Monday, July 06, 2015

Poo or Proof? Doesn't matter!

TMI - Difficult for Najib to survive 1MDB scandal even if cleared, says Forbes

my f* last chance - u think so? - mafulat ler!  

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will find it difficult to survive the latest scandal involving debt-ridden state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) whether or not it is proven that US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) did go into his personal account, business magazine Forbes said. [...]

"Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister since 2009, is facing the greatest challenge of his leadership – and even the risk of criminal charges," the article said.

"Malaysia is a place where reputation matters enormously and where bad press sticks."

"Even if the Attorney-General does not feel the evidence is strong enough to prosecute, there is a very strong sense that Najib has been weakened regardless," the Forbes opinion piece by finance writer Chris Wright said.

Besides the 1MDB scandal, Najib was also weakened by attacks from former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who had turned against him and was calling for his resignation over his handling of the strategic investment firms, Forbes noted.

I have to say I would understand if it had been Tony Pua (DAP) or Rafizi Ramli (PKR) criticizing Najib for the alleged 1MDB f*up, as that's their (opposition's) job.

But for Dr M, with his 22-year old PM-rial record, to do so makes me puke. My grievance has also been against an individual (tho' one with enormous political connections and thus clout) destabilising an elected MP (in this case, the PM) with accusations which he could easily apply to himself. 

Incidentally, RPK has posted in detail DR M's PM-rial records several times over at his blog - I won't repeat his observations, many of which I more or less agree with.

And I suppose we have been acutely aware that the Old Man has been criticizing and attacking Najib more for his (Dr M's) personal agenda than altruistic reasons.

But what troubles me far more has been the Forbes statement that "... Najib Razak will find it difficult to survive the latest scandal ... whether or not it is proven that US$700 million (RM2.67 billion) did go into his personal account".

So, even if it is eventually proven that Najib is guiltless he is nonetheless f*. This seems to tie in with the popular saying that if enough poo is flung around, some of it will stick.

I had a personal nasty experience of this vile tactic. Several years ago I was working in a company where a jealous colleague (a Chinese, wakakaka) in competition with me for a promotion whispered on the company grapevine that I was an outright racist but without providing any evidence or even mentioning any incident of my alleged racism (well, because there wasn't any).

Despite many of my Melayu and Indian mateys rallying around me in the face of such terrible accusations (virtually indefensible in racially-conscious Malaysia, not unlike "when did you last beat your wife" allegations), the harm was already done. It was as intended by that jealous office competitor who ironically was the real though closeted racist, wakakaka.

I lost that promotion to him and was subsequently informed (unofficially by a board member) that the promotion board had some lingering concerns about my character because of the rumours, and that I might be re-considered in due course.

Then I was what Chinese would term as a mute being stung by hornets, one feeling severe pain but without the means to yell out or even moan about the nasty experience.

Though I was never hauled up before any company disciplinary committee, and they couldn't because my alleged 'racism' was only on the grapevine and not in an official report, I realized and sadly accepted that my reputation was seriously damaged kau kau and no amount of protestations would ever salvage my image from those fabricated allegations.

Similarly, in a "when did you last beat your wife" allegation, the more the accused objects to the accusation and defends his innocence the more worse he will appear to people - such is the devastating effect of such damning though fabricated accusations in a world more keen to believe in the bad of a fellow being than his or her good. And I dare say in such a world Malaysia would be ranked among the top ten, wakakaka.

Sadly but wisely I decided to leave that organization and tried my career on a fresh new plate abroad. On the day when I was to fly out of Malaysia, my departmental boss (a Malay) came to the departure lounge to see me off. As with many of my office colleagues, he urged me to return to the organization after a cooling period as he saw through the poo-throwing. But alas he was only one good boss in a company mainly full of 'light-ear' bosses - I hope you know what 'light-ear' means; if you do not, ask a Chinese friend. So I replied politely I would consider but I knew I'd never ever return.

That's the terrible insidious nature of poo throwing, the fave weapon of cowardly, incompetent or/and unscrupulous assassins. Even if the victim is innocent he or she is completely f* kau kau, and evermore.

If Najib is eventually found guilty of allegedly pilfering the loot as accused, he certainly deserves every bit of recrimination and appropriate due punishment, but if he is innocent, then he is done by through the sheer viciousness and petulance of one single man.



  1. I believe the truth is somewhere in between.
    Najib may not have actually pilfered the money. Combine that with a law enforcement system bending over backwards to let him go, and most likely Najib will never get prosecuted.
    But Najib is NOT innocent. 1MDB has been a massive exercise in mismanagement, abuse of power, conflict of interest, breach of trust.

    Najib is damaged goods, regardless, and fully deserves to be damaged by his involvement in 1MDB.

  2. I am on PM Najib’s side simply because saya yakin dia telah dianiaya. He trusted the people around him too much. I still pray that he will survive this mayhem and continue to be the PM until the next election.

    To me 1MDB is fine. I can understand and can accept its business model and the commercial decisions in regard to its investment portfolio. It is a billion times better than the Kajang Rancid Satay.

  3. The account that you related about the office maneuvering for promotion is not uncommon in Malaysia, where bosses are either stupid to just believe the rumours, or they actually are part of the scheme to put their favourites in position. There are bosses who misuse their powers to get rid of people they have personal grudges with and would actually encourage colleagues or subordinates to run-down their targets. (You should have bluntly told the dept. boss at the lounge to see if he can put his house in order instead of giving him false hopes.)

    But then, these traits are part of human weaknesses and so long as humans are in charge they are susceptible to these things. In the Land of Oz you don't hear of these things happening?

    1. oh everyone below the level of branch bosses know that arsehole. My mateys and I called him The Assassinator. I have to admit the arsehole was a 1st class assassinator, wakakaka, slaying his competitors off subtly and slyly by the most evil means. The irony was he (a Chinese) had been the biggest racist, and yet the bosses (mostly Malays) couldn't detect his racism (we weren't going to be nasty dobber) and general incompetence. But he's also 1st class bodeker maybe the bosses liked that and closed one eye, wakakaka again

      sometimes nasties as above did happen in Oz but what with independent promotion review panels, unions and appeal boards of all sorts it's not easy to push one's fave forward without being noticed, wakakaka

    2. Hahahahaha and Nixon is squeaky clean........and kaytee is a virgin

    3. but not after I shafted you


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