Tuesday, May 08, 2018

PKR - members & members, friends & friends

MM Online - Don’t be a ‘frog’, PKR tells Prabakaran (extracts):

Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail speaks during a campaign rally in Sentul May 6, 2018, with Tian Chua and Independent parliamentary candidate for Batu, P. Prabakaran. — Picture by Razak Ghazali

PKR subtly reminded its Batu replacement candidate P. Prabakaran at a ceramah last night to not jump ship if he wins in GE14.

At the same event, PKR’s original contender Chua Tian Chang vowed to return in future polls.

PKR’s Elizabeth Wong, said last night that Prabakaran is a “good replacement” for Chua and represents the “key” for the federal opposition to enter Putrajaya.

Wong had noted Prabakaran’s intention of making Malaysia a country that respects youth and is just, and which Malaysians can be proud of.

“Prabakaran is a symbol of the people’s will in Batu,” the PKR candidate for the Bukit Lanjan seat said to hundreds of Pakatan Harapan (PH) supporters gathered here during a ceramah despite a heavy downpour earlier.

So PKR is endorsing Independent Prabakaran (key symbol) just as the party has gone out of its way to "accommodate" Maria Chin Abdullah, another Independent (but using the Blue Moon logo like what Dr Jeyakumar did in 2013).

I admit Maria looks more pleasing than Waytha, wakakaka 

Yet PKR has refused to endorse-accept Dr Jeyakumar contesting in Sungai Siput. PKR has put its own candidate there in a four-corner fight. PKR gives the impression it is more prepared to give the seat to BN rather than to let Dr Jeya win it.

maybe it's the 'koon-t'au-boh' (clenched-fighting fist) that frightens Princess Iron-Fan? 

Despite Maria Chin demanding:

(i) a 'safe' PKR seat,
(ii) a parliamentary seat (or she won't contest),
(iii) that she contests as an Independent using PKR logo,

PKR has pampered her on every of her wishes. She is likely to be nominated as candidate for Petaling Jaya Selatan (re-named Petaling Jaya) but which registered voters will be increased or 'sardine-ised' by 62.6% which effectively means the seat will become safer for PKR and her. Initially she was also considered for Batu, another safe PKR federal seat.

PKR had also offered Ambiga Sreenesavan the federal seat of Kapar or Segamat, though Kapar may no longer be a safe seat for an Indian, whilst Segamat is home base for Dr Subramaniam, the MIC party president, who is likely to defend it at any costs.

But Ambiga has declined as she said she is not interested in being a politician - a very wise lady, wakakaka.

It does make me wonder why PKR has ignored Waythamoorthy completely? I believe Waytha has wanted Segamat, the seat which was offered to Ambiga but which wasn't to the Hindraf man. By the by, I wonder what happened to that 'mandore-crier', his brother?

Maybe Princess Iron-Fan has a preference for Maria Chin Abdullah and Ambiga, though strangely she does NOT for Gan Pei Nei a two-term ADUN for Rawang who had worked her guts out there. Gan was dropped on the mere note of a complaint which was handled by Chua Wei Kiat, her replacement, a sure-fire case of 'conflict of interests'.

Gan Gutted

A crying shame: A tearful Gan is hugged by supporters after a press conference. The Rawang state assemblyman has been dropped over a poison pen letter that was handled by Chua Wei Kiat the man who eventually replaces her

Then we also witnessed a hard working Dr Tan Kee Kwong being mysteriously dropped so another Dr Tan (Tan Yee Kew) replaces him.

Princess Iron-Fan & Dr Tan Yee Kew 

But fck it man, we are talking about inexplicable decisions of PKR, wakakaka.  

Princess Iron Fan (铁扇公主), wife of Bull Demon King 

guess who he is/was?


  1. Win or lose GE14, Najib will have another headache a month later.....on June 8 to be exact. That’s when AI is due for release from prison. Unless of course the Director of Prisons have something to say about it.

    1. if Najib loses, then it doesn't matter when Anwar is released, provided the new PM Mahathir permits that, wakakaka

      if Najib wins, moe man t'ai for najib

    2. I am looking to kaytee vomittung blood till death when najib loses. Then i will take the photo of kaytee corpse

  2. If Harapan wins but Mahathir does not allow Anwar to be released then he won’t get majority support in Parliament so he can’t be PM.

  3. y pkr have to accommodate waytha n not dap?

  4. Frogs only come out depending on the weather, Kaytee.

    So, Hope it does not rain (deadlock results or slim margins)cos eggs become tadpoles and tadpoles becomes frogs and food also becomes aplenty for the frogs to feed on.

    Don't forget the 25% Toads over on the other pond also.

    But I guess in the End the snakes like the Black Cobra will still eat up all the Frogs and Toads.

    Princess Iron Fan better ditch the Iron Fan or the Emperor with his Cross and hold strong and sturdy Bamboo Sticks.