Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The ribbit ribbit ribbit factor

FMT - 250 PKR members quit over Tuaran candidate (extracts):

A total of 250 PKR members in Tuaran quit the party today and pledged their allegiance to Upko, citing disappointment with the party’s choice of candidate for the election.

Sabahans may be smarter than Peninsular people for their political astuteness, but they are prone to metamorphosis, wakakaka. It's the land of frogs.

Anwar Ibrahim knows them so well that in the 1994 state election he as then-DPM (under Mahathir) and thus BN Director of Election Campaign in Sabah could changed the state's post-election status such that the supposedly winning new CM Joseph Pairin Kitingan by a manmanlai ribbit ribbit ribbit became the state opposition leader, wakakaka.

Pairin - victim of frog-attack in 1994


  1. De Dak side beckons... Ktemoc should be extremely familiar with that process..

  2. It sure will be Fatt Tatt for East Malaysians who can win seats this coming GE14.

    BN or PH moneymen will be flying over in a superfast plane the minute there is a stalemate on the night of 9 May.

    No wonder both parties are so kedekut this time around. The only party spending big seems to be PAS only.

    1. Nostro pig. Wanna see u lei? Got hut or not?