Sunday, May 20, 2018

Unsavoury company!

Star Online - Former Petrosaudi exec Xavier Justo meets Dr Mahathir (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo, a former Petrosaudi International official met Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on Sunday (May 20).

He posted a photograph of himself with Dr Mahathir on Facebook and expressed his awe at meeting the Prime Minister.

"What a great privilege and what an incredible moment!" he wrote.

Justo is a key figure in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) case and was said to have shared information on 1MDB with Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown.

It's a shame the Star Online has been reluctant to tell us who exactly Xavier Andre Justo is.

Justo was a convicted blackmailer but has since been 'royally' pardoned by HM the King of Thailand.

Justo was found guilty in 2015 by a Thai court of blackmailing his former employer which was involved in a now-aborted deal with 1MDB. He allegedly leaked details that led to claims that billions of ringgit were misappropriated at 1MDB.

NST reported:

It was then that he was offered a way to get his career back on track in the form of an executive administration role for a Saudi oil company, PetroSaudi International.

Among other things, he was given responsibility for the information technology (IT) function, a trust that, according to the Thai police charges, would later be betrayed.

It is understood that Justo lost his job for unreliability, but it has been reported by the Thai police that he nonetheless received a substantial settlement payment under the terms of an exit agreement.

Although the NST has not seen a copy of this agreement, strict confidentiality and a requirement to return all company property and data is invariably a standard feature of any exit agreement.

But, evidently, Justo was not satisfied, perhaps realising it would not fund the lifestyle he planned in Thailand forever.

As head of IT, he used his privileged access to the company’s computer systems to copy emails and documents with a view to selling them to the highest bidder if his funds ran low.

With his Thai ventures stalled and no prospect of other income, Justo resorted to a crude blackmail and extortion attempt, threatening to sell what he had to unnamed buyers unless the company paid him off. Justo’s written demands for cash, now in the hands of the Thai police, clearly demonstrate he was not motivated by any form of altruism.

The figure of 2.5 million Swiss Francs (RM10 million) has been widely reported. But the company did not pay him a single Swiss Franc in response to his crude attempt at extortion.

As a consequence, Justo sought other avenues to place his stolen bounty and the Sarawak Report duly obliged. This has been confirmed by independent IT experts Protection Group International (PGI) and also by Sarawak Report’s editor, Clare Rewcastle Brown.

In her story published yesterday titled “Open Letter to the Swiss Foreign Ministry in Bern”, Rewcastle Brown sought to defend Justo, and made an unprecedented and unprovoked attack on the Thai legal system.

We cannot speculate on her motivations for doing this, but the Thai police have made it clear that they have seized Justo’s computer equipment for further testing; and PGI has confirmed that documents on The Sarawak Report have been creatively altered.

Sirul and now Justo! Hmmm, most unsavoury company.  I wonder why the new PM even wants to stand next to this ex convict?


  1. I love these underdogs. Go Justo!! Go Sirul!! Go Gopal Sri Ram for AG!! Go Hannah for Speaker!! Go Zaid for Pesident of Senate!! Go Najib for Opposition Leader!! Ok the last one is a stretch.

    1. Justo and Sirul underdogs? Wakakaka, you are truly irrational


    3. Yes. An chua, buay song. If u buay tahan, kaytee can always hang himself

    4. Yup...these viral photos are NOT those seized from Najib's home or those seized from Pavillon condo. No way Najib and wifey be caught dead wearing these accessories...not for them these Lolex brand....theirs are those having prices in the region of millions...Hublot Classic Jaillerie, Roger Dubuis, Jaeger-Le Coultre. Told you, these two have made Imelda into a cheapskate, wakakkaka

  2. Habislah, TDM one on one to get confirmation from Xavier based on whatever information he has which he does not trust 100%. This man is soooo thorough on his work.

    Also the Edge boss and ex-IGP who framed or cheated him of his dues better standby lawyers.

    Lots of people will be staying awake this puasa month and with no appetite for food.

  3. Justo had tried to sell whatever story he's created but the buyer proved to be unreliable. But now with direct access to Mahathir and to his money, instead of going thru an unreliable bitch, he hopes his time in Thai prison is well spent to earn a hefty retirement fund.

    1. TDM got no money to pay him and Claire.

      Why didn"t Najib or your Tok Guru pay to see him? Don't they want to win the election?

    2. Why didn't Najib or Hadi did it? Because both didn't play money politics.

  4. Meanwhile, over at Federal Territory, another corruption storm is brewing in Taman Rimba Kiara where a high-end condo project involving a certain Yayasan chaired by a prominent politician and a developer whose name rhymes with Dalton and is headed by a shopping mall Tan Sri. Watch his company(s) share price.

  5. Justo made a Criminal attempt to profit from insider information he had on his employer's Illegal activities, and he paid the price.

    However, all this does not make his employer's activities any less illegal.

    Subsequent United States Department of Justice investigations, with the full resources of the US Government, especially the FBI have corroborated the data that Justo provided.
    Independent investigations in Singapore on those transactions which occurred on their soil have led to convictions and jail terms for those involved in facilitating the criminal 1MDB transactions.

    Mahathir likely wanted to hear directly from the person himself.

    If the "Arab Donor" ever really existed, Najib better be able to produce him in the next few days. Otherwise he is in Deep Shit.
    So is Apandi, who stopped further investigations into the RM 2.6 Billion in Najib's personal bank account based on "confirmation from the Arab Donor".

    Where is the Arab Donor ? Where ? Where ? Who? Who ?
    Jungle drums say he is actually a Chinaman from Penang....fits Ktemoc's description ?

    1. Justo was convicted of criminal blackmailing and jailed - he has a criminal record

    2. Justo was pardoned by the Thai king. Does this not expunge his conviction. Same as the Agong’s pardon of Anwar. And I know Thais are a more forgiving lot than us.

    3. Lagi pun, Zahid Hamidi also will be in hot water...he had publicly announced he had met with the Arab donors ( two of them it seemed ) and some more, GET THIS, he had seen the supporting documents regarding this "donation". Aiyoo...methinks he better lickety-split varmoose to Ponogorio...he could easily blend in with his Javanese relatives there, wakakakka.

    4. Yes yes yes....documents...documents...documents....

      Like herman goering...sure die

    5. The Thai kings often pardons criminals during his accession and birthdays. Same thing here, and neither absolves them of their crimes, just their sentences.

    6. Dont ever bring thai king in. Else the thais would have cheebye like u for breakfast.

      Thais already not happy muslims like u and thais can be very agressive. I suggest john keep silent

    7. Looes got a few screws looes. I'm only replying to TS since he brought up the Thai king. Why you butthurt about what your compadre said?


    Malaysia's true Debt is over RM 1 Trillion due to abuses and illicit diversion of funds.

    I'm thinking Najib should be tried for Treason...