Monday, April 21, 2008

Dr Adonis

Over the weekend I spent time with a few friends at the beach - we drank, ate and even did a bit of fishing despite the none-too-flash weather. But wetting the whiskers made up for a wet weekend.

During the chilling drizzle, we invariably ended up talking samkok, with the conversation drifting into Malaysian politics. The strangest thing happened when we came to the subject of the controversial 1988 judicial event.

The views, opinions and indeed arguments were coming furiously from all directions, more so after we had a few drinks under our belt. When it came to Dr M and his alleged involvement, I have to say he received in equal portions support, vile remarks and neutral commentaries, until one 30-year old Chinese sweetie suddenly caught all of us by surprise with her comment coming in from the left field.

She said: "Mahathir has been the most handsome politician in Malaysia!"

All of us were rendered speechless for long seconds until one woke up from the effect of her stunning remark by asking (in retrospect, rather stupidly), "Come again?", whereby sweetie repeated her eye-preciation of our Doctor Adonis and added, "Even today there isn't one politician as handsome as he is!"

No one knew what to say after that, and this time long minutes went by - but kaytee eventually came to the rescue by popping open another bottle of sparkling shiraz. That broke the ice and sweetie then copped it real sweet from the doctor's detractors.



  1. The 1998 campaign by Mahafiraun to destroy the independence of the judiciary is absolutely one of the most damaging actions he took against the future of the country.
    The damage continues to grow today, 20 years later.

    If you can think conceptually, the independence of the judiciary as separate and equal to the Federal Executive is one of the key safeguards against the tyranny of the majority.

    If a person has been wronged by government actions, what chances has he got to get redress against the massive Federal government machinery, if the judges are merely beholden to the Executive ?

    For a brief moment last week, I had hopes that we could begin to reverse the damage. But the subsequent spin by Najib "No Apology" has made me realise it just another public relations exercise to try to neutralise PR's momentum.

  2. haha,, charming.

  3. Take it easy, some girl love elder and powerful man. ;)

  4. I agree with Kaytee's sweetie - physically, Tun Dr M is a fine looking gentleman.

    Politically - I would think he's gutsy ("kan chok kan tang") in Mandarin I think it means got balls lah.

    Of course, by being gutsy and ballsy - one has got to be vicious, unfeeling etc to achieve one's goals (after all, God says God help those who help themselves) so, in the end many people and policies and people are trampled lor.

    But, that is also because the rakyats and the people around him allows him to do it - with time, he thinks it has become his God damn right, RIGHT?

    Oops... sorry, this comment was suppose to touch on his looks and nothing else.

  5. Azleena Lesboshita10:02 am, April 22, 2008

    Ah, yes, the pitbull is also a very handsome animal. ;-)

  6. Azleena Lesboshita10:13 am, April 22, 2008

    By the way, TheStar yesterday reported that the Mahafiraun opined that someone whom he once anointed he now considers as unfit as prime ministerial material because this someone lacked "balls". Of course, he didn't use such a crude word ... reportedly the word he used was "penakut" (coward).

    Now, that's an opinion many Malaysians can agree with!

  7. Snakes are lovely creatures also.

  8. Some people think of scorpion as beautiful and some think of it as ugly.... But all agree that it is a dangerous creature.... you never know what stings you until too late.

  9. She said: "Mahathir has been the most handsome politician in Malaysia!"... "Even today there isn't one politician as handsome as he is!"


    May be that was one reason, in the past, women were not allowed to vote.
    Their voting right is represented by their husbands' vote.

    I believe it is a good thing: the head of the family represent that family and cast ONE vote for that one family.

    Men tend to vote on issues and principles in politics.

  10. Good to see you enjoyed your weekend :)