Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Nurul naughty?

Malay Mail Online - Malaysia’s non-cooperation in Oz currency scandal risks Sirul extradition, opposition MPs say (relevant extracts):

Bulan ini bulan yang sangat suci

According to information obtained by Fairfax Media, the parent of The Age, the Malaysians suspected of receiving kickbacks from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) subsidiaries, Securency and Note Printing Australia, are allegedly linked to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his predecessor, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

The Prime Minister’s Office said in response today that Najib will sue The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, also owned by Fairfax Media, for defamation, stressing that there is “not one shred of evidence” that Najib is involved in the case.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar from PKR said she would assume that Malaysia’s purported lack of cooperation in the polymer note corruption case would jeopardise the Sirul case.

“But only the IGP (Inspector-General of Police), home minister, would know for sure the necessary details,” Nurul Izzah told Malay Mail Online.

The period during which the corruption occurred as quoted by Malaysiakini was between 1999 to 2004.

MKINI extract: The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has denied claims by Australian newspapers that Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had links to a bribery scandal which occurred between 1999 and 2004.

I wonder who were the PMs and Finance Ministers of Malaysia during that period? Let's check, shall we?

1981 to 31 Oct 2003 - Mahathir Mohamad
2003 to 03 April 2009 - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Finance Ministers
1998–1999: Mahathir Mohamad
1999–2001: Daim Zainuddin
2001–2003: Mahathir Mohamad
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

But Ah Jib Gor must be nice and chubby for bashing because after reading through most of the news media, he has already been pronounced guilty until proven innocent, wakakaka, and f* the facts.

BTW, read about my personal experience of being accused regardless of evidence/proof in such a similar lose-lose-lose situation in my post Poo or proof? Doesn't matter!

Secondly, as long as Malaysia does NOT abandon the death sentence from her code of state punishments, Australia will NOT repatriate Sirul.

Any cooperation on the alleged bribery case during the period mentioned is totally incidental, irrelevant and immaterial to Australia's very firm bipartisan policy against extraditing criminals to any state which practises execution of criminals.

I'm afraid sweetie Nurul doesn't even know what she has been talking about. OTOH, she might know but is politicking. If the former, malu lah! If the latter, shame on her (also malu lah), wakakaka.

In the same Mail report, our dear Tian Chua besides chewing up our government for not cooperating with Australia on the bribery case also pointed out Malaysia’s lack of cooperation with other countries in other cases, such as the case of the Malaysian diplomat accused of sexual assault in New Zealand and the case of the alleged pyramid scheme mastermind, Manuel Amalilio, whom Malaysia has refused to extradite to the Philippines.

Well, he's not unlike Nurul, conveniently ignoring the FACT that Malaysia had already sent the military attache back to NZ to face criminal charges and trial. Typical of PKR pollies.

Then, on the Manuel Amalilio case, the AG had in 2013 stated that the bloke, a Malaysian citizen by the name of Mohammad Ka­­­­­mal Saad, was serving a two year sentence in a Malaysian prison.

The Home Minister had also responded to Sivarasa (PKR Subang) in May this year that Malaysia and the Philippine do NOT have an extradition treaty.

Tian Chua O Tian Chua, nak buat bising saja, wakakaka.


  1. y 1 have to be pm or fm to engage in corruption? i heard abt the same thing 8 or 10 years back. the best of mahathir is everyone have their share, regardless of race, religion n background. bn n their cronies is the most muhibah organization in the world. only the no money to buy even a china made mobile see thing from the angle of race. a pm n fm not interested in printing money la, kt u r truly a rpk asskisser wakaka.

    1. Finance ministry would be and was the agency which gave the contract to the mint.

      Please tell me how that fact made me RPK's asskisser? You have lost your decency, credibility, senses and manners.

      You are obviously adamant you want your pet hate to be involved - where's your fairness and objectivity. Your vindictiveness and malice are precisely why I am glad PKR is NOT in power. Look at your party's f*up at state level.

    2. And your hatred towards Anwar. Pot...... kettle....... black

    3. "Finance ministry would be and was the agency which gave the contract to the mint." - yeah, tapi "org tengah" remain no chng.

      "Please tell me how that fact made me RPK's asskisser?" - this is what rpk wrote "The problem with this story, though, is that Najib did not become Malaysia’s Finance Minister until September 2008 and the Prime Minister until April 2009. Dr Mahathir and Abdullah, however, were certainly in the driver’s seat between 1999 and 2005." i dun know r u a parrot or asskisser, yr call.

      "You have lost your decency, credibility, senses and manners." - so my decency, credibility, senses and manners would lost the moment i label u a rpk asskisser? interesting.

      "where's your fairness and objectivity." - this is a question yr many blog readers asked u. perhaps u shd do a poll among yr readers n see who is adamant when come to najib.

      "Look at your party's f*up at state level." - thats a common problem among politician, especially anything when dap put their foot in, dap need absolute power to rule, n now they even kiss mahathir ass. pkr n azmin is kind enough to listen to their grumble, if i am the mb, i ask dap to go fuck themselves far far away.

    4. looes, yet I defended him in my post "Defending Anwar Ibrahim - wakakaka"

      where were you or HY then?

    5. HY, RPK and I happened to use the facts (openly available to anyone and everyone) of who were the Malaysian PM and finance ministers during the period, but in your remarkable view anyone who comes across facts used by someone is an asskisser of the other? and what does it say for your your decency, credibility, senses and manners when you behave so?

      problem with you PKR people is you are so full, to the brim and then some, with bitterness and jealousy (especially at DAP and Najib in particular because when he was DPM he stood in Anwar's way of getting back to his old UMNO No 2 position) that you slash out senselessly without, nay, refusing to acknowledge facts

      Selangor has gone to the dogs not because of DAP (though it was stupid to subsequently tolerate and support Anwar's scheme) but because of Anwar/Rafizi's rotten and USELESS PKR-selfish Kajang Satay Bull.

      Just leave it to PKR and things will be guaranteed to go shitty, as it did in Perak in 2008 and again in Selangor in 2014, and not forgetting its greedy selfish f*up in the Sarawak state elections. What PKR folly next? Biting another policeman?

  2. Besides biting the cop's stick,what can Tian Chua do?

  3. Now Najib has been accused of being involved in the murder of Ambank's founder.For now,I think that by now, Malaysians are sick of hearing all this shit of Najib this and Najib that.These screaming hyenas,please go get a life.

    1. Don't care so long, najib can die cock stand. Anyway I bet with my cock hair that najib will not sue smh and the age

  4. Very soon,there will be documents coming out of a conspiracy faking of e-mails by opposition leaders and SR.And also the financing of SR.There is no way SR have any interest of toppling Najib than financial interests.Maybe soon there will be a rounding up of permanent residents bound for a soon to be overflowing Sungei Buloh..Anwar will be very happy to see very familiar faces of old friends.

  5. The Fairfax newspaper stated the following

    a) The investigation on the Currency Printing contract scandal has led Australian authorities to a number of people who are linked to the Malaysian Prime Minister's Office.

    b) The PMO has ignored Australian requests for information under the Malaysia-Australia treaty for mutual assistance on criminal matters.

    Nothing that you have written in your article negates these two facts.

    The reality is that the Rancid Parasites who wangle and profit from Malaysia's corrupt government contract award system are usually not directly linked to the Government Ministry or Department where the contract lies. In fact that is part of their "plausible deniability", relying instead on background political patronage and invisible "cables".

    Some obscure Ketua Bahagian in Penang Island may win big pulling strings on a highway contract in Negeri Sembilan. You would never suspect where his brand new Porsche Cayenne came from.

    RPK used to expose such corrupt matters, but now he fights for "the other side"

    The Malaysia-Australia treaty on Mutual Assistance on Criminal Matters 1987 is mandatory - it is an official treaty and should to be respected as such.

    Nurul is correct that refusal by Malaysia to live up to its treaty obligations may jeopardise future cooperation including the Malaysia-Australia Extradition Treaty 2005.

    Is Sirul currently undergoing extradition proceedings in Australia ?
    YES - that is why he is sitting in a detention cell, instead of doing Iftar drinking iced latte in a Brisbane Starbucks.
    That Australia will not put Sirul on a flight to KL as long as Malaysia does not agree to waive the death penalty on him is a separate matter.

    1. did I write anything n this post to negate those facts?

      you're wastefully argumentative in saying "That Australia will not put Sirul on a flight to KL as long as Malaysia does not agree to waive the death penalty on him is a separate matter."

      in fact, it is THE very essence of Australia's firm and bipartisan stand on NEVER extraditing any criminal to a country where the criminal will face the death sentence - and that too is the essence of my point against Nurul and Tian Chua for talking nonsense in attempting to suggest Sirul could be sent back to Malaysia if Malaysia were to cooperate more with Australia regardless of Malaysia's capital punishment

      I'm disappointed by your reluctance to recognize or deliberate ignoring of this Australian non-negotiable point just to score points against the Malaysian government

    2. Your attack on Nurul is Ad Hominem.

    3. " to suggest Sirul could be sent back to Malaysia if Malaysia were to cooperate more with Australia regardless of Malaysia's capital punishment"
      are your words, not Nurul's or Tian Chua's.

      What Nurul DID say was that the non-cooperation from Malaysia on the polymer notes investigation would jeopardise the Sirul case, which I fully agree, which I have written on above.

    4. kindly explain your perceived difference

    5. and point out the so-called ad hominem (not on her statement) attack by me

    6. Subang,
      the truth shall set you free..........About that pukimak cibai motherfucker kaytee

    7. Indeed, the truth shall set you free which has been why cibai looes and many others are furious at me for saying the truth as they refuse to be set free from their prejudices, wakakaka

  6. Aiyaa......... it's nauseating that pukimak najib can get away with his crimes. Ma ying jeou doesn't have that kinda privilege. More to come to know why i say so