Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Land beneath the Frogs

Star - Sabahans call Jeffrey Kitingan a 'traitor' for helping BN form state govt (extracts):

KOTA KINABALU: A group of Sabahans, who are denouncing Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan's decision to throw his support behind Sabah Barisan Nasional, converged in front of Padang Merdeka here.

Following Dr Jeffrey's declaration of support, Sabah Barisan is claiming it has got the simple majority of 31 seats and caretaker Chief Minister Tan Sri Musa Aman is asking to be sworn in immediately.

Dr Jeffrey is president of Sabah STAR, which has two seats, and has pledged support for Sabah Barisan.

Meanwhile five assemblyman with Upko stayed put with Musa, minutes after Upko acting president Datuk Wilfred Tangau announced the party was leaving Barisan.

Many Sabahans have voiced their discontent with Dr Jeffrey, with many branding him a 'traitor'.

Sabah artist Yee I-Lann claimed Dr Jeffrey, who is the Keningau MP and Tambunan assemblyman, had betrayed not only his voters, but also all Sabahans.

someone's poster may now be 'borrowed'


"Of all people, he should know and understand better the Sabahan sentiment. What he did made us lose faith in our leaders.

"He betrayed the people and it's going to happen over and over again until we stand up to despicable leaders," she said at the gathering on Thursday.

Jeffrey Kitingan

Now, what did I say about Sabahan politicians in my post The morning after GE14?

Wakakaka, I wrote: Given the above results I reckon PH with its simple majority of 113 seats will be safe for a while, maybe for at least 3 to 6 months. PH does not need to rely on the Independent to make up the numbers, nor should it ever. The Sabah MPs have been notoriously fickle-minded and thus not reliable allies, though they might be good only for short term purposes.


Sabah is referred to as 'The Land beneath the Wind', but it may also be called:

'The Land beneath the Frogs', wakakaka, such has been the notoriety of its politicians' proclivity.


  1. I read that PH offered Jeffrey Kitingan the Deputy Prime Minister postion at Putrajaya for him to support Warisan and 5 Upko assemblyman to form the government but he declined.

  2. Next article might just be "Land Before Secession". Hohohoho!

    But looking at the opportunity presented now, and how badly they're treated during his 1st round of dictatorship, they might stand a better chance of survival on their own and prospering together via their oil reserves coupled with Brunei's.

    Such an exciting future, won't you say KT?

    1. 1. everyone believes he (or she) can do better managing his own resources - basically human beings are selfish and territorial, not wanting to share but only wanting peninsular blood spilled for them, like in Confrontation and Lahad Datu

      2. sabahans and sarawakians look at singapore and want the same, thinking they can do it if they leave malaysia

    2. if sabah secedes i wonder whether we have the military and civilian admin forces to neutralise that

    3. Didn't u just mentioned that Sabah only wanting peninsular blood spilled for them, like in Confrontation and Lahad Datu?

      Ain't this meaning the already heavy presence of the peninsula military in Sabah?

      They r also the anecdote for the fear of secession!

      Furthermore, with the bn-ised kataks, used to the ketuanan like civilian admin training, croaking all over Sabah, neutralizing these kayaks r a given!

      Sabah military forces r so useless, such that the Nons were counting on them to be impartial on patrolling duties during the infamous May13 in peninsula!

      U ALWAYS have a bigoted view about Sabah military forces!

    4. 1. Simplistic but who can blame them? During Mahathir's time, he effectively robbed their resources for his mega projects and endless bailouts. If you were previously robbed by that person, will you be so open to him again? Besides, why settle for 20% when they can have 100%?

      As for spilled blood, it goes both ways whereby during the Emergencies, East Malaysian soldiers were the jungle experts and made their sacrifices in Peninsular, so its fair-fair to all. Let's just not split hairs and go it that, okay?

      2. Rather than looking at Singapore, they might instead be looking at how things are done at Brunei. Hedging their vast oil resource to peg Borneoan currency to the USD will reduce external influences as what happened to RM.

      3. As I understand, both have autonomy on their civil admin. But looking at Lahad Datu & Sepanggar results, I wager the ATM folks there are Pakatan friendly and will follow central instructions to "keep it in the family".

    5. Let say "that's that 22 years" but what happen in NR's 10 years? Business as usual! You only selectively condemning one and not the other!

      Worse still you behave like an ostrich, buat ta' tahu aje. While one rob to carry out personal egoistic projects which were wrongly believed to benefit the country and rakyat the other found "deposited in a personal bank account which he even admitted!" lagi worse you pretend to be naive (actually is without maruah) to believe that's a donation. Wakakaka............

    6. Who's the ostrich now? Is the Pan Borneo Highway not benefitting the Borneoan rakyat? Somemore without toll?

      And pray do tell how does continually bailing out Proton, Megasteel, Perwaja, Sapura, MISC, MAS, Sepang F1, and so many others linked to his cronies & family, benefits the country?

    7. This is not a contest of NR is cleaner or not than mamak, just answer the question, you really believe the money was donation?

      If you want to count the list of failed "projects" of old, don't forget about the submarines ler!

    8. Put it this way, if the donor had admitted that they did donate it, what more can I say?

      Submarines? Failed? How so?

    9. Submarine over-priced with kick-back someone got charged by the French government, also which cannot submerge made Malaysia a laughing stock. Why the pretence, as if you don't know or just simply refuse to accept the truth. Believing the fake donation story, what a joke, just as fake as you John Hasan? Or were you born yesterday?

    10. Fake? You don't just simply get a foreign affairs minister of another country to said that, you know? Then let me ask you this. What proof do you have that its fake?

      It wasn't overpriced since the costs included a trainer sub and full expenses for 1 years training to both sub crews and the price include their weapons as well. As for unable to submerge, it was submerged for parts of its trip back home and only failed subsequently which deemed to be a part malfunction that's repaired under warranty. LGE confirmed that it can submerge after that. It is a machine after all, so if your brand new car breaksdown, do you put blame on the car or the maker of the vehicle? Do you call your brand new car a failure because of that?

  3. Jeffrey claims Sabah BN will pull out of BN altogether. This makes sense, considering the disintegration that is about to take place, starting with Najib’s resignation as UMNO party president and the possible deregistration of the party altogether by ROS. Sabah BN will be wise to pull out before the shit starts flying. That means another 10 seats loss to BN.

  4. Methink, the political game in Sabah has only just started. Besides Upko in BN Sabah there's also PBS, PBRS, LDP etc.


  5. i dun quite understand how sabah can solve a hung assembly without frogging.

    next is what can the rakyat do to ensure there is check and balance in penang, kelantan n terengganu?


    It finally did happened. But wait, didn't Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau katak'ed to Warisan which makes both sides having 30-30 each? Or did he katak'ed back to BN?

    In conclusion, now both Sabah & Sarawak can look forward to their Endless Possibility future. Hohohoho!

    1. Wilfred Madius Tangau wanted to leave BN but 5 of his men refused - what to do

    2. Time will tell la. You should talk about australian mps who carried dual citizenship who only resigned after relenting pressure.

      So chao cheebye kaytee got dual citizhenship? Wanna come to msia, show me your fucking ic

    3. Kaytee is truly najib supporter.....till the last bunker when jibby may shoot himself, kaytee still supporting najib

      I am waiting kaytee to disembowel....i can help. I can help

    4. I know you've never forgiven me since I castrated you years ago - is it too late to say sorry?

    5. Mahathir's dedak is more potent it seems.