Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Government via backdoor breeds cronyism & corruption

When I read in Malaysiakini the usual Anwar Ibrahim’s claims of We have numbers to topple gov't, I have to confess (and you all would know anyway) that I frown with unease.

The election is already over, with the new Pakatan winning 82 and BN 140 parliamentary seats. So how will Anwar Ibrahim have the numbers to topple the government unless he (or at least his wife) has a considerable number of party hoppers from the BN to make up a majority in the Dewan Rakyat, which is at least 112 MPs? That calls for a minimum of 30 BN frogs.

In his celebration
rally 2 nights ago to mark the lifting of a legal bar to him holding political office because of his corruption sentence, he boasted: “Yes, we have enough MPs to topple the government. We are saying here for the first time that we are ready. But we will only enter when the majority is comfortable.”

Well, he has proclaimed he’s got the 30 party hoppers already, so why has he been still hesitant? He answered to eager acolytes: "When we take over we want to initiate the move. Do we want to be a government with a two- or five-seat majority?"

In other words he claimed to want a greater comfortable margin … perhaps like 2/3 majority ? ;-)

I am sure he is aware that when Parliament convenes for its new term, the BN will be tabling the anti-party hopping legislation. The BN, despite its lack of a 2/3 majority can be assured of the DAP and PAS support ….. well, at least some MPs like Karpal Singh and his son, and Pak Haji Nik Aziz who all have been repulsed by the low morality of such a scheme to gain power.

Noted political commentator, Khoo Kay Peng wrote in his blog about
Pakatan Rakyat or Anwar's Dreaming for Power?

He said (extracts including his replies to comments):

I would like to point out that such speculations about Pakatan Rakyat toppling the BN government through defections do not augur well for Malaysia.

The most important thing is for both coalitions to exercise the mandate given by the people and govern well. Malaysia needs to start showing foreign and local investors that we can work together to make this two party system works.

Any uncertainty created, such as calls to Abdullah to step down, is not going to be favourable to our economy. Investors, rightly advised by their fund managers, will adopt a wait-and-see attitude until there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Being objective, I can be quite naive politically to suggest that politicians should put national interests at the top priority. Ironically, politicians of all shades and leanings are hungry for power. Power defines politics.

Khoo prefers Anwar’s statement that the Pact should focus on making the new coalition work and stay cohesive. And of course the new 5 State governments have to perform to convince the people of another successive round of support in 2012.

But Khoo, like most non Muslims, is concerned about some PAS leaders talking about the eventual inescapability of Malaysia becoming an Islamic state. Khoo asked Anwar Ibrahim, who wants to be PM, on his stand on an Islamic state, on Hudud law, on the status of the constitution and on Malay rights.

Apart from those, Khoo queried Anwar’s contradictory stand in his support for Article 153 and his party's MEA. BTW, do you recall Anwar admonishing Hindraf not to kacau (question or raise the issue of) Article 153 when the latter was in full H-swing?

Khoo asked pointedly that if Anwar said the focus is on the bottom rung of the society and just distribution of wealth, why then should/would there be a need to maintain Article 153?

Khoo said what I had said earlier, Article 153 has been, is and will be the one apartheid-like legislation dividing Malaysians, embedding a sense of supremacy into a community and invoking a sense of marginalisation on the rest.

Unless Article 153 is dispensed with, and a real ‘needs basis’ national policy is developed as a genuine compassionate caring substitution for needy Malaysians, we might as well chuck out the bullsh*t (Khoo didn’t use this kayteemoc word) of Bangsa Malaysia.

Yes, unless Article 153 makes way for a non-apartheid-like affirmative action policy, some Malaysians will continue to have the perception that the Crown Prince of Kelantan has so pointedly reminded them of just a few days ago, that they were not or will their children be born equals.

Khoo accused Anwar of not being consistent. Of course Khoo said what kaytee has been saying all the while, and indeed for those devotees to check back statements Anwar made when he was in Abim and later UMNO Youth plus the many campaign speeches he made for UMNO during elections until 1995.

In fact kaytee has gone one step further and asked for his ministerial performances, not his version of them, to be evaluated.

Khoo said Anwar now sounds more moderate but he wants to see more results and not rhetoric. The proof of the pudding should be in the eating, and not just in the selling ad.

He concluded: We, voters, have given PR a chance but this mandate must not undermine the democratic process. Once the outcome is out, we cannot amend/change the results through the backdoors (party hopping). Such a practice will continue to breed cronyism and corruption.

No politician will jump ship without personal terms.

If PR can do well in the next 4-5 years, I will support them as the new government. Meanwhile, it is healthy to have a two-party system to promote check-and-balance.

And may I say ‘Amin’ to that.

To be continued ........ ;-)


  1. Government via backdoor breeds cronyism & corruption---

    If umno could do it to the PBS in 1985, why can't PR do it to umno in 2008? Anyway, who started it first?(Hint: A retired mamak who loves sodomy stories)

  2. Mahatma Gandhi“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. “

  3. dud, i support hudud law - those snatch thieves ought to have their hands chopped off to send out stern message. and the punishment must be swift too instead to wait 2-3 yrs due to trial ......

    malaysia is sick country, crime is so rampant, perhaps hudud is best solution for rempits.....

  4. A PR federal govt can't be any worse than the bunch of ******* we have now.

    I'ld be terribly dissapointed if come may, PR still havent made the moves to have wan azizah as the next PM....

  5. You mean Khoo Kay Peng, the Gerakan operative ?

    He does write some sensible stuff, But once in a while he has to write something to keep his political masters happy....

  6. Tweet tweet tweet polly wants a cracker.

  7. Even though I don't completely agree with Anwar's move to come to power by the back door, i.e induce defection from BN, sometimes I can't help but feel that Anwar is being forced into it. We must remember that the backdoor route to power is against the norms of democracy where elections are fought on a level playing field. But has the BN ever respected democracy? In the 50s the Alliance/BN have been in power, they have made a mockery of democracy, maintaining its facade but emptying its contents. Now all of us, including you KayTee, that UMNO is a sore loser. We are convinced that UMNO won't reform, but will look for new ways to fix all those who vote against BN. Haven't you noticed lately that UMNO is stoking up racial and religious hatred such as through the speech of the Kelantan Raja Muda calling on non-Malays not to question Malay special rights and demonstrating against the Selangor pig farm when they themselves were behind it in the first place. What UMNO wants is to create another May 13 or Ops lallang where it will on the pretext of cleaning up the mess, suspend democracy and impose emergency rule, only this time it will be much much worse than in 1969. Under such circumstances, it is imperative to finish off politically the UMNO/BN wounded tiger before it recovers to cause more mischief. I think many people won't mind Anwar forcing UMNO/BN into opposition by inducing defections from their ranks. Kick out UMNO/BN first to get rid of the wounded tiger which is sure to maul you bad when it recovers. Then we can talk about good governance later with a menace like UMNO kicked out of power. I am thus for Anwar getting power through the back door as I think this is justifiable considering the dangers posed by UMNO.

  8. `Amin` hahahaahaha:

    This time around, Umno got 78, PKR 31, PAS 23, and Sarawak was almost a clean sweep. This means the ‘Malay’ seats actually increased in 2008 over 2004 and 1999, which also means it was the non-Malays who suffered while the Malays gained ground.

  9. what is the preocupation of the Islamic state? Dr M already declared we are one a few years back. then Pak Lah came out with his own brand of Islam.

    Currently even if it isn't stated in the constitution, we are in spirit. Cases of body snatching, temples being demolished, the talibanisation of our national schools... people should focus on these issues here and now instead of what could be in the future or are we being misdirected again by the government of the day

  10. It is most disturbing while most Malaysians are calling themselves first as Malaysians, there are still those in UMNO and PAS who prefer to call themselves first as Malays. The Perkatan Rakyat politicians must use their power judiciously. They must show the UMNO politicians that power is to be used as a tool for the better of the rakyat and not for accumulating personal wealth!

    It is discomforting to note that Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang are alleged to be opened to discussion with UMNO on this issue. Anwar Ibrahim seems to be pretty confident of being able to contain the excesses of the people from DAP and PAS, he should now come out and confront this affront committed against the Malaysian Race!

    It is detrimental for the Malaysian nation, that UMNO, the UMNO-controlled newspapers and the UMNO-affiliated NGOs are working in concert to create fears in the Malays. They are exploiting this to perpetuate their own power base. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP, what are they doing. Aren't they aware of this going on? What are they waiting for? Or do they want to continue to push for communal politics - can't they see the irrelevance of this, anymore? Don't they want to be equal partners in the PR, why do they still want to play 'second fiddles' to a racist party!

    MCA, MIC, why are they not using the papers in their stable and those NGOs affiliated to them to resist this unhealthy trend? There is not even a squeak from any of them. Don't they want equality for all the races?

    Even a vice president of UMNO (Muhyiddin Yassin) is alleged to come out to urge the Malays to reunited for Malay supremacy. What are the other BN component parties doing? Don't they care for Malaysian Supremacy? They should come out and be counted! Tell, yes, they should tell the rakyat, supremacy of Malaysians is of utmost importance and they are prepared to stand together to make it a reality!

  11. Kittykat: "He does write some sensible stuff, But once in a while he has to write something to keep his political masters happy...."

    The professor actually attempts to stupify us so as to do his fulfill his mandatory bodekism.

    Sorry, I don't think much of him for that. He should have just STFU and kept a cleaner soul.

  12. KT

    Get real KT. The way things are going whta the country needs now is Anwar to take over immediately. Your support for an altruistic and holistic metamorphosis towards a new government is premised on certain assumptions. Please go and examine those assumptions. Ask yourself how valid those assumptions are.

  13. Dear Freedom Fighters, both Online & Offline...

    I have been supporting the boycott the newspapers initiative for sometime & I have done my push & pull marketing rather we'll around my circle of family, friends & contacts. A few have stopped buying, some don't already. A lot whom still want to purchase the papers, I passed on the info - which was the worst in all mediums & urged them to switch to the least worst. For English papers, the worst was the The Star (Spinning & BN coverage). Data can be found on the People's Parliament.

    Now, the story. I have noticed that some, are still purchasing the newspapers, especially "The Star" every now & then, especially on Saturday's for... "The Recruitment Section!"

    So, I urge all those whom support this cause to pass the word. Only get your recruitment information online. Do not purchase the msm & even browse through it.

    PR & others (mid-long term effort), get more beginner computer classes up. Teaching people to use the comp, get the news, browse & apply for jobs, using the email, etc. Keep the fees very low, give it free to the very poor, catch the young, educate! PR, set up a IT centre in the poor areas, with news printed out & pasted there regularly. Put up a few PCs with internet connections for the poor to share & use for free during office hours.

    Check out MT article "My Version of the Truth" by RPK, for some related info.

    Thanks, please pass the word!

  14. wits0 and kitty
    methink you got the wrong person. this khoo kay peng is not the professor you thought so.

    this khoo kay peng is a young man who is a political analyst (met him before at the bangsa malaysia forum in penang). he blogs at:

  15. Lucia,
    I did get the right person, and he IS a Gerakan operative.

    Guess who pays his salary....

    He is "allowed" to be relatively independent, as I said , he does write some sensible stuff.
    Some UMNO operatives are allowed that relative freedom too.

    But like anyone who serves a political master, they have to follow the party line at times, and this write-up is such a clear case.

  16. Ooops, Lucia, got mixed up with that professor emeritus Khoo Kay Kim(KKK, one who's known for saying PC things too.

  17. kk46, How would you recommend that I treat the credibility of articles by PKR members who write in Malaysiakini, people like Kim Quek, Nat Tan, and company ;-)

  18. I'm well aware Ktemoc doesn't treat writing by Kim Quek and Nat Tan as credible.

    I'm just asking Kaytee to be consistent both ways
    (unless...unless , shock...horror...Kaytee is also merely serving some sort of BN-ish political master)

  19. KT is right. Kim Quek's so called "political analyses" are mostly over-hyped b******t.

    All kinds of concoctions conjured up to give the image of being clever. If Westerners reads his pieces, I am sure they will call it rubblish too!

    Nat Tan however, is a different kettle of fish. He is in a class of his own. His English and thinking is impeccable, if not admirable but he is extremely circumspect and cautious to the point of saying nothing in the end! Perhaps the visit by the running -dogs Police of some over-bearing UMNO politician, has something to do with that.

    As for KT, I look for the old days when his articles and info were so much more impartial and professionally written, and enlightening too. I have no doubt LKY was referring to his articles when he lauded certain writers as producing interesting and sound analysis on Malaysian political happenings.

    Last but not least, writing this piece doesn't mean writing off the writers!