Friday, July 24, 2015

Who's peddling bunkum?

Malay Mail Online - PetroSaudi info, Sarawak Report editor calls it ‘bunkum’

KUALA LUMPUR, July 24 ― Jailed Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo has claimed to have been offered US$2.7 million (RM7.62 million) for stolen confidential information from his former employer PetroSaudi International (PSI) by a “prominent” Malaysian businessman in a deal brokered by Sarawak Report founder Clare Rewcastle Brown, but which he never received ― allegations which the Briton has panned as “bunkum”.

In an exclusive interview with Singapore daily Straits Times (ST) published today, Justo who has confessed to blackmail and extortion against PSI, was reported saying the deal was made in Singapore in February.

However, he claimed that he was never received the money promised by the Malaysian businessman whom ST said it was not naming pending a response from him.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 24 ― Media tycoon Datuk Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat, the editor of The Edge Media Group, publicly confessed today to cheating Xavier Andre Justo over a promised US$2 million (RM7.6 million) payment in return for documents the Swiss man stole from his former employer PetroSaudi International (PSI). [...]

Both Tong and Ho believe they are innocent of any crime, even as they admitted to cheating Justo of payment.

“We have done nothing wrong and we are here to assist investigators unlike some who seem to have disappeared.

Well, what does that say about Clare Rewcastle?

It's besides the point what Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat might have in mind when they lied to Justo about the payment, but it does tell us that Rewcastle was a wee too hasty in dismissing Justo's accusation which has now been confirmed as truthful by the very people who have confessed to cheating him (Justo).

gain I ask, what does that say about Clare Rewcastle?

And I have to admit I'm shocked by Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat admitting they went to the extent of cheating Justo, and to obtain stolen data in such a sinister manner. In the revelation of their own confessions, what does that say about them?


  1. Hey Dude, what happened to our RM 2.1 Billion ?

    1. don't know but Mahathir said they have gone to UMNO campaigns. And we don't really know whose money was that? Taxpayers' money or UMNO cronys' political "donations"?

  2. Hahahahaha.......aaargh......I think one guy would be very amused what pukimak kaytee saying about Clare.

    I am still waiting for CL Flamiaris to bite ktemoc.

    CL Flamiaris,
    Be a man! Just bite kaytee

    Tony Abbott may finally have a word with you

  3. Kaytee,as I have said before,obtaining stolen goods (jewellery,paintings documents etc) by buying or whatever and keeping it for later personal use or sale is a criminal offence.Now that the Edge knew that the authorities will be coming knocking on their front doors soon,they suddenly admitted to having these stolen documents in their possessions,and turning them over.Is it a little bit too late to be given credit for doing national service?

    It is like a fence or middle man buying and storing stolen goods for sale later to a third party.But before they could get rid of it,the cops came visiting.And they tell the cops that they were going to surrender the goods to them,but they suddenly showed up to soon.Are the cops going to believe these dudes and let them off scott free?

    My two cents worth.The guys from the Egde are going to be housemates with Anwar soon.

    1. But..but..but Bruno, you were such an ardent admirer of Anwar. You said he is God's gift to us. What happened ley...hehehe.

    2. ok, can see yr point more clearly now. but i disagree. the crow is watching the fight btw the fox n chick from 100 feet above. he think to himself y not the chick attack from upside. y ah? bec the chick cannot fly as high as the crow lo ie easy say than done. n what make u think the opposition have enough resources to fight bn in ge14 to xxxxx? n who know najib is that daft to send anwar back to prison, he shd know the grand political master would not make such a drastic n aggressive assault as long as opposition is equally strong, n not many know hadi have no shame to kiss najib ass, which worsen the pakatan chance that provide mahathir more space to launch his attack?

      we need people that r willing to come forward to do the so called dirty job that might end up in prison, this people r 100 times better n courageous than me n u that could only talk cock in the cyberspace. the changes is always start with little step, n sacrifice of the "stupid" bunch that can take risky move withour fear. it is fine if u disagree with what they did, but i think it is a bit of lacking humanness to call them stupid n keep on question their motive without saying much word abot the pencuri, penyamun n perombak that being exposed.

      i really dun know what choices n diff of opinion this people r talking abt.

    3. "we need people that r willing to come forward to do the so called dirty job"

      You're beginning to sound like Bush. Just because he did not like Sadam, he ruined not only Sadam but also ruined the whole nation. You can keep kissing that somebody's ass lah for doing the so called dirty job that ended him in prison.

    4. yr analogy is totally upside down. some muslim have the courage to oppose the bully ie the strongest n military mighty country of the world, n what they did is not 100% correct but would send a message that sovereignty, pride, the freedom to choose can never be compromised. some muslim is sacrificed, tortured n imprison, but they never give up to fight the monster for a better world.

      u n hadi is terbalik wakaka.

    5. I guess you support Taliban, Boko Haram, IS, Al Qaeda then? Me and Hadi certainly don't. Actually, you are the one who is living upside down.. wakakaka

    6. aduh bro, u must learn not to read upside down, i am talking abt muslim while u talked terrorist, mana ada sama? dun always equal muslim to terrorist la. please oso do yr best to lead hadi back to the right path, he is now a confuse man, he get his priority all upside down la wakakaka.

    7. Aduh duh HY... Apa hal kau meroyan gila tak tentu arah nie?

      Tomorrow, if MAD SABO (oops sori Mat Sabu) said that GHB supports and shall implement HUDUD, you oso will ask me to lead him to the right path. This is because HUDUD is NOT your bloody priority kan?

      I can understand and respect your priority. What can't you understand and respect my priority? If we cannot meet in the middle then we have to go separate ways. It is no point of winning GE14 and then PR fight amongst each other and ruin the nation because of HUDUD.

      If Hadi is NOT in the right path... most of the PAS members would be joining GHB. I am prepared to make a u-turn if that happens. Got my drift beb?

  4. The 1MDB saga is getting more exciting and interesting as the days go by.Every few days there are new revelations coming out.It is like a movie script coming true to plan.

    First there is this thieving dude Justo's arrest in the land of the exotics,Thailand.Then we have a dude from Sarawak,whom has been labelled as a scum,called a liar and a debtor by a pay to play lady,and finally outed as a bankrupt by a parliamentarian,making a confession video.

    Then we have the CEO of a financial daily,fearing an impending arrest,handing over stolen documents to the authorities.Then we have an MP stunned by the actions of this media CEO,coming out and admit that he had also been meeting with this pay to play lady in London,Singapore and Indonesia.

    Before we can all take a break from all the exitement of this saga,came another bombshell.This thieving Justo claimed that he had been cheated out of the USD 2 million promised to him.And this pay to play lady called him a "bunkun".Before I could go over the dictionary and find out what "bunkun" means,the dudes of the financial daily admitted that there is no such thing as "bunkun" as it did happen and they never intended to pay and scummed the scum of the USD 2 million.Go figure.

    1. It's bunkum lah, not bunkun. What's the matter with matter between the ears issit? Hehehe.

  5. "Again I ask, what does that say about Clare Rewcastle?

    And I have to admit I'm shocked by Tong Kooi Ong and Ho Kay Tat admitting they went to the extent of cheating Justo, and to obtain stolen data in such a sinister manner. In the revelation of their own confessions, what does that say about them?"

    They do not deserve my sympathy; they must face the consequences. That's the way it is.

  6. tokio rain,you know me much better than that.Hehe.

  7. No Bunkum.
    The information put out by the Sarawak Report is as good as true.

    So far I have not seen any credible debunk of any part of the tons of evidence put out by Sarawak Report on its website.

    Some loser just shouted "altered documents" but nobody has shown "How". The simple way to prove altered documents is to show "As Is" vs. "Altered". Where ?

    So what if Clare Rewcastle is a woman of loose morals ? Maybe a few PAS Hudud hypocrites will write her off.

    The data she exposed is credible and no one has debunked it.

    So much outrage by Hypocrites about data "stolen" from Justo.

    Why no outrage about the Mega Billions stolen from the People of Malaysia ?


  8. Your contention is that Clare is dismissing as 'bunkum' the story about the Edge's Tong & Ho buying stolen emails which they subsequently admitted?

    Reading the Straits Times story, one would get the impression that she dismissed
    telling him that they "planned to modify the data to bring down Prime Minister Najib
    Razak", not like the Maily Mail reported.
    "He claimed that Mr Tong and Ms Rewcastle-Brown told him they planned to modify the
    data to bring down Prime Minister Najib Razak.

    Ms Rewcastle-Brown, who on Thursday dismissed Justo's claims as "bunkum", yesterday said that Mr Tong had indicated to the former PetroSaudi IT executive that he would be paid.."

  9. "I can understand and respect your priority. What can't you understand and respect my priority?"

    When did you ever respect our priority? When someone was just trying to make an honest livelihood by plying a unisex salon, you come out with the ban,

    When an opinion that Bumi who can afford to buy above RM500k property should not be given discount and what happened, bullets were sent to him, police reports were made, demonstration were organised. Guess you too lent your loudest voice to that. You only want to take, take, take and take. If you bought your more that RM1.0m villa and didn't get your discount, you would have raised hell and demand for it, wouldn't it? because you ARE ENTITLED to it, you double standard bigot!

    1. Peter,

      Well double standards exist every where in the world. I guess what it all comes down to is that there are bigots that you can attack and other bigots that you cannot.

      I guess you're lucky that Hadi's priority is not to win Putrajaya. I heard there is already a proposal that all Nons must circumcised. Wakakaka...