Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Good news" - GST out - you don't have to lie anymore

MM Online - MoF: Zero GST starting June 1 (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, May 16 — The Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be zero-rated for all items and services in Malaysia from June 1, the Finance Ministry announced today.

The ministry said the GST will no longer be imposed at a rate of 6 per cent from then on, adding that this will be subject to further notice.

“This move to impose the GST at a zero rate takes effect starting from June 1, 2018 and applies to the whole country until further notice,” it said in a brief statement today.

The ministry also said the GST on all locally produced and imported goods alike will be zero-rated, adding that this will not affect goods and services that were already previously exempted from the GST.

The ministry said all registered traders must comply with the order for the zero-rated GST.

Lucky Lim Guan Eng - all hard work and decisions done for him while he relaxes.

Anyway, it's wonderful news as we now can afford kembong, kerang and kangkong again, without the alleged GST levied on those 3 mentioned items.

Last year I read in what is now a 'dead' newspaper that:

don't f-blame me - I'm still the same un-GST-ed ikan as ever, blame f-fake news

... fresh seafood (kembong and kerang) prices supposedly gone astronomical because of the evil GST, but then no one, including and ESPECIALLY the responsible reporter, (with exception of kaytee, wakakaka) said anything about fresh seafood being NOT subjected to GST.

Let's re-visit one 'naughty' example:

Once known as the “poor man’s fish”, the possibility that ikan kembung might become a price-controlled item is perhaps a better economic indicator for ordinary Malaysians instead of growth figures issued by the government.

The price of the humble fish in the mackerel family has been rising since the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) in 2015.

When you think of it, a pro Pakatan newspaper blaming the poor GST for the rise in a non-GST-ed item, namely fresh food including fresh fish, ain't that 'fake news'?

And ain't that plain EVIL?

For argument sake, the rise in price could be due to a number of reasons, like goods cartel, greed of fishmonger, market forces, weather, etc, but the season was then to blame GST regardless, even if no GST was involved, wakakaka, such was the unscrupulousness of demon-ising the GST for political gains.

That 'naughty' example was what 'fake news' was/is, published last year to invoke angry/adverse feelings against, in the above stated case, an innocent GST.

A pathetic unscrupulous pariah 'fake news' but pretty effective in rousing anger amongst kampong voters.

OK then, another one - 
Siti Zahara who is anaemic said she often buys cockles when the dizziness gets the best of her but has also cut down on that of late.

"The doctor advised me to eat cockles or liver (as an iron supplement) because of my anaemic condition."

Before GST, cockles cost about RM4 per kilo. Now it’s about RM10. So, I buy half a kilo. You can imagine how little that is when cooked.”

The 'fake news' aimed to show that with GST, price of kerang leapt from RM4 to a humongous RM10, and poor anaemic Siti Zahara could only afford half of what she would love to have - thus not only did Puan Siti Zahara suffered a financial abomination but also a medical injustice.

By the by, I wonder whether there was really an anaemic 'Siti Zahara' that the reporter supposedly interviewed? Wakakaka.

That piece of 'fake news' about kerang was the most humongous piece of bullshit, depicting the difference between a so-called pre-GST-priced kerang at RM4 to presumably a post-GST-priced kerang at RM10.

Who cares if there was no GST on cockles, because such 'fake news' would be believed by the 'already converted'.

The sad thing has been the 'already converted' were considered as 'gullible guppies' by their political parties who wanted to incite them to vote for their parties.

Even if there was GST on a non-GST-ed kerang, 6% of RM4 only amounts to a round figure of 25 sen. So why the jump to RM10?

So could that reporter explain her "Before GST, cockles cost about RM4 per kilo. Now it’s about RM10."

But the point was how 'fake news' had been deliberately fabricated and then used to exaggerate the impact of GST even on a non-GST-ed item, to wit, from RM4 to a staggering RM10 per kilo of kerang.

The aim was obvious, thanks to an imaginary "anaemic" Siti Zahara, and I hope your "anaemia" may now be ameliorated by the current good news (not fake news) that there is no more GST, not even for kerang, kembong and kangkong.

That 'fake news' could only be described as highly evil. Very unscrupulous lah!

But wait, for this post there's MORE, wakakaka.

Many anti-GST visitors to my blog patiently explained to me that the price increase had been a reflection of transport cost increases due to GST on petrol, which presumably add on to the overall price of kerang - but from RM4 to RM10???

Wait wait, is there a GST on Petrol? Be honest and answer this, you fCking gullible guppies or blatant liars, wakakaka.


  1. There is a 6% GST on the entire Transport Company's bill to deliver the kerang to the market.
    Since petrol is part and parcel of the Transport Company's bill, indirectly , yes you are paying GST on petrol or diesel.

    1. GST is only on petrol RON97 and above. RON95 & diesel Euro2M is GST exempted. So far I haven't seen a cargo truck requiring use of RON97 or Vpower Racing. Charging GST due to this reason is fake news.

    2. The transport company charge transport charges which is a service. If the company turnover is above RM500k regardless what fuel they used GST is chargeable, paham? The transport company calculate their fuel cost labour cost overhead costs plant and machinery cost etc add their desired profit as the bill to the customer then add 6% on the entire total bill (to the customers) which include the fuel. That's how they do business, paham? So indirectly customers are paying 6% GST on the fuel paham?

    3. Orang PAS macam ni, me?
      Dishonesty tau ? Pergi Neraka nanti.

      If the trucker's total bill is RM 100, something like RM 40 of that likely came from diesel fuel costs.
      You pay RM 6 GST on the transport, of which RM 2.40 effectively is GST paid on diesel fuel costs.

      Orang PAS punya fake news

    4. Extraction of kerang - zero rated.

      Labour to clean & pack - 6% GST, before zero.

      Transport - 6% GST, before zero.

      Labour in selling kerang - 6% GST, before zero.

      Premise rent to display Jeremy -6% GST, before zero.

      Packaging material for kerang - 6% GST, before zero.

      + Many other associated activities of having the kerang from sea to yr table.

      Thus, mana kerang ACTUALLY zero rated?

      Same like many other so called zero rated items!

      Blur or twisting?

      U fCking gullible guppies or blatant liars, wakakaka.

    5. labour before gst?

      packing material before gst - just bloody old newspapers

      if business' revenue <500,000 per annum - no gst

      stop toking kok U fCking gullible guppies or blatant liars

    6. Don't talk so much cheebye kaytee! Show us how much you have contributed to Malaysia GST?

      Documents! How many times you go back to malaysia since GST is introduced?

      Show me the fucking money

    7. Peter seems to have reading or comprehension problems. As mentioned, those who use GST on petrol as a reason to charge GST is all bullshit to fool you folks, paham?

      As what KT said, GST is only chargeable when the company's revenue exceeds RM 500k. Anything below, they shouldn't charge you GST, paham?

      Those who lumped in GSTed and non-GSTed cost, and then passed on a flat rate 6% to you are actually profiteering and non of that additional 6% that you paid on the non-GSTed cost ever goes back to the Government except their own pockets, paham?

      Hence their profits increase, and they shifted the blame onto the Government which you folks so easily consume. Paham?

      When they indirectly charge GST onto you and you don't question their action instead to take the easy way of blaming the Government, its not their fault for trying to profit but your fault for not questioning them. Paham?

    8. Labour before gst?

      packing material before gst - just bloody old newspapers

      That's WHY u r no businessman but a wordsmith for hire!


      Indeed, u SHOULD stop toking kok. U fCking gullible guppies or blatant liars!

    9. Don't put "words" into my mouth fren. No wonder you said Tun once veto your application for the post in a GLC. You don't qualify lah

    10. CK, don't fCking lie. You just tambah and tambah costs as if once there is gst, cost accumulates like it didn't exist before gst. Stop bullshitting - for your info, as a k9id I used to sell kerang, fish and vegetables in Ayer Itam wet market

    11. Put words into your mouth, Peter? Can you SHOW where I did so? Again I advice you to fix that reading or comprehension ability of yours. Read again what I wrote and try to argue factually.

    12. Huh? Where the fuck are your phoos, documents, credentials? Come clean kaytee or else I will seek Pauline Hanson to sodomise you

    13. I'm going to take you to Pauline Hanson (by force as to be expected) and make you kneel down in front of her and lick her (or you'll be drilled in your toes) till she screams "You bloody Sing - I'm gonna keep you between my thighs day & night", wakakaka

    14. Hahaha …. John Hasan, who was the one who predicted it will be BN + PAS sweeping victory in GE14 in spite of the rakyat’s loud and clear protest about the plight caused by GST? It was your PM and you with the brilliant reading and comprehension of the rakyat’s sentiment (to comprehend what sentiment I am talking about, read my example above on 11:17 pm, May 16, 2018). You were so brilliantly confident that you even try to pre-empt / justify the event of protest or unrest in case your PM / BN win with majority seats but lose in popularity votes by giving the analogy of a football match. Well, what happened? Your reading and comprehension failed miserably. Your PM / BN really deserved to lose for having supporters like you possessing this type of intelligence! Wakakaka………..

  2. Malaysia wide Hari Raya Sale starting June 1. 6% off all items. TDM is smart. This discount will spur consumer spending, thus pumping up the economy and feel good factor, just in time for Raya. Another master stroke, just like the 2 day holiday.

    1. Emperor Caligula too, exhorts the Romans to enjoy and be merry. That's before he burns Rome.

    2. Wakakakaka… fitnah ke?

      Nero lah!!!

    3. Ahh you're right. It was Nero. Thanks for the correction. But the point still holds.

  3. Yeah, no GST after 1 June 2018.

    I'm bloody sure someone has found out GST at 0% is doable.

    So, what says all the so called local and foreign financial experts and economists on this again?

    I would excuse the foreign ones cos they do not know the hidden abuses of expenditure in the Govt. financial system.

    A simple way to sum it up on GST would be, "It was a simple solution to raise extra revenue by the Govt. so that the partying can carry on."

    1. Nobody said it wasn't doable, just how long it can sustain without severe consequences.

      Venezuela too, gave very generous benefits and subsidies to their rakyat until their economy fell thru the bottom despite the early warnings of insustainability by all the so called local and foreign financial experts and economists. Now they're made to pay dearly for it, living on their own dream clouds all that time before violently crashing down to reality earth. Angels fear to tread but Malaysians seems oblivious to the dangers ahead, time and time again. We never learn, and we never will.


  4. The law is still there right? Means that the govt can increase the rate back to 6% anytime if needed.

    1. that's why it's zero rated, but not abolished, wakakaka

    2. Naughty Kaytee. The reason is because of the difficulties for most companies to switch midstream under the current computer system being used and thus zerolizing it using the same system is much faster and easier for accounting purposes.

      There is also the possibility of using the current accounting system when switching to SST.

      Casting aspersions and being oxy-moron about it only reflects your pre-BN dynasty thinking.

    3. No Sale and Service Tax too because the SST Law had been abolished and replaced by GST in 2015. Whoa.. No SST and Zero GST from 1 June 2017?

    4. " that's why it's zero rated but not abolished, wakakkaka "

      Oh, so snide ! although GST is not the only reason, it IS a significant cause that brought down a government. Enough to send shivers down the spine of any administration. Remember that this is only the 9th day of a new government.....there are urgent things to attend to...a cabinet to be set up,( however not easy dealing with 4 parties 'miaowing' at the sideline according to this blogger), dangerous suspects/criminals to contend with - to ensure they don't destroy evidence and try to scoot off out of the country, sabotages to watch out for with the losing party up to their dirty tricks to cause chaos, to assure the markets that this new government is on top of things, to ensure the ringgit doesn't take a beating, to immediately check how deep the rot is in all the various ministries, especially the financial aspect ...and the list seems endless, so much much more to do, all with urgent deadline...and yet the 92 year old PM must quickly fulfill the promises already made during the here we are, within a matter of days, no more GST ! why quibble if it is still takes time to rectify the law...could take weeks if not months, but knowing our clamoring public, the PM is smart to immediately bring GST down to zero effect GST is removed and the promise fulfill. The law will then can go through the required process of being abolished once the parliament is in its first sitting. the aftermath of a tiring punishing campaign and a harrowing polling day itself which produced such shocking result, those who are adamantly against Pakatan Harapan winning has now taken to stirring the pot yet again, this time a different pot of shit... taking potshots at even the smallest of things of the 9 days old admin ! go ahead, do your damnest best..if this provide some salve to soothe that rage, that anger and disappointment. However, a more matured and less vindictive person would be able to understand the teething problems of any new start rather than childishly and in pettiness taking potshots at everything that could possibly bring discredit. A better person would by now attempt an analysis why the former government was brought down, what role Umno should now take and how it should go about it, what sort of impact and effect this temporary PM would leave behind once his job is done...etc many more meaningful and helpful input and analysis could be penned instead of this daily harassing and sniping. Constructive criticism is acceptable but alas, what we get is this petty carping. Nvm, bring it on, we again will take time off our busy schedules and will 'tampan' these evil slingshots, wakakakka.

  5. Wah wah WEI.. I don't support doing THIS to Najib on the eve of Puasa.

    They could have done it during the daytime.

    1. It could be worse......

      Even Romanov also not spared

      And Kulchak.......seriously he was not deserved to be executed

      Who is Kulchak?

    2. To the Bolshevik apparatchiks, anything is okay as long its done onto their opponents.

    3. That should have been done on people like you. Commies have done that on people like you all the time. Are you going to Xinjiang to fight Chinese Communist Party

    4. And yet a Sinkie like you scream bloody murder for something that's not even done onto you. Perhaps even cutting your toe nails will elicit a wailing cry for mercy from you, hmm?