Wednesday, May 02, 2018

PAS numerology?

FMT - PAS’ Norsah sees divine sign of victory (extracts):

Norsah (centre) is confident things will turn out well for PAS in Batu Sapi

KOTA KINABALU: PAS election candidate Norsah Bongsu believes that her party has divine sanction in its decision to contest in Batu Sapi and the two state constituencies that come under it.

She told FMT that PAS was given Registration Number 01 for the Sekong contest, another 01 for Karamunting and 04 for the Batu Sapi parliamentary contest.

She pointed out that 114 is the number of chapters in the Quran.

“This is a sign from God that we are on the right path to winning in Batu Sapi,” she said.

Norsah is PAS’ candidate for both Batu Sapi and Karamunting and the party’s sole woman contestant in Sabah.

I have a feeling sweetie Norsah Bongsu has a sprinkling of Tionghua blood as she is like my late mum in dabbling in numerology to 'dapat' her 4-ekor, wakakaka.

Penang Hokkien call the technique 'ch'ai' which means 'guess' or in more sophisticated numerological term, 'divining', wakakaka.

My late mum even had two numerology 'dictionaries', wakakaka, one by Tua Peh Kong and another by some other deity.


  1. PAS is gone in Sabah. What a pity. I hope she does not lose her deposit.

    Flying voting angels only for Malaya and not Sabah?

    1. I also got divine sign that kaytee and nostro pig will die cock stand