Saturday, May 05, 2018

Maria Chin likes wet fingers

FMT - Voters cleaned fingers before taking ballot paper, claims Maria:

PH Petaling Jaya candidate Maria Chin Abdullah says she witnessed some advance voters at a police station cleaning their fingers with a piece of paper, right after they dipped it in indelible ink.

Those naughty voters should NOT have done so. They should have left their ink-ed fingers wet or moist, and WTF if they subsequently stained their trousers, shirts, handbags or whatever. Maria said so and she should be listened to, even if we know that the ink should be allowed 30 seconds to dry.


  1. Then there was another viral message going around that if the indelible ink is not quite dry and you happen to stain your ballot slip your vote may be declared spoilt. So the rule is dip with the left and hold with the right. And blow your left vigorously for 30 seconds. Sigh.....

  2. Ktemoc really very anti-Maria.
    But he lets his Boss Najib get away with everything (obviously)

    1. wakakaka, Monsterball is still working for his kpi, raja makan dedak

    2. Whoah......this is rich coming from a penyamum himself. Maryam lee, red riding hood must beware of colour wolf cheebye kaytee

    3. looes74...he's like the thief pointing finger at others yelling 'thief, thief !' to deflect attention from himself. Tak malu la....

  3. Any idea what is the smell?

  4. Such trivial matter also reported and picked on.

    Maybe she ran out of topics to speak on after so many months and years of bashing.

    She needs a break. Overworked syndrom can sometimes cause the mind to go blank.

    Watch out, Kaytee. You're next if not careful.


  5. Last elections, after casting my ballots, I quickly went to the school canteen where I washed my finger in water with copious amounts of hand soap and got most of it off.

    After I got home, I scrubbed my finger with scouring cream (Jif, Zif, whatever) and got most of the ink off, baring some remaining between my finger nails and skin.

    Heck! I'm not looking forward to this ink thinggie.