Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Truth will set you free

In my previous post on Lord Indra's Heaven in constitutional turmoil followed by Hisham's lifeline to Azlan Man I narrated in the latter:

Hisham senses Lim Kit Siang's sinister words in calling for a re-election in Perlis where BN has already won 10 out of 15 state seats.

Maybe he (Hisham, that is) is wise to play it safe, considering the current odds are all stacked against BN - to wit, a un-constitutional-behaving monarch, and a hostile federal government with a free lancing chief provocateur.

Suddenly out of the left field, the person I least expected to say anything about The Raja of Perlis' unconstitutional behaviour, has commented precisely on the democratic principles and constitutional procedures I have been advocating.

In Malaysiakini's Ngeh: Raja of Perlis should follow Agong's lead in handling MB crisis, its (selected) extracts show:

Ngeh [ Koo Ham] (DAP), who is also a lawyer, said the law was quite clear, in that the Raja of Perlis must appoint the person who has the support of the majority.
"This is so that there is no reason for a no-confidence motion to be moved against the menteri besar.

"Because if this is not the case, when the assembly convenes, the menteri besar would be removed and the assembly cannot function," added Ngeh.

Commenting on the Raja of Perlis' concern that he did not want to appoint a puppet leader, Ngeh said it was for the assemblypersons to determine whether the menteri besar was acting in the interest of the state or otherwise.

"He (a menteri besar) may have the confidence of the representatives initially but they can always move a ‘no-confidence’ motion against him, if, along the way, his actions undermine the support of the people," said Ngeh.

The Hell-Hounds, not realising Ngeh is the most senior DAP leader in Perak, savaged him to bits and pieces for speaking out the correct constitutional procedures for HRH, and seemingly or indirectly supporting BN in Perlis. Idiots, those mongrels are nothing more than scavenging attack wild-dogs.

And the most moronic part was them telling Ngeh to stay out of Perlis when Lim Kit Siang has just gotten away with his urging of Perlis to undergo a re-election. That's the obscene double standards of the Hell-Hounds.

Mind, Ngeh seems to be alone, what with Lim Kit Siang and PKR's N Surendram both advocating a re-election with naturally the sinister motive to enable Pakatan to win in this proposed second round of voting.

no room for honest man like Dr Tan Seng Giaw 

Ngeh must be careful or he'll end up like another DAP veteran, Dr Tan Seng Giaw, who is now treated worse than a 'running dog' - indeed, just as a DAP stray, after 40 years of sterling service to both the party and the people of Kepong.

Poor Dr Tan Seng Giaw made the same mistake of giving his honest opinion based on what he read in the audit report (and which Tony Pua also read) but which favours Najib. He was savaged kaukau by mindless twits.

No DAP member, no matter how senior he or she could be, must ever say anything that favours Najib or BN, even if that may be an honestly truthful view, opinion or statement. The Hell-Hounds will kill him or her.

And why would those mongrels kill DAP members who spoke out correctly, honestly and truthfully?

incidentally, also the unofficial motto of the CIA


Those Hell-Hounds are actually damn scared of the TRUTH.

They fear the truth may make them realise what they have been fed thus far might not all be kosher, correct or truthful.

Sad, just burying one's head in the sand.


  1. In Malaysia, New or Old, it is a big No-Go for a Chinapek to publically criticise , however obliquely, a Sultan's actions.

    Ngeh may now have a bit of "Protection" from the fact DAP is a senior partner in the Federal governing coalition, but expect Ketuanan types in the coalition to "advice" him to shut up.

    1. I expect Police reports will be lodged against Ngeh very quickly by the "usual suspects" for "Disrespecting Royalty".

      It is a distraction and damage control which DAP and Pakatan really does not need right now.

      So many things to fix right in Malaysia after serious misrule and so little time to start showing results.

  2. Kaytee should direct his advice to himself?

    Kaytee kaytee....ask ck what word is this

    Kaytee is 醜

    1. Wah! beri kind to kaytee la. I say.....

      Kaytee is 猥琐大叔

  3. He needs some publicity otherwise may be overshadowed by his cousin or those holding Federal posts. He may be planning already for the next State or Federal DAP general election.

    But of all topics, he has to touch on the Perlis embroglio following The General to be noticed. Poh Lam Pah.

    Politicians will remain politicians.


    1. I told you so, that Ngeh would be excoriated, wakakaka

    2. How to prove that u are right. U no face, no id, no credential, no document....

      Pauline hanson told me she wanna screw u. I have proof. See me!

  4. Ngeh is from Team B in DAP. Expecting he will be sidelined and silenced very soon. His foul-mouth cousin, Nga, on the other hand has questionable loyalties onto which side he stands.

  5. Criticising the actions of Malay Royals is one of the remainding absolute taboos for Nons especially Chinapeks to engage in.

    No matter how the criticism seems properly grounded in Law and Constitution.


  6. It is worth remembering that at the time of his death, Karpal Singh was actually in substantial legal trouble, fined RM 4,000 , which would have disqualified him from being an MP

    He had already been convicted, pending further appeal , of Sedition in disrespecting a Malay Ruler.

    I sincerely hope Ngeh does not put himself in similar jeopardy.
    He owes it to his constituents who elected him.

    The quarrel in Perlis, which Pakatan Harapan has no stake in the game, is not worth this risk.

    1. This is a new dawn for M'sia. Yet there r still M'sians living with the past!

      Royalty issues, Islam justifications & ketuanan melayu r ALL confronting contradictions that have to be re-look.

      The above-mentioned 'hot potatoes', if they don't infringe on the PUBLIC operations of Malayana & been kept within the confined circles, fine.

      However, the moment they break into the general public domains affecting ALL M'sians THEN a strong, if necessary a draconian action, must prevail to uphold Media as a whole w/o due differentiations!

      Ain't we getting rid of the bn's 60+ yrs rule bcoz of those unjust demarcations that cultivate inefficiency & corruptions?

      The advices for the Nons to keep out of these 'absolute' taboos (??) when they start to affect the Nons' very basic rights become abominations that hinder the continues evolution of M'sia as an united entity.

      Bear that in mind!