Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Fake news on GST

It is obvious many Malaysians do not understand or have been duped into believing the GST is an accumulative tax system.

I obtained this extract from Malaysiakini 'Yoursay':

Zekir Naik Kunta: Before Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced, many goods had sales tax exemptions.

But with GST, there is an additional cost of 6 percent applicable to all products, and depending on the number of distributors to end user in the distribution chain, the consumer would end up paying about 12 to 24 percent in cumulative taxes.

What about other factors? The cost of employing an accounts officer or outsourcing the job to accountants to do the GST accounts is an additional few thousand ringgit, as the GST law is barbarous.

And since traders are also end users for products we buy for personal use, we are also paying GST. So we have to mark up prices by 30 percent as subsidies for petrol and others have been removed, to compensate for our additional costs. It's, therefore, better to remove the GST.

I feel sad for big families, especially during the year end when families go shopping for school bags, shoes and so on, because of the GST they have to pay. It's no use having BR1M, as the GST amounts to more than what the government gives.

An average family would end up paying approximately RM3,000 in GST a year, so what the right hand gives as BR1M, the left hand takes more than double in the form of GST.

When the country was without GST, there was lower cost of living, and the government gave many subsidies. It's only now with so much corruption that the government has to resort to GST.

This will be the general view of GST, a 'fake news' view like GST-ed kembong and kerang, that will prevail until the public is better informed.

only bullshit is GST-ed, wakakaka


  1. Wakakakaka………

    GST fake news?

    Have u ever given a thought to WHY such GST fake news prevail so readily amongst the rakyat?

    Do u honestly think that these rakyat r morons, lowly educated village pumpkins, udangs-di-belakang-batu?

    Ain't there some competent people amongst them who equally voicing against GST as implemented in bolihland?

    Or they r the very REAL victims of the GST as implemented in bolihland!

    Far away in Oz, facing only the oz-ilised GST & supplemented with yr equally poor/twisted understandings of the theoretical taxation GST mutant, u fart kau2!

    In that sense, u r propagating a fake news about the M'sia GST that the rakyat DONT support!

    1. reading your diatribe, I think I can see a moron, wakakaka

    2. In yr cracked mirror!


    3. So how much msian gst you pay? Photos? Receipts? Documents? Credentials?

      That sydney fish and chip owner is right.....too many chinamen kaytee in oz land....time to fuck off oz land. Ok cheebye!

  2. misunderstanding is not fake news, in fact price did increase more than 6%, some even 2 to 3 folds, due to a poor control of nation finance n product pricing. such govt that can't manage the country properly n require liar (mt) n dedak eaters (kt) to cover / whitewashing their weakness deserved to be kicked out.

    1. Some businesses did not register for GST because the turnover is below the threshold. However, it is common that some/most use a GST tax invoice but did not put zero for GST and then put the 6% in their own pockets. So, who are being ripped off? And by whom? They are the real crooks and they blame the government, when indeed they are a liability to the rakyat.

      We know most opposition, like HY and his leftist parties/friends think the government and the BN supporters are crooks. I think we are very moral who use the GST money for the running of the country including education, health and welfare.

    2. all opposition that shd include pas share the same view, except some bn friends that disguise as oppo leader n supporter, like hadi n kt.

    3. Its not the GST that raised prices. Its them crooked businesses and taikuns and taikors and even ah longs that took the opportunity to increase profit margins while shifting blame to the Government. A more hardline, less business & developers- friendly, Government will have the balls to come down hard on these cretins for their unethical business ways.

    4. Unfortunately, the hard fact is most of these leeches that glaringly conducting their unethical GST businesses r CLOSELY linked to the current govt!

      So, blaming the current govt IS a given.

      Only blur2 nincompoop is still trying to seal a leaky boat on the way down to the bottom of the lake.

    5. The hard fact is most of these leeches are those from small businesses like hawker owners til those mammothic Mahathir crony companies!

      Blaming the current Government is a lazy way and only works for zombies that refuse to question their unethical business practices.

    6. Moron, small businesses like hawker owners DONT qualify to charge GST lah!

      Remember RM500k turnover 'entrance' fee?

      Blame them bcoz they have zilch label ke?

      U curi & benefit by cheating & stealing from the B40's program. Just like those AP rent seekers & ketuanan tongkat feeders to fuel yr m40 opulent wants.

      Don't play bleeding heart lah. U tak da hati untuk insan kolongan susah! Jangan buat pura-pura! Memang malu.

    7. Hahaha! Do you know how much small hawkers earning kah? A small hawker mamak I knew, comes to his stall using a Mercedes E Class. He could pay for his 3 kids education in UK. Others owned a few stalls and sub-contracted them out, effectively sitting back earning moolahs. Back during SST days, all these income were hidden but under GST now, all of them need to pay their dues. So they take it out on the consumers to pay the profit margins they retained while poisoning their customers minds that its all GST fault. Simple isn't it?

      I memang tak da hati untuk insan kolongan yang menyusahkan! They must be made aware of their civic duty to help the B40.

  3. We are oft told that GST, being a tax on consumption, is fair and has been successfully adopted by over a hundred other countries. What more in MYS it is only 6%. What is not mentioned is that many other countries like PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain) have been collecting GST for decades, all have rates in excess of 20% and all failed to balance their budgets. Some like Greece had to be bailed out by the EU. Why was this so? Many reasons but partly because many Greeks simply looked for loopholes to escape paying GST and mind you, there are many. Furthermore, a tax on consumption would simply be a deterrent for people to consume more. Instead they aim to spend less, meaning less tax collection. It is a spiral. Would't it be better to focus on taxing income (like before), everybody wants to earn more right, but tighten the collection process and catch the cheats? And in the case of Greece with their high GST their government thought that money will come easy, so they splurged on unnecessary spending like hosting the 2004 Olympic Games costing $15B, now the facilities are white elephants. The cost of the 2004 Athens Summer Games has been cited as a contributor to the Greek government-debt crisis. Many of the venues lie vacant and rotting; the Independent newspaper reports as many as 21 out of 22 are unused. Now think about the mega-projects the MYS govt is embarking on, high-speed rail, east-coast rail, Bandar Malaysia etc etc.

    1. What the Greece government forgot and BN Malaysia also seems to is that GST is INTERNAL revenue. It amounts to sucking your own milk.

      Unless the funds are put to productive use fir the betterment of the population , GST is essentially parasitic in nature.

      Income Tax is a tax on INCOME. GST is a tax on EXPENDITURE.

    2. Tax on income IS productive while tax on consumption IS destructive!

      But hp6 con-sultants think otherwise.

    3. High taxation on income is NEVER productive as it discourages high-income earners from coming or those here continue staying. It also discourages those below to strive to reach for high income level and encourages those who already are, to be "creative" with their finances and evade taxes.

    4. Don't fart lah!

      The LEVEL of taxation is not the issue under discussion.

      The TYPE of taxation is!

      2sen jadi -2sen, wakakakaka……


    5. IF you wanna fart, go to the toilet CK. Have some manners.

      By removing one TYPE of tax, logically means increasing the other TYPE of tax. Removing consumption tax means heavily raising income tax. Ahh, but I forgot that you failed in Maths. Wakakaka....

    6. Wakakakaka……

      Taxation mechanism is quid pro quo!


      Only in failed states initiated by hp6 moron (ehhh moron lagi you!) who knows nothing & yet want s to disguise as 'expert'!

      Go quiet quietly play yr forex black hole advisor lah. U won't even having an underpants left even though it's suppose to be a simulation!

    7. frantic to achieve your kpi as you've less than a week to go, wakakaka

    8. Hohoho! CK has nothing more to talk about so start to talk bullshit.

      Eh, at least forex is a legal trading mechanism unlike your JJPTR scam. You think to fool people but in the end, you're the one that got fooled!

    9. Wakakakaka…… eat yr heart out le.

      I have my own business that's free from the leeching of ketuanan freaks.

      I don't pay any bolihland income tax, except maybe that moronic 6% GST that used to feed the corruptions of the elites, the bloated & gaji buta civil servants, the useless zombie symbolic buildings & the miserable dedak for the blur-sotongs.

      If possible, I want to claim back my seed money that used to incubate morons like u!

    10. Of cause you don't pay income tax. How're gonna register SCAMMER as a legal occupation? And how do we know you didn't sapu that 6% GST?

      Perhaps your scammed... I mean clients, should scrutinise your GST registration and see whether they had been fooled.

    11. Truly talking to a know-nothing moron.

      I don't pay bolihland tax for my business bcoz I don't have my company in bolihland.

      Since I don't allow ketuanan rent-seekers' leeching, my business activities doesn't cover bolihland!

      No business in bolihland & yet can scamming for the 6‰ GST??

      Wakakakaka…… memang bodoh sombong to the nth!

    12. Company not here yet can charge 6% GST? Ini memang confirm scam ni!

  4. Why pick on a commenter in Malaysiakini and generalise it as obviously many Malaysians do not understand or have been duped into believing it as an accumulative tax system?

    I think most Malaysians are not easily duped or don't understand what this GST is about.

    Given a choice of having to pay GST or not having to pay, which would you choose? You must be nuts to love paying GST, right?

    Who cares about all the reasons about what the rest of the world is paying, fairer tax system etc etc etc

    Go look up into the Corruption Index report on how much corruption, pilferages, wastages, outright stealing in Malaysia has eaten away the Govt. revenue.

    The amount can easily surpassed GST collection.

    So, which system do you prefer?

    1. I prefer not paying 16% SST thank you very much. 6% GST is fine.

    2. Huh? So what the fuck is your conclusion? Nostro pig? Go back to pig sty and stay there

      Plus what about all the exemptions given to companies especially one china mega company cccc building east coast line

      Ah so? Go go talk to cheebye kaytee la for solutions

      Else just fuck off

  5. It is hilarious how , day by day , Ktemoc ia sounding more and more like a BNUMNO politician.

  6. im actually surprised KT thinks we r paying 6% flat & hence all things in MY today r cheaper than pre GST days. e funny thing is nothing is cheaper 2day. Dun blame on e RM value becoz no matter whether it goes up or down, all e prices will onli go up regardless & petrol prices remain stagnant since Parlimen dibubarkan. if u believe otherwise, u r living in fantasyland. Full stop. In theory, it is fair & marvellous, in practise in a 3rd world with high corruption index, it wun make a diff regardless of e tax rate.