Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mahathir is 7th PM of Malaysia

FMT - Official: Dr Mahathir is back as 7th PM (extracts):

impressive family

 father is 4th & 7th PM Malaysia, son was & will be MB Kedah

KUALA LUMPUR: Dr Mahathir Mohamad completed a remarkable comeback to the national stage this evening, being sworn-in as Malaysia’s seventh prime minister at Istana Negara. The ceremony ended a day of political uncertainty and tension after the Barisan Nasional were swept from power in yesterday’s general election.

The Pakatan Harapan chairman took his oath of office before the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Muhammad V.

The leaders of the four Pakatan Harapan component parties – PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, PPBM president Muhyiddin Yassin and Amanah president Mohamad Sabu – as well as PH MPs and senior government officials, including Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa, were in attendance. [...]

The Constitution grants the Yang di-Pertuan Agong discretion in choosing anyone of the Dewan Rakyat members who in the opinion of the King commanded the confidence of the house.

It is believed that an invitation had been extended to Wan Azizah, president of PKR, to consider being appointed, as all Pakatan Harapan candidates, including Mahathir, had contested the elections on a PKR ticket, using the PKR flag as their common symbol.

However, Mahathir pointed out that the coalition had named him as their nominee, and that the Constitution did not state that the position should be offered to the leader of a party.

Thank goodness, at long last Mahathir has been installed as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Many have been blamed, accused and cursed for the delay, which I understood have been caused by the requirements of the Constitution and its various interpretations. But then, facts are known to be inconvenient for wanna-anarchists and Hell-Hounds.

But anyway, the delays have been because we Malaysians are, for the first time in our nation's 61 years history, experiencing the FIRST ever transference of powers between an outgoing PM of one party-coalition and a new incoming PM of another party-coalition by the grace of HM the Yang Dipertuan Agong.

dei aneh, after you, me okay?dei tambee, melayu mudah pekat lah 

Previously the transference of power between PMs such as the one we just had, were principally between people of the same political party ('coalition' were then irrelevant as only UMNO was involved), and thus smooth flowing and without delays and questions or doubts about proper procedures.

Through the procedures should be the same, they weren't quite so because previously, the outgoing PM actually recommended to HM the Agong who the incoming PM should/would be.

The current one we just experienced was up to HM to accept the suitability and credibility of the incoming PM-to-be. The outgoing PM plays no role -0 in fcat he would be most unwelcome.

The equation has been made more complex when the incoming PM isn't the leader of the party with the most number of parliamentary representatives elected.

HM the Agong has to be confident of the PM-to-be as well as assured the leader of the party with the most number of parliamentary representatives elected, wasn't chong-ed a la ... er ... something perhaps akin to the original Adorna case (in 2000).

Though said Adorna case involved fraudulent but court-sanctioned misappropriation of land, my amateurish averred equivalency to it is also about HM Agong ascertaining 'ownership' of (not land but) the constitutional right to be PM.

Indeed it is about ensuring the leader of the party with the most number of parliamentary representatives elected is aware of and consents to someone becoming the PM in her place.

Note: the 'erroneous' precedent of the original Adorna case has since 2010 been reversed by the Federal Court.

The Star Online reported:

Istana Negara confirmed that it had received a letter from Pakatan Harapan component party leaders at 1.38 pm on Thursday (May 10), supporting the appointment of Dr Mahathir as Malaysia's seventh Prime Minister.

The Istana also received the official results from the Election Commission at 2.45 pm the same day.

Sultan Muhammad had met with PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, and Parti Amanah Negara president Mohamad Sabu at 5pm after he verified the documents.

"His Majesty, after having interviewed them and listened to their views, decided to invite Tun Dr Mahathir to form the next Federal Government pursuant to Article 43(2a) of the Federal Constitution."

berapa? 30? OK 

My relief that Mahathir has finally being sworn in as the nation's 7th PM is also about stopping the relentless conspiracy theories from being circulated recklessly a la wildfire - conspiracy theories that suggested the installation of Mahathir as PM was deliberately delayed by the outgoing PM who needed time to buy 'frogs' a la 916, a stratagem made 'famous' by Anwar Ibrahim and backed whole-heartedly by his party and supporters.

Some could buy (30) frogs, some can't, wakakaka.

I was wondering when before those agitated and frenzied Hell-Hounds would storm the Palace a la the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789.


In the old days, my Uncs informed me, the Tunku and Razak governments had an anti khabar angin law against irresponsible and maliciously mischievous people causing unrest through their bullshit during the Emergency and Confrontation days, maybe something equivalent to today's 'Fake News' laws which I believe the 7th Mahathir Administration will be removing.

Anyway, I hope PH and its supporters are now pleased and appeased that their icon has been installed as the PM.

we are back, and so will the good olde days 


  1. And thus the witchhunts, the sham trials, and Mahathir's Reign of Terror begun.

    1. Yup...Reign of Terror begun !

      Barely 48 hours after gaining victory, Nurrul Izzah announced that the Printing Press Act and other sekat mulut rakyat acts akan di hapus and she said this Harapan government welcomes fair criticism and all such laws will be repealed. Welcome to the Reign of Terror was broached that the Universities Acts and other Acts Acts pun akan di that the witch hunts and sham trials will begin

    2. Why yes. They will be re-looking (read: influencing) court cases against them, a round of pardons on those who were convicted, a promise to stack the civil servants & Armed Forces with those more "compliant" to the new regime, promises to jail a certain person even before charges were upheld, muzzling of opposition bloggers & dissidents by their zombies.

      Oh yeah, a Reign of Terror indeed. What say you, Robespierre?

  2. ec oso state the best reason of their delay to pronounce ph the winner, do u believe them?

    1. I believe there are protocols & decorum when going up to meet with the DYMM. He's not just any Sultan, you know.

    2. Bullshit la! Just like that cheebye kaytee

    3. When the Sultan of Johor posted his YouTube video yesterday afternoon, it was confirmation that there were Evil maneuverings in the background to warp the election results.

      The Sultan said
      a. The People have spoken through the Ballot Box
      b. The Will of the People must be respected.
      c. The new Prime Minister MUST be appointed ... TODAY .

    4. hope u r right, i just worry someone have an axe to grind, the ferrari, the coronation, the return of title ......not trying to say who is right or wrong, its could be a never ending war.

    5. These blue bloods can see the writing on the wall. Though some of them need reminders!

      The big crowds gathering at the PutraJaya on election nite is a given.

      The moods of the rakyat, all races, have clearly displayed outwardly even with the use of the water cannons!

      If the proper democratic procedure is been twisted otherwise, the consequences r dire!

      There might not be a single monarchy left to be supported by the rakyat if the decision goes the other way.

  3. Assuming the 16 UMNO members who sued ROS for granting permission to UMNO to delay party elections proceed with their case and are successful, UMNO may be declared an illegal party. That of course would be the final thrust of the keris into the heart, not to mention BN as a coalition, since the illegal UMNO/BN president also signed the surat watikah for MCA, MIC. Gerakan etc. Does that mean, however, that all BN winning candidates would then lose their seats to the next highest vote-getter or that GE14 itself, all of it, be declared null and void? I suspect the new Pakatan government (have to get used to calling them this) may not have this court case high on their priority list but there are other people, some within UMNO itself, who want to settle scores.

    1. "... Does that mean, however, that all BN winning candidates would then lose their seats .."

      The Westminster style of parliament elects an MP to represent a constituency, not a party. Therefore, his association with a party is only relevant in the voters' eyes and not the political system.

  4. Almost Marcos-like this demonstration of people-power, albeit on a smaller scale. I wonder if there will be a roomful of shoes and handbags for public display ala-Imelda?

  5. If TDM plays his cards right this time round the rakyat will probably forgive, alright forgive is too strong a word, overlook his past mis-deeds during his first tenure as PM. They will put all the blame for his past mistakes on Najib or BN in general. So TDM has a golden chance to redeem himself and his reputation.

    But please, don't build that crooked bridge OK?

    1. That was his baby before he lift, why wouldn't he finish the job now that he's back at the helm?

    2. Tak perlu cakap banyak banyak now la...just watch the new government go about cleaning house first. Then only talk. To save you from malu kan sendiri later on.

  6. Spare a thought, not for too long just a nano-second, for the sole MCA parliamentarian (Wee Ka Siong) and the two from MIC. Gerakan didn't win a single seat. How the tables have turned, from the days DAP, PAS and others were the mosquito parties under the total dominance of BN.

  7. Your are happy with "..... about stopping the relentless conspiracy theories ......." yet you started another ct "father is 4th & 7th PM Malaysia, son was & will be ......." Okay lah you didn't write that but it was just a flash in your heart" Sorry, sorry, wakakakaka.......

    1. Kaytee talking truth......hahahahaha...what a cheebye bullshit!

      Stop talking so much. Kaytee....your ic, documents and us now.

      Show us your cheebye facts

    2. Kaytee cheebye facts are fake news

  8. Nostradamus Quatrains on ‘Malaysie’

    In the year of the great games started by the Greeks
    Hosted by the nation of heavenly emperors of times before
    In a land called Malaysie
    Great turbulence and strife engulf

    A land where a Genghis Khan’s Descendant was shred to bits
    Blown by the winds to the heavenly clouds
    Where the accused are finally crowned
    Amid great trepidation and acrimony

    Then arose among men of honor
    A man of the faith of Mohammedans
    Kings and Rulers let him reign
    And a new nation was born

    Great leaders bring forth divination and revelations
    A land of many tribes divided was thus united
    The color of men was blurred and lost
    By great competition to give their best

    Herein lies the destiny of men
    Who showed the meaning of democracy and humanity
    Religions and languages flourishes as times before
    A land as peaceful as Shangri La

    Malaysie, a stopping point of travelers must see
    Back to the days of great Sultans and Rajas
    Nations and men afar come to seek their wealth
    Knowledge, trade and life flourishes as before

  9. A classic example of 'harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi'.

    PH + WARISAN + Parabakaran = 49.87%
    UMNO/BN - 36.42%
    PAS + Other Independents = 13.71%

    It appears there are many Malays who have a 'dagger in one hand and a cloak in the other' in UMNO. My conclusion is that there are many PPBM/Mahathir/Muhyiddin supporters in UMNO.

    I saw a video clip of Rafizi Ramli throwing a picture frame of Najib into a dustbin outside his office. Likewise, UMNO must throw all those 'cloak and dagger' Malays in UMNO into the dustbin, lest UMNO will be buried into the oblivion of the past.

    1. My reading is the UMNO Malays in Johor are the culprits/traitors. It is obvious that the Bangsa Johor are even not supportive of their very own monarch. Johor is the birth place and will also the death bed of UMNO.

    2. The disintegration & extermination of umno THUS begin!

      New dawn for M'sia.

    3. I can quite agree with what you have opined CK. Because in the HARAPAN Government, 65 MP(s) elected are Nons/Christians and 58 elected MP(s) are Malays/Muslims.

      It is indeed a new dawn - the dawn of the Nons/Christians era.

    4. Wonderful. Its like chemotherapy

    5. YES new dawn for bolihland with 65 MP(s) elected are Nons/Christians and 58 elected MP(s) are Malays/Muslims.

      The country has been seriously damaged by the majority ketuanan melayus' incompetences in administrating the government.

      It's the time NOW for the Nons to show some decent standard if good governance!

      U r just TRYING to push a racial tint to yr irrational argument.

    6. The majority ruled by the minority is never a good thing. Try asking the South African blacks.

    7. The last time I checked, Mahathir is a Melayu, Wan Azizah is a Melayu, Mat Sabu is a Melayu.

      What crap are you talking about ?

    8. Guys, by now you ought to be able to figure out john, no ?

      Ketuanan freak. Blur-sotong Zombie.(Courtesy of CK, thanks!)

      65 vs 58 is like the sky is falling ! By his reckoning, what if these Christians, although only 2.5% in Peninsula, might be declared the supreme religion of the nation. OMG ! 7 Non MPs more than the Malay MPs is too overwhelming...jesus, this is giving john the shakes.

      He could easily turn into a nervous wreak with such a number..OMG, 7 more ! this is too horrendous, so monstrously huge number ! He can't even sleep well at night now when thinking of the obscenely big number !

      However, I think there is a solution to calm these ketuanan freaks down...make a petition to the new PM to appoint at least 20 more Malay Muslims into the Parliament, via senators. That should settle it then.

      But i guess we have to pass another hurdle when the cabinet line up is announced soon. It seemed only 10 will be announced first..the key ministries only. Told you these new Harapan leaders have the brain. Small cabinet and appoint only 10 first. So we can rest easy with the soon-to-be-announcement. Bet your bottom ringgit that there will be more Malay Muslims than the 'others'...they have already anticipated the anxieties of the Ketuanan, blur sotong zombies like john, hehehehe

    9. 66 non Muslims MPs vs 58 Muslim MPs in Parliament, and a significant number of them are the Hallelujah Horde.
      Troubling signs ahead.

    10. John thinks that he may get 72 virgins afterlife. What if all of them are beri beri old and expired liao.

      Dont worry kaytee will no no.....those virgins though old still boleh pakai

  10. The opposition (BN + PAS + Independent) popular votes = 50.13%

    1. to be fair, u can only add umno + pas. the rest most probably not joining a umno pas ummah unity.

  11. Don't you guys see anything in the results of the election?


    The #undirosak was a failure.

    The #undiabsent was populated more by BN supporters.

    The Malaysian tsunami triggered by a Malay tsunami did happen.

    The rural Malay/Bumi voters esp in Kedah, Trengganu, Kelantan, Perlis, Sarawak, Sabah and Pahang were still voting either BN or PAS due to lack of resources to campaign for PH where the aura of TDM is just not good enough.

    Bersatu only won 18 Parliament seats nationwide and still does not have the strength of UMNO.

    Non-Malays have abandoned totally MCA, MIC, PSM, PPP and other non-Malay parties in West Malaysia.

    Well, time to ponder all these results, Kaytee.

  12. Time for Pakatan to seriously get down to work.

    DAP ....PKR..... YOU are now The Malaysian Federal Government , and the State Government in Selangor, Penang, Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka.

    Kedah and Perak still in balance.

    You are now accountable
    Get on with the Program.

    1. They should have been accountable in Penang for many years already, yet people there can still suck it when they're told ini semua salah BN/Gerakan.

    2. Isn't it a fact that items like toll agreements are on long tenure, as long as 15 years, some up to 20 even ? All clinched during Gerakan's era. So how to cancel or demand the rates to be amended or do anything for that matter, unless the state government are prepared to 'nationalize'... boleh ke ? Or pay huge compensation, but how can a responsible CM bankrupt the coffer in this manner ?

      And certain categories are still under federal the hands are tied. And if problems crop up, then federal admin should clear up the mess la. But these BN federal lords will delay, obstruct or even manipulate..thus the rakyat continue to suffer and the blames are laid at the door of the CM. So it is not wrong to explain to the rakyat it is the BN/Gerakan responsibility for the current situation. Can't accept the plain truth ?

    3. They came in saying they will abolish the toll but until now nothing shown. In fact, they plan to toll their tunnel project! What hypocrisy is this! Can't accept the plain truth ?

    4. came in to say abolish toll...yes, in the election campaign, they did say that, but you have conveniently left out the last part...they said if they win the election ( meaning they get to Putrajaya ), they will demolish all tolls. So in 2013, did they get to Putrajaya ? If not, how to pull down tolls ?

      And what's wrong if new tolls are erected on new roads ? the tolls they wished to pull down are those which have more than recouped their costs and more.

      Typical twisting.

  13. The situation in Sabah is getting ridiculous. The Governor should call up all 60 elected assemblymen to the Istana and ask them to sign declarations stating explicitly who they support. Only after that conduct the swearing in.