Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Once bitten by a snake, twice ...?

From the Chinese press:

If Mahathir U-turn again, what will happen to the Chinese?

When Tun Dr. Mahathir was in office, the Chinese were being treated coldly, only a few Chinese who were closely related to him received many benefits.

During Tun Mahathir’s regime, Chinese education was being treated in the harshest way; many opposition supporters have condemned Barisan Nasional for its unfriendly policies towards Chinese, but subsequently found out that most of these policies were implemented when Tun Mahathir was the prime minister.

Dr Kua Kia Song informed us that Mahathir was the man who first threatened the Chinese schools on the UEC and warned them not start this private line of educational accreditation. 

Many people thought that Tun Mahathir repents now and should be forgiven. Why Tun Mahathir who treated Chinese in such a manner could be forgiven whereas Najib who treated Chinese so well could not be forgiven?

Although Pakatan Harapan mentioned about the recognition of the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) in its manifesto, but did anyone hear about Tun Mahathir talking about how to help the Chinese education? If Tun Mahathir become the prime minister and makes a U-turn, what can the Chinese do?

Najib has repeatedly mentioned about the recognition of UEC but are seen as ‘to be considered’. However, with a promise made by the prime minister of a country, the probability of being fulfilled is relatively high.

Many of the promises made by the Pakatan Harapan can also be seen as very friendly to the Chinese society, but whether they can be fulfilled depends on who is the policy maker of the PH new government. If it is Tun Mahathir, it seems that this promise is as beautiful as a vase. It is hard to be carried out.

Opposition supporters expect Tun Mahathir to fulfill the mission of changing the regime, but it is very difficult for them to control the 93-year-old returning prime minister.

Former Member of Parliament Dr. Tan Seng Giaw said Tun Mahathir is a leader that is hard to be changed; he is going to make his supporters smaller and put them in his pocket.

Tun Mahathir helped Syed Mokhtar to acquire Chinese enterprises.

Many people are blaming Rosmah for the acquisition of Chinese companies by the big enterprises owned by Malay, saying that she is the person who aggressively takes over of Chinese companies.

In fact, Syed Mokhtar is the person who acquired Chinese companies. He is the Malay entrepreneur supported by Tun Mahathir; he is also one of the top ten outstanding entrepreneurs in the country.

If Tun Mahathir can really open the country’s economy to all ethnic groups and treat the Chinese as Malaysians, then supporting Mahathir would make sense. If Mahathir did not show that he is kind to Chinese businessmen, what would this change of government bring to the Chinese community?

The PH election manifesto did not show the Chinese community the economic expectations that the opposition is willing to bring to the Chinese community so that the future of the Chinese will be more beautiful and prosperous.

DAP should make use of this rare opportunity to make Malay leaders in PH to be more open especially bringing more benefits such as more funds to the Chinese schools.

When Tun Mahathir was the prime minister, he was considerable scruples about Chinese schools, and now since all requests will be granted by PH, DAP should fight for the abolition of unfair treatment, funding the Chinese independent high schools and provision of quality secondary and tertiary education.

The manifesto unveiled by PH will somehow act as a kind of pressure to BN; thus, if it does not negotiate now, when is it waiting for?

PH supporters blamed the wrong person

Mahathir is using anti-Chinese investments as a tool to attack Najib’s government, putting the local Chinese businesses in an awkward position because many Malaysian Chinese businessmen have close relationship with Chinese investors.

to Mahathir Japanese are better 

Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, has frequent business contacts with the local business community; while business transactions between Chinese and Alibaba are also frequent, and there is some concern about Tun Mahathir’s attack.

Chinese investments in Malaysia is huge and brings a lot of business opportunities, should there be a change of government, and the Chinese investors are being marginalized, the domino effect is very serious. The Malaysian economy will bear the brunt of Chinese investors’ withdrawal from Malaysia, and the people will live in dire straits.

Chinese voters hate Najib more than Tun Mahathir. Tun Mahathir is lucky, although he used to be so cruel to the Chinese and to the Chinese education, the Chinese soon forgot all about it.

Cina mudah lupa juga 

The measures taken by BN in the past to repel Chinese education was being used as a weapon to attack the government led by Najib. In fact, Mahathir himself was responsible for the unfair treatment of Chinese education.

The PH supporters have blamed the wrong person responsible for it. PH supporters have been bleaching Mahathir and blackening Najib in a random way, which is a reversal of right and wrong.

Most of the Chinese believe that Tun Mahathir will treat Chinese well when he returns to become the prime minister, but those who support MCA and Gerakan refuse to believe him, because they were once bitten by a snake, and they will be afraid of the straw rope for decades.


  1. Are you talking yourself, kaytee? I dont mind being bitten so long to see kaytee vomit blood and mampus when najib is mampus

    This baby doc malaysia version must fuck off. Love the part how duvalier escape during halti revolution

  2. its umno/bn, not mahathir or najib. the chinese know the diff. u dedak eater dun twist.

  3. We talked on and on about a singular identity without race, but its Indonesia that has surpassed us on this matter.

    So how the did it?

    By removing all cultural and racial identities, and multiple stream schooling bullshit. How to expect a unified population when they were raised from young in separate bubbles of their own? No Malay, No Chinese, No Indian, No Punjabi, No Orang Asli identities. Only a unified Nusantara identity.

    1. what to do when we have a consti that define whats a malay.

    2. And so the Indonesians all lived happily ever after after achieving and assimilating all the races (Utopian view)?

      What a small world you live in?

    3. Well they did elect a non-Muslim as a Governor for their biggest city, but he went & fuckup himself and now lingkup in jail.

      And Consti can be changed, but this is not mentioned in Pakatan manifesto.

    4. pray tell how n why want to change? any problem with that definition?

    5. "but he went & fuckup himself and now lingkup in jail"

      Really, please pray sincerely to your Allah and ask yourself again, did he fuck-up himself or your type of mentality people fuck him up. (I do admit there are plenty of your people don't have your type of mentality though)

    6. I just mentioned it can be changed because you brought it up in the 1st place. You should ask yourself that question.

    7. @Peter. He fuckup himself by playing with something that he shouldn't have meddled with, and then worse is he took an arrogant stance about it before apologising too late.

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    1. Supporting white bigot supremacist while condemning anti-Chinese local supremacist. What an irony.

  6. Aiyah Kaytee! Same fear mongering about the Black Cobra waiting to strike again after the music stops.

    I'll be magnimous since you keep pestering on this matter.

    If the Black Cobra strikes again it's the end of The Emperor's dynasty and his band of "God, Glory, Power" halleluja mob.

    Looes74 and his merry men will cry until no tears left and shit in their pants.

    Happy, now?

  7. UNISEL, the Selangor Government-owned University already recognises UEC for entrancesince 2015.
    It was a GE13 announcement which was fullfilled.

    So, Pakatan UEC recognition is a reality, not empty promises like your Najib.

    Bridget Welsh is on record estimating BN GE14 promises costs have topped RM 100 Billion.
    I remember Ktemic condemned Pakatan as "Irresponsible"

  8. how and why do you think najib and umno became so accommodative to the Chinese and especially the east Malaysians...the answer lies in an effective opposition...don't be lulled into thinking that this is between najib the lesser evil and Maddy the bigger evil...this election is not about them, its about giving the opposition the mandate to reform the institutions so that no future gomen can abuse their power and umnobn can be a first class opposition that can benefit the rakyat

    1. Especially najib raise the fuckung keris to kill chinamen during operation lalang.

      Kaytee can suka najib. After najib screw him big time.....ah chua

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