Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Malaysiakini - Do you still think Anwar is gay? Dr M: I didn't examine him (extracts):

The feud between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his former heir-apparent Anwar Ibrahim made headlines around the world two decades ago.

Now, their alliance is also making headlines.

In an interview with The Guardian, the former premier is confronted with this question and his current opinion regarding Anwar's sexual orientation.

Asked if he still believes Anwar is gay, Mahathir replied: “Well that is what the police told me.”

“I didn’t examine him, but I am dependent on the police and I have to accept their evidence,” he added.

On whether Anwar deserved to be in prison for this, the Pakatan Harapan chairperson was clear on how he felt about the matter.

“I'm a Muslim, we don't accept that. You can be a liberal and accept same-sex marriage and all that, but that's your business. We are very orthodox people,” he said.

By his words in the above recent interview, Mahathir has shown his contempt for Anwar in his (Mahathir's) belief his former deputy has been a gay. Mahathir continues to be unrepentant in his conviction that Anwar deserves to be imprisoned.

How then can such a person be relied upon to fulfil his promise to free Anwar from jail and obtain a royal pardon for him, indeed, not when he is so adamant about Anwar's guilt and deserved punishment?

Don't forget that it was Mahathir as PM when we saw Anwar Ibrahim jailed for corruption and eventually sodomy.

fck anwar! 

totally unrepentant 

Utter contempt for anwar 


  1. u oso think anwar deserves to be prisoned, who r u to blame mahathir?

  2. Sorry la nostto pig, it sheiss and kaytee.....boh chap boh hiew

    I just want najib and kaytee can die cock stand....


    1. "Sorry la nostto pig, it sheiss and kaytee.....boh chap boh hiew"

      Hmmm! What did I say in this regard to deserve that?

      You are like a typical pakatoon who adopts an "if you are not with us, you are against us" attitude, similar to George Bush.

      I am pretty ambivalent about what BN and Pakatan politicians say right now, especially when each side will try to convince people that they are right and the other side is wrong.

      Pakatoons like to say that thinking should be allowed, but only when people think like they do, so in reality for pakatoons, thinking is not allowed.

      That said, I'll rather reluctantly be voting pakatoon on 9th May 2018, after which I'll continue taroking them properly when they say something stupid or do something stupid.

    2. If you find both BN and Pakatoon unpalatable, why force urself to choose either when there's better option? Go for the Moon or #UndiRosak.

    3. That should be the logical thing to do. After that whatever u do, i boh hiew or care. If najib really die cock stand and kaytee does not perform seppuku, you can partner with kaytee to set up new party

    4. Wakakakaka……

      If looes74 is a pakatoon, then u r a bn ampu-kaki lab.

      Labeling is so easy!

    5. Yes, labeling is so easy. Just like how you bestowed it on so many others. Touche?

    6. Go for the Moon ? Too much moonlight it seems can make one go lunatic, hahaha ...Latin luna ‘moon’ (from the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent insanity).

      Now you see the Moon slogan everywhere - Undi PAS, jamin masuk syurga ! These people want to have the best of both worlds....what is that word again ? Ta'am this world, they want mansions, sleek cars, 4 wives and everything pree, pree pree ( tak perlu bayar la ). And for the next other world, they want to enter heaven, with 72 virgins, and free flowing river of wine, wakkakaka. One query though, will the females-masuk-syuga also get 72 virile young men to service her ? Tak kan dia kena asyik buat knitting je...boring la cam tu..not to mention unfair...surely heaven also have this equality policy kan ?

      All kafirs just shut up okay...kita akan bakar kau kau sampai hangus in hell, hehehhehe.

    7. Oh Fuck la! These otak rosak think as if they are high and mighty. If you have gone adam curtis's documentary, you are nothing but a number. Don't carry yourself high high la especially IT Sheiss......

      Don't forget! Those who vote PAS will get 72 anak dara after life. Those ana dara could be beri beri beri old you know.......hehehehehe

    8. Because I'm kafir, I much prefer 72 prostitutes. Main virgin tak best, they no experience to have fun. But still lucky I'm not the cross type kafir, or else I might get 72 virgin choir boys instead. Yikes!

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  3. Mahathir said not all promises can be fulfilled when they come to power. But he never did specify which ones that can't be done, right? So its up to his interpretation in that matter. See the trap? Hohoho!

    1. That is why people say that between a politician and a snake, kill the politician first.

    2. Unlike the current PM...he now promises all sort of Transformasi, wakakakkakakaa. Between the snake and this saintly politician, kill the snake and kiss the politician, which is what ktemoc, john/hasan/unkown is now doing kau kau, wakakkakak

    3. Between the politician and Keralan snake, kill the Keralan snake as it might morph into a much more poisonous politician. Hohoho!

    4. "Hohoho"...haram tu...nanti your Bawang gang accuse you of using Santa greetings of Hohoho Merry Xmas, wakakakka. Jaga sikit okay...safer for you to use your new boss' signature wakakakaka

  4. TDM son and daughter looks to me like gay and bisexual too.

    Kaytee ah. How do you examine a male or female and determine whether gay, lesbian, bisexual or homoprodite?

    Does it mean the size of an organ determines a person's sexuality?

    How did TDM pass his medical degree?

    1. Via University of Zimbabwe. His degree was personally awarded by his another BFF, Robert Mugabe.

    2. Dr M got his medical degree via University of Zimbabwe, and was personally awarded by Robert Mugabe ? Can someone charge this john aka hasan aka unkown for Fake News? wakakakkaa.

    3. At least mamak has graduated with a basic med degree from that reputed old UM based in RedDot.

      What have u got?

      A shameless 'curi from b40' scholarship, then a good-ridden degree from a moneyed pommie uni!

    4. You know John.......taking drugs is haram under Islam


    5. then you shouldn't be on drugs everyday, wakakaka

    6. looes, I'll be posting a piece on and for you soon, wakakaka

  5. Actually, Anwar was jailed for corruption (abuse of power) and sodomy during Mahathir's time, the sodomy conviction was overturned by the appeals court during Abdullah Badawi's time.

    In June 2008, still during Abdullah Badawi's time, Saiful lodged a police report alleging that Anwar had sodomised him.

    The court acquitted Anwar of sodomising Saiful in January 2012 which is during Najib's time. The prosecution appealed and Anwar was convicted of sodomy in March 2014, also during Najib's time.

    Many, especially Pakatan supporters, rightly or wrongly believe that Mahathir and later Najib had influenced the court to convict Anwar.

    So why just focus on Mahathir and not also Najib.

    On another note, being homosexual (or "gay" as has more recently used to refer to male homosexuals) is not punishable under Sections 337(x) of Act 574 (the Penal Code). The act sodomy - i.e. sexual intercourse involving penetration between men is punishable under this act. Female homosexuality - i.e. lesbian acts is not covered by this law, though I'm not sure what sticking a dildo up a sexual partner's anus or vagina would amount to.

    There are Malaysians,who have declared themselves gay in public online and nothing has happened to them and they have not even lost their jobs.

    The western press, as well as some of the lazier Malaysian media gets it wrong in this regard.

    Whatever Mahathir's (and Najib's) views on this matter, if Pakatan were to win GE14, I'm pretty sure there will be others who will either demand Anwar be pardoned or even to have the cases for which he was convicted reopened and retried, if that is possible, though a Pakatan government could change the laws to allow for that retrocatively.

    Let's face it, Mahathir and his Pribumi comrades will not hold the same dominant position within Pakatan as he and UMNO has within BN, especially when Malay political power will be shared between Pribumi, PKR and Amanah within Pakatan and including PAS outside Pakatan, and together with DAP, they can pose quite a check restraining Mahathir.

    Of course that is if Pakatan wins the federal government in GE14 and if it decides to take such actions to clear Anwar.

    Anyway, enough speculation. let us wait and see what happens after 9th My 2018.

    1. Saiful lengchai only emerged onto the scene during Najib's reign. Remember how a then-unkown Saiful could get to meet the PM purportedly "to ask for a scholarship" wakakakkaka. All these will NOT be highlighted by can some one who is already on the De Dak side even dare try to highlight this ? It will be like taking sumptuous food and flowing wine and champagne out of his own mouth, wakakakkaka

  6. "How do you examine a male or female and determine whether gay, lesbian, bisexual or homoprodite?"

    That thought crossed my mind too.

    1. Jakim says it can only do this in one month...a lengthy process, wakakkaka.