Monday, July 06, 2015

Violence the last refuge

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent

- Isaac Asimov

TMI - Kit Siang says Kopitiam mob first in his near 50-year political career


  1. I do not support or condone the people who resorted to violence.

    However, I have to add that DAP's latest round of "Kopitiam Ceramahs" in Johor has been highly divisive and inflammatory.
    Usually held in Chinese coffee shops, they are aimed at Inciting anger and unease against the government. They could be construed as seditious.

    Some local people who couldn't take it any more took it upon themselves direct action to stop this provocation.

  2. I bet you had attended at least one of those kopitiam dialogue to arrived at this conclusion.

    Compared to Dr M dialogue, DAP dialogues can be classified under pussies matters

  3. "... DAP's latest round of "Kopitiam Ceramahs" in Johor..."

    Tanah Melayu, do I understand there are 'No Go' areas for certain politicians in M'sia?