Thursday, July 30, 2015

Holy Grail of evidence against Najib?

Following Muhyiddin's ouster, someone (you-know-who, wakakaka) has started a new war of retribution.

The Malay Mail Online informs us:

A video recording was also leaked last night showing Muhyiddin claiming to guests at his Damansara Heights house on Tuesday that RM2.6 billion in 1MDB funds were channelled into the personal bank accounts of Najib.

Malay Mail Online was unable to immediately verify the authenticity of the leaked video, but former minister Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, who was present during the meeting, confirmed the incident captured on camera was genuine.

And of course we know on whose side is Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir, wakakaka.

We've also hear of a video audio clip in which the NS MB was said to have call for the arrest of Najib, but that proved false as that poor bloke, Mohamad Hasan, the NS MB, has strenuously denied that claim. Wakakaka.

Then there's the story of Zeti Akhtar Aziz, the BNM governor having a heart attack which again has been refuted by BNM. Malaysiakini reported:

Talk has also circulated that Zeti, who is part of the special task force probing the allegations against 1MDB, has resigned from her position.

However, this was also proved to be false.

The likelihood of anyone suffering any heart attack would probably be the NS MB who could have felt sporadic palpitations in his chest on hearing he was implicated in an attack against Najib, wakakaka.

In fact I would know how he must felt because I too was once accused of verballing my boss. What saved me was at the time it (the fabricated badmouthing) occurred I was fortuitously away in a very remote near-inaccessible part of Malaysia, quite quite far away from the office where I was supposed to have verballed my director. The asshole tattler (nay, not just a tattler but a) liar-assassin didn't check my whereabout when he fabricated the lie, wakakaka. But when I heard the accusation I must admit I initially felt what Mohamad Hasan would have felt.

The Muhyiddin's video is now touted as a Holy Grail, indeed as 101% gold plated evidence, even though lawyers said that's only hearsay and worthless in court.

Malaysian political holy grail can come in any form, including sperm specimens


Mind, politically the lie would be very useful as Malaysians love such hearsay, rumours and most of all, surat layang whether this be the traditional type, written or oral, or the modern version (Facebook, emails, twitters, etc), wakakaka. Maybe that's the real intention, not that we weren't aware of Muhyiddin being an 'interested party' given his sacking by Najib.

Every which way it takes, yes the new anti-Najib campaign has been launched, where we are likely to see this underground war of retribution, attrition and infuriation continue ...

... at least until Najib has gathered the guts to launch another counter attack, which he must if he doesn't want to end up as toast.

Kua Chee please, wakakaka.


  1. Already 48 hours after the event, not a peep from Dr M? The silence is atypical of him after all his recent tirades. Even if Najib's actions were reminiscent of his own purges in the past, this has never prevented Dr M from criticizing.

    1. I only know that Najib promises to sue WSJ and yet he didn't

      By the way, kaytee never tell us that Zahid Hamidi was once Najib's political secretary......

      How many more things this pukimak kaytee has left out?

  2. Well folks,the worse is yet to come.

    First of all the lady banker who had a heart attack rumour,
    was already out a few weeks ago,except that they left out the name.

    There was one blog saying Muhkriz confirmed the Muhyiddin video.

    Nowadays,any unconfirmed rumours cannot be believed.We have all sorts of conspiracy rumours or theories,some true some untrue.

    But one thing a man of Muhyiddin's status must not do is to join forces to fight Najib.He has to take his sacking like a real man,and go out with dignity.For whatever the reasons of his sacking he will still be respected by Umno people.To join forces with Mahathir or the opposition,and overnight his status will be relegated to zero.

    Although I never like Muhyiddin,I wish him all the best.

    1. You should not believe anybody especially that pukimak fucking cibai ktemoc

  3. We are know that it is not good to go knock heads with Najib or Umno.When push come to shove,Umno wins hands down.

    It is okay to scream 1MDB this and 1MDB that.But do not cross the line.When we have the opposition working hand in hand with a mecenary operating a propaganda blog and the media dealing with crooks buying stolen documents to discredit or trying to topple the PM,then it is a different ballgame.

    Now we have Bersih and Ambiga talking about taking to the streets.Do these people have nothing better to do? The atmosphere now is different than before GE13.Now the latest revevations are clear that Tony Pua,Tong and Ho are the main players.Of course Rafizi have meet Clare Rewcastle many times too.So have Anwar,Nasution and some of their tag alongs.

    Since Ho and Tong admitted coming into contacts with Justo and Clare Rewcastle,Tony Pua had also admitted meeting Clare many times too,now they are anxiously waiting for the gorillas to come knocking down their front doors.

    These are dangerous times for Bersih and Ambiga to be talking about taking to the streets.Demonstrations and protests are Anwar's forte and should be left to him.Wait till he comes out of Sungei Buloh and let him to lead the charge.If end of August the planned demonstrations do go ahead,I think that the gorillas will not take to kindly to it.And the worst nightmares is that the overcrowded hospitals might have to turn injured patients away.Now is not the time to go to the streets.Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

    1. It's the demos that brought down Nixon. One must remember that Najib is not your godfather. So what if Najib is screwed from behind........change leaders lor......simple

      All talks about fairplay especially by kaytee are bullshit

  4. One of America's most notorious wild game hunter and dentist,paid 50k to shoot and kill Zimbabwe's most famous lion,Cecil.Even before this dude can skin his prized trophy,protesters stormed his Minnesota dental office.Forced to join the "nowhere to hide" club,this dude will soon be relocating his dental practice to Zimbabwe,the third world country with no economy.Go figure.

  5. Dear PM Najib... I will do a 'solat hajat' for you. Stay calm, firm and strong. Please read this link below.

    1. hahahahaha..........hahahahaha, again it's a fact that zahid hamidi was najib's political secretary. Something that your good friend, kaytee conveniently left out. What makes you think that Zahid or Najib will not skin you alive when you are no value to najib

      likewise for kaytee

    2. O MY GOD, this has been the ULTIMATE crucial factor which has brought all the political warring to the present point, namely, looes' revelation that Zahid had been Najib's political sec.

      Thanks cibai, without your astonishing revelation, we would still be searching for clues for years on end not unlike your methodist brethren in Fiji have been searching for the holy grail, wakakaka

  6. Najib was caught red-handed after carrying out the oldest crime in the world...simple, grubby, theft...that is all...

    10,000 years ago, in the freezing depths of the last Ice Age, Cro-Magnon tribesman K'moc was caught stealing from his tribe's winter cache.

    As the tribe's Alpha Male, K'moc had been entrusted with the safekeeping of his tribe's stash of dried meat, saved over from the Summer and Autumn.
    Without the reserve, the tribe would starve during the unbelievably harsh Ice Age Winter, when it would be suicide to go hunting.

    Dried Meat was more valuable to K'moc 's tribe than Gold or US Dollars would be 500 generations later.

    Now K'moc used all his brawn as well as all his allies as the Number 1 Alpha Male to intimidate his accusers.
    "I did not take anything for personal gain !" thundered K'moc.

    His chief accuser, an aged former Alpha Male, M'tiu was rumoured to have stolen from the tribe as well during his time.....but that did not make K'moc any less guilty of HIS crime.

    My commentary....stealing from the stealing.
    If K'moc didn't take the tribe's dried meat for personal gain, good for him, but stealing from the tribe is still a crime.

    Case Study question .....What should we do with K'moc ?


    Ktemoc and PAS Hadi sound almost alike these days.... Wakakakaka

    Strange bedfellows...both licking Najib's A***e

  8. Today Najib said he don't need smart people, loyal people will do.
    Then Zahid said 1MDB don't use government fund, but fail to say government land at token cost.
    Then Ad. Rahman said (admitted) Najib indeed had money in his accounts(trust account), by the billions???
    These are loyal people, not so smart indeed.