Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Hindu leaders cutting it too fine

FMT - Agree to these three and we’ll vote for you, say Hindu leaders:

KLANG: Hindu leaders in the country have made three demands they said the elected government should implement within 30 days after the May 9 polls.

World Hindu Council Malaysia president V.K. Regu called for formal Hindu religious education to replace the moral class in all Tamil-type national schools.

What about Christian and to a lesser extent, Buddhist pupils? Thus I don't support religious instructions in school because some pupils will be marginalised in our multi-religious society.

The other bodies are the Malaysia Hindu Sangam, Malaysia Hindu Sevai Sangam and Malaysian Hindu Youth Council.

“We see this as an effective method to address the issue of violence and social problems among Indian youths,” Regu told Bernama after attending a talk on the Malaysian Hindu agenda last night.

He also urged the government to look into establishing vocational education-based Tamil secondary schools to address the issue of dropouts among Indian students from the secondary schools.

Good point.

“As for the third demand, we want the employment rate of 7% involving Indians at every level of staffing in all government and government-linked companies.

Including the Armed Forces and Civil Service? Stop dreaming please. And what do you think of the Chinese being 23.5% of Malaysia's population?

“The Hindu community commits itself to supporting and voting for the political party that includes these three demands in their election manifesto for GE14,” he said.

Mateys, you have made these demands way way too late. Election Day is tomorrow lah. I doubt you'll get even a reply - just review Waythamoorthy's request for 3 seats and tell me, thus far what has been the Pakatan response, if ANY?

why has Maria Chin been accommodated whilst Waythamoorthy wasn't? 

Sorry to say this, but you may have missed the 'boat'. Aloha Oe.

No, it's in 2023, wakakaka 

elated: Would my beef with Hindraf be insensitive?.


  1. Everyone thinks they can be a Rajinikanth and everyone else are the villain.

  2. "why has Maria Chin been accommodated whilst Waythamoorthy wasn't?"

    Because Auta Waytha stabbed Pakatan in the back 4 days before GE13. And joined Najib's cabinet, swinging his Hindraf faction campaigning firmly behind Najib.

    At the time he was already warned It Will be Remembered. He was also warned nothing good will come out from associating with Najib,but he didn't listen.

    1. I thought you guys were the forgiving kind, like you have forgiven mahathir, wakakaka

    2. I can forgive something that happened in 1999, but not something that happened in 2013....

  3. Aiyoh, so late in the game when all the manifestos already out.

    It goes to show, the wait for Dedak did not arrive from any party till the last day and might as well SHOUT NOW, hopefully to be heard as Heroes of Indians.

    How sad such principles still exists among the leaders of such organisations.