Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Election night - 09 May 2018

Malaysian time 1700 hr:

Seems this time there's less complaints of suspicious Bangla around, though I viewed a videoclip that showed altercation between very aggressive locals and some alleged Bangla. Nothing like a bit of koon t'au boe to add drama to the day, wakakaka.

I am not sure how the ending went, but last I saw of the videoclip, some more elderly blokes were mollifying those alleged to be Bangla and guiding them away.

Additional sad drama was a couple of elderly citizens passing away while in the queue. Condolences.

As for me, I had a relaxing day watching Chinese and Korean TV dramas, wakakaka.

Song Hye Kyu 

17:45 hr:

Earlier at Butterworth, an elderly man was denied entry to his polling station when he turned up in shorts.

This was in spite of the EC Boss Mohd Hashim Abdullah saying his EC won't as long as the voter adhered to the law.

Under Section 26 (1) (g) of the Election Offences Act 1954, voters are only prohibited from wearing any type of clothing that displays names of candidates, political party symbols or logos at the polling stations on election day.

Maybe bloody Lil' Napoleon can be hauled up to explain for his interpretation of 'fake laws'. He was heard to say "before this it was allowed, but now, what to do?" .

He is a fCking liar.

Another voter in my home village discovered to his shock 'someone' had voted in his name. Though he showed the EC his untainted finger, the SRJK(C) Kong Min polling station officials refused him entry to vote, which has been sheer bureaucratic bullshit. He lodged a police report.

Goh showing his unmarked fingers on both hands
Picture courtesy of Lim Guan Eng’s office

1800 hrs

From FMT - Selangor reported 77.97% turnout when polling closed at 5pm while Perlis had 84%, Pahang, 77.64% and Kelantan 74.1%

For such an important GE, it's surprising Selangor has such a turnout. I'd expect it to be in the mid-80 percentile. Mahjong kah?

The constituency I am quite interested in is Teluk Intan between Mah Siew Kiong and Nga Kor Ming, to see whether the voters there like a bloke like coarse-mouth Nga, wakakaka.

1806 hr:

Looks like Richard Riot (SUPP) might have won in Serian.

Penang had a 81.55% turnout - better than Selangor. But the pivotal state Johor only had a 74.21% turnout.

1830 hr:

From Star - Rozaliza Mohd Said, 49, a polling clerk with the Election Commission (EC) died from an unknown cause in the course of duty here.

PKR leading in Saratok.

1845 hr:

BN's Abdul Ghapur Salleh has won the Kalabakan seat in Sabah.

Early reports from Sarawak indicate that DAP candidate Alice Lau leading in Lanang.

BN's Aaron Ago Dagang leading in Kanowit.

Unconfirmed win by BN's Abdul Ghapur Salleh in 

1850 hr:

BN's Anyi Ngau has won the Baram seat.

Anyi Ngau 

With almost half of the votes counted in Mas Gading, Sarawak, DAP candidate Madi Bimol is leading.

Baru Bian (PKR) leading with 6,546 votes to BN's Rital Insol's 5,936 votes.

1905 hr:

Early reports from Sarawak indicate that BN candidate Masir Kujat leading in Sri Aman.

Unconfirmed report BN's Yusuf Abdul Wahab has won the Tanjong Manis seat in Sarawak.

DAP's Nga Kor Ming takes the lead in TI.

1915 hr:

Unconfirmed report BN's Mohd Nizar Zakaria has won the Parit seat in Perak.

As expected, early reports show Guan Eng, PH leading in Penang.

Thus far on federal seats, BN 4 PH 0.

From Star - After casting his vote in Alor Setar, Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad returned to Langkawi in the afternoon. He then told reporters that he is prepared to be the Opposition leader if the coalition cannot win in the general election.


you'll never get rid of him, until his son becomes PM 

1930 hr:

BN candidate Hasbi Habibollah leading in Limbang by about 8,000 votes.

MM Online tells us the Chindian tragedy - Police have detained six people for hitting two men at a polling centre in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman Johor Jaya 1, in Johor Baru. The six had assumed that the duo were foreigners.

NST report - in Ipoh, in their excitement to cast their votes, there were cases of voters who have left behind their identification cards especially on the desks at the polling centres. It is understood that a polling centre here has found seven ICs belonging to voters and they are now in the safe keeping of the Election Commission.

Unconfirmed report - Shafie Apdal (Warisan) wins Semporna.

Counting begins in Permatang Pauh.

IKBN, Bukit Mertajam

Earlier, Mahathir appealed to EC to allow voters to cast their ballots after 5 pm but as we know, no joy.

1945 hr:

Unconfirmed report - BN's Rozman Isli wins Labuan seat.

Early report - DAP candidate Dr Kelvin Yii leading in Kuching by about 16,000 votes.

The BIG Kahuna - Reports indicate that PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad wins Langkawi.

DAP Tan Hong Pin retained the Skudai state seat.

BN's Mohammad Khairi Amalik wins Kota Iskandar, against Amanah’s Dzulkefly Ahmad and PAS’ Sallehuddin Mohd Dahiran.

Unconfirmed report - BN's Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar wins Santubong and BN's Aaron Ago Dagang wins Kanowit - both are federal seats.

To be confirmed - Independent Larry Lau upset BN’s Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum to take the Julau seat.

2000 hr:

Pulau Perhentian in Terengganu probably has the highest turnout at 91%. It has 800 registered voters, wakakaka.

Gerakan’s Liang Teck Meng retained his Simpang Renggam seat.

Liang Teck Meng 

PKR Rashid Hasnon has retained Batu Pahat.

BN's fixed deposit broken - BN lost the parliamentary seats of Saratok, Puncak Borneo and Selangau to PKR while Mas Gadingfell to DAP.

To be confirmed - PKR's Xavier Jeyakumar wins the Kuala Langat parliament seat.

In Miri Dr Michael Teo, from PKR, has a comfortable lead over BN's Sebastian Ting. Latest unconfirmed report - he wins.

To be confirmed - Mogan Velayatham (BN) wins Port Dickson.

2015 hr:

In Ipoh Timor, Wong Kah Woh from PKR DAP (Wong is DAP DAPSY Chief and not from PKR) defeats MCA's Kathleen Wong - Wong was Tebring Tinggi's ADUN who vacated his seat for Dr Aziz Bari.

Looks like Nurul has been wise to scoot off to PP. Raja Nong Chik is leading in Lembah Pantaihe leads with 14,997 undi, Fahmi Fadzil (PKR) 13,032 and Fauzi Abu Bakar (PAS) 2,623.

Amanah's Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah may be in trouble in Kuala Terengganu.

To be confirmed - Tian Chua claims PH-endorsed P Prabakaran wins Batu.

BN Rohani Abdul Karim wins Batang Lupar.

Just a reminder, it's all federal seats in Sarawak as the state just had its state election.

2030 hr:

In Johor Baru Akmal Nasir from PKR is leading Umno’s Shahrir Samad by over 3,000 votes.

Johor DAP chief Pang Hok Liong wins the dreaded Labis seat from MCA vice-president Chua Tee Yong (son of Chua Soi Lek).

Guess Teo Nie Ching, Gobind Deo and Dr Boo must now be regretting not taking up that challenge.

To be confirmed - BN's Hasan Arifin wins the Rompin seat in Pahang.

To be confirmed - Chow Kon Yeow wins the Tanjong seat in Penang. Hopefully, also our CM of Penang in near future. Chow like LGE stands in both state and parliamentary seats.

BN's Wan Nawawi Wan Ismail wins the Kuala Terengganu seat.

Abdullah Sani PH) menang di Kapar.

DAP's Kelvin Yii retains Bandar Kuching.

2100 hr:

To be confirmed - Khalid Samad wins in Shah Alam. Good bloke.

BN's Henry Sum Agong wins the Lawas seat in Sarawak.
Lembah Pantai - looks like Fahmi (PKR) has surged ahead of Raja Nong Chik - what a night.
To be confirmed - PH's Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh wins the Ledang seat in Johor.

To be confirmed - MIC chief S Subramaniam defeated in Segamat. Looks like the MIC will soon join myPPP.

In Tanjong Malim, MCA is in trouble - PKR's Chang Lih Kang is leading with 10,198 votes while MCA candidate Mah Hang Soon has 5,209 votes, with about one-third of the votes counted so far.

To be confirmed - 
PH's Ahmad Termizi Ramli wins Kuala Kangsar whilst Wan Azizah Wan Ismail wins Pandan. Miaow.To be confirmed - BN's M Saravanan (perhaps the new MIC chief?) wins Tapah and Noh Omar wins the Tanjong Karang seat in Selangor.

BN's Tengku Razaleigh wins Gua Musang.

Ruckus at Taman Medan after voters told to leave. This is in Maria Chin's constituency. 

Taman Medan has a notoriety with racial issues, having once told a church there to take down its cross

Mat Sabu wins Kota Raja - for the first time ever, he wins a seat, wakakaka. Well done.

2100 hr:

Yahoo my visitor Unknown will be rapt by PAS winning two state seats - Kota Anggerik (Selangor) from PKR, Jengka (Pahang) from Umno.

According to Sing news (and I am bloody suspicious of looes74 in this), BN's Nur Jazlan Mohamed has lost Pulai.

DAP's Chong Chieng Jen wins Stampin.

Cakap banyak Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman wins in Muar, wakakaka.

PKR Syed Ibrahim Syed Nor wins Ledang.

Whoa whoa whoa - (but to be confirmed) Wong Tack wins Bentong which means bye bye Liow Tiong Lai.

Liow Tiong Lai 

Wah, Wong Tak is sure a giant killer. Lim Guan Eng's and Father's dream of destroying MCA has been achieved (in part).

2120 hr:

BN's Ahmad Johnie Zawawi wins Igan.

PKR's Natrah Ismail wins in Sekijang.

PKR's Ali Biju wins Saratok,

BN's Reezal Merican wins Kepala Batas.

Baru Bian has taken Selangau.

To be confirmed - Teo Nie Ching wins Kulai and Kulasegaran wins Ipoh Barat.

PKR's Fahmi Fadzil is leading by some 5,700 votes.

Song ain't over till the fat lady sings. Looks like Raja Nong Chik will be broken-hearted again.

Thus far, BN 21, PH 16, PAS 1, Others 2

But Ayer Itam doesn't look encouraging for Liew Chin Tong,. The count thus far:

BN - Wee Ka Siong - 5,463
PH - Liew Chin Tong - 5,025
PAS - Mardi Marwan - 1,172

Blast, it seems Minister Ismail Sabri holds on to Bera.

In Sungai Siput, PKR's Kesavan Subramaniam has won the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat. He defeated PSM’s Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj in the contest. Sorry to see a good man down.

Dr, get rid of that 'koon t'au boe' lah

2140 hr:

PAS' Shaharizukirnain Abd Kadir wins Setiu.

Police have denied the pictures circulating on social media of the army being deployed in Putrajaya

To be confirmed - Nga Kor Ming wins Teluk Intan. 

I suppose Mah was living a political life on borrowed time as he only won against Dyana Sofya by 238 votes in the TI by-election, and that with a DAP parachuted Malay female candidate who was abused by the 'dirty tricks' department.

A fake bikini photograph of DAP candidate Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud, which first appeared on the Internet, re-emerged in a number of Malay villages a week into the Teluk Intan by-election campaign.

Netizens pointed out that the photo, which was earlier posted in pro-BN blogs, is really that of Filipino actress Pauleen Luna.

PKR's Fahmi Fadzil wins in Lembah Pantai,. Too bad, Raja Nong Chik, the residents there obviously don't appreciate your hard efforts.

wasted hard work 

Unknown, another one for you, wakakaka - PAS Hassan Saad wins Baling against BN Abdul Azeez.

DAP's Alice Lau wins Lanang.

BN's Hasbi Habibollah wins Limbang.
To be confirmed - BN's Najib Razak wins Pekan, wakakaka.

DAP makes clean sweep of Penang seats

Early polling numbers indicate DAP has made a clean sweep of all of its seats contested for the third term running in Penang, bettering its majorities in some seats.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng won both his Air Putih state seat and Bagan parliamentary seat, while Penang DAP chief Chow Kon Yeow retained his Padang Kota state seat and won the Tanjong parliamentary seat.

As for the heavily fought Perai state seat, P Ramasamy appears to have retained the seat for a second term, while the Tanjung Bungah seat eyed by Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow has been won by DAP’s Zairil Khir Johari.

2200 hr:

I think we need to keep a one-minute silence for the MCA. It lost

(i) Bentong - previous seat of MCA president Liow Tiong Lai
(ii) Labis - previous seat of Chua what-his-name (son fo CSL)
(iii) Tanjong Malim is a goner, only to be confirmed

If Wee loses his Ayer Hitam seat to Liew Chin Tong, then we have (borrowing looes74's song Aloha Oe)  to say Farewell to the MCA:

To be confirmed - BN's Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wins Bagan Datuk.

Nazri retains Padang Rengas.

BN’s Ugak Anak Kumbang also won the Hulu Rajang.

Independent candidate Jugah Anak Muyang wins Lubok Antu.

The 3 biggies, Mahathir, Najib, Zahid have all won whilst Wan Azizah, Mat Sabu and Lim Guan Eng have too.

I have to admit I wonder by 1200 hr whether Najib will have his 112 seats?

2230 hr:

BN's Rubiah Wang wins Kota Samarahan.

Pakatan has already won control of Penang, Looks like it might have also gained control of Negeri Sembilan and likely Perak.

To be confirmed - BN's Mustapa Mohamed wins Jeli.

Shahrir Samad loses Johor Bahru.

FRU called in at Ayer Hitam.

The FRU have been called in after PH supporters vent their frustration with the results so far in Ayer Hitam.

The FRU is monitoring the situation in front of the counting centre at Sekolah Menengah Datuk Seth.

Though it's still early days, PH supporters must have dreaded Dr Wee Ka Siong leading Liew Chin Tong thus far.

BN's Lukanisman Awang Sauni wins Sibuti

Lim Lip Eng wins Kepong.

BN's Tiong King Sing wins Bintulu.

To be confirmed - Moody wins Pagoh.

From MM Online (extracts):

Newly-crowned Batu parliamentarian P. Prabakaran is keeping mum as to whether he will join Pakatan Harapan or remain an independent MP.

He said he has discussed his options with his advisors including his father, who is his chief advisor.

“Soon, I will let you know (of his decision),” Prabakaran told the Malay Mail. He politely declined to speak any further on the matter when asked.


To be confirmed - PAS' Takiyuddin Hassan wins Kota Bharu.

To be confirmed - Reports say Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has lost in Rembau. Not that I am fond of him, but it'll be a great loss. Like Saifuddin Abdullah losing in 2013, the defeat of KJ will be a loss to the nation.

To be confirmed - 
BN candidate Wilfred Madius Tangau wins Tuaran.

Hannah Yeoh wins Segambut.

To be confirmed - PH's Noor Amin Ahmad has won Kangar.

2300 hr:

To be confirmed - Warisan's Mohammad Din Ketapi wins Silam.

DAP Teh Kok Lim beats cakap banyak Gerakan Tan Keng Liang in Taiping, wakakaka.

cakap banyak wakakaka 

Ooops - Error in earlier report:

PKR wins Kota Anggerik, not PAS
10.30PM - Official results are in, and PKR's Najwan Halimi has won the Kota Anggerik state seat in Selangor with a 2,743-vote majority.

RTM had previously erroneously reported that PAS had won the three-cornered fight earlier in the nigh

Meanwhile in Permatang Pauh, Nurul is leading with 9,741 votes, while BN's Mohd Zaidi Mohd has 4,941 and PAS' Afnan Hamimi Azamudden 3,380 votes.

Thus far:

BN 53 - PH 51 - PAS 4 - Others 2

States-wise, PH has definitely won Penang and might also have won Perak, Negeri Sembilan and likely to win Kedah.

Sweetie Teresa Kok wins Seputeh (or whatever it's now called?).

Early report - PAS leading in 15 state seats in Kelantan.

Wakakaka, my favourite ex-UMNO-now-PKR man, Saifuddin Abdullah, who lost Temerloh in 2013, has made a comeback by winning the Indera Mahkota parliament seat in Pahang, smashing the man who hates Valentine's Day.

a decent politician 

Wong Shu Qi (DAP) retains her Kluang parliamentary seat with a higher majority of 20,384.

Wong Shu Qi (DAP) 

2330 hr:

DAP's Stephen Wong wins Sandakan .

DAP Charles Santiago wins Klang.

DAP Fong Kui Lun wins Bukit Bintang.

PKR Zuraidah Kamaruddin wins Ampang.

Pribumi Rina Harun in the Titiwangsa parliament seat

Meanwhile in Kelantan, PAS is likely to maintain its rule in Kelantan after the official results show that the party has won 19 state seats and wrest back four that it lost in the last election

Wakakaka, Ku Nan keeps his Putrajaya seat.

BN's Ismail Mohd Said wins Kuala Krau.

BN's Halimah Sadique wins Kota Tinggi.

PAS Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah wins big in Panchor.

Now, this is unique - in the Parlimentary seat of Jerai, PKR Akhramsyah Sanusi wins 8,460
BN Jamil Khir Baharom wins 8,459

Just 1 fCk vote difference thus there'll be recounts after recounts.
PAS Sabri Azit won a fairly sizeable 7,155 votes.

Thus far:

BN 53 - PH 60 - PAS 4 - Others 2

where PH now leads. I have to accept the Mahathir factor is working for PH.

2400 hr:

PH's Hasan Baharom wins Tampin.

Just a trivia on Kepong, Lim Lip Eng won 56,516 votes while his opponent from Gerakan, Ong Siang Liang obtained 4,888 votes.

Shouldn't there be a law - legitimate, moral or kesian-ness - or something against such bias, wakakaka. I wonder whether poor Ong will lose his deposit?

I reckon so as a candidate loses his deposit of RM10,000 (federal seat) if he couldn't win one-eighth of the votes cast. Since the total votes cast was 56,516 + 4888 = 61404 and one-eighth is 7675, and poor Ong obtained less than that, he loses the 10 grand.

never mind, 4888 is 'ong' so try 4-Ekor to recover your 10 grand


But there's always a silver lining in Ong's misfortune - he has at least 4,887 supporters.
DAP Tan Kok Wai wins Cheras.

DAP Yeo Bee Yin wins Bakri.

PAS Nik Zawawi Nik Salleh wins Pasir Puteh.PKR Kamarudin Jaafar wins Bandar Tun Razak. Bloke jumps from PAS to PKR, carrying with him the Tumpat seat.

PAS' Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff wins Rantau Panjang.

BN's Tajuddin Abdul Rahman wins Pasir Salak

PH's Tan Yee Kew wins Wangsa Maju.

BN's Mohd Salim Sharif wins Jempol.

To be confirmed - BN's Noh Omar retains Tanjong Karang.

BN's Jalaluddin Alias wins Jelebu.

DAP Wong Hon Wai wins Bukit Bendera.
PKR Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad wins Setiawangsa.

Muhyiddin Yassin wins Gambir.

PH's Jonathan Yasin wins Ranau.

Amanah Dzulkefly Ahmad wins Kuala Selangor.

BN's Joniston Bangkuai retains Kiulu.

Gobind Singh Deo retains Puchong with 47,635-vote majority.

Husam Musa loses the Kota Bharu parliament seat and Salor state seat.

Wee Ka Siong defeats Liew Chin Tong by 303 votes

Thus far:
BN 57 - PH 73 - PAS 7 - Others 2

Finally @ 0118 hr:

DAP Ramkarpal Singh wins Bukit Gelugor.

BN's Abdul Rahman Mohamad wins Lipis.
PKR Mansor Othman wins Nibong Tebal.

BN's Hamzah Zainudin wins Larut.

PKR Fuziah Salleh wins Kuantan.

PKR Liew Chin Jin wins Tawau.

PH's Eddin Syazlee Shith wins Kuala Pilah.

BN Musa Aman wins Sungai Sibuga.

PAS' Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man wins Kubang Kerian.

Nik Omar handed heavy defeat.
BN's Shabudin Yahaya wins Tasek Gelugor.

PKR Wong Chen wins Subang.

DAP RSN Rayer wins Jelutong.

PKR Sim Tze Tzin wins Bayan Baru.

BN's Hasbullah Osman wins Gerik.

BN's Zahidi Zainul Abidin wins Padang Besar.

Lim Kit Siang wins Iskandar Puteri.

DAP's Chan Foong Hin retains Kota Kinabalu.

DAP Ngeh Koo Ham wins Beruas.

BN's Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub wins Machang.

BN's Shahidan Kassim wins Arau.

DAP's Norita Sual wins Tenom.

MIC C Sivarrajjh has won Cameron Highlands with a slim 597-vote majority.

STAR Jeffrey Kitingan has won the Tambunan from nhis brother Pairin. 

BN's Mastura Yazid wins Kuala Kangsar after recount.

Noh Omar (Selangor BN chief) retains Tanjung Karang.

DAP Sivakumar wins Batu Gajah.

DAP Kasthuri Patton wins Batu Kawan.

Nurul wins Permatang Pauh.

Green tsunami – PAS captures Terengganu, retains Kelantan - don't play play, wakakaka.

In total disregard for the exhortations of MCA and Gerakan, the people of Penang voted for Pakatan to retain rule of the State for the third term by winning 39 out of 40 state seats, effectively wiping out BN presence in the state.

PAS won the Penaga state seat in a straight fight with BN ONLY because PH’s candidate was disqualified on Nomination Day.

BN only managed to retain the Kepala Batas parliamentary seat (AAB's old seat) but lost all of its remaining state and parliamentary seats.

Thus far:
BN 63 - PH 95 - PAS 11 - Others 2

Goodnight or good morning.


  1. There were still many lines in the polling station using manual checking system. Hard copy printout and the poor SPR lady with the long ruler must have got blind by 5pm. This is one reason why the queues were so long. This system was developed when there were only a couple of million voters. Today there are nearly 15 million. SPR should buck up. Learn from India for example, they have hundreds of millions of voters, many illiterate, but they used technology well, albeit their elections did take a few weeks but successfully completed without a major hitch.

    1. Technology easier to manipulate compared to paper, pen & ruler no? Potentially another huuhaa if implemented just like the indelible ink fiasco previously.

    2. It's about time the SPR looking into a new tool or enabler ie to automate the voting process.

    3. there's this blockchain tech which takes care of cheating...blackouts, fake ballots, top up ballots, put in impersonator voters, etc etc. And accurate to boot. And fast ! The new PH government should look into this. By 2023, this blockchain would be even more developed...maybe with quantum computing too.

      Yay...just finished a nerve wreaking day...and congratulation Pakatan Harapan...congratulation Dr Mahathir !

  2. Oooop………

    How come u r not in bolihland to support pinklips?

    1. I had indeed planned to go back to Paneng as I did in 2013 and 2008 to vote for DAP, but since I lost faith recently in the 'Father, Son & the Hallelujah Hordes', I aborted the trip. I could have gone back just to #UndiRosak and eat wonderful char koay teow, or save my money, wakakaka

    2. Ktemoc is being paid handsomely to make Ad Hominem attacks and sneer at the Opposition.

    3. Is cheebye kaytee a fucking Malaysian to begin with? Must ask Pauline Hanson

    4. can you make sure your source is reminded of my postal address?

  3. Just my 6th sense telling me lots of BN supporters are #undirosak supporters or #undiabsent supporters this time round.

    I guess it might be a sense of guilty conciousness in voting in a kleptocrat or a bribe receiver vs an old man's dying last wish.

    The Black Cobra's magic spell has cast a spell upon everyone this time round.

    The music is going to stop tonight and no one still knows whether the Black Cobra can be contained in the basket or set free to strike friends and foes alike.

    Lau Mah is just so wrong a description of the Black Cobra.

    An old horse is so tame compared to a deadly Black Cobra.

    Horses can die from snake bites, you know!

    1. old horses are turned into mean for zoos as well as glue

    2. Trusting someone portraying a frail old thing? Ever heard of Red Riding Hood story?

  4. i guess the turnout is lower or much lower due to wednesday. many friends at outstation or overseas didn't vote bec need 2 to 3 days leave. cari makan susah, mana bolih banyak leave? ini lah cara dan tektik jahat pencuri dan penyamun.

  5. I heard quite powerful opposition leads even in rural area in Swak. Let's c official results laterl2 validate wat i hear. Najib 4got 2 visit Swak...fixed deposits?

    1. BN is in trouble in Sarawak

    2. not only in Sarawak...wakaka

    3. Virtually no BN 2/3 majority for sure.
      Neck and neck overall.

  6. BN:6 OPPOSITION 1 @ 7:40PM

  7. Dap lost Kluang but win Labis. If only Boo Boo not so cheebye stupid. It's all cheebye kaytee's fault

  8. I believe in God, whether Allah, Jesus, Greek, Chinese or Indian gods, all say 邪不能正

  9. 8.30pm. Night of the Long Knives...Najib seen dashing off to the dunny...

    1. even if bn win federal, seem like he got to go.

    2. Wrong news......Thank God Kluang parliament not known yet

    3. Nope HY.. Najib stays on.

    4. bro, then i will continue to fight him n bn, however if bn fall, i will join u to fight mahathir.

  10. Raja Ming Chik.... good riddance..

  11. Results have come to a standstill. Will the Agong step in now and order the EC to do its job and declare the results.

    1. TS, you may be mistaken in your understanding of procedures. EC just announces each individual candidate's result. It's up to the party or coalition with the majority to visit the Agong and presents its case and right for forming the new government. Delays in announcing results could sometimes be due to several close re-counts. Permatang Pauh in 2004 had 3 re-counts

    2. As I predicted, Najib's evil dirty tricks are in progress.
      The results so far show Pakatan Harapan seats wrested fro BN.
      The results for solid Pakatan constituencies are being held up, with E.C .returning officers refusing to certify the voter tally.
      My area, Bayan Baru, by PKR scrutinieers' reckoning , has been won by PKR with a huge majority , but EC still refuses to certify the results.

      Malays, Chinese, Indians united to kick out Jibby and his minions.

  12. "Too bad, Raja Nong Chik, the residents there obviously don't appreciate your hard efforts."

    That's the problem with our electoral system. Even if you like the candidate, but you don't like his party, then how can you use your one and only vote to express this?

    1. The general thinking is like this...if you are good and not corrupt and hardworking etc etc, but if you insists on staying in a stinking ship/house with 99% occupants who are the very devil full of shit tricks and rob the country dry and making the public suffer...who wants to vote you in no matter how goody you are ? The smart and right move is to leave and find a new house. Capish ? Kick yourself..don't blame the public for not choosing you. Your one good voice will be drowned in the sea of shits from that house/ship

  13. Mahathir clinched 112 magic number

    How kaytee.....are you going to commit seppuku? on your dick also can

  14. Nur Jaslan gone.
    I once considered him a "Good" UMNO man...until he turned apologist for the Kleptocracy.. ...good riddance, like Tan Sent Giaw.

  15. I heard that Perdana One has been fuelled with crew on standby to fly Pink Elephant and Hippo to escape.

  16. PAS got Terengganu and Kelantan.

  17. I told my PKR MP who was campaigning in Bayan Baru last week - I have 3 non-negotiable wants of a Pakatan Harapan Federal Government.

    A full, no holds barred reinvestigation of the Altantuya murder.

    A full, no holds barred reinvestigation of the Teoh Beng Hock murder.

    Pursue the money stolen from 1MDB , and the person's who stole it to the Ends of the Earth if need be.

    He said all that is in PKR policy.
    I will hold him to it.
    It will be a betrayal of the Rakyat if PKR reneged on it.
    The hard work starts tomorrow morning.

    1. Exactly my wish list too, Monsterball ! and this education thing too..and...well, later then, those 3 are good enough for a start !

  18. "PKR Akhramsyah Sanusi wins 8,460
    BN Jamil Khir Baharom wins 8,459

    Just 1 fCk vote difference thus there'll be recounts after recounts."

    Every vote counts. That's why I said Fuck Undi Rosak.

    1. PAS took only 7K of votes in that constituency

    2. That stupid Nur Jazlan declared...why make a fuss, those overseas voters not receiving the ballots...0.1% makes no difference ! Padan muka kalah...podah !

  19. Liew Chin Tong's brains is badly needed in the Pakatan Federal Cabinet.

    DAP should have him appointed Senator. Much as I dislike the arrangement as I previously made clear.

  20. Hasan, where are you? Write something la. Your Hadi is smiling.

  21. "Shouldn't there be a law - legitimate, moral or kesian-ness - or something against such bias, wakakaka."

    It's called the Mixed Member System. There is an element of proportional representation, which means no vote goes to waste.

  22. it seem ph won, the main reason i can think of:

    1) mahathir: world best actor n politician, n rural malay trust him more than anyone.

    2) dap: we shd have won in 2018 if not dap arrogance n always wan to be taiko, tis round really low profile n no massive chinese rally, good job.

    3) gst + cost of living : the youth / working class cannot tahan already

    4) raja liar : whoever this liar support sure lose, thanks god tis round he support najib wakaka.

  23. how.....EC wanna cheat right?

    Najib lost liao......When are you going to kill yourself?

  24. And from this day forward stop calling Harapan as pembangkang ok? BN is now pembangkan. Najib must now be wishing he lost in Pekan. Now he has to attend Parliament and get roasted, eventually jailed? And I bet he won’t even be opposition leader. What a result this is. Like when James Buster Douglas knocked out the then invincible Mike Tyson.

  25. I would love to see Zahid Hamidi as opposition leader, and Najib a back bencher. Oh there really is a god and he is truly great.

  26. Other leaders would have conceded defeat. Najib is a no show. Not a gentleman, no spine, not gracious in defeat and yes, even showing traits of being a coward.

  27. Umno’s problems are not over yet, even after this shocking defeat. They could still be declared an illegal party. Now wouldn’t that throw the results of this election up in the air?

  28. Indeed there's a god and he's great ( smile, smile, smile ). And did I not said to Ktemoc....if BN don't win with all those horrendous chou kar-ness, you are the monkey's uncle, wakakkaka. Now he's indeed the monkey !.... can we all call Ktemoc the monkey who mercilessly mock and curse and asshole up LKS and tokong-kan LGE ! The 'traitor and asshole' has now save Malaysia with the right decision.

    1. lim kit siang greatest traitor.....

      This chao cheebye kaytee. May pauline hanson gang rape kaytee

  29. For the Chinese, the Hero of this tsunami is Lim Kit Siang.

    He is the engineer who built the alliance, including the common logo agreement, which de-racialised much of the political campaign and enabled the Tsunami.

    Three Cheers to (soon) TUN Lim Kit Siang - he deserves Malaysia's highest honour for his lifetime of service to the Nation.

    The 1st DAP Tun eakakaka...

    1. wakakaka, I cannot deny he has been the architect of the new coalition but I no longer trust him for his lack of principles. Maybe his profession requires leaders to be without principles, wakakaka again

    2. The Teoh Beng Hock murder case WILL be reopened to be investigated without fear or favour.That I clearly understand from my MP.

      If necessary under a new depoliticised IGP.

      DAP and PKR remembers the case very well. It was part of a plot to destabilize the Pakatan Selangor government.

      This is one of the logjams which this Pakatan victory enables.

      There was no hope for justice for Teoh Beng Hock under a BNNajib Administration, because HIS filthy fingers were all over the case.

    3. don't raise your hope too high for this. The new Administration will avoid opening cans of worms - ditto the Altantuyaa case

    4. Fuck u la. Yes i dont have high hope you will terminate your life right now since najib lost

  30. And yay !! Rafizi do not have to be locked up for 4 years in jail for being a whistle blower. And LGE will have his case properly judged and his plan for Penang will be scrutinized objectively and be improved upon without being harassed and harried to death.

    And thank god there won't be nightmarish vision of religious police roaming around checking on dressing and behavior and no more talk about syariah law to replace our secular or any talk of change in the Constitution to turn our oountry into an Islamic state. Indeed there is a god and god is most grateful thanks to the persistence and steadfastness of the all the Opposition parties who made that bold and controversial decision to bring in Dr M to give us a fantastic fighting chance to rid us of this 60 years old monstrous devil that's been eating us up alive leaving us with no hope to look forward to except to run away to another land. Now we can stay put to build up this there's a lot of work to do, even the 12 labors of Hercules pale in comparison. 509 is an auspicious day.

  31. Genuine Malaysians can only hope M will not repeat his 22 years of rule AGAIN. I know KT's concerns, his repeated posts of e dangers of associating with him 4 like wat, half a year now? How many times have we seen images of M as Pharaoh & Perkasa pasted in every post of his without fail? Almost 1 a day.

    Whether u took dedak or not 2 oppose, I'm sure all of us decent & right minded Malaysians will b worried of a U Turn. Let's give them a chance, then we c how it goes. We hope 4 e best, we hope 4 once politicians do something good collectively 4 e country. Can't wait 4 e next Swak state election.