Sunday, April 27, 2008

Azmin Ali wearing off his own credibility

Two and one-half weeks ago Malaysiakini published the news that Azmin Ali, Anwar Ibrahim’s right hand man, declared BN MPs ready to cross.

And not only that, Azmin Ali claimed: “It was out of our expectation. We only need 30 more seats, but the response is so overwhelming now, 30 seats are the minimum (we can get).”

… to which I exclaimed in my post Why the froggie volte-face on reformasi: “Holy Gurun – kurang kurang tiga puluh katak!”

However, when pressed for details, Azmin Ali was coy about which party those katak-puru are from. Instead he said that PKR will make further announcement at a right time.

Now bear this in mind, Azmin Ali had declared there were more than the minimum 30 BN MPs required who were prepared to jump ship.

Then Anwar Ibrahim said subsequently that he wasn’t in a rush as he wants more than a majority of two or three before he takes over the government. I blogged on this in What are the odds for PM-wannabe Anwar Ibrahim?

I found Anwar’s 'man man lai' (slow & steady) approach to be illogical for a variety of reasons, which I enumerated in that post. I had also agreed with PBS deputy president Dr Maximus Ongkili’s accusation of
Anwar wanting to destabilise the Government by the latter’s repetitive claims of having the numbers to form a majority government

I wrote that I believed Anwar had been hopeful that by beating the BN bush to startle the partridges, they may panic and fly out, metamorphosing into frogs, and hopefully with a snowballing effect.

Lots of ‘hopeful’ aspirations.

Yesterday Malaysiakini reported Azmin Ali reiterating his earlier boast. He was responding to political analysts, Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh, who
argued that Anwar’s claim was more of an astute strategic bluff to increase the internal disunity within the BN parties - basically agreeing with kaytee.

Azmin said his de facto leader wasn’t bluffing. Azmin claimed to actually have the 'facts and figures', that is, the necessary numbers the de facto leader requires to form the next federal government by Sept 16 this year.

But when asked on the ‘facts and figures’ to back his claim, Azmin switched to his coy mode by replying meaninglessly: “As you are aware, we need a minimum 30 more seats (to get the simple majority), so we work along that basis.”

... signalling he probably has buggerall so-called 'facts and figures'. I am going to vote him top tap dancer of the world.

Look at the following Azmin Ali’s claims:

(1) "Based on facts and figures", but then f* all to show

(2) "The response is so overwhelming now, 30 seats are the minimum", but then, Anwar needs more than a majority of 2 to 3. Why wait until the majority is more than two to three, unless you have no majority in the first place.

It's better if Azmin Ali ceases from undermining his own crediility at such an early stage of the PKR's post election euphoria. You won't catch Lim Guan Eng bullsh*tting in such a blatant way - but then of course poor Lim Guan Eng has more discerning DAP members to deal with ;-)


  1. Ktemoc, you are a pathetic creature. Just leave Azmin Ali alone. At least, he is echoing what his boss had said. And what is wrong with that? Look at the MSM news everday, and you will find those UMNO Ministers are doing the same thing.

  2. Yes, K Temoc why should Azmin give fact and figures now.This is politics mah, if it happens it happens la. Anyway Anwar has a little problem to solve first ie. convince some Malays that he has their interests at heart and not selling out to the non-malays. in the meantime let UMNO implode la,what is the rush. When you are in a state of panic you make bad decisions and UMNO is in such state now.

  3. Lim Guan End is of different class (or for the matter Koh Tsu Koon). Azmin Ali is certainly not one. PKR have very few of them.

  4. Ku Li warns: Possible for Pakatan Rakyat to form federal govt

    Ah, so that's why all the UMNO blog operatives have been directed focus full attention to generate unease against Anwar.

    I'm afraid its not very effective so far.

    Work Harder, OK ?

  5. poor kk46, you used to be such a level headed constructive critic - while I might have disagreed with you, I respected and enjoyed your contributions. Now you are lashing out with your wild off-the-mark accusations which I find rather sad. I suppose the thing that could be said in favour of Anwar is that indeed he has the skills to inspire his people to "dedicated ends" ;-)

  6. `..which I find rather sad`

    That is playing victimhood. Just rebut kitty punya argument lah. Apa pasal `sad` lah, ini lah, itu lah.

    It only make kitty argument stronger.

  7. As the temperature rises, the fragrance of the ostrich farms becomes audible.

  8. Well, despite the Pakatan Rakyat, we can say that only PKR is going all out for it to form the government. You've got to hand it to the man, AI, he was that close in the 90s. Now that he's got a second shot at it, I'm sure he'll not screw it up. But PKR alone will not be able to do it without the seasoned DAP and PAS leaders. Even then, only Anwar alone has been inside the system and, good or bad, knows how the country operates at the cabinet level.

  9. Just thinking aloud...just can't help making some....deductions...based on the what I can read in Ktemoc's blog....

    Remarkably similar to certain blogs of...err...obvious affiliations...

  10. Avian species of similar plumage have a tendency to aggregate in certain analogous patterns...

  11. ;-) how stronger? The pseudo-rebuttals of kittykat and his ilk have been so pathetically wild and typically anwarista-ish - meaning they lashed out blindly and intolerantly at anyone criticising AI as if that bloke who offers himself as an alternative PM cannot be criticised, as if he is a sacred Messiah who brings salvation for mankind ;-)

    And anyone who criticises their icon & most beloved leader, must be in the pay of UMNO or the BN - this has been precisely what makes kittykat's more recent comments 'sad' - he's running out of decent rebuttals and taking to branding anyone who dares criticise Anwar as in the pay of UMNO. Well, bib, listen and you may learn someone new, not everyone like you is enamoured of or loves Anwar ;-).

  12. Long live Najib, next PM.
    Thank you uncle KT, MCA will be back. Keep up the good work.

  13. NAJis de first PM to stand trial for murder!



  14. In the wake of the recent controversial land deal implicating the MCA secretary-general Ong Ka Chuan in Pasir Pinji, Perak, another controversy of similar nature has emerged, involving a land deal in Klang which implicates another top party official.

    This time, the party’s treasurer general Lau Yin Pin has been challenged by a party divisional chairperson over a “false declaration” allegedly made over a land purchase application in Klang, Selangor.

  15. Even the blind can `see`:

    It looks as though the BN government has still not learnt it's lesson even after having been defeated by the opposition parties in 5 states. The federal government is now trying to punish the pakatan rakyat into submission by withholding funds to these five states and by not co-operating in tourism and more recently trying to sabotage the 2nd bridge and monorail projects. It is my contention that the vindictive BN government is trying to frustrate the pakatan rakyat parties by starving them of funds so as to cause displeasure among the citizens of the 5 states governed by the opposition with the hope that the governments in these 5 states would fall.

  16. Eh KT,
    this is politics. no one has to reveal their hands. all is fair in luv & war & politics.

    Look at the way BN women tansfer all their members funds from bakti without audit compliance. Did i see you complained?

    Malaysia truly bolih.