be no ‘vote of no confidence’ in Parliament against Idiot. Karpal is now scolding Mahathir and saying ‘Leave Idiot alone. Don’t harass him so much’.

    Obviously they don’t want Idiot to be kicked out now. This is simple main politik lah.

    If Idiot is kicked out it will be very difficult for the Manchurian Candidate to buy over the 32 BN MPs whom he has already identified, who are now being watched closely by the SB guys too.

  22. KT, old chap, there's no real need for the "Palestinian to actually claim to be descended from the Philistines because, for one, they can't pull that one out. But to claim for themselves the "Right of Return", is enough of a stunt - without according the same right to the displaced Jews from Arab countries by '48 denotes their absence of any moral highground and validity.

    The whole conflict isn't about land but actually is rooted in the blind doctrinal hatred and resentment for the sucesses of the Jews.

    Who occupies 99.9% of the land? The Baalestinians have been so lovely people that their own fellow Arabs can't tolerate 'em. Ask the Egyptians today and the Jordanians' experience with them in the seventies.

  23. wits0 matey, you seem to be the one insisting on the Palestinians claiming to be descended from Philistines - they haven't ;-). As I mentioned, why should they - after all they are Arabs.

    'Right of return' - even the Israelis have acknowledged those Palestinians were from places like Jaffa, but only that they won't let them return for fear of ethnic ratio changing.

    As for the displaced Jews, except for those still in Iran, most are happy to remain in Israel. I haven't read of any demanding right of return.

    Egyptians consider Egypt as their country, so do Jordanians Jordan, likewise Lebanese Lebanon, and thus Palestinians Palestine - OTOH, Israelis are mainly Europeans who belong for the last 2000 (save for a brief peirod of 60 years) in Europe. That's an undeniable fact!

  24. Nope, KT, old chap the "Palestinians" dare not claim to be Phillistines because they can't pull that on off because everyone knows that the Phillistines existed long before the Arabs came into being.

    There was never a time when there were not Jews and Jewish communities in Palestine/Israel in 2,000 years. The numbers fluctuated.

    "I haven't heard of any demanding right of return.."

    You must be kidding! Devious one, KT. Twisting and turning. As if any Jews who escaped the Arab countries prior to the '48 war would want to return there.

    "..and thus Palestinians".

    You are repeating the same old nonsense like a broken record, KT.

    There was/is no nation or state there called Palestine(it's just a name of a geographical area)....therefore no specifiable Palestinians ; these are only Arabs some of whom are decendents of those who fled Israel in the War of Independence because they were exhorted to do so by their Arab brothers from surrounding countries so that the later could annihilate the Jews more effectively(so they thought!).

    Fact is the original British Mandate for Palestine of April 24 1920 assigned to the Jewish homeland actually covers the entire geographical area of Palestine plus Trans-Jordan.

  25. wits0 matey - re 'rights of return' AGAIN you were the one who wrote: "But to claim for themselves the "Right of Return", is enough of a stunt - without according the same right to the displaced Jews from Arab countries by '48 ..."

    Did I read it correct that you mentioned " ... without according the same right to the displaced Jews from Arab countries by '48 ..."?

    Dear dear witsO, you must be related to Lloyd George - ha ha ha.

    George once said: "It seems strange to say that the Germans were the first to realise the war value of the Jews of the dispersal. In Poland it was they who helped the German Army to conquer the Czarist oppressor who had so cruelly persecuted their race. They had their influence in other lands - notably in America, where some of their most powerful leaders exerted a retarding influence on President Wilson's impulses in the direction of the Allies. ........ The German General Staff in 1916 urged the Turks to concede the demands of the Zionists in respect of Palestine. Fortunately the Turk was too stupid to understand or too sluggish to move. The fact that Britain at last opened her eyes to the opportunity afforded to the Allies to rally this powerful people to their side was attributable to the initiative, the assiduity and the fervour of one of the greatest Hebrews of all time: Dr. Chaim Weizmann. He found his opportunity in this War of Nations to advance the cause to which he had consecrated his life. Dr. Weizmann enlisted my adhesion to his ideals at a time when, at my reguest, he was successfully applying his scientific skill and imagination to save Britain from a real disaster over the failure of wood alcohol for the manufacture of cordite. In addition to the gratitude I felt for him for this service, he appealed to my deep reverence for the great men of his race who were the authors of the sublime literature upon which I was brought up [the OT Bible of course ;-)]. I introduced him to Mr. Balfour, who was won over completely by his charm, his persuasiveness and his intellectual power. ..."

    ke ke ke

  26. "No ally of Russia, in fact, could escape sharing that immediate and inevitable penalty for the long and savage Russian persecution of the Jewish race. In addition to this, the German General Staff, with their wide outlook on possibilities, urged, early in 1916, the advantages of promising Jewish restoration to Palestine under an arrangement

    {p. 726} to be made between Zionists and Turkey, backed by a German guarantee. The practical difficulties were considerable; the subject was perhaps dangerous to German relations with Turkey; and the German Government acted cautiously. But the scheme was by no means rejected or even shelved, and at any moment the Allies might have been forestalled in offering this supreme bid. In fact in September, 1917, the German Government were making very serious efforts to capture the Zionist Movement."

    ke ke ke

    btw, KT, if I'm related to George, you must be related to Arafart! :D

  27. ... shows the historical links between Germans and Jews, explaining why the Israelis today are like Nazis ;-) hahahahahahhaha

  28. It was Imam(Poison Well)Al Hussaini, the alleged uncle of Arafart and his infamous Bosnian Brigade who was closed to Hitler. Who are you trying to kid, KT?