Monday, May 07, 2018

The Teflon-ised in DAP

MM Online - Wan Azizah blasts DAP’s Nga for harsh speech against Dr M (extracts):

BAKRI, May 7 — Pakatan Harapan (PH) president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail has today rapped Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming for a recent speech that went viral, which the latter has since apologised for.

Dr Wan Azizah said that the pact does not appreciate such harsh language being used against its chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Nga, who is also the Teluk Intan parliamentary candidate, became the subject of controversy after a video posted on the Facebook page called “Gerak Perak” purportedly showed him speaking sarcastically at a ceramah about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad being at death’s door.

He also suggested that the late Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew was tired of playing mahjong alone in the afterlife, and wanted Dr Mahathir to join him.

When asked whether PH would take action against Nga, Dr Wan Azizah said she will leave that to its component party DAP.

Nga had since apologised for his blunt language and promised to take a softer approach in his future ceramah.

Will Nga face disciplinary actions from the DAP?

I don't think so as Nga is one of the beautified canonised teflon-ised Hallelujah Hordes. The above is NOT his first outrageous mistake for a politician.

When Allahyarham Dato Haji Nik Aziz was still around during and after the 2008 GE, Nga was the DAP man who loved to sprout Quranic verses, even consulting the late Nik Aziz about his pompous pseudo-pious habit. Alhamdulillah Tok 'dah meningal.

He was also the bloke who described Perak MB Zambry Abd Kadir as a 'metallic black person'.

I wonder what would his Indian colleagues in DAP say?

And don't forget DAP veteran Chong Eng is married to Gunabalan Krishnasamy, an artist - they have two children.

a then much younger Chong Eng and hubby Gunabalan

I wonder by any chance Nga could be related to Hew Kuan Yau? Wakakaka.


  1. that speech was disgraceful..period... as an oppo supporter myself my humble plea to such cocky politicians is don't push your luck too far...

    1. Mponsterball is in trouble - can't defend his boss - no more dedak, wakakaka

    2. So cheebye kaytee is coming back full circle back to mca fold.

      Lin chong eu was from mca, you know

    3. Harsh words but inescapable fact of life with a touch of humor!

      In fact, if it's not bcoz of the ge14 fever, nobody, not even mamak, would take offense. Just like the kopitiam talk of the old!

      Nobody is a saint, especially politikus!

      I DONT see anything wrong in dressing up the speech by linking mamak playing mahjong with Lao Lee. Companionship ma!

      Only opportunistic jibby sycophants WOULD go to town, blasting loudly to gain that last minute push for vote.

    4. Yup. I also don't see anything wrong. By now, Karpal would have learned the game well from Lee Senior, and since mahjong is best played with 4 players, why not rope in Mahathir and LKS along? Companionship ma!

    5. nowadays mahjung is mainly played with 3 kakis

    6. and only melayu and chinese play mahjung, not bhais or indians, wakakaka

    7. Ck,
      Lee kuan yew has once said politics is like making love. It would get much easier after the first 洞房. Hehehe.
      I love the part how lky kill tang liang hong who exiled to australia. I wonder hor.

      This one lagi better. The incident involved a near strike by alp-s in singapore.

      Captain ryan goh yew hock......chao chee that your fucking cousin? I support lky in expelling this cheebye and the same must be done to kaytee

    8. Hotel Properties Ltd case

    9. Hohohoho! In China, mahjong still plays in the traditional 4 kakis way. And with plenty of time but nothing to do in afterlife, even Bhais & Indians will be curious to learn how to play it. So game is waiting for full table of Lee Senior, Karpal, LKS & Mahathir. Game ON!

    10. Also wanted to add, the reason why 3 kakis are popular because it finishes faster than 4 kakis playing. But since time is immaterial in afterlife, the more the merrier no?

    11. If kaytee is not in aviation industry, he should stop farting about anything aviation. Else, end up like that poor captain

      Yes.......Chao Cheebye Kaytee

    12. Both of u know jackagroo shit about mahjong!

      Reminds me about that Melayu palsu trying to be clever by half - referring to an pommie site about the origin of mahjong!

      Hmmmm…… Hotel Properties Ltd case… Lao Lee & son lhl paid the difference of market & discounted price to charity!

      Any ketuanan freaks do the same with the Non's & bumi discounted house prices?

      Not in a zillion yrs in hell!

    13. wakakaka, CK is an expert on every fcking thing

    14. Oh, surely you can do better than this, Ktemoc ! Just because CK could rebut you on Hotel Properties Ltd case and YET once again chuck your face into the garbage bin, have the grace and integrity to admit salah dan kalah, wakakkaka. Instead of attacking him, why not have some honesty and principle ? Ohh...silly me...asking a running dog to have integrity, honesty and principle, wakakkakaka

    15. Who says Indians cant play mahjong?i know a few dat do! I also know some dat speak such fluent Chinese u wun even know they r Indians if u dun c them physically.

    16. Who says Indians cant play mahjong? I know a few kakis dat do. I also know some dat speak fluent Chinese dat u wun expect them 2 b Indians until u c them physically.

    17. I think CK and you know fck-all about the Hotel Properties Ltd case - CK was toking-kok but I didn't bother to correct him because he is always showing he knows a lot when he doesn't, wakakaka - maybe looes74 does as that remark of mine pertains to his comment.

    18. DieHardX, I have a couple f good Indian buddies and Bhai matey in Penang who speak perfect colloquial Hokkien that if you close your eyes, you would think some Penang Chinese are speaking. But strangely none of them play mahjong

    19. Jj,
      Kaytee doesnt even dare to show his name, photo, credentials and documents. Like rumpelstillskin
      A fake angmokauxai knows nuts even about ang moh culture

      Kaytee boh hut boh chee. Like ryan goh, likely cheebye kaytee got caught with his pants down. So he lari to australia

      Time to tell pauline hanson to tangkap this cheebye kaytee

    20. I am about to write another sad story about you, wakakaka

    21. Absolutely right looes74 ! Could he be the only blogger here that's faceless and using fake name and giving out fake background ? If not mistaken, he did mention 'knowing' his sweeties like Helen Ang and Susan Loone. Don't quite know what he meant by 'knowing' though...wakakakkaa. Maybe a check with his Botak Sifu ? But then that asshole in Manchester is so full of crap that anything comes out of him will be shitty, hehehhe.

    22. Wakakakaka……

      1) I'm an expert on every fcking things kt spilled out incoherently & irrationally.

      Disputing my takes with facts, not words lah. Can?

      2) cure to spill more beans on the Hotel Properties Ltd case?

      I must admit that wrt Lao Lee's connection with the Hotel Properties Ltd, that's the only case I know of.

      Best still, if u claimed to know more, blast it out in S'pore & let Lao Lee's family challenge u to court. Game or chicken?

      Don't write & act like that moron who likes to rambling incoherently while name-dropping as if he/she/it knows. He can't read, that's for sure. But, as a wordsmith, don't disgrace the pen u r holding lah even though yr mind is evil!

  2. Bravo Nga Kor Ming and Hew Kuan Yau. More.. more.. more please. Padan muka dia.

  3. A parody for Chinese audience consumption turn into a tasteless disrespectful event description of the Black Cobra. He deserves a slap on the face from the Empress.

    What you expect the Emperor/General to do? Castrate him to be a Eunuch?

    What is very surprising is the pro BN supporters and media all turn overnight into very respectful humble servants of the Black Cobra. How much more hypocritical can you get?


    1. Another leopard that can't change his spots, Nga has spent his whole life insulting Mahathir so now he finds it hard to go cold turkey on this behaviour.