Monday, May 07, 2018

Moronic Mafulat-ish Monkeys Abusing Zaid Ibrahim

FMT - Opposition must accept the outcome on polling day, says Zaid (extracts):

Zaid ... said the May 9 polls had seen an unparalleled level of rivalry between the ruling Barisan Nasional and opposition pact Pakatan Harapan, with both camps appearing confident of victory.

“Given these expectations, one side will be terribly disappointed with the outcome, and followers may become too emotional and unwilling to accept the results.

“To members of the opposition, I say this: there may be many things you do not like about the election process in our country, but once you agree to participate in it, you must be willing to accept the outcome,” he said in a blog post.

Zaid, who is a DAP member, said it was incumbent on leaders from both sides to ensure that their supporters would accept the decision of voters at the ballot box.

Should the opposition lose, he said, its supporters must be able to accept the outcome. If, on the other hand, Prime Minister Najib Razak was defeated, he too must be willing to hand over power as quickly as possible. [...]

Zaid called on the chiefs of the armed forces and the inspector-general of police to issue a joint statement urging the people to remain peaceful and calm throughout the election.

“Peace and security for all Malaysians must be paramount considerations at all times.

“May the winners be magnanimous, and the losers gracious. That’s all I can hope for on May 9.”

It riles me greatly when clowns, coteh and c***s tok-kok like saying : "He is DAP member? But he talks like UMNO? Will be turn katak? Who knows?".

Just what is a political katak?

Are Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz kataks?

Looks like I have to explain to you lot again, especially those still without pubic hair, just exactly what is meant by a political katak, and whether Zaid Ibrahim, like Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Mukhriz, are political frogs?

Let me start by asking a very relevant question - Does Zaid hold a MP or ADUN position?

If he doesn't, then how can he be a katak?

A katak is one who takes his MP or ADUN position across to a party which didn't win that representation in the first place, like for example, Kamarudin bin Jaffar of PAS who recently took his MP position (Tumpat) from PAS to PKR.

Kamarudin bin Jaffar 

Recently several PAS ADUNs lompat from PAS to PKR in Selangor - they are frogs.

Another example was demonstrated in Sabah in 1994 when Anwar Ibrahim, then DPM and thus BN Director of election campaign in Sabah, 'created' enough kataks to turn Joseph Pairin from a newly elected CM of Sabah into the opposition leader for that state.

Anwar tried to do again allegedly with 30 BN MPs just after the 2008 GE in his 916 scheme. He failed that second time, mind you, not for lack of help from Hannah Yeoh, wakakaka.

Officer, are you sure 140 is greater than 82? 

We also saw the turning-door kataks in Perak after the first Nizar Jamaluddin Administration when PKR ADUNs and one DAP ADUN (the remarkable Mrs Hee) metamorphosed into blue BN-ites.

OK you tok-kok mongrels, remember this - katak is one who takes his MP or ADUN position across to a party which didn't win that representation in the first place.

So, is Mahathir a katak?

The Second Plague: Frogs

8 And the Lord spoke to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord: “Let My people go, that they may serve Me. 2 But if you refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all your territory with frogs. 3 So the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into your house, into your bedroom, on your bed, into the houses of your servants, on your people, into your ovens, and into your kneading bowls. 4 And the frogs shall come up on you, on your people, and on all your servants.
- Exodus 8

In which case I prefer to be Pharaoh

Of course no, because he doesn't hold any MP position - in fact he has already retired or so he claims, wakakaka.

And are Mukhriz (ADUN Ayer Hitam Kedah) and Muhyiddin (MP Pagoh) kataks?

No, because they were both expelled by UMNO thus it's not their fault if they subsequently join Pribumi.

Don't simply accuse people of being katak without even understanding that colloquial term. Or, based on your fcking nonsense, you can then say the biggest katak of all should be Mahathir. Do you mangy Mafulat-ish mongrels like that?

Just to remind you lot, Zaid was already a minister in AAB's cabinet (for Law), yet he resigned on his own accord to protest in disgust at the government's use of the ISA to detain sweetie Teresa Kok and a sweetie Chinese news journalist.

On Teresa Kok's blog, sweetie wrote:

Kit Siang applauded Dato’ Zaid’s decision to resign as Minister on the matter of principle that the ISA should not be used against civilians but only against those who advocate the overthrow of government by force or terrorists.

Dato’ Zaid in his remarks said that he knew Teresa Kok personally and had worked with her on the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus and described her as a hardworking MP and “she could never be anti-Malay, anti-Islam or anti-anything”.

He added that Malaysia had adequate laws to deal with any eventuality and there was no justification to use the ISA on politicians and civilians.

“People say that we have peace and stability in Malaysia because of the ISA but I say that we have peace and security despite the ISA. Cukuplah”, he added, “We should stop using the ISA for political purposes”.

He said there were cases where ISA detainees were awarded Datoships soon after their release – this showed that the ISA had been misused in the past. “If these people were threats to national security, how can they be awarded Datoships?” he asked.

Zaid Ibrahim has shown his high principles in voluntarily resigning as Minister in charge of Law under the AAB cabinet because he protested against the government's misuse of the ISA in detaining Teresa Kok and a Chinese news journalist.

He was also instrumental in enabling former Lord President of the Judiciary Salleh Abas and other judges unjustly sacked under the Mahathir Administration to be duly compensated.

Just because he is too independent minded and thus not in the favour of the 'Father, Son and Hallelujah Hordes' doesn't make him an UMNO ogre, you fcking monkeys with no brains.

Mind your biadab moronic stupid vulgar mouths from toking-kok.


  1. "Will be turn katak? Who knows?"
    Zaid was already a frog way before joining DAP. Are they stupid to ask such questions or were they the kataks under the tempurung all these while?

  2. Seriously, this guy is a Maverick but not a Frog or Katak.

    The problem is whoever is his Boss/General/Empress just do not know what he actually wants.

    Or, maybe he thinks too highly of himself to be working under anybody and he expects favours done to be compensated
    according to his status.

    He wakes up one day sober, next day drunk.

    The Kelantanese gene in him is so obvious.

  3. I was a little sad Zaid was not offered a seat to contest. He would have made a good speaker of the lower house, if Harapan wins of course. Well, there is always the Speaker of the Senate, which he can be appointed to; then the Upper House can again regain its prominence and place in Parliament, not a rubber stamp. How many pieces of legislation has ever been debated and voted out by the Senate after being passed by the lower house?

    1. Good idea. I do hope that Senate can be revamped in such a way to give the states more representatives. Not sure Aussie style is a good idea though

  4. y so excited? the commenters might have a diff understanding of what construed as katak, which not necessarily have to be an mp or adun. n by looking at zaid record, the commenters could be right.

    1. so you believe mahathir is also a katak?

    2. Katak jumps from one pond to another.

      In politic, if one jumps from one party to another, katak he is. PERIOD.

      Nothing to do whether it holds any position, significant or otherwise.

      So did mamak jump from one party to another? No lah - he resigns & forms new party. Know the difference?

      Wordsmith is trying too hard AGAIN to spray the town with bn blue ke?

      Oooop…… do keep yr dedak labelling to yrself.

      This is a factual discussion!

      Memang desperate! Share lah - the hour of reckoning IS near!

      New dawn for bolihland!

  5. chabo, absolutely with you on this one.. I would be livid too if someone said something that is rational and judicious but got whack for it...I am sure he had peace and harmony of the country in mind when he said that..

  6. No he is not a Katak.

    However, multiple-multiple switches in political loyalty have shown him to be someone who will happily stab you in the back, if it helps gain advantage for Number 1 ( himself)

    1. wakakaka, what tok-kok from a dedak-eater from mahathir's trough

    2. Problem is, he was numero uno in the party he founded, Parti Kita, and yet he katak'ed from that. So he'd basically stabbed himself in the back, and though you might find it physically impossible, Zaid has been known to do "wonders".