Saturday, May 26, 2018


Malaysiakini - Anwar: Using commercial plane today, no private jet (extracts):

Just like any other normal Malaysian citizen, Pakatan Harapan de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said today he took a commercial flight from Subang to Penang.

“No private jets. The difference between undertaking an official duty to accompany the deputy prime minister and a private official matter,” Anwar said in an Instagram post that featured him going through security at the Subang airport today.

This comes after netizens questioned why the children of Anwar and his wife, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, had followed them on a government jet to meet the mother of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tengku Anis Tengku Abdul Hamid, in Kelantan last night.

It's okay lah matey. I haven't criticised you at all, wakakaka.

By the by, do you guys remember a bloke who in 2008 became the CM of Penang and who insisted on travelling 3rd (economy) class by one of our domestic airlines?

I wonder whether he still flies economy class?


And recall how, immediately after the victorious 2008 GE, he met his Pakatan Rakyat ally, the PAS leaders, for a meeting in a MacDonald cafe in shorts?

Wakakaka again.


  1. The Finance Minister of Malaysia has to follow Government rules when on official travel. I believe it is 1st Class on MAS.

    I don't begrudge him that. He has a huge headache, Penang people call it Pang Tua Bu Sai from previous Finance Minister , your most beloved Crook and Liar Najib.

  2. As my Malay matey said, all main wayang saja.

  3. The greatest show in Malaysian history akan datang.
    The trial of former Prime Minister Najib Gasak.

    Bring out the popcorn.

    After that the reopening of the Altantuya murder investigation.

    Under British Common Law, there is provision for the Solicitor General or the Chief Constable ( chief of police in UK) to reopen a case if it is in the public interest.
    No matter how old, even though person or persons have already been convicted in the highest courts. There is history of convictions being overturned or additional people being charged and brought to trial.

  4. Just a blip on an issue of misuse of Govt. property inspite of it being an official function and blown up sky high to tarnish his reputation.

    Yes, he and the rest of the children could travel by commercial airlines also paid for by the Govt. while his wife travel alone on the Govt. jet as DPM on this official duty. He and his children could also reimburse the Govt. for the equivalent paid fares and claim back later from the Govt. for it being expenses paid, performing an official duty.

    Alternatively, the DPM could also follow the family on the commercial flight and claim back all the expenses involved in performing an official duty if time permits.

    So, does it make sense to highlight and squibble over this rule of usage of the Govt. jet in performing an official duty by the DPM?

    Next, are we going to squibble over the use of Govt. vehicles since their rules of usage is also similar to the use of the Govt. jet in their usage?

  5. Depends on what official duty that is.