Monday, July 06, 2015

My way

My way or the highway
My bridge or the ditch
Last chance, that's my say
So go consult your witch

Em is bigger than amNO
Thus the party I'll destroy
Who cares if it faces woe
If I don't have my 'lil joy

I have done it once before
I will happily do it again
Now you know the score
So bloody use your brain

I'm the most-est, yes me
who floats like a butterfly
No, it ain't that Mohd Ali
who's more like a gadfly

I'm the one who can sting
Like a pissed off tebuan
If you dare fail to bring
All those I said I want

I'm focussed on my aim
Better not get in my way
Whatever I doth claim
Have it ready by today


  1. He sings “My Way”
    There is no option to say
    That's the way it has to go
    Don't waste time pampering the crowd

    The fox can run and hide
    Looking for a way out
    Under cover of bushes
    Sometimes hide under a hole

    But the song “My Way”
    It comes ringing in its ears
    There is no way the fox can escape
    The hunting dogs are running wild

    Barking every where in the woods
    The fox has no way to hide
    He has to keep running
    Giving out monies to save his skin

    But the fox knows his time
    Closing nearer each passing day
    The song keeps singing in the air
    “My Way” the Old Man smiles

    1. ““My Way” The Old Man smiles ”
      perhaps My Law you mean?
      one law for the Old Man
      who is in his twilight days
      an expression
      of his personal wish
      absolutely no room for dissent
      his order
      no one can change it
      a fight
      only he can win
      you, turn yourself into his lemmings
      be his cannon fodders
      that the goal
      of this Old Man
      could be achieved
      a world of conceit
      of arrogance
      of barbarism
      a lethal model
      of the superpowers
      a legacy
      left behind
      by the colonialist

  2. Nah........this song is better

  3. I am not sure about 2 sides of the argument but when one guy or rather spoilt brat called Najib has absolute power over everything damned thing in Malaysia........I will make sure that Najib die cock stand with whatever power I have

    Seriously, I have no mercy over Najib.

    Read this