Friday, May 11, 2018

The story of kepala bapa kau

MM Online - At 36.42pc, BN records lowest popular vote in history (extracts):

Based on Malay Mail’s compilation of BN and the Alliance’s past performances since the first general elections in 1959, the coalition’s current share of votes at 36.42 per cent has never been this low before.

BN had won a precarious 51.38 per cent of the popular vote in Election 2008, before losing the popular vote in Election 2013 at 47.37 per cent — its lowest ever then since Election 1969.

In fact, the second lowest vote share by BN/ Alliance would be in Election 1969 when it won 44.96 per cent of the votes.

Hisommudin Bakar, CEO of research house Ilham Centre, said the popular vote share results reflected an internal protest within BN’s Malay-based party Umno.
“Umno members protested by voting for the opposition,” he told Malay Mail when contacted, noting that this was in part due to Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak openly attacking PH chairman and former Umno president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad openly on public television with references to an “old man” or “93-year-old old man”.

“It’s a big mistake, serious mistake because the Malays pantang (are against) insulting the elderly or insulting teachers. Tun Mahathir is like a mentor to Umno, however big his mistake, don’t insult openly,” he said, adding that the criticism caused Umno members to cast “sympathy votes” to Dr Mahathir.

I am not sure whether Hisommudin Bakar's take has been correct, but I do remember the Malay saying 'Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat' which may explain or justify his allegation that Najib's humongous mistake was to insult Mahathir who was seen as not only his mentor but that of UMNO and thus UMNO members.

It's not only the Malays who considered biadab-ness as socially abominable. The Chinese and no doubt the Indians too share the same cultural taboo (pantang).

Mind, from my personal observations, the younger generations of Chinese Malaysians seem to be more biadab towards their elders and others. I wonder whether we could lay the blame on the community's greater exposure to Western influence and the latter's emphasis in individual rights? In contrast, Asians like Malays, Indians and Chinese tend to empathise on community or group rights, and of course respect for elders.

If so, then ironically, Mahathir has inherited a phalanx of nouveau supporters who are of that (questionable) calibre, the lil' raja-raja biadap terlampau. I can think of and indeed have experienced many examples but I choose one which you all have been familiar with but which you may disagree with me, the case of Dr Tan Seng Giaw.

From Malaysiakini:

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) deputy chairperson Dr Tan Seng Giaw stood by his statement that the PAC report into the 1MDB fiasco did not implicate caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

"That was merely my view based on the PAC report into 1MDB. I opined that you need to have proof to implicate someone. Failing which, it would be fake (allegation)," he told Malaysiakini.

Tan said this when asked whether the controversial statement had led to him being dropped as the candidate for Kepong parliamentary seat. [...]

"Nevermind. Regardless of what had led to this (me being dropped), you need to substantiate your allegation with proof. The ultimate party to decide is the court of law," Tan said.

"I read the (PAC) report. What I found only is that the (1MDB's former) CEO had been implicated. But I do agree that we need further probe because this involves public funds."

Anything wrong in what he said?

YES YES YES - Dr Tan Seng Giaw FAILED to blame Najib, regardless. That was/is his biggest sin, thus he has been and still is viciously abused as a 'running dog', but ironically by the maddened rabid vicious mongrels who are either offspring or clones of what once were called fanatical anwaristas or fanatical umno thugs, but who have today transformed into fanatical mahathiristas, wakakaka.

Based on his reading of documents during PAC Dr Tan Seng Giaw refused (refuses) to lie just to propagate hatred against a political opponent. He bucked the Bush-like saying of "either you're with us or against us" where there was no room for truth nor decency.

Dr Tan, your failure has been your refusal to accuse Najib even without evidence

It must be 'attack, attack, attack', but he refused to go along or scream Banzai (wakakaka, but with a sad teardrop for Dr Tan). He is still vilified today for standing up for the truth, that based on what he had read in the PAC report.

But say, even if Dr Tan was wrong, he still didn't deserve such disrespectful vilification. 

Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

- Confucius

And in the words of Che Guevara, "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine."

Yes, I tremble with indignation at the disrespectful injustice done to Dr Tan Seng Giaw and many others.


  1. DAP has sacrificed everything just to achieve this victory; veterans, hardworking loyalists, principles, even their identity. Chen Man Hin would hardly recognise the party he helped founded.
    And so they got their win but at what cost? Certainly a Pyrrhic one except to their Hallelujah Horde.

  2. TDM said that Najib is a descendent of Bugis Lanun; Najib responded with kepala bapak kau. He was provoked.

  3. Dr Tan's failure was his refusal to be zombified. Perhaps its for the better that way. He wouldn't want to be part of such a Government.

  4. Aiyah.....still on 1MDB? The truth will come out now, very fast and easy with a new government in place. Open up all AG department files. The previous AG who was sacked know something? Talk to past auditors of 1MDB, why they refuse to sign off Annual Reports. Form a Royal Commission and interview all 1MDB Board Members who have strangely been silent all these years. That Bakke fella who left 1MDB in double quick time. Why? Did he smell something he didn't like and made a quick dash out the door?

    Declassify the Auditor General's report.

    Cooperate fully with Singapore, DOJ, Swiss authorities. Ask Interpol to find and bring Jho Low home. That missing CEO of SRC...find him too and bring him home. Send investigators to interview Sirul in Sydney. Ask him to sing us a song.

    Then all this speculation can stop. Waste of time.

    1. It's the vile biadap and inconsiderate treatment of Dr TSG that I posted this. Not one of it from you?

      As for asking Sirul to "sing a song" what do you mean by that? Fabricate stories? Sirul in fact had already received visits from Mahfuz Omar

    2. and before I forget, Sirul said Najib was not involved. Unhappy?

  5. Feelings run high during election time. Things are said that shouldn't. DAP and TSG should not hold grudges. He has done a fantastic job over decades, why sour it over something like this. DAP should offer him special advisor role for life like Chen MH. Hopefully he accepts.

  6. U should revisit Machiavellian classics during yr spare time of not thinking about how to defend the indefensible!

    Politikuses r good at such manipulations to influence the normally decent people.

    When these docile people r been provoked to such frenzy, based on part truth part false infos, then the aim of the politikus is been partly achieved!

    The offended party played to the game by refusing to provide solid proofs as counterattack. He/she shares the blame!

    Want to be a nice(???) guy, DON'T choose politics as yr career lah. Even then, one might not escape facing such dilemma in ordinary happenstances.

    If u r familiar with the works of Confucius, then u would have read about even he, a well-respected sage sitting high on the Chinese altar, have done such 声东击西 maneuverability to achieve a political move. However, he did that for the sake of 大我!

    一将功成万骨枯 - loosely translate as collateral damages for the greater good!

    Wakakakaka…… still tremble with indignation at the disrespectful injustice done?

    To whom?

    At what cost?

    Most of ALL, who's priority?


    1. No! No! No CK, how the fuck this chao cheebye Kaytee More choose politics?

      ill today, Kaytee shows no photo, IC, Credentials and documents. We don't know his occupation. Possible a pimp on King's Street, Sydney, Australia.

      Confucius! Geez......I have doubts if he knows Shakespeare. He may even have problem in understanding the underlying messages propagated by Brother Grimmes.

      Else, Kaytee would have known Rumpelstillskin. Hahahahahaha!

      Damn......We know the fucking person he is beholden to. Hence, if possible, we should expose this cheebye kaytee.

  7. I'm expecting the embassy of Israel to sprout up very soon.

  8. Rafidah said Malaysia needs a new contractor to ubah-suai rumah. Now UMNO needs to ubah-suai also, and the new contractor is Khairy.

  9. Perak again....hung assembly.... again.
    It sounds a bit like a tape recorder , lost in 2009 , found again in 2018....

    The Sultan is a stickler to form, and has Pakatan the 1st right to form the government, since they have the most MPs, though not enough to form the majority.

    This time the tables are turned. Pakatan holds the Federal Government.
    And never, ever underestimate Mahathir when he puts his mind to an issue...

    I believe there will be defections from those "encouraged" to join the Pakatan side.

    But I hate this kind of manoeuvring, always feels dirty and smelly.

    1. No worries la. There are many ways to skin a cat

  10. It's funny/mysterious why a veteran politician like TSG of so many years chose a wrong/right time (depending on your choice) to speak on the PAC report when he wasn't nominated as a candidate.

    I think he knows what he is doing consciously and the effect on his party.

    A case of throwing tantrums at his age and experience is a poor excuse.

    He thought he could take a free ride on BN and DAP and end up smarter.

    Isn't that correct?

    1. forced to speak up to tell the truth because he was being attacked

  11. "In victory, magnanimity"...Winston Churchill..

    Later, after the critical transition matters are settled, I won't be surprised DAP will recommend Tan Seng Giaw be appointed Malaysian Ambassador somewhere, or the Board of one of the big GLCs...Maybank or Tenaga Nasional.......

    .... fact is Lim Guan Eng is now one of the most powerful men in Malaysia. Tokong Numero Uno for the Chinese community.

    Its not just the Federal Government.
    DAP is a major player in every State that Pakatan holds.

    What a difference 48 hours makes...

    1. Hahahahahaha! Just Like David Marshall

    2. Not just DAP, but non-Muslim MPs outnumber those who are.

    3. he can now buy a bangaloooo with swimming pool?

    4. IF confirmed Tokong is joining the Federal Cabinet, he definitely cannot travel on Air Asia on official trips anymore. It has to be MAS 1st Class. Government rules.

    5. Of course, only the best for LGE, no?
      And whatmore he wouldn't chance it with riding the same plane that Najib rode on, yes?

  12. The song Sirul sings when Najib is PM and the song he sings now will be different. Karaok anyone?

    1. if he had sung, what could Najib have done to him when he was safe in Oz - he could have done with a lot of ang-pows, wakakaka

    2. Perhaps TS thought that OZ is like UK, where there's a Russian superspy for hire to poison whistleblowers via radiation.
      KT, you better watch out and have a radiation detector, in case their goons hire this guy. Wakakaka!

    3. Yes perhaps, if by singing a different tune, Sirul escapes the gallows in Malaysia.

      However, everyone is talking about Sirul in Australia but what happened to Azilah who is or was on death row in Malaysia?

    4. Its because of the gallows that OZ refuse to send him back. And its because of this refusal, that he has ample opportunity to speak the truth, ie if Altantuya was murdered by Rosmah. The fact that this didn't happen only implies one thing; he's waiting to sing for the highest bidder whatever tune they wants.

    5. Yes, it.sheiss...many wondered about Azilah...and wondered about lots more about this case. That's why we need to re investigate Altantuya case..too much suppressed under Najib. Now that's he out, let some air in....