Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why Mahathir needs Wan Azizah's permission to see HM Agong

Teh Lian Chye (Facebook) explains:

Dear friends

I explained before and I shall reiterate again.

Main Election Results
PKR. 104
BN. 79
DAP. 9
PAS. 17?

In such a situation there isn't a single party with either a clear majority or a simple majority of at least 112 seats.

This is called a " Hung Parliament"

Note: PH is not registered in this GE14.

Hence, by the constitution, the leader of the party with the most seats won will be invited by the Yang diPertian Agung to be appointed PM to them form the government and forge a workable solution with the other parties, if necessary.

By virtue of that, only Dr Wan Azizah, leader of PKR, can and will meet with the King to form the government. 

If she chooses to abdicate that responsibility and appoint Mahathir with the consensus of the other parties that they choose to work with and who choose to work with them, including the 9 MPs from DAP and others, then and only then will Mahathir be sworn in as PM.

Unlike what Mahathir claimed at the early morning press conference that Wan Azizah is the DPM-designate but she can only become DPM if she is appointed by the PM after the PM is sworn in is not accurate. He did not make the claim that he will be PM, however.

This is a fact. Wan Azizah can by constitution meet with the Agung and accept appoinment as PM to form the government with or without Mahathir's agreement but not the other way round ie. Mahathir cannot be PM without Wan Azizah's agreement.


Hallelujah - hope it's now all clear, even to mindless Mafulat-ish morons.

Had the unpleasantness of meeting mindless Hell-Hounds on FB (Jeff Ooi's mates) who are insistent Najib is dragging his feet to buy time for buying frogs (excuse that pun, wakakaka). I explained what Teh explained above, but some lashed savagely into me.

I don't care as it's only their moronic stupidity that's showing on FB.

Note: I thank Teh Lian Chye for using his explanation on FB without his prior permission. Thanks Teh.


  1. PKR/DAP/PAN/WARISAN has given an ultimatum to the King for TDM to be sworn in as PM by 5pm today. Wow.. an ultimatum to the King? What if the King refused? A possible MAGERAN? until this constitutional crisis is resolved?

    1. Datuk Seri Najib , with 79 seats, is no longer the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
      You must have really, really bad arithmetics to think he is.

      Malaysia is today on auto-pilot under the Civil Service, but this must not continue. What if a Military , Civilian or Natural Disaster Crisis occurred in the Country ?

      Malaysia must have a political government sworn in as soon, as soon as possible.

      The Agong, with due respect, has NO veto power over the Rakyat's choice.

    2. They have previously issued ultimatums to the late Kedah king, and current Selangor king, and Johor king. I fear its the end of Melayu Sultanate. Melaka 1511 dejavu all over again.

  2. The Federal Constitution Clause 43 2(a) the Yang di-Pertuan Aging shall first appoint as Perdana Menteri (Prime Minister) to preside over the Cabinet a member of the House of Representatives who in his judgement is likely to command the confidence of the majority of the members of the House;

    Hence, from where arise this:

    "the leader of the party with the most seats won will be invited by the Yang diPertian Agung to be appointed PM"

    ????? the leader of the party with the most seats won ????

    Which version of the FedConst is that?

    1. That is standard decorum in a Westminster democracy, and also perfectly logical.

      If the leader of the largest party winning the ballot - in this case it is formally PKR - does not get the 1st right to form the government , there is something very wrong at work.

    2. But as KT said, PPBM does not exist yet in view of the ROS ruling? And TDM is not a registered member of PKR. What is the rule of law that we should follow?

    3. In many democracies, the leader of the political party winning the most ballot IS not a member of the government!


    4. Technically, PPBM members won on PKR tickets which makes them pseudo-PKR members, hence the DYMM needs to consult with the head of PKR -which is Fan Lady- on the candidate which they will propose as PM (supposedly Mahathir).

    5. to wit, to ensure the old Adorna equivalent in politics doesn't happen, wakakaka

  3. Constitution of Malaysia says that as long as there is support from the majority of members of Parliament, a person can become prime minister.
    "It doesn't say that it should have the support of any party. As long as there is majority of support from members of Parliament, he is entitled to become prime minister,"


  4. Mahathir has some very difficult emotional pride to swallow.

    The fact is PKR and DAP have to formally and officially declare that they support his Prime Minister-ship - which they will.

    Being essentially beholden to PKR and DAP is Very uncomfortable to Mahathir .... wakakaka.

    For long-time PKR supporters like me- since 1998 - it is a particularly delicious moment ....eakakakakkaa..

  5. Six of one, half a dozen of the other. Small matter or semantics. A few letters signed and faxed and issue resolved before dinner time. Any more hurdles to throw at them?

  6. I got a scolding WhatsApp from one of my BN contacts ( still on friendly terms with some).

    "You Penang Chinese are too much....SIX BN candidates lost their deposits. Never happened in history before.
    How can you totally ignore the good that BN has done , including for Penang ?
    In some heavily Chinese voting boxes , BN only got single digit votes..

    Hope you guys get taken Care of by Mahathir..."


    YDP Agong will grant audience to Mahathir and Pakatan leaders at 5 pm today. PM should be sworn in.

    I expect the Pakatan Federal Cabinet will be sworn in tomorrow.
    I am very happy it will probably include Kak Wan, Nurul Izzah, Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Gobind Singh, Teresa Kok.

    I've been rooting for you guys for the last 19 years...don't disappoint us.

  8. Musa Aman to be sworn in as Chief Minister of Sabah tonight.

    1. If this does happens, might Sabah & Sarawak secede to form Greater Borneo nation with Brunei?

    2. why not? after all they have been encouraged one way or another to demand more rights from Najib, wakakaka

    3. In that case, BN might live to rule in one way or another. Wakakaka. Yeah, what an irony that they were egged on by Pakatan to be autonomous, and now this prime chance is in their hands.

      Owh, but if both secedes then Mahathir will lose 60-70% of Malaysian proven oil reserves. He might just send in the Tentera to quash any such thoughts since ATM now have a large presence there. Those Rebel scums will pay dearly.

  9. We vote from AM to PM....

    Wait result from PM to AM....

    From AM to PM sill no PM.

    How, leh? The Black Cobra can still take all the stress and strain, ah?

  10. BN and PAS talking to establish a coalition government in Perak.

  11. Guys...this is direct from horses mouth...or rather one horse's mouth ( a very senior person in PKR ) :

    "Najib is in deep shock. He appeared calm and collected during the pc but he's shaken to the core. Basically he's unable to process that he has lost, that the earth slip under him but his mate has steely resolve, put the spine back into him...told him not to give up. The outshoot is that he's trying to claw back to power using his favorite is king...but Pakatan Harapan is monitoring the situation very very closely, keeping the Warisan group stay committed and stick to the promise made prior to GE. We at PH also have another iron in the works...and you will see development with regards to BN Sarawak is reasonable to surmise these people do not want to sit on the opposition bench together with BN. They owe no allegiance to the former government. Rest assured, PH will form the next government" End Quote

    Put this in your pipe and smoke it, guys. This is no fake news.

    1. wakakaka, you make a good conspiracy theory novelist

    2. You too. Still supporting najib. Plus can you put your fucking picture as well?

    3. my theory is najib place his safe deposit on pas, n it seem hadi was promised a dpm or minister, however what they cant foresee is that the smartest voters on earth, the malay, give their vote proportionately well enough, east coast to pas n rest to ph, to kill off umno/bn. they both now can have a unity opposition wakaka.

      btw, the singapore zombie that could only give their vote to a family that cant even settle an old house must learn from the malay(sian) what is democracy.

    4. Its the Singapore family which sponsored the democracy here, all this to ensure their current pre-eminence aren't threatened which can sink their economy, hence bringing democracy onto them. "Do onto others first, before its done onto you".

    5. "Its the Singapore family which sponsored the democracy here, all this to ensure their current pre-eminence aren't threatened which can sink their economy, hence bringing democracy onto them. "Do onto others first, before its done onto you"."

      "wakakaka, you make a good conspiracy theory novelist"

  12. You missed out the top line which says this comes from a chat group friend.... Luckily I'm not a politician, otherwise people would be yelling for my head for plagiarizing!!!

    1. you're correct but a blogger has to narrow his post down - besides, a chatgroup is not an individual