Saturday, May 12, 2018

Stop Miaowing

Ambiga Sreenevasan has told the Pandan Cat to stop miaowing or receive a tight slap, wakakaka.

diam pussy 

She's annoyed the Blue Moon Feline is still at the old PKR silly game of arguing over appointments. Ambiga is obviously irritated by such selfish territorial staking out of ministerial appointments.

Then, the Star had reported that the two PKR factions (Cats and Dwarves) were squabbling over their election nominees. 
Wan Azizah had rejected some 8 names proposed by Azmin.

Ambiga said 
“When the rakyat are doing everything in their power to overcome obstacles to ensure they can vote and to help in the election, this nonsense in PKR is unforgivable.

So Ambiga has been familiar with the antics of the ferocious territorial felines in PKR.

As I mentioned in my previous post Chinese Finance Minister ReduxPKR might have eyed a couple of the top ones, namely, Finance, Defence and Home. These three keep the nation going and secure. But with Maddy having appointed the candidates for those posts, PKR is displeased.

Much as I have been wary and leery of Mahathir, I have to say, based on the old man's experience, he may be the correct leader to sort out those selfish combative PKR pollies, people like Rafizi and Azmin, or there will be no end to their avaricious demands.

For more, see MM Online's 

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  1. She is probably frustrated at "HOW DA FUCK DID I MISSED THIS FUCKING CHANCE TO BE IN DA GOVERNMENT???!!! Anybody willing to vacate their seat for me?"

    1. could it be she get used to live under a dictator, that's y she dun know what consultation means?

      a serf is always a serf.

    2. Well that's what she got when she traded her brains to be a PH zombie, but didn't leave enough grey matter to consider their candidacy offer unlike her BFF, Maria Chin. Now she's frustrated about missing the boat! Hohohoho!

  2. now u start kissing mahathir ass, u shd have done it earlier like looes did.

    1. HY.. Chinese Finance Minister Redux ma. Kena say tq v much to TDM la.. wakakaka

    2. Oooi.....unknown....what happen to being king maker....

      Nik aziz told u to read more quran and stop farting here

    3. Aiyaaa.....hy still kenna sai from najib lover cheebye kaytee

      Good medicine cannot save u liao

    4. yeah lor, sekarang the great leader tabor dedak lu tengok kami cina dah bersedia ucap ribuan terimakasih dengan air mata dan air liur.

    5. Again beware of this cheebye kaytee

  3. We badly need someone of her obvious integrity and stature to be the next Attorney General