Monday, April 28, 2008

AAB on Facebook

I spied AAB on Facebook, offering himself as a friend ;-)

Has Anwar been teaching him? hahahhahahahahahahahahaha

NO, I didn't ask to be his pal ... hahhahahahahahaa


  1. ha ha ha. AAB...he is Anwar's good luck charm. ha ha ha.

    ppl always say Anwar factor, Mahathir factor but maybe the Abdullah factor was what gave PR their wins...

  2. ;-) I believe it's the 30% swing by the Chinese and 35% swing by the Indians, but yes, AAB helped too, lots ;-)

  3. I just said Hi to him....must respect PM, lah...LOL...

  4. his son in law is also on facebook lah.

    the first VIP i get on facebook is lim kit siang - very real as he himself put it up on his blog his facebook profile.

    then about a month ago, khairy added me to facebook and about 2 weeks ago, badawi.

    wahhh!! got so many VVIP ministers as friends eh!!

  5. wah Lucia, hoe liao man ;-)