Sunday, May 06, 2018

Aloha Oe to looes74's problem

Sun Daily - Wife canes hubby for failing to meet sex demands:

A WOMAN has been been caning her husband for failing to meet her sexual demands. The 31-year-old woman is said to have have an insatiable appetite for sex.

Her 32-year-old husband said she demanded sex up to 10 times a day, the China Press reported recently.

Unable to meet her daily demands and take the punishments, the man sought the help of Community Policing Malaysia founder Kuan Chee Heng.

Kuan confirmed that there were cane marks on the man's body and buttocks. The man was reluctant to report the abuse because he was ashamed, he added.

However, there was not much Kuan could do for the man. He suggested getting medical help and counselling for the woman.

When I read the above story I realise it applies too to my visitor looes74. Yes, poor looes has had a sorry sad sex life. Sorry looes74, even Kuan Chee Heng couldn't help that poor guy with such an unusual family problem.

A doctor friend of mine said that he's quite suspicious of the man blaming your wife for her alleged insatiable sex drives, namely, the report that she "wants it" 10 times a day, which medically is very unusual, Doc suspects that the most common fault in such complaints could sometimes be with the husband.

To wit, that man might be suffering from premature ejaculations as you had.

Yes, it's embarrassing, but it's no point hiding from your sexual deficiency when we already know you for your "failures". The remedy may be quite simple, for you to exercise a bit of self mind control, and not to overly fantasise before penetrations, wakakaka. That man in the news should also adopt the mind-control program your doctor worked out for you.

I hope by now it's Aloha Oe to your "problem", wakakaka.


  1. I am more interested in how much gst cheebye kaytee contributed to malaysian coffer

  2. y u sound more n more like pas sexual obsessions ulama? i advise u dun get too close to hadi, even though sharing same boss.

    1. HY, he is actually dying for a threesome with them la...hehehehe.

  3. Obviously the victims have never heard about Dildos and Sex Toys.

    All they know is just Tongkat Ali, Viagra, Pucuk this and that, Herbal soup this and that, Animals penis, Spanish Fly etc.

    Obviously, caning not good enough since men never learns what the other Half wants even after canning so many times.

    Just cut off their Kukuchiao.


  4. bosses always call me seargeant major. Seargeant major loves to tekan people especially kaytee.

    I will a stick into kaytee arsehole

    1. Hahahaha...methinks Ktemoc is asking, no, begging to have a stiff stick-up his arse LOL. I guess he's turning to such depraved writing to relieve his burnt-out foaming non stop these few months leading to the GE.

      Two more days to go la....guess he will notch up even further although your guess is as good as mine how to foam further when he had practically vomited his whole guts out...dedak oh dedak...what he will not do for dedak.

  5. its every man's dream to meet a nympho and this man actually married one but chabo have to spoil it by being skeptical....chabo, you don't cane someone who suffer early jacks, normally you feel sorry for them...I think masochism a more convincing explanation...or maybe he is tongue tied...