Sunday, May 06, 2018

Daim's marvellous GST

Sun Daily - Daim: I once proposed to introduce GST

Former cabinet minister Tun Daim Zainuddin admitted that he had once proposed to introduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) when he was in the government.

Daim, who was the former finance minister during Tun Mahathir's premiership, however stressed that his proposal at that time was meant to help the rakyat instead of burdening them.
He added that his idea to introduced GST was made after Malaysia had suffered financially due to an economic recession. [...]

Daim stressed that his version of GST was different from the one currently being implemented under the government of caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

He added the current GST was the main reason for the increase in the price of goods.

What startling marvellous news, that there are different versions of GST where Daim's version was meant to help the rakyat instead of burdening them whereas the current version is meant to burden the rakyat instead of helping them.

It's called Sunshine Bullsh*t GST.


  1. Yes, for the information of the Australian resident here that the Najib-version of GST implemented in Malaysia is a Big burden on the economy which is ultimately passed to the consumer.

    Small businesses' input GST don't get repaid back, Najib crony companies get multi-hundred million ringgit GST exemptions , small businesses (especially local Chinese ) get hounded for little oversights.

    1. Aussie GST is much more burdensome at 10% rate with NO EXEMPTIONS. At least here still has it for essential goods.

    2. The Aussie GST system is not the same as the Malaysian system.

    3. Nope. Their's are much simple because they have no exemptions. But the mechanism is the same where taxation and claim back rolls until the end customer.

  2. Kaytee ah.

    Obviously, you do not know the various types of GST implemented by different countries and only knows one type of GST ie BN GST or PH SST.

    Anyway, I don't agree for Malaysians to pay GST or SST to help fill up Govt. coffers until all the corruption, excesses, pilferages, wanton abuse and manipulation of projects prices, abusive grants and subsidies and bailouts are weeded out.

    Every year operational budget of nearly RM 270 billion and cutting out RM 40 billion is no big deal. And I have not touch yet on the Development Budget.

    It's a blatant lie to say that GST is a must for Malaysians now and using other countries economic experts, taxation experts, Central Banks, financial analysts and institutions to justify GST when Govt, mismanagement and weaknesses are not addressed.

    It does not matter who takes over the Govt. but so long as all these weaknesses are not addressed, then

    ANY AMOUNT OF GST or SST to fill up Govt. coffers will never be ENOUGH!.

  3. daim could be right, under him, price of good is preserved at affordable level, unlike yr boss.

  4. Being a super supporter of gst, kaytee should show us the proof the millions that he has contributed paying malaysia gst.

    Receipts. Documents. Talk is easy man. Trump also talk talk....hahahaha

    1. KT most probably lost his underpants while doing M'sian business!

      Hence have to run away to Oz with the help of his uncle who was indebted to pinklips.

      Like his know-nothing macai, he only knows how to raise prices (gst) to squeeze more money to cover his overheads (operational).

      Never, in his mind (??) he could think of cutting wastages & unnecessary expenditure to meet the budget shortfalls.

      Talk is easy for a swordsmith, bcoz under the pen, ANYTHING can!

  5. Wakakakaka… the best is yet to come.

    Being a ex-umno treasurer & ex-bn finance minister, there would be tons & tons of goodies.

    Mamak is proven to be a good political investment. He wouldn't spill ANY beans but there r no guarantee that his past cohorts wouldn't!

    Let the GREAT umno connivery revelation begins. Blur-sotongs, ketuanan freaks sit tight & watch the show. Then vomit blood for been conned all these yrs in the name of alifbata!

  6. The Singapore GST system is single tier like those in developed countries. Ours is multiple tier. Daim was obviously referring to the former. KT knows shit about economics.