Saturday, May 12, 2018

Angry Miaow from Pandan Cat

FMT - PKR questions Dr M for naming top posts (extracts):

Dei Tun, where is mine? 

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR has questioned the announcement of three top posts by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, saying nothing has been finalised and the line-up is still being negotiated with the party’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

This comes after Mahathir today named DAP’s Lim Guan Eng as finance minister, PPBM’s Muhyiddin Yassin as the home minister, and Amanah’s Mohamad Sabu as the defence minister.

But hours later, PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli issued a statement saying talks between Mahathir and Anwar were still ongoing.

He said Mahathir was to meet Anwar later this evening at the Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM) in Cheras, where the jailed leader is undergoing treatment.

“Any decision on appointments must be unanimously agreed by all four parties in Pakatan Harapan.

“PKR is confident that negotiations will follow the spirit of consensus to help strengthen the Pakatan Harapan government,” Rafizi said, adding that many had asked him about PKR not being given any of the top three posts.

Wakakaka, PKR is not happy.

Rafizi matey, learn to live with Maddy, okay, wakakakas again.

In divvying up the spoils of war, 1st round, Maddy gave 1 each to DAP(Finance), Pribumi (Home) and Amanah (Defence).

Alas, Maddy did NOT give any to PKR, or perhaps he reckoned the DPM post, which goes to Wan Azizah, is equivalent to the "1 each", wakakaka.

I heard you've quite a rapport with the Pinoysthus you should be Foreign Minister 

But I wonder why he didn't name Azmin or Nurul as Foreign Minister?

Is this the first spark of discontent within PH?


  1. i dun think azmin wan to go federal at tis point of time. his roots is in selangor, he need time to consolidate his team n power i guess, selangor is the only pkr strong base.

    mahathir will start to absorb the umno people into his party, or else he have too little power to deal with pkr n dap. i hope anwar n azmin is wise enough how to handle mahathir.

    1. Or rather its wan azizah idea to keep azmin ali in check. I dare to bet wan azizah agrees with lge appointment. Come on anwar will be pm soon, why hurry?

      Why hy got agitated by kaytee shit talking? Together we must whack kaytee mampus

    2. i told u kt (n rocky) never go against anyone that is in power, so no worry, he would kick najib ass more harder than u from now onwards.

  2. PKR has the largest number of Harapan MPs in Parliament
    Must give due respect to this.

    1. Anwar will get pm soon.....sabar.

      Like i say, time to denazify najibism. Starting by gutting kaytee like a fish

    2. not only that, history already tell us how mca/gerakan is being neutralised to become a irrelevant party.

  3. TDM probably thought it wise to announce Ministers for Home and Defence, to keep the police, immigration and Armed Forces in check, in case anyone has ideas of an escape or coup de etat. Finance Minister needed to pay salaries and bills perhaps. But it would have been better to PKR at least if he had given another important Minister post, like Foreign to them. Maybe that’s what he was discussing with Anwar about tonight.

    1. Wan azizah oredi deputy pm. Its like in northern ireland or in new zealand....same status one

      See why wan azizan no worry.....only stupid people kenna tipu kaw kaw by cheebye colour wolf kaytee.

      Time to gut kaytee instead

    2. home minister, johor, perak, kedah all now under bersatu. pls ponder a little bit deep.

    3. To be honest, without the Mahathir factor, there's no way the rest of the PH parties could garner all those some commentator puts it.."even if you were to field a goldfish, it would have won "

  4. Hohohoho! Of all the positions he announced the 2nd most important, the DPM, was absent. Perhaps his lawyers, Khatri & Mathias, are still going thru the Constitution if it said anything about having 2 DPM posts. Wanna guess who will get the 2nd DPM position if it materialise? Wakakaka!

    1. Whatever it is...your Hadi won't be involved, although he had done his damnest best putting in his 150 men but only 12% survived. Kingmaker sudah jadi arang, but that didn't stop this man with the biggest gall...he with his 3 seats in Perak tried recently to be kingmaker again, arrogantly setting his taliban terms but Sultan Nazrin ain't biting, wakakkaka. Yeah, the most pricipled man and party, according to who-the-hell-fei-po-helen-ang, wakkakaka. Just wait for the court trail next year in London, OK ? 90 million dedak but some say much more...ada video/voice recording but taliban culture doesn't accept such western tech..only 4 witnesses (male) applies, hehehhe.

    2. Hohohoho! Your kangaroo court cannot touch UK justice lah.
      Round 1 - Hadi wins
      Round 2 - Hadi wins by default
      Round 3 - hehehehe.....

    3. sai hei la...winning in what sense ? full trial only commence next year la. we are talking about the dog, not the collar on the dog, blur-sotong john/unkown/hasan/maybe that new addition too long his nick, wakakkaka

  5. Oh as for reformasi princess Nurul, she should be ambassador to Pinoy since her relationship with another princess is so fantastically BFF. If Sabah Government don't heel to the new regime, she can always threaten to send it back to Pinoy. Wakakaka!

    1. Dont talk so much....last check pas demand this demnand that...wanna be king maker

      Not scared that no royalty for kelantan and terengganu hah....

      Hehehe....pas scare tactics can only works once u you know that pas nearly lost....this one u must check with najib lover cheebye more kaytee

    2. PAS nearly lost? What were you smoking? Has weed now became legal in new Malaysia kah?

      Look at the results for both states. PAS won by a comfortable margin vis-a-vis BN, while PAN fellas lost their panties. Even your vaunted Nik Omar lost kaw-kaw too.

    3. Wakakakaka……

      Hope u have improve yr reading skill!


      Read and weep, otherwise I'll slap you and make you weep. You folks predicted that PAS will only win 1 seat, but results showed your fallacy in believing your own lies. Now go back into your cave and cry for mama.

    5. Showing that chronic reading deficiency syndrome AGAIN!

      We made prediction that pas will only win 1 seat?

      We made no such thing as yr alter ego's hallow election predictions in this blog for ALL to see!


    6. Its in the comments section somewhere, but I lazy to retrieve it. If you rather be dishonest and not admit saying it, that's your integrity lost not mine. I have always upheld that PAS will win bigger this time and it did.

  6. Well, all have to be content with Dr M's decisions. He is not going anywhere at the moment..there will be 2 years of him.

    What happened to all the campaigne talk about no concentration of power all in one person ? They make fun of how Najib having to get the permission of the Finance Minister to get funding. They declared no more Umno-ism.

    Well, this is precisely what Dr M has delivered....the PM should not be also holding the position of Finance Minister, or even his own party member be holding this position. This divvying up is reasonable and fully can see how the public fully accepted this when it was announced.

    When the time comes for Anwar to be PM in 2 years' time, it will be a record worthy of being in the Guinness World Record - Husband is PM, Wife is Deputy PM. And if Nurrul is made Minister too, this will be the most powerful family dynasty in the history of Malaysia, if not the world. How would the world view this burgeoning democracy ?

    Anyway, whatever it is, it's time PKR quits running to the press every time they are unhappy with its partners. Offices and meeting places all have is best they sort their wranglings behind closed doors rather than calling in reporters to announce their unhappiness all the time. This time around, Dr M is around to firmly put them in their places, whether it is pkr or dap or amanah, and bersatu. Unfortunately, it has to be pkr again, doing them no favor at all, only reinforcing in people's mind this unsavory trait.

    1. PKR has the most dominant umno gene.

      If ever umno ver3.0 happens it has to come from pkr!

      Mamak is right to clamp this abdominal creature down NOW rather than later.

      Rafizi, a good man, is blind to the Brutuses sitting amongst he & colleagues.

      He ONLY see the superficial fact that home minister, johor, perak, kedah all now under bersatu.

      Tsk… tsk… sigh…… a view under the cocoon - so easy!

      Do remember mamak said he WONT be coming back to umno & he meant it!