Friday, May 18, 2018

Night soil carrier (2)

Malaysiakini - Dr M insulted' police reports so yesterday, says LFL (extracts):

Eric Paulsen 

A legal rights NGO has warned against the practice of lodging police reports whenever offensive comments are made against new Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad saying such a practice was "frivolous".

Lawyers for Liberty (LFL) said this was reminiscent of the former BN government and their supporters and only trivialised the act of lodging police reports while disregarding the rights of others to criticise.

The watchdog body was referring to recent police reports lodged by a several NGOs and a Bersatu member against those whom they perceived to have posted “offensive” statements against Mahathir.

"Such police reports are clearly frivolous and are a throwback to similar practices employed by the previous BN government and their supporters to supposedly protect the image of their leaders and silence criticisms," LFL executive director Eric Paulsen said in a statement today.

He said that in line with the ushering in of a new government and new reforms, people from all sides of the political divide should accept differing views even if critical or insulting of the government or political leaders.

Paulsen said exceptions could be made in cases where the social media comments threatened violence or incited public disorder.

Night-soil carrier only one, balls carriers we've seven
I wonder who they voted for on Wednesday the Rabu
Though I know they'd have been praying to Heaven
On which side they should be aligned with, for a clue

Now we have even more and more, yes, brown-nosers
Searching for reasons, excuses, etc just to p'awlamp'ar
Their main task is to Tangkap coupled with exposures
Everyone, everywhere, like Kempetai spies near & far


  1. I have to agree with LFL on this one.

    No to frivolous police reports unless it is pure slander (to sue for RM in courts), threatened violence or inciting public disorder.

    So, lets examine the police reports made, ok?

    If it's just pure Night soil carriers works just to shout Hail Ceasar!, then action should be taken against those making the reports for contravening the Perlembagaan under Article "Freedom of Speech"

    I'm still wondering why the schools are not teaching The Constitution. Is it because to ensure that only UMNO/BN's form of Constitution interpretation remains ingrained in the population mindset?

    It's pure comedy to see and smell Lam Pah carriers a mile away.

  2. PDRM still operating on Old SOP.

    They haven't got the message yet that Malaysia is under new management